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OCG Forbidden and Limited List 「禁止・制限カードリスト」

Listed are only the CHANGES

Forbidden Cards 「禁止カード」:


Limited Cards 「制限カード」:

Artifact Moralltach 「アーティファクト-モラルタ」
Armageddon Knight 「終末の騎士」

Dragon Ravine 「竜の渓谷」
Dragon Shrine 「竜の霊廟」

Needlebug Nest「針虫の巣窟」

Semi-Limited Cards 「準制限カード」:

Elemental HERO Bubbleman 「E・HERO バブルマン」
Chronomaly Nebra Disk 「先史遺産ネブラ・ディスク」
Wind-Up Shark 「ゼンマイシャーク」
TG Striker 「TG ストライカー」
Mezuki 「馬頭鬼」

Legendary Six Samurai Shi EN 「真六武衆-シエン」
Evilswarm Ophion 「ヴェルズ・オピオン」
Abyss-sphere 「アビスフィアー」

No longer limited 「準制限」:

Chaos Sorcerer 「カオス・ソーサラー」
Plaguespreader Zombie「ゾンビキャリア」
Cyberstein 「デビル・フランケン」
Rescue Rabbit 「レスキューラビット」

Fire Formation - Tenki 「炎舞-「天璣」」
Royal Tribute 「王家の生け贄」
Black Whirlwind 「黒い旋風」
Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars 「七星の宝刀」
Was Finder (guest) - 2014/06/17 19:21

my oppinion

BLS Envoy Beginner needs to be Banned so Primal Seed can be Unbanned.

FRENZYHERO (guest) - 2014/06/17 19:50

Wow, three rabbit and 3 royal ?

I mean, royal is terrible against shaddolls, but still.

Ghostrick - 2014/06/17 20:45

What did I say?

I told you that Shi En could come back to 2, and everyone disagreed. They said, "No, we can't, Sams will be tier 1, they don't need it, ..." and look what happened! But I still doubt that its gonna come back in the TCG because they have no sense when hitting cards and are just in it for the money... I would have personally hit Sanctum instead of Moralltach, but otherwise, great list!

TKing6488 - 2014/06/18 02:22

I loved the TCG's Sept 2013 list personally

All card games incentives are to make money. OCG has a very fast format TCG has a slowed format mostly because of Heavy gone. What would a Player Summon instead of Moralltach when Artifacts are splashed being OCG doesn't have Scythe
WolfgangDS (guest) - 2014/06/17 23:05

My opinions

I am a TCG player, so the list I get will likely be very different. That said, here are my opinions as if they were going to happen here.

Moralltach: This surprises me. I thought for sure that if ANY of the Artifacts would be hit, it would be Caduceus, seeing as it's the draw engine.

Armageddon Knight: Okay, I can see this, given how powerful Shadolls are.

Dragon Ravine: You guys didn't learn your lesson last time, huh?

Dragon Shrine: Understandable.

Needlebug Nest: Why? No one will run this as there are FAR better options.

Elemental HERO Bubbleman: About time he got hit.

Chronomaly Nebra Disk: I'd say something, but I'm a TCG player.

Wind-Up Shark: Wind-Ups are dead, so I guess he can return.

T.G. Striker: Sure, why not? Synchros are just dying to make a return anyway.

Mezuki: I... guess? I dunno.

Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En: Really? Just... really? Ugh.

Evilswarm Ophion: Two is all you need anyway, so what was the point of this?

Abyss-sphere: I don't see the point of this one either.

Every Unlimited card: You guys are freaking insane. And not the good kind of insane either.

lmao (guest) - 2014/06/17 23:37

You have no idea what you're talking about

Caduceus does nothing competitively people use Sanctum to get Moralltach and pop, Ophion was at 1 in the OCG before this list, why don't you actually do some research before posting really shitty opinions
Akaerna (guest) - 2014/06/18 02:12

I agree with the guy above me.

Next time, before saying anything, try doing some research. Me as a TCG player also, can only agree with the Unlimited cards statement. From what you said about the Limited/Semi-Limited, looks like you are a real bad duelist, or one that haven't been playing for quite a while.
TKing6488 - 2014/06/18 02:16

My rebuttle

Moralltach - The only artifact that is run besides may be the other guy that pops up to 2 if you want consistency. With this limited santum and ignition are pointless

Armageddon Knight - Shadolls are the main reason. This card mills beast unlike Mathematician

Dragon Ravine - With shrine also limited it's not nearly as threatening. Hieratics are the only other splash that can make this viable

Dragon Shrine - Should be hit even in the TCG

Needlebug Nest - Use Kuribandit on your turn use this on your opponents Wow advantage lol because of Shadolls and LS

Elemental Hero Bubbleman - He was limited in OCG. In TCG he's still at 3 because Stratos is banned. No matter A Hero Lives will be a problem being it adds Mask Change for the Macro with legs in a Graveyard based format

Chronomaly Nebra Disk - This is the power card to Chronomalies as Angelly is to Madolche. This combined with Artifacts make Pleides a nightmare

Wind-Up Shark - Without Hunter the deck cannot loop and get rid of ones hand. Still Broken in some aspects in the right hands

T.G. Striker - I can understand why he's unlimited in TCG (No Trish). OCG still has Trish so this boggles me a bit as Striker was what made Trich Broken

Mezuki - Should go to 3 Zombies aren't even doing anything in the TCG with a slightly slower format

Legendary Six Samurai Shi-En. I forget if they have Gateway of the Six still. Either way more than one of this guy is just begging for problems although Breakthrough Skill is played in 3's in OCG

Evilswarm Ophion - Kerykeion is the problem not this guy. I think Keryk Should be semi-ed instead of this.

Abyss-Sphere - Deck isn't much without this card I think this is the right spot for it. 3 is too much and 1 is too little

Sorc - Honestly not a problem.

Plaguespreader Zombie - Card is good but isn't as good as it was in it's Tele-Dad days. Although OCG has DAD semi-ed

Cyber-Stein - Pay 5000. Eat a Veiler. Can't use the effect again run it over. Lifepoints are 3000 or less at that point

Rescue Rabbit - Um yeah I agree with you.

Fire Formation Tenki - For some reason they do not want to hit one of the most splashable search spells in the game

Royal Tribute - Shadolls and Dark World are decks. This card wins games against just about everything else. It should be banned IMO

Black Whirlwind - isn't doing much at 3 here why not try it in OCG as well.

Sacred Swords of the Seven Stars - What can the Big Dragons search really that its threatening. With them all limited I don't see this card as a problem at 3. Hieratics I feel otherwise.

Akaerna (guest) - 2014/06/18 02:40

This list sounds good for me.

What I personally liked about the list:
- Finally OCG made Dragons a balanced Deck.
- Konami made the right move Limiting Moralltach. I felt like they would hit either Morall or Sanctum (Theosophy in OCG).
- Semi-Limiting Ophion. Now Evilswarms are playable again in OCG singles.

What I disliked about the list:
- Hitting indirect Shaddoll support. Hitting Armaggedon and Needlebug will probably hurt more other decks than Shaddolls.
- Semi-Limiting Shi En. Maybe that's just a personal Six Sams hate... but you know... Six Sams goes first, Summon Shi En, you can't do shit during your turn, then next turn summon another @_@. From that point on they had already won the game you know.
- Royal Tribute to 3? Really? A win condition early game to 3? WTF. Konami has gone too far.

Akaerna (guest) - 2014/06/18 02:41

P.S: Sorry for my bad english.

Tking64 (guest) - 2014/06/19 17:28

indirect support

Konami hits the indirect support because it can be played in more than one deck or makes a deck too good. Kuribandit on your turn followed by Needlebug on your opponents makes a very difficult scenario to play out of in Shadolls. Armageddon Knight is a Foolish Burial for Dark decks so in actuality it should be treated the same. Shi En and Tribute's placements are just dumb decisions. By the way your English is great.
Ha! (guest) - 2014/06/18 03:17

I guess the OCG got tired of their players constantly playing dragons. They must've been like, "You guys have been playing these things for 5 formats straight. Since you won't stop, we'll force you to. Use our new cards dammit!" They did them like the TCG in the sense that they need to play something else. It's over...

Tking64 (guest) - 2014/06/19 17:35

I remember when Blackwings were played in OCG for several formats. When a deck dominates that long it was a bad design and they must hit things accordingly so the deck can be played but also so it doesn't overpower everything else. As far as set rotation goes if you're a businessmen you always need to sell product. Back in the day reprints sold a lot of product. Now it's newer sets. The game is what it is
Matt (guest) - 2014/06/20 05:45


You realize that people still play Dragons HERE, and the OCG Dragons are still stronger than ours due to having good backrows intact, Heavy Storm for pushes, a copy of Dragon Ravine which more than makes up for the lack of 2 Dragon Shrines, Solemn Judgment, Card Destruction (which maybe you can't use because of Shaddolls, but I digress), Super Rejuvenation, 3 copies of Seven Star Sword...
Tking64 (guest) - 2014/06/28 19:07

The backrows are universal for every deck so I am going to stop you there. Having certain backrows changes the speed and the playability of a format. Dragon Ravine can plus an E Dragon player immensely although an MST can simply just end the appeal and the player minuses. We don't know how the 1 Ravine would play out because TCG never tested it and straight up banned it. Super Rejuv can only really plus an E Dragon player by one if they use an E Dragon's eff to discard 1 dragon of the same element and ravine in the same turn (I think the card is more of a problem with dragon Exodia turbo than E Dragons). Or if they use card destruction but with Shadolls being the deck that it is many people will not take the risk. Seven Stars Sword really does nothing for the deck when all the big dragons are limited. Many players just have a hate for E-dragons.
DBD (guest) - 2014/06/18 13:09

Dat list

Konami in the TCG -> nerf every good deck, format after format
Konami in the OCG -> Nerf every good deck that is here for more than a format, and bring older decks to a high level again

Akaerna (guest) - 2014/06/19 08:29

I guess it's more like:

Konami TCG => Nerf every good deck there is, hate Troll decks and force people to play newer decks, by killing older decks like: Dino Rabbit, Lavals, and so on...
Konami OCG => Nerf meta decks and don't give a shit about the rest. Ah and I almost forgot, they also have a fetish for Dragons.

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