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704 - Extreme Victory

704 - Extreme Victory 「エクストリーム・ビクトリー」

704 - Extreme Victory

Release Date: 11th of February 2011
Price: 150 yen (inc. tax)

5 cards per pack, 30 packs per box

Features 80 cards:
- 5 Ultra Rare cards
- 9 Super Rare cards
- 18 Rare cards
- 44 Normal cards
- 4 Normal Rare cards

- The 4th set of series 7.
- Features the latest cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime series used between October and Janurary.
- Includes a balanced number of cards from both the 'anime universe' and cards that are original to the OCG .
- Finally the important anime character Bruno's cards, the "Tech Genus" series, are released for the OCG
- New support for Psychic-Type monsters as well as for other existing themes.
- Cover card is "Junk Berserker"


//credit for most of the early scans to the guys from Dueling Days
someone (guest) - 2010/10/06 20:40


yay, first ^^
tech genus theme, i like it. new psychics sounds interesting too.

Dudewitbow (guest) - 2010/10/06 21:19

Synchro Tuners

There's probably going to be more of them

Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity (guest) - 2010/10/06 22:51

Nice to see the "Junk" arcitypes are getting more support but, with them saying Psychics listed as major part of this set means that the character Divine (Sayer), will be returning. Still looks like things will be getting interesting in sets to come.

I look forward to it...not the Synchro Tuners though...

TheDarkAngelRocket (guest) - 2010/10/06 22:59

Extreme Victory

Junk Berserker? What is this supposed to be? Machine? Warrior? It's obviously a Yusei card, but it BETTER not be some "Junk Synchron + non-Tuner monster" bullshit.

Alright, at least we got a whiff of the Tech Genus cards. I hope this means we get both Power Gladiator and Wonder Magician. At least this means that we're due for one more Synchro Tuner.

ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/10/07 00:30

Quick Synchron says hello...

Every Synchron-required Synchro just makes Quick Synchron more awesome.
Stardust (guest) - 2010/10/07 00:17


Hmm, remember how Junk Warrior is suddenly featured again on the new OP theme for 5Ds? Even though we all know how junk (no pun intended) it is against Team New World and even more against that new seemingly godly Infinity monster? My theory is that "Junk Berserker" is yet another Accel Synchro, with Junk Warrior as the Synchro monster required. After all, Yusei cannot keep using Shooting Star, he overused it too much, Yliaster might going to find out how to counter it soon.

I might be wrong, though.

....... (guest) - 2010/10/07 03:49


in the new ED can look a new form of stardust i thing the best of all ,crimson dragon in stardust maybe XD
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/10/09 23:20


According to Danieru, it's merely Shooting Star Dragon, only with ALL its wings extended out. =\
rewawff (guest) - 2010/11/02 18:29


you are wrong
mike (guest) - 2010/11/12 19:22

I like the though of Yusei winning against them like that instead of always a variant of stardust.
Mattwo (guest) - 2010/12/20 16:09

Team new world?

Team new world aka Aporia is already defeated. The current villain group is Yilaster it's self. Zone, (Spoiler?), and Aporia (again)
casju (guest) - 2011/01/03 00:42


a way to counter shooting star? Lol, Caius or smashing ground x2
ulti (guest) - 2011/01/26 21:36

sorry but you are wrong
hello (guest) - 2010/10/07 01:23

man, i wish they would released more accel synchro and double tuning rather than to have one-of-a-kind. junk berserker sounds awesome, i bet this guy is a multiple attacker because of "berserk" like non-stop fighting. it'd be more interesting that it can attack depending on the number of non-tuners like junk destroyer. so awesome to see a new set even though storm of ragnarok hasn't been released yet.

Singapore Duelist (guest) - 2010/10/07 02:34

What!? Spoiler card list for STOR not yet 100% reveal then the news for 704 had been release? I rather they release news about duelist pack crow and yusei 3

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/10/07 06:32


1.) This sort of thing has been going on for a long time now; basic info for next Sets coming out before even 50% of the current new Set is released with few exceptions.

2.) There already HAS been new DP info out for the past few weeks.
Singapore Duelist (guest) - 2010/10/08 03:46

HalfDemonInuyasha,what i mean is the FULL SPOILER CARD LIST for dp not the new info that was out past few weeks ago. I almost everyday check the update for the info of dp.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/10/08 06:18


Not like there's a whole lot to choose from for the rest of Crow's DP as it is...Yusei...probably similar how the previous DP was and a bunch of regular stuff mixed with more recent ones.
Singapore Duelist (guest) - 2010/10/09 02:14

Thanks :) , I just hope that we can get sirocco,breeze and vayu from this pack
RedEyesFan - 2010/10/07 03:09

first it was W, going XTREEEEEMMMEE!

then it was Gundam vs., goiing EXTREEEEMEEE


"- Includes a balanced number of cards from both the 'anime universe' and cards that are original to the OCG ."
so, we getting less anime cards?

Infernity Zero - 2010/10/29 20:18

The 5D's anime is ending soon, so they want to extend all intended cards into the next few sets (probably ending with the white pack). That's just my guess though.
DemonGodAsura (guest) - 2010/10/07 19:15

I love how everyone thinks that Psychic-type monsters in a set means Divine is returning. Newsflash: Psychic-type monsters are new to the game, and are not exclusive to Divine. It's inevitable that there would be more Psychics, with or without Divine.

Jean (guest) - 2010/10/09 16:47


I hope "support for other existing themes" includes Polar Star Archetype. :// T_T

And hey, Let Divine go, he's dead by now, Ccarayhua ate him up, there's no way he can be alive. o.o

New Psychics.. Uhnn.. Sounds really cool but.. I WANT MORE POLAR STAR! Y.Y
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/10/10 20:23


"Existing" themes, based on recent Sets, tends to mean things that have already been in use; Gravekeeper's, Amazoness, etc.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Polar Star family ends up like various other anime families; 1 Set for them, then they just the (Iron) Chain family...leaving TCG-exclusives as the only hope.
DSS (guest) - 2010/10/11 12:21

Not surprised

If by "existing themes" they release new Demon cards. Considering the promo for STBL is Archfiend Empress, I wouldn't be surprised if we do get new Demon cards.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/10/11 19:54


Eh, Daemons (not Demons) have been getting indirect support for a while in terms of name (Red Daemon's Dragon, Mental Sphere Daemon, Red Daemon's Dragon/Buster, Undead Skull Daemon, etc), but none of them have had anything to do with the chess pieces of DCR.

This just seems like nothing more than a further "upgrade" to Inferno Queen Daemon, which had Imprisoned Queen Daemon way back in PTDN. In terms of the original chess pieces, the first effect only works on Daemon Soldier, Genocide King Daemon, and Swift Lightning Daemon - Skull Daemon. The 2nd effect would only work on Skull Daemon. If you count Imprisoned Queen, that makes 4 for the 1st and 2 for the 2nd.

So this really seems more like just a general (DARK) Fiend supporter than happens to have "Daemon" in the name.
Mattwo (guest) - 2010/12/20 16:13

Daemon vs Demon

Why are they BOTH being called archfiends in the TCG anyway? It's a heck of a lot harder to word support cards.
B. Katarn (guest) - 2010/10/14 05:48

I do like the idea of an Accel Synchro upgrade for Junk Warrior, but when are they going to give upgrades for Black-Winged Dragon or, moreso, Black Rose Dragon? Black Rose needs more featuring, thus more Aki. And more Ruka please too. LOTS MORE.

Also needing to be made is Black Sonic, the Mirror Force for Blackfeathers that removes and THUD.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/10/14 19:01


I doubt it for all of them (in terms of the upgrades). Junk Berserker would have the best chance, but I'd see them wanting to keep "Accel" Synchro more unique to the ace monster.

And considering how much Aki, Rua, and Ruka are involved, I highly doubt we'll get any upgrades there, or even that many new cards.

And Black Sonic...if it's not nerfed like Zephyros was...ugh...

(And it's not "Thud", it's "Zushin", lol)
Mattwo (guest) - 2010/12/20 16:16

Rua will be dueling Aporia soon and according to the summaries he makes a huge mistake. Best time to reveal his dragon as the real 5th dragon IMO.
lol12 (guest) - 2010/12/05 22:01

Will they ever make a cosmic synchro for bklack winged dragon???

Mattwo (guest) - 2010/12/20 16:16


The heck is a cosmic synchro?
PK Starstrike (guest) - 2010/12/27 22:27

A Cosmic Synchro is a monster that's Synchro summoned in a special way, or just a Synchro Monster that needs some upgraded type of Tuner in the requirements.
SynjoDeonecros (guest) - 2010/12/08 16:02

So, these are the Tech Genus monsters

Why did they get rid of their "This card is also treated as Machine-Type" effects? What is Konami's aversion to monsters that are treated as multiple monster Types? Monsters with multiple Attributes, that's fine, but with multiple Types? No way, that's unnatural and needs to go. Seriously, it's getting a bit annoying.

Metze94 (guest) - 2010/12/08 16:35

Tech Genus Blade Gunner ?!

I cant believe that blade gunner is just a rare card , whats going on here ?!
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/12/08 20:40


Well, it was to be expected considering Konami's trend so far; most recent being axing out the Spellcaster and Warrior dual types for Magician's and Fighter's Ape.

As for Blade Gunner simply being rare, it's probably because they're late arrivals and/or NOT the "key" family/cards for the Set.

At least Wonder Magician got significantly improved over simply having the Synchro Tuner bit (unconfirmed anyway). And the way they slightly tweaked the Tech Genus bits to letting you get ANY Tech Genus (except copies of the destroyed ones) rather than simply getting a copy of the destroyed one and being unable to use it that turn is a nice touch. The Synchros going back to the original anime bit of drawing if they're destroyed rather than TF5's adding of any Tech Genus monster from the Deck to the hand.

Blade Gunner also got GREATLY improved with its (unconfirmed) removal in being any time during the opponent's turn (outside the Damage Step, at the cost of removing 1 Tech Genus from your Graveyard) and coming back during your next Standby Phase, thus allowing it to, unlike SSD and SRND in the anime, ACTUALLY DODGE EFFECTS if need be (at least non-targeting as it can simply negate targeting effects). (Originally being like SSD and SRND's removal when the opponent attacks, but it DIDN'T negate the attack). Though it did lose out on the TF5 effect of letting you Special Summon a Tech Genus Tuner from your Graveyard when it was destroyed.
Mattwo (guest) - 2010/12/20 16:23

He will need a synchro/tuner monster just as SSD does.
Mr. Nurgle (guest) - 2010/12/08 19:22

We'll probably be seeing some Aki here, given that she's got a duel coming up. 'bout time, I'd say.

Also, I'm betting Junk Berserker will be the monster Yusei uses to finish off ZONE.

aaa (guest) - 2010/12/09 05:36

noticed the "support for psychic type monster" ?? maybe... psychic will get a crazy boost like six-sam... maybe psychic commander will get uber expensive in the near future... I dunno.... just throwing some ideas.. ;p

TheD (guest) - 2010/12/09 07:11

Machine Emperor Cores

It be cool if they released the core monsters in this set.

Wise Core
DARK/Machine - Effect/1/ATK 0/DEF 0
If this card on the field is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard,you can Special Summon 1 "Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity" from your Deck or Graveyard, ignoring the Summoning conditions.

Sky Core
DARK/Machine - Effect/1/ATK 0/DEF 0
If this card on the field is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard,you can Special Summon 1 "Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity" from your Deck or Graveyard, ignoring the Summoning conditions.

Grand Core
DARK/Machine - Effect/1/ATK 0/DEF 0
If this card on the field is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard,you can Special Summon 1 "Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity" from your Deck or Graveyard, ignoring the Summoning conditions.
Mad Ego (guest) - 2010/12/09 09:28

They would NEVER do that, since it'd be a waste of space thats better off used for main characters
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/12/10 21:43


It wouldn't be a waste of space...they wouldn't do it because they would be TOO EASY otherwise. (Also, only Wise Core is DARK. Sky Core is WIND, and Ground Core is EARTH.) Also because of the fact that making Emperor-exclusive stuff in a Booster for harder to get things like VJMP/WJMP/etc cards is a little pointless.

There would HAVE to be downsides if you wanted to Special Summon the Emperor straight from the Deck OR Graveyard like that. Mix and match things like...

A.) The Special Summoned monster cannot attack that turn.

B.) They cannot activate nor apply their effect that turn.

C.) The Core would have to be face-up AND destroyed by your OPPONENT'S card effect, not just any. So no easy Limit Reverse during your opponent's End Phase, then simply switching it to Defense Position on your turn and popping out an Emperor and all that stuff like in TF5.
mad ego (guest) - 2010/12/11 12:59

It would still be wasting space since this is the lastr set 5Ds will probably ever get and they should spend it on anime monsters from main characters
especially since Yusei/Crow/Jack already take up SO MUCH
DarkRaku (guest) - 2010/12/12 03:21

Out of everyone Ruka needs the most support

Everyone has dueled more than she has and has more cards out from their theme - out of all of them she needs the most support. Not saying Aki and Rua shouldn't get support to in this pack, just that Rua needs it more. Black-Feather Dragon should not get an upgrade until Ancient Fairy Dragon and Black Rose Dragon do. They were there first, after all. Childish, i may be being, yes. But Crow stole screen time and devolpment away from Aki, Ruka and Rua and his theme is supported with way too much ruubish anywyay and the cards he has used that have yet to be released that can be considered good, need to be nerfed heavily before they can be as it is.

Mattwo (guest) - 2010/12/20 16:29

Support? For What?

Ruka doesn't follow a single theme other than perhaps light monsters. Even then not all of the monster spirits are light (Jerry beans man for example). She's barely played any newer cards.

Just about all of her monsters are already at least in the OCG.

Rua and Aki already have a ton of known monsters.

Rua is probably the only one of the three who will get a dragon upgrade, for the sheer fact BFD looks nothing like the 5th dragon and likely ISN'T a signer dragon. (Person used it before Crow even)
Mattwo (guest) - 2010/12/20 16:30


Also the fact that an upcoming summary seems to note the fact he made a huge mistake in a multi person vs 1 duel against aporia.
Rex (guest) - 2010/12/12 12:45


I like Blade Gunner Art. Don't like the card but the art is nice..

Nathan (guest) - 2010/12/12 19:02

Tech Genus!!!!

Glad they are adding the Tech Genus Series that is gonna be awesome although the whole "They are also treated as Machine-Type Monsters" effect is gone they really didn't have alot of machine support to go with that kind of deck in the first place. But now it makes that "Double Type Rescue" trap card hard to use.

Lets just pray they release some Tech Genus Spell and Trap support in this pack as well.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/12/13 19:27


When you consider the Types they ALREADY are (Warrior, Beast-Warrior, Spellcaster, Machine) coupled with their easy searching capabilities (and a couple Special Summons like Striker and Werewolf), Double Type Rescue would hardly be "hard to use". You just simply can't slap it down and activate it by having only 1 monster. Getting out 2 with different Types is hardly difficult, though.
clearvoltar (guest) - 2010/12/13 02:30


these tech cards are turning out to become nothing more than a fun deck.

so far this pack is disapointing. hopefully the psychics and random support cards are looking up....

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/12/13 19:30


How so? Just because they lack the Dual Type effect? As far as I can tell, they're still just as decent as TF5 made them out to be, with some obvious differences.

And to say the pack is disappointing so forget that we only had FIVE cards revealed and 1 still unknown (Junk Berserker). With only 5 out of 80 cards actually revealed, you can't even try to say "the pack" yet...wait until like...30 cards or so are revealed, lol.
Yuma (guest) - 2010/12/14 18:15

Machine Imperial Soldier

It means eins , ein is wrong , its german and means one

Manjyome Thunder - 2010/12/14 23:17

That is true for sure, if it was "Eins" (アインス). Katakana says アイン though, which is transcribed as "Ein/Ain". Of course it can just be a misspelling, but if that was intended, I think the Hebrew meaning for 'Ein' ("Nothing", "Null") would be way to put it.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/12/15 20:20


Of course...what kind of Emperors would the Machine Emperors (and Overlord) be without foot-soldiers? lol

Be nice if they incorporate some of the effects from the other parts that didn't make it onto the whole Emperor cards or something like that.

Mattwo (guest) - 2010/12/20 16:34

Soldiers huh?

So are THESE the ones that are supposed to invade neo domino city?

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/12/21 04:22


Don't look like it...more than likely stuff that'll get pulled in upcoming episodes or so...
arcana force 1 the magician - 2010/12/25 06:55

Bout time machine emperors got more support. Hope theres more besides the 4 monsters listed already.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/12/27 21:12


Well, it's not know if they're even in the Set. Just a possibility as they show up in the anime soon. I thought, some original Tech Genus support. A Tech Genus MST and ATK increaser.
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2011/01/06 10:03

Please, please, please let Life Stream Dragon be in this set. I have been waiting for him ever since he was first seen in Luca's flashback.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/06 21:42


Either be here as a SR or UR (maybe as 038 with 039 as Junk Berserker as 040, 041, and 042 are the Tech Genus Synchros it seels) or as a VJMP/WJMP promo card probably.

Though, given it's pretty much THE dragon we've all been waiting for EVER SINCE SEASON 1 (and even moreso since that cocktease previous ED showing it flying with the other 5), it feels more like promo material to let it garner more attention and NOT be overshadowed by the Tech Genus Synchros and whatnot.
bsea card (guest) - 2011/01/08 12:23


Tech Genus Card New

Tech Genus Blade Blaster New
Tech Genus Gladiator New
Tech Genus Wonder Magician New
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/10 18:55


...what? We know that those 3 are new and Hyper Librarian is a Jump card...

Anyway, Junk Berserker definitely fits the "Berserker" status with its face and big body, lol.
Marcel (guest) - 2011/01/10 17:53


So, all this time waiting for more info and we only got Cover Junk Berserker, huh, Life Stream Dragon would fit the cover for a epicness end of series. :/// J.B is mehh.

When are we getting some advertisement? T_____T

ShinobiPhoenix - 2011/01/12 16:10

So Konami finally made "Giant Axe Armor" into a card.

Borrowing yet another of their own character designs from one of their games, huh?

Can I steal its soul so I can throw giant axes at my opponent?

A cookie to whoever gets the reference.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/12 20:38


Whelp...Tech Genus is certainly making itself out to be the next huge Decktype for tournaments...

yoyoyo (guest) - 2011/01/12 23:43

oh wow I just realised Cannon can summon itself back like Colossal Fighter

ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/01/13 00:22

No it can't. It can ONLY be Special Summoned by synchro summon, so it can't revive itself, sadly.
DarkRaku (guest) - 2011/01/13 00:22

No it Cannot

This card can not be Special Summoned except by Synchro Summon - kind of ruins that possibility. A very good thing indeed.
Quincy (guest) - 2011/01/12 23:58

Tech Genius Rant

OMG, why do they have to commit so many slots to the tech genus? I mean, I already love the archtype testing out decks in DME before this lot was revealed, but still. Why do they need their own creature swap? It is a higher spell speed, which is the only better thing. TGX3- DX2 is basically a worse POA, because it only returns Tech Genus, plus you only return 3. Yes, some might like the easier plus 1, but it is a trap, and many of the current meta run decrees because they don't need too much protection. Then the lv2 non-tuner themed formula synchron has one use, only one use at all. Transforming a perfectly happy Blade Gunner into a Halbred Cannon. I actually love the effect of Halbred, having it overly powerful, yet it is awfully hard to get out. Lastly, can't they just confirm Rush Rhino in here? It is the last tech genius from the anime, and the archtype needs the lv 4 for cyber magician plays :). Oh, and I almost forgot TG- SX1. It is a situational card at first glance, but it is very useful. Returning that Hyper Librarian that got Mirror Forced, the Wonder Magician that was caught in a BRD bomb, the synch sent to the grave by dragonfly (if you are stupid and run it), and etc etc... (Oh wait, I better say now that I finally found use #2 for dragonfly) I just wish the Tech Genus would get a couple more monsters that searched each other for massive shenanigans!

ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/01/13 00:31

They probably did it b/c they won't commit to them ever again. Their own Call of the Haunted is great seeing how you can even revive Blade Gunner. Their MST is good, and Rush Rhino will probably be confirmed later. Also, htis is the first time you get the Tech Genus archetype, so they have to catch up. The Dragonfly is usable, seeing how you can re-use Wonder Magician's 1st effect, and on top of that, Halberd can be easily(well easier than once thought anyway) gotten out, seeing that Blade Gunner has its dodge effect practically intact. Don't worry about it; they might not even touch this archetype again. Lastly, I can't wait for psychics. They already have great potential, so I can't wait to see if Konami breaks them. XD
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/13 19:17


Wonder Magician only works when it's Synchro Summoned, btw, so Dragon Fly won't let the effect work again.

Halberd isn't really "overly-broken" though (I think people throw "broken" around way too casually these days). It's actually quite balanced overall.

Requirements are fair and, considering how Tech Genus works, not TOO difficult to do; 1 Synchro Tuner (only got Wonder Magician, Formula Synchron, and if it stays the same, Life Stream Dragon) + 2 or more non-Tuner Synchro Monsters so they all equal Level 12.

Its Summon negation is only once per turn and, given the wording, will NOT work against card effects that would Special Summon, so it works more like Horn of Heaven and Solemn Judgment in that any Special Summons performed would have to be inherit like Cyber Dragon and others.

Its Tech Genus Special Summon is optional (" can..."), so it can miss the timing, so it's not like it will work in every single situation.

And finally, it's Nomi, so no revival unless they make a card that let's you that ignores the Summoning conditions or treats the Special Summon as a Synchro Summon.
ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/01/14 00:33

No no no. You're missing the point. When you send Magician to the grave, you can use the materials to make another one. As for the other stuff, I have no disagreement with.
Jinzo (guest) - 2011/01/13 09:12

Tech Genus!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah can't wait for Rush Rhino to be confirmed I love the Tech Genus Series this will be a really good pack. I am assuming that this Tech Genus - Halberd Cannon is the Delta Accel Synchro that is gonna appear in the Yusei vs Bruno duel.

Just to say if you guys did not read the Halberd Cannon requires 2 or more non tuner Synchro monsters so you cannot use Blade Blaster as the synchro material you would have to use Wonder Magician + level 5 synchro + that recipro dragonfly. Hope they got more Tech genus cards coming out.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/13 19:25


Probably mean using Blade Gunner alongside Recipro Dragon Fly, given its Synchro Cancel effect, so you can split Blade Gunner into Wonder Magician and Power Gladiator (most likely) and go on from there.

You can use various things to get out Halberd Cannon, but Wonder Magician + Power Gladiator + Recipro Dragon Fly are the most likely (and easy) candidates for the Decktype.

I wouldn't expect much more beyond TCG-exclusives after everything that's been revealed...

Cyber Magician
Rush Rhino (most likely)
Wonder Magician
Power Gladiator
Blade Gunner
Recipro Dragon Fly
Buster Shotman (possibly)


Double Type Rescue (possibly)

...maybe 1-2 more Magic and/or Trap Cards, but we can't forget there's more than just Tech Genus in this Set too...
RedEyesFan - 2011/01/13 11:11

Recipro Dragonfly

you realise that all the Synchros from CRMS onwards are foils right?

well, hope this does not become a freaking foil.

and to Jinzo,
>Accel Synchro Blade Gunner
>Dragonfly GY it and return Wonder Magician and Power Gladiator
>Delta Accel
>opponent summons CyDra
>Chimeratech Fortress lolwut

Jinzo (guest) - 2011/01/13 13:12

Actually I did not think about that sending Blade Blaster to the graveyard for the 2 non-tuner synchros. And yes Chimeratech Fortress is a B*tch for that.

And By the way by foil you do mean like Rare and up right because I think all of the synchro monsters in any set are rare and up except for Junk Warrior being reprinted in that Starter set as a common so most likely Recipro Dragonfly will be a Rare.
RedEyesFan - 2011/01/14 06:28

no ones understand your rarity terms

shadowdragon (guest) - 2011/01/15 05:29

Foil is probably super rare or above, considering rare is just silver name.
Hopefully there aren't a lot of chimeratechs running around (Gold Series 2011 comes out today)
shyguy (guest) - 2011/01/16 17:37

does no one read the effect?

halberd cannon is a pseudo-solemn warning. it negates normal summon, special summon, or flip summon once a turn. so cydra's no problem, unless they drop 2 of them. Of course that's what book of moon and bottomless are for. And if it can wipe it out, you still get a tech genus synchro, notably hyper librarian or blade gunner (if you did the recipro dragonfly combo) which will be over chimeratech fortress ATK.

But it doesn't help that chimreatech came out in the gold series 2011 as a normal rare. But yea not a problem, but if they clear my delta accel that easy, i'd be pissed.
Stardust (guest) - 2011/01/18 05:36

Life Stream Dragon

so where is he.
Hope he's EXVC-JP038, since that slot is not seen yet, and Berserker is 37 while Recipro is 39, so 38 must be a Synchro as well.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/18 05:49


There's a slot for 038 left open, so there's still a small possibility...

Anyway...Tech Genus are really set up to become the next big Deck...and now the Kikou have much greater potential too.

RedEyesFan - 2011/01/18 07:27

Aporia's cards

hope that it can actually give despair to opponent.
Stardust (guest) - 2011/01/18 12:11

and gives hope to their user
*hint : a recent episode
aaa (guest) - 2011/01/18 05:55

Chaos Infinity

could get an OTK if your opponent has many tokens on his field!
I'm really interested in how the mechanized archtype!!

graveyard black feather seems getting more and more support.. nobody wants to use it though!!..

ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/01/18 10:51


I always said that psychics are the most broken type in the game. Now I may just be pro ven correct. Anyways, once the U.S. gets these (with exclusives btw XD), I'll smash in some serious face XD

RedEyesFan - 2011/01/18 12:26

a monster with a built in monster reborn and one with a searcher built in?

ultimate mind raep will come if psychis have their synchro summoning speed increase
ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/01/18 17:44

They already do, just by looking at the above cards. Oh hell yeah this is going to be fuuun.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/20 05:40


Psychics are hardly broken.

You can't forget that the monsters only Special Summon Psychic-Type monsters they themselves remove by their own effects, NOT any Psychics in general that are removed from play, thus that greatly limits the range of what they can Special Summon unless you manage to keep them alive to keep removing things; hardly a Monster Reborn built in.
ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/01/20 06:35

Not hardly broken? I can't believe I read that. The monsters spoiled can summon any psychic, and on top of that the effects are mandatory, meaning that they don't miss the timing when they are tributed or used for synchro material. Combine these with previously released cards like Overdrive Teleporter, Brain Research Lab, Master Gig, Armored Axon Kicker, and the best, Telekinetic Power Well, you have trouble. On top of that, the psychic deck is synchro heavy, and with these cards, they guarantee a synchro almost every turn. Also, since this deck can synchro like crazy, Hyper Librarian will be a centerpiece of the deck. I already came up with likely combos for this deck with some of them being OTKs NOT using Psychic Snail. Also I know that the monsters summoned have to be removed by those monsters' effects, and it still doesn't matter.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/22 23:03


As said, chances are you'll only be pulling off the effects once probably; not several times over that easily.

They're decent, yes, but "broken"? Hardly.

"Broken" is a term being thrown around WAY too casually these days.
ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/01/23 01:53

Oh ok....good point. I was just saying that they are very good.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/23 04:12


Yeah, I believe they're decent and have potential, just like many new cards.
naviassassin (guest) - 2011/01/18 17:02

Effect of the Unknown Psychic Quickplay

Hey Shriek, the unknown Psychic Quickplay Effect is:

Psychic Amplification
Magic - Quickplay
All face-up Psychic-Type monsters you control gains 200 ATK times the number of your Removed from Play Psychic-Type monsters. All monsters that are affected by this effect are removed from play during the End Phase.

naviassassin (guest) - 2011/01/18 17:11

Effects of some of the Unknown Efect Cards

Oh and other card effects for some of the cards would be:

Force Resonator
You can send this face-up card you control to the Graveyard to select 1 face-up Synchro Monster you control. If that monster attacks this turn, your opponent cannot activate the effects of Magics, Traps, or Effect Monster Cards that target that monster.

Blackwing - Hiren the Sudden Gust
Dark/Winged Beast/Tuner/5/0/2300
When your opponent's monster declares a direct attack, OR you take 2000 or more Battle Damage, you can Special Summon this card and 1 Level 3 or lower [Blackwing] monster from your Graveyard. You can only use this effect once per Duel.

Blackwing - Kogarashi the Wanderer
Dark/Winged Beast/Tuner/6/2300/1600
You can Special Summon this card from your hand when a [Blackwing] monster you control is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard (this Special Summon cannot be negated). Your opponent can use this card as a Synchro Material Monster for a Synchro Summon. The Synchro Summon of a Synchro Monster that uses this card as a Synchro

Buster Blaster
Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can equip this card to a Machine-Type monster you control as an Equip Card, OR unequip it to Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. The equipped monster loses 500 ATK. If the equipped monster destroys an opponent's monster by battle, destroy all monsters your opponent controls with the same Type as the destroyed monster. (A monster can only be equipped with 1 Union Monster at a time. If the equipped monster would be destroyed, destroy this card instead.)

Machine Megabomb
Trap - Normal
Select 1 face-up [Mechanized] monster you control and (?) card(s) your opponent controls. The selected cards cannot be destroyed.

Mr. Nurgle (guest) - 2011/01/20 00:31

I'll try a shot at placing the anime cards.

002-004 will probably all be Yusei cards from the Antinomy duel. One will almost certainly be Unknown Synchron; they haven't missed a Synchron yet.

Next, we have six cards missing, 006-011. And, lo and behold, we have two Jack cards, two Crow cards, and two Rua cards without numbers. I think it's safe to assume they'll be in these slots, probably in Jack-Crow-Rua order.

Next, 022-024. Buster Blaster will probably be in here, along with two of the three Tech Genus monsters seen in today's episode: Gear Zombie, Drill Fish, and Metal Skeleton.

Finally, slot number 038. I can't be the only one hoping for Life Stream Dragon, can I? I wonder why, if this is him, he wasn't the cover?

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/21 04:33


They missed Mono Synchron, lol.
Accel (guest) - 2011/01/22 18:06

I cant believe. More Six Samurai support. Though this card dont feed gateway, it is still powerfull.

DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2011/01/23 11:39


They don't release Tech Genus Zombie Tuner thingy-.-*************

I was so hoping for that card, just imagine having zombie master on the field, mezuki in hand, tg zombie & pharao beast in grave..
ditch mezuki to get beast, remove it to get zombie, sync for lv8, the get back zombie master, go for lv6 when you have plague and so on...dang it!
zombies would have been cool again-.-

Stardust (guest) - 2011/01/24 03:44

well there's still a chance it would appear somewhere else, just like Hyper Librarian.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/01/24 22:52


The only chance of that would be one of the other packs, but the other packs tend to focus on the manga stuff, so it doesn't seem likely there.

Tech Genus - Gear Zombie (Tuner)
You can Special Summon this card from your hand by decreasing the ATK strength of 1 face-up monster you control by 1000 points.'d get nerfed most likely if it were to come out.

Way too easy to Special Summon and no downside to you as no one in their right mind would Special Summon it unless they were going to use the -1000 ATK monster as a Synchro Material Monster anyway (or the monster already has very high ATK somehow as it is or something).

They'd probably throw in something else like lowering the Level by 1-2 and whatnot to mess things up and/or, like Zombie Carrier/Bolt Hedgehog/etc, remove it from play when it's removed from the field. Either that or make it so you can only use the effect once per Duel ala Grow-Up Bulb or some crap like that.
Hala (guest) - 2011/02/01 23:16

TCG Exclusive!?!?!

Hopefully this Zombie is a future TCG Exclusive :D
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/02/05 05:31


I highly doubt it.

TCG-exclusives, while a bunch may be RELATED to existing families, they have always been BRAND NEW cards that have NEVER shown up (yet) in the anime/manga/OCG, basically, a way to make them unique to the TCG before shipping them to the OCG in their Expert Edition Packs every few months.
Wicked One (guest) - 2011/01/26 04:35

Life Stream Tin

I'm sorry if someone already asked this but does anyone know if Life Stream Dragon will be getting a collectable tin???

Antinomy! (guest) - 2011/01/26 15:13

Life Stream Dragon

No tin promo or in a possible 3rd premium pack, its confirmed in this set (EXVC-JP038 - UR). Ultra rare/ ultimate rare. Good cuz im buying 4 or 5 boxes and glad i can get it now
RavenFromHell - 2011/02/04 15:34


So? I don't know if you happen to remember, but ALL Tin monsters were in a set too (Goyo, Stardust, Red Demon's, the lot). So saying it won't get in a Tin BECAUSE it's confirmed in this set is just dumb.
JINZO (guest) - 2011/01/29 01:41

Well its great that they are releasing more Tech Genus monsters I was hoping for the Jet Falcon and the Catapult Dragon but it sucks they don't have the effect where they can add a Tech Genus monster other than itself from the deck but at least they released the rush rhino.

Also did I read it correctly or did they say that Life Stream Dragon is a Tuner monster. Well that is kinda off a little bit but I guess we will find out in due time.

quincy (guest) - 2011/01/29 04:36

it is true that life stream is a tuner. that just allows for unexpected accel synching plays [on ur turn of course]
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/02/05 05:42


Unknown Synchron = Meh. Nothing but Formula Synchron use overall and limited at that through its effect. One for One or Kinkabyou, I guess.

Salvage Warrior, one of the few recent Yusei cards I actually liked.

Necro Defender got a nice boost from the anime too.

Jinzo (guest) - 2011/02/05 06:50

Hope there is a possible chance that they will release Tech Genus Gear Zombie and Tech Genus Drill Fish because in a way it would be hard to synchro summon Recipro Dragonfly even though you do have the level 1 Tuner Tech Genus Cyber Magician but the Tech Genus Series doesn't have a level 1 non tuner monser that is gonna be released for the OCG so far.

Also since I am seeing some extra slots open for the spells and traps I hope that at least have a couple more Tech Genus support cards and maybe even release Double Type Rescue since they clearly are releasing Buster Shotman.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/02/05 23:25


It seems doubtful because Buster Shotman takes up the last slot after all the Tech Genus-named monsters. Same with m/t...they got 2 Magic and 3 Traps, none of which were used in the anime, so the only other one I could see is possibly Double Type Rescue.

And it's not exactly hard in general to get out Recipro Dragonfly; only if you're STRICTLY a Tech Genus person, which I doubt anyone would be (as in the only monsters they use in the Deck are "Tech Genus" monsters), which still leaves quite a few options open, including Buster Shotman itself (despite not being "Tech Genus", it's still an Antinomy card).

The only hope otherwise would be for a TCG-exclusive.
TG fan (guest) - 2011/02/07 05:11

on more TG monster will be release

i am 100% sure TG gear zombi, dril fish and metal sklton will nt be out cus buster shotman is in JP022, the 2 blank spot i guess it will be the karakuri.

u are right that if dril fish release, cyber magician combo can synchron dragonfly fast, seens this happen, y nt full use buster shotman as lv1 non turner, use cards like monster reborn, call of the hunted or even roll out!(he is a union monster), another way is equip 2 a strong monster 1st then nxt turn sp summon in atk mode and synchron with a lv1

for double type rescue...i think is all over for that card cus TG are no longer double type - _ -

for me, the real problem is 4 OF THEM ARE SUPER RARE!!!!! i am going 2 spend like crazy!!! i do hope that TG wonder magician will be a little bit easy 2 get and cheeper. *nt like that crazy formula synchron.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/02/07 05:26


Well, it's not like it'd be HARD to Double Type Rescue to work, given how quickly Tech Genus can spam out stuff (and other things) and still have a fair amount of different Types as it is. You simply can't activate it with only 1 Tech Genus on your field anymore.
TetractysGrammaton (guest) - 2011/02/05 09:19

Nice Psychic

Those are great support for them... I can see Psychic Trigger, and maybe Psychic Path, price going up in the near future.

ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/02/08 16:42

If anything, the price of Overdrive Teleporter could skyrocket ( isn't certain). If it does, good thing I already bought mine. XD
TetractysGrammaton (guest) - 2011/02/09 15:13

Well, same here and I'm sure it will. With the release of Psycho Priest, now they can do an OTK with just 3 card. (1 Overdrive Teleporter, 1 Emergency Teleport, and 1 other card to discard)
Tidus227 (guest) - 2011/02/07 22:24

Er where's the full list?

if its coming out in like 4 days, surely a confirmed list would've been made by now really

cards that i want from this are the machine imperial stuff

i just hope machinicle infinity will get a release in TCG section cause then i can make the deck im planning for the stuff x3

Rave (guest) - 2011/02/08 08:41

Konami thinks that whores the Zombie deck -_-!?

I wonder and ask myself every day because konami left forgotten OCG decks of special zombie deck TT prohibited from limiting their unique moves and Plagues mezuki pread finish the situation and never releases it ultil support level tournament. sometimes I think that Konami sucks for this reason
Konima supporter (guest) - 2011/02/08 10:52

reply to rave

With 3 of the undead world structure deck is enough for a good zombie deck, zombie world can actually kill many deck nowadays. Therefore i think there is no need further supports. Besides, konami is kind enough 2 put pot of avr in the deck, which is vry expensive 2 get while buying single.

as for saying konami left zombie, how do u explain those zombie synchron? doom kaizer buster mode?!!?? those are from boosters such as CSOC, CRMS and ANPR.

However, in 5ds i believe konami do focus too much in dragon and machine, which is the theme of the main character in 5ds, Fudo Yusei! if u count, there is 5 box include this 1 cover card is own by yusei....TDGS, SOVR, DREV, STBL and EXVC
RedEyesFan - 2011/02/08 15:24

IF Konami wanna hunt down people:

Kowalski (guest) - 2011/02/08 15:28

I don't get it... 2-3 days until release and we're still missing 31 cards
ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/02/08 16:40

Not really. Dueling Days spoiled the ENTIRE list. lolol
InfernityFlare - 2011/02/08 15:36

Staring in Awe

A Gladiator Beast card finally!!! (Not counting Lanista)

RedEyesFan - 2011/02/08 15:48

"Cannot use as Fusion Material"

InfernityFlare - 2011/02/08 15:53


slows down the combo D =
ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/02/09 08:34

And on top of that, you can't even tag the damn thing out. so if you get it in you hand, you'd better have a Test Tiger or its a dead 1800 beatstick.
OMGulator - 2011/02/08 15:51

Shien's Dojo = Gateway BANNED March '11

I just know it!

DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2011/02/08 17:11


how'd they make money off six samuray with gateway beeing banned? think again...!
Joey (guest) - 2011/02/08 18:44


No, it will only limited, but they really want six sams stay the top meta. This is the reason of the money. Btw limiting gateway is very logical.
OMGulator - 2011/02/08 18:50

I do admit that I misjudged a bit there. A limit would be A-OK.

I also wonder if they're also going to limit Smoke Signal as well but it's rather unlikely for that to happen.
DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2011/02/08 17:10

Gladial Beasts

Dang it, why does it have to be such a crap support? what about a 1900-Beatstick with the tag-effect...or something dat bounces cards..a fusion with murmillo or sth the like...daaaaaang...

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/02/08 20:09


Wow, EXVC was good before, but a bunch of the rest just blows me away, lol.

Out of the newer revealed ones..

Psi-Girl - Basically a Different Dimension Capsule in monster form, but still nice and it doesn't miss the timing, so just immediately Synchro Summon and you got your card.

Honorable Retiree of the Six Samurai - Meh, nice for the Special Summon, but boring overall.

Karakuri Beauty - Ninishi - Pretty nice when you consider Karakuri are, like many Decks, about getting out more and more and it's obviously meant to work with...

Karakuri Ninja - Nanashikku (so many Ninjas) - Nice with its drawing, but balanced so it's not too evil in the Deck.

Scrap Kong - Typical Scrap effect, but nice and easy to do I guess.

Change Toad - Major lol. Exact same stats...similar cost and effect...but once per turn XD

Gladial Beast - Tagel - Can see why people are upset, but understandable too considering how absurdly easy it is and all.

Jar Turtle - Another lol effect. Jar of Greed getting more love.

Aurora Anguirus (Godzilla? XD) - I guess with the right combo, it can be fun, but otherwise, too easy to get around.

Crimson Hell Secure + Pot of the Crimson Demon Dragon - Was certainly not expecting BOTH of these to come out. And Crimson Hell Secure being a complete Harpie's Feather Duster with RDD and Pot being a (balanced by not letting you get out RDD then immediately use it) PoG with RDD too.

Resonance Rip - Another fun Resonator card for Jack Deck-lovers. Use 2 Resonator's for SRND, blow up 2 of your opponent's cards.

Psycho Feel Zone - A Parallel World Fusion effect for Psychic Synchros. Very fun indeed.

Shien's Dojo - Gateway getting restricted...

Karakuri Big Rampage - Can be fun with the Synchros for extra big hits and whatnot.

Communication with the Ceremonial Water Mirror - Average peeking effects, but very easy to use. Another DT-reference being a small plus too.

Silent Wall - Will have much fun with this, lol.

A Sudden Turn - Try to do something with your Graveyard and it all goes back. Can be a pretty fun Side Deck card.

Instant Shinto - Hey, we finally got Mai's "Grave Arm" anime card! lol

Scar-Red Carpet - Another card I'll have lots of fun with. Obviously for Scar-Red Nova Dragon + Resonance Rip.

Power Up Connector - Can definitely be a fun addition for Deformer Decks.

Psycho Reactor - Turns any Psychic into a D. D. Warrior Lady effect.

Brain Hazard - Another removed zone Special Summoner and with the way the new Psychics operate, very fun too.

The Six's School of Dual Wielding - Can be okay as a fallback in case your Samurai Spam gets messed up somehow. Otherwise, dunno about it being a big mainstream card.

Rented Karakuri Service Warehouse - Typical family negator.

Tyrant's Violence - w00t! Another fun Tyrant card. I'm practically building a Normal Deck around these, lol. Your opponent losing an extra Magic Card just to activate 1 can be nice and quickly strip them of resources.

Assaulting the Weak Point - Honest, searchers, etc.

Wood-Releasing Seal Art - Natural Decks...remove while feeding Palkion/Extrolio.

Safety Zone - Evil...essentially make your monster into an almost invincible, Venominaga-like monster when battling other monsters. At least it's not totally invincible, but it does make the monster a lot tougher to get rid of.

Local Big Hurricane - Infernity? I dunno, lol

W Galactic Meteorite - FINALLY!!!! ANOTHER WORM CARD AND IT OWNS!!!! Switching means you Set off their Flip Effects...then they get reset and you get to draw, then you can get out King, Queen, or Victory from your Deck.

InfernityFlare - 2011/02/09 11:01

URGENT GB Tigel Theory

Firstly: "This card cannot be used as Fusion Material Monster"
but taking Heraklinos for example,
"This card can only be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck by returning the above cards you control to the Deck. (You do not use "Polymerization".)"

That means we can use it, right?

If not, second theory then..
Secondly: A face-down monster has no effect so setting it or flipping it down lets us use it for the quote "contact fusion".

Can we use it this way?

Lentra - 2011/02/09 17:16

Likely not. The way I read it, that first line is a condition, not an effect. Thusly, it always applies and cannot be negated. Tigel cannot be used for any Fusion, Contact or otherwise.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/02/09 19:05


Just read the Chimeratech Fortress Dragon ruling;

A Fusion Material Monster is a monster written on the card of a Fusion Monster, and which is needed to Special Summon or Fusion Summon the monster from the Extra Deck. Because of this, you cannot send "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon" from your field to the Graveyard to Special Summon another "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon" from your Extra Deck, since you are still using "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon" as a Fusion Material Monster.

The same applies in this case.


For "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon", "This card cannot be used as a Fusion Material Monster." is not an effect, so it will not be negated by "Skill Drain". You cannot use "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon" as a Fusion Material Monster under any circumstance
InfernityFlare - 2011/02/09 23:37

Oh that sucks

Haha, I tried.
anyways, thanks
sonic slicer (guest) - 2011/02/10 05:28

Am i the only one........

that sees potential in salvage warrior?

tribute summon him and.....

-get junk synchron and go for stardust
-get nitro synchron and go for nitro warrior
-get turbo synchron and go for turbo warrior
-get junk synchron, use level eater on salavge, go for junk destroyer
-get road synchron, repeat above set, go for road warrior
-get formula synchron, use on your opponents turn, go for blackrose

Joey (guest) - 2011/02/10 16:25


Tribute monsters are too slow and there are better cards 4 this. so, yes ure the only one. v.v
Jinzo (guest) - 2011/02/10 08:32

Like the TG stuff except for the fact that the Jet Falcon and Catapult Dragon don't let you add other TG monsters from your deck but I guess it is still good.

nice to see that Jack Atlas is getting more spell cards and stuff I remember at one point that the only spell cards he used in ground duels were "Mind Trust" and "Polymerization" so it is nice to see some more spell cards too bad they didn't release that "Trap Pause" spell card but something tells me that they are planning a Duelist Pack Jack Atlas and that card plus Powerful Rebirth will probably be featured as the new cards.

Joey (guest) - 2011/02/10 16:23

ure a noob

Jet Falcon and Catapult Dragon are almost the worst cards in this set.
Wolfgang DelaSangre - 2011/02/10 22:31

Wrong, Joey

I've been testing a TG deck and I can tell you that Catapult Dragon and Jet Falcon are underrated. I run 2x Jet and 3x Catapult. I also use 2x Junk Synchron. Use Junk to revive Catapult and then use those for any Level 5 Synchro, including the TG Synchros.

You can also use Catapult Dragon to trigger TG Werewolf, and also as TG1-EM1 fodder.

On another note, I'd be willing to bet that "Aurora Anguiras" isn't supposed to share the name of a dinosaur from the Godzilla movies. In fact, I'm betting that it's "Aurora Angelus".
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/02/11 07:03


Eh, I wouldn't take Joey seriously...with the comments he tends to make, he seems more like a troll than the very least, someone that would not be pleasant in having a debate with as you'd probably end up flamed in response unless you agree with him.
Joey (guest) - 2011/02/11 15:17

Yeah, Im trolling. Shit, u got me. v.v

About catapult and jet, they arent good TG staff, because they didnt get the EP adding effect. Okay, you can use catapult in more situation, so my biggest problem is with jet, cause it has only an useless effect. Also I love that TG1-EM1 card, what give this deck a very big power, and also makes in playable.
Stardust (guest) - 2011/02/11 21:27


Can someone tell Lynx or shriek that it's Aurora ANGELUS?

Stardust (guest) - 2011/02/11 21:29

eh sorry, I didn't mean to use all caps, I accidentally pressed caps lock.

but yeah, I don't know how to contact them, so if someone here know, please tell them :p
danierulynx - 2011/02/11 23:36

The name we currently have listed is correct. I would heed your advice were you not wrong. The name in Japanese is spelt totally differently to what you're suggesting. I have my sources. If you can't trust that, well I don't really care.
mcjazzman32 (guest) - 2011/02/12 02:57


Why does Safety Zone exist? Someone explain that to me. It's like.... rediculous. You put that on any big monster and whats the opponent gonna do? So lame. It's like Forbidden lance on crack.

And year Gate is gone. 1 at most. I hope United gets a restrict too.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/02/13 05:09


Unless Konami decides otherwise (as there's no middleman like Upperdeck now), then whatever list the OCG has will be the same for everywhere (minus cards not released there, of course).

And Safety Zone does make a monster much harder to kill (especially with it being chainable), but it's still not totally invincible. It'll just require players to actually look at other cards besides what is typically used right now; sometimes a bit more desperately, lol.

Otherwise, yes, it will SEEM "unstoppable" to a player.

Of course, there's always typical m/t removal and simply getting rid of Safety Zone itself which also takes out the monster as a result.

You could also chain Book of Moon and flip the selected monster face-down, thus preventing the effect from resolving successfully.

Trap Stun, Royal Decree, Jinzo, Dark Bribe, Seven Tools of the Bandit, etc, etc to negate Safety Zone.

You could always chain another card that targets/destroys the monster when the opponent activates Safety Zone and get rid of it before Safety Zone resolves.

Non-targeting, non-destroying removal, bouncing, spinning, etc. (Neo Spacian - Ground Mole, D. D. Warrior/Warrior Lady/Assailant, Morphing Jar #2, Share the Pain, Ectoplasmer, Temperal Machine God - Metaeon and so on.)

Tribute it for Lava Golem or Volcanic Queen.

...and so on.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2011/02/14 17:15

Think the other way around too...

You could just use Safety Zone... on your OPPONENT's monsters.

-- Your opponent cannot target their own monsters with beneficial effects.

-- You can put it on a weak-enough monster and make a BATTLE DAMAGE TUNNEL (the Marshmallon in Attack Position strategy) and hit the one monster for the win rather than have one good target die after you kill it and have to deal with a bigger threat.

-- You can BOUNCE Safety Zone to kill the monster and then RESET Safety Zone to do it again later (the Big Bang Shot tactic). You can even possibly bounce it again, works great with Falcon of Mist Valley.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/02/14 23:33


At the very least, you'll force the opponent to switch the monster to Defense Position so it'll no longer be an attack threat.
JDawg (guest) - 2011/02/19 19:24

Is that the real translation of gift of the machine emperors because wikia has a different translation.

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