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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duelist Pack -Yusei 3-

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duelist Pack -Yusei 3-

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duelist Pack -Yusei 3- 「遊戯王OCG DUELISTPACK -遊星編3-」

Release Date: 16th of October 2010
Price: 150 yen (inc. tax)

5 cards per pack, 15 packs per box

Features 30 cards:
- 2 Ultra Rare cards
- 4 Super Rare cards
- 7 Rare cards
- 17 Normal cards

(Also included in each pack is one of ten different Strategy Cards.)

- The 10th pack in the Duelist Pack series.
- Features 8 brand new cards.
- Features a variety of cards used by Yusei Fudo in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime series, including a number of previously-rare cards at a much lower rarity, making this pack a great choice for beginners.

DP10-JP001 Roadrunner 「ロードランナー」
DP10-JP002 Shield Wing 「シールド・ウィング」
DP10-JP003 Stardust Xiaolong 「スターダスト・シャオロン」
DP10-JP004 Drill Synchron 「ドリル・シンクロン」
DP10-JP005 Card Breaker 「カード・ブレイカー」
DP10-JP006 Second Booster 「セカンド・ブースター」
DP10-JP007 Effect Veiler 「エフェクト・ヴェーラー」 Rare
DP10-JP008 Dash Warrior 「ダッシュ・ウォリアー」
DP10-JP009 Damage Eater 「ダメージ・イーター」
DP10-JP010 AD Changer 「ADチェンジャー」
DP10-JP011 Guardian of the Stronghold 「牙城のガーディアン」

Boost Warrior 「ブースト・ウォリアー」
FIRE/Warrior - Effect/1/300/200
If you control a face-up Tuner, you can Special Summon this card from your hand in face-up Defense Position. While this card is face-up on the field, all face-up Warrior-Type monsters you control gain 300 ATK.
Super Rare
DP10-JP012 Boost Warrior

Justice Bringer 「ジャスティス・ブリンガー」
EARTH/Warrior - Effect/4/1700/0
Activate when the effect of a monster your opponent controls that was Special Summoned is activated. Negate that activation. This effect can oly be used once per turn.
Ultra Rare
DP10-JP013 Justice Bringer

Brai Synchron 「ブライ・シンクロン」
EARTH/Machine - Tuner/4/1500/1100
If this card is used as a Synchro Material Monster in a Synchro Summon and sent to the Graveyard, until the End Phase of this turn, the Synchro Monster this card was used as a Synchro Material Monster for gains 600 ATK, and its effect(s) is negated.
Ultra Rare
DP10-JP014 Brai Synchron

Big One Warrior 「ビッグ・ワン・ウォリアー」
LIGHT/Warrior - Effect/1/100/600
During your Main Phase, activate by sending 1 Level 1 Monster except this card from your hand to the Graveyard. Special Summon this card from your hand.
Super Rare
DP10-JP015 Big One Warrior

DP10-JP016 Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites 「波動竜騎士 ドラゴエクィテス」 Super Rare
DP10-JP017 Saver Star Dragon 「セイヴァー・スター・ドラゴン」 Rare
DP10-JP018 Drill Warrior 「ドリル・ウォリアー」 Rare
DP10-JP019 Treasure of Harmony 「調和の宝札」
DP10-JP020 Variety Out 「バラエティ・アウト」
DP10-JP021 Hit from the Blind Spot 「死角からの一撃」
DP10-JP022 Double Cyclone 「ダブル・サイクロン」

Battle Waltz 「武闘円舞」
Normal Magic Card
Activate by selecting 1 face-up Synchro Monster you control. Special Summon 1 "Waltz Token" to your field, that has the same Type, Attribute, Level, ATK and DEF as that monster. Battle Damage to either player from a battle involving this Token is reduced to 0.
DP10-JP023 Battle Waltz

Synchro Gift 「シンクロ・ギフト」
Normal Magic Card
Activate by selecting, face-up that you control, 1 Synchro Monster and 1 monster other than a Synchro Monster. Until the End Phase of this turn, the selected Synchro Monster's ATK becomes 0, and the other selected monster gains ATK equal to that Synchro Monster's original ATK.
DP10-JP024 Synchro Gift

DP10-JP025 Starlight Road 「スターライト・ロード」 Rare
DP10-JP026 Synchro Barrier 「シンクロ・バリアー」
DP10-JP027 Power Frame 「パワー・フレーム」
DP10-JP028 Desperate Tag Change 「死力のタッグ・チェンジ」

Cards for One's Life at Risk 「捨て身の宝札」
Normal Trap Card
If the combined ATK of 2 or more face-up Attack Position monster you control is lower than the ATK of the 1 strongest face-up Attack Position monster your opponent controls, draw 2 cards. During the turn you activated this card, you cannot Normal Summon, Flip Summon or Special Summon nor change Battle Positions.
DP10-JP029 Cards for One's Life at Risk

Synchro Material 「シンクロ・マテリアル」
Normal Trap Card
Activate by selecting 1 face-up Monster your opponent controls. If you Synchro Summon during this turn, you can use the selected monster as Synchro Material. During the turn you activated this card, you cannot perfom your Battle Phase.
Super Rare
DP10-JP030 Synchro Material
DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2010/06/30 12:46

1st, finally xD

No, I no these comments are fail, but I actaully wanted to say:
YAY, Vayu in Rare? That'd be lol^^

I asume the 5 new cards are the unreleased ones crow used against Bolger?

And WTF, EIGHT new Yusei cards? C'mon Konami...
he doesn't deserve that! Even Jaden didn't get THAT much O.ô

danierulynx - 2010/06/30 13:07

Actually, I think you'll find that, should you go back and check Duelist Pack -Judai Volume 3-, yes he did, =P

Also, BAWWW @ no Duelist Pack -Kiryu-, ;-;
RedEyesFan - 2010/06/30 13:59

speaking of Kiryu...

why dont Konami release a Team Satisfaction set where it contains one box of each of Kiryu, Jack, Yusei and Crow's DP and comes with a.... does the team have a logo?

that would be like freaking awesome!

having Kiryu DP would be lol.
Infernity everywhere.
Buckethead (guest) - 2010/10/13 22:30

Jeez Konami..

Effect Veiler, rare? wow.
DonGT (guest) - 2010/06/30 13:31


Armor master - Super
Armor Wing - Rare
Vayu - Super

or something like that

RedEyesFan - 2010/06/30 13:55

superb logic u have there

which is totally made of fail...
sinomfg (guest) - 2010/07/01 01:20


All the supers except for 1, are new cards. And the reprint super is their trump card, in this case, Blackwinged Dragon.
Natedogg (guest) - 2010/06/30 16:12

I assume by this they aren't releasing a Duelist Pack - Jack Atlas for at least a really long time. Too bad though I was hoping for a release of that Powerful Rebirth card and also the Shockwave Card.

Well anyways thats nice they are releasing a Crow Pack. By the way I only counted 4 cards that Crow used in that duel with bolger : Jet the Blue Sky, Kochi the Daybreak, Zephyros the Elite, and Down Burst. So what was the last card?

ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/06/30 16:33

At least if you are lucky...

DP12 and DP13 will be Jack and Kiryu.

Thing is that people still don't get is that one has to have used the anime in the before the card is in the Duelist Pack.

So for a Kiryu pack, we would need some still unused cards, and the ones he used that weren't released would need GREAT changes and he would still need some things besides those. He would also have to come back on the show.

Jack already has nothing new again since all of his new stuff is in Starstrike Blast all at once.
RiverShock - 2010/06/30 17:32

What makes you think ALL of Jack's stuff is in Starstrike Blast? He has a LOT of Traps we don't have, including some from the first season. I'd say a list like this would be somewhat realistic (Though, the lack of new monsters is mildly annoying)...

Ultra: 2
Shock Wave (New)
Sneak Exploder (New)

Super: 4
Powerful Rebirth (New)
Half Straight (New)
Rage Resynchro (New)
Red Dragon Archfiend

Rare: 7
Exploder Dragonwing
Strong Wind Dragon
Multiple Piece Golem
Ogre of the Scarlet Sorrow
Battle Fader
Trap Eater
Prideful Roar

Common: 17
Big Piece Golem
Medium Piece Golem
Small Piece Golem
Sinister Sprocket
Mad Archfiend
Dark Resonator
Power Invader
Revival Gift
Nightmare Archfiends
Mind Trust
Synchro Deflector
Crimson Fire
Lineage of Destruction
Twin-Sword Marauder
TheDarkAngelRocket (guest) - 2010/06/30 17:17

Duelist Packs

Yusei gets yet another Duelist Pack, and with 8 new cards?!
I can't stand Yusei anymore.
Crow, I understand.
And where's mah Jack Atlas pack?
Is it strange that we didn't get the three packs launched together? They're essentially the three starring characters at this point.

ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/06/30 23:00

Judai 1 through 3 said hello.


What about that do people not understand? He will always have more packs. Period. You never saw an O'Brien, Jim or Amon Pack either. You didn't even see a Sho pack, but you saw 3 Judai's.

Or is it that they just want to pretend the guy they don't like and make pretend he shouldn't get as many because he's not some furry alien loving fag who goes for the rainbow gem guy instead of the two girls who were throwing themselves at him and has a trannie living inside him?

He gets 3 packs, no problem, right?
darkarmeddragon666 - 2010/06/30 17:45


I can see it being in dp crow as an ultra, and being the next ddraw in terms of price.

My predictions:

Blackwing-Zephyros the Elite
Blackwing-Jet the Blue Sky

BF Dragon
Blackwing-Koichi the Daybreak
Gravity Breakdown

Armor Master
Armed Wing
BF Treasure

Delta Crow
Trap Stun
Mirror Force
Fake Feather
Ebon Arrow

grenademan (guest) - 2010/07/18 04:04

darkarmeddragon666 please get real honestly like Zephyros as ultra rare it is S-H-I-T
and mirror force as common either way crow never uses it and armor master as rare i cant buy however i do agree with Jet that card is amazing
grenademan (guest) - 2010/07/18 04:26

i apologise crow does use mirror force well im an idjit but i feel it would be a super
fatboy 654568 (guest) - 2010/08/01 16:56

o hell no

all three syncs and vayu comeing rare is a lie get real dude
carange2 (guest) - 2010/08/08 03:44

ok here ias what i think


Armor Master
Armed Wing

Blackwing-Zephyros the Elite
Blackwing-Jet the Blue Sky
BF Dragon
Blackwing-Koichi the Daybreak
Gravity Breakdown

commons are
Blackwing - Bora the Sharp
Delta Crow
Trap Stun
Blackfeather - Beacon
Fake Feather
Ebon Arrow
Blackwing - Jet the Blue Sky
Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall
Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant
grenademan (guest) - 2010/08/08 03:54

carange2 like your pack predictions just that you forgot black whirlwind but ghibli needs to be a rare it is great
carange2 (guest) - 2010/08/08 04:05

grandeman black wierlwind does not another release so fast nor does armor wing/master
grenademan (guest) - 2010/08/08 04:11

yannow since everyone else is doing it here are my predictions

black whirlwind

armor master


delta crow
armed wing
gravity breakdown

trap stun
bora the sharp
ebon arrow
fake feather
defenders cross
gravity breakdown
Pro BF (guest) - 2010/07/01 10:42


Haha Yeah! Waiting for Yusei Pack 3 all the time. You know why? Cause theres something that you guys had never think of. The reprint of Starlight Road! Everyone is waithing for it all the time!!!

RedEyesFan - 2010/07/01 11:53

but the only problem is...

Starlight Road is a freaking promo....

and from all the previous DPs, promos dont appear in there.

damn sad man.
DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2010/07/01 12:17


haha, wtf?

why are you so hilarious about a SLR reprint?
It's freakin' Promo which isn't hard to get at all, lol-.-**
RedEyesFan - 2010/07/01 12:57

looks like someone is in the wrong place, again

and him implying that america=the whole world
DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2010/07/01 20:10


actually I live in Switzerland-.-

And: Is it so hard to get sth from ebay?!

America= biggest dumbass state in terms of politics
America= coolest state in terms of big tournaments - wether I can go to them or not because I'm to far away o.ô

America isn't the whole world - but ebay is.

so far about your thoughts!

Hugh, I talked...
ShiroRyu - 2010/07/02 00:11

To RedEyesFan:

Are you forgetting Yusei 2 which had Stardust Dragon/BUSTER? That was a promo beforehand. :/
Luciano (guest) - 2010/07/01 10:48

Duelist packs

Maybe in this pack they will release Junk Gardna from the movie...
And speaking of the movie..what do you think of a Paradox Duelist Pack?

We could get Malefic Rainbow Dragon (which sucks) and Malefic Cyber End Dragon (very easy OTK combined with limiter removal or megamorph)

Anonymous (guest) - 2010/07/01 12:35


Come on I want that dude so bad for my Accel deck plus that guy is broken!

sdab (guest) - 2010/08/21 05:10

Yusei Fudo 3

Boost Warrior is good and Effect Veiler plus Arbitrator Of Mediaton should be in it
crown (guest) - 2010/07/02 04:40

crow dp

come on i seriously think that monsters that come out at booster which rarity is at super example stardust in duelist genesis is a ultra while in yusei dp its super so vayu,sirroco,breeze.etc should also be in rare while armor wing should be super and armor master should be rare

DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2010/07/02 16:26


IF, it's like this_

2 New

2 New
Silverwind (because not in GS)

Mr. Q (guest) - 2010/07/02 23:56

We can has Junk Guardna, and Reincarnation of Hope? Also, I'm laughing at the idiots that are BAWWWing over Yusei getting another, though they say nothing about the three Judai got. And while a Kiryu pack would be awesome, it would also be impractical as there is no conceivable way that Death Gunman or Climber would work. But I do have to agree on another thing: Where's the friggin' Jack DP already?

Adamtheamazing64 (guest) - 2010/07/04 21:41

I want Dead synchro here!

Yusei 3 should come out with Dead Synchro. even though it was a speed spell in the anime, Konami should turn it into a real spell card. it's cool and useful.
blackwing_knight (guest) - 2010/08/03 18:11

kiryu duelist pack

I have to agree that a Kiryu Duelist PAck wouldn't work because you can't have cards in your hand and while monster cards you could get rid of relitively fast, what about spells and traps, if it were a little easier to use then I would use it because I've already gopt a Burn and a Power deck and I'm working on an Exodia deck.
dragon4 (guest) - 2010/07/06 05:07

crow duelist pack

About time they came out with a Crow Duelist pack, I actually thought it wouldn't happen, since there is a Kaiba and Yugi Duelist pack then what about Joey. GO BLACKWINGS.

black feathza (guest) - 2010/07/06 09:30

Kochi the Daybreak
Zephyros the Elite

Jet the Blue Sky
Down Burst
*Unknown yet*
Crows' Trump card (not really, just konami thinks so, prob. black-winged dragon)

Older Crow Holo's

All the rest that's worth mentioning

That's how it should be
blackwing_knight (guest) - 2010/08/03 18:05

duelist packs

Yusei's duelist pack should have a rare or super rare Junk Archer since it was Ultra last time and I want it for my Yusei deck. Crow's duelist pack shoiuld have Armor Master, Armor Wing, the three latest blackwings, the tuner blackwing in Shining Darkness and Sirroco the Dawn because I want those cards for my Crow deck. They should come out with a Jack Duelist pack because some people (Like me) make character decks and I for one want the three resonators and vice dragon because Jack's whole strategy mainly revolves on either special summoning vice dragon and then summoning a resonator or summoning dark resonator so it won't be destroyed and then using card effects to summon a level five monster or multiple monsters that equal 5 levels.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/08/05 00:13


w00t, Boost Warrior, though lost its Tuner status which is understandable.

Wonder how Brai Synchron will be...probably the same as the anime.

Big One Warrior is a nice addition though.

skyphertheslydragon (guest) - 2010/08/10 22:51

Duelist Packs

I am also curious about when we will be getting a Jack duelist pack. On that note, I think we should also have an Aki (Akiza) duelist pack or at least a Plant Structure Deck. That way we could get all of the plant cards easier, with reprints of Black Rose Dragon and such.

Rex (guest) - 2010/08/17 19:41


Lol shield wing. Nice . i want 1.

I think this pack have a Super rare Shooting star and a Rare Formula sychron.

dacfgce (guest) - 2010/08/21 05:06

you are crazy
star (guest) - 2010/10/18 23:45

i wish they would
Speed Warrior (guest) - 2010/08/18 13:00

Justice Bringer

I want it. I hope it will be in this pack.

RedEyesFan - 2010/08/18 14:10

great, MC promos getting reprinted into official sets.

me prediction was way wrong...
and they freaking hell included Shield Wing.

wheres Jack's DP...
i want my Vice Dragon.

Stardust Dragon (guest) - 2010/09/19 01:32

I want my Effect Veiler. Cool card.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/08/18 23:47


Brai Synchron and Synchro Gift being the same. So that's now 3 down and 5 to go in terms of effects...4 in terms of new stuff in general.

Sho (guest) - 2010/08/19 00:02


Shield Wing, Dragoequites and Starlight Road?

I'm buying a box of this. Duelist packs are awesome. Love 'em.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/08/20 03:35


Well, from what little can be seen, I'd say 1100 DEF for Brai Synchron.

zcvdz (guest) - 2010/08/21 05:04

it is 1100 DEF
TheDarkAngelRocket (guest) - 2010/08/21 18:01

Card No. 13

Justice Bringer is most likely no. 13.
No. 13 is a new card, between Boost Warrior and Brai Synchron. Well, Boost Warrior was used against Kiryu and Brai Synchron was used against Lotten. However, Yusei summoned out Justice Bringer against Lotten before this.
How will they nerf that card though? Sealing up monster effects during the opponent's turn sounds too broken.

ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/08/21 18:36

Why would they nerf it?

It only works on Special Summoned monsters, and only outside of your own turn (so you can't use it offensively).

It's just anti-meta and you can hardly do much with it beyond protect yourself a little and it wouldn't stop other effects at all. Honest, Summon effects (see also, big monster to run him over), effects that elsewhere (going to the Graveyard wouldn't be a monster "you control"). And it obviously won't stop you from just using those special summoned monsters in other ways and you can still Special Summon. So while you COULD negate a Dark End Dragon or DAD, it won't stop them from running you over and then using effects anyway. It doesn't touch Stardust Dragon either.

It's average, good for what it's for and someone thinking it's broken is just being silly. Probably think a lot is "broken," then. if Justice Bringer is broken, what is Angel O7 or Bloo-D? At this point, you're more likely to switch to saying it sucks.
TheDarkAngelRocket (guest) - 2010/08/23 01:57

Re: ShinobiPhoenix

I was under the impression that Konami might nerf anything that, to their standards, is too broken these days.
Nexus Infinity (guest) - 2010/08/29 22:56

Justice Bringer Nerfing...

They probably will nerf it as It negates special summoned monsters effects during the oponents turn... need you be reminded that Synchro summoning counts as special summoning, monster reborn, CoTH, JD, DAD, Blackwings(Feathers) need i go on...
So IMO it is broken situationaly (if that is a word)
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/09/11 20:28


Well, when you consider thew fact that a majority of that list can still simply run over Justice Bringer too, losing their effect isn't that huge. Also, don't forget that there's tons of Magic and Trap Cards to remove it from the field too, so the opponent could simply do that and then proceed to Special Summon a bunch of things.

It could also depend on how Justice Bringer would be ruled if it were to come out; are the monsters negated while they themselves are face-up on the field or only while Justice Bringer is face-up on the field? That in itself could change how "evil" it would be.

If they do release it and nerf it, the only thing I could see them doing without making it nigh-worthless would be that it only negates the Effect Monster during the turn it's Special Summoned while it's (the Effect Monster) face-up on the field. Of course, that could be balanced out by making Justice Bringer hitting your opponent's Special Summoned monsters during either player's turn rather than just your opponent's turn.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/09/16 19:56


Justice Bringer; still nice, but balanced.

Big One Warrior, meh...

Battle Waltz lost its ATK decreasing effect, but still nice overall.

Cards and Synchro Material though is WOOT.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/09/29 20:10


Just a small note that Justice Bringer is still saying 0 DEF, when it should be 1000, lol.
Someone? (guest) - 2010/09/17 05:55

Synchro Gift

Rock and Locomotion? Those the strangest picks for that art...

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2010/10/17 18:48

Re: Someone?

You do realize that MANY anime cards have artworks derived of monsters from Duel Terminals?
Locomotion is a Synchro Monster.
... (guest) - 2010/10/13 16:54


starlight road is rare?

DOX (guest) - 2010/10/14 08:15



IS THAT A ZETA GUNDAM ? o_O""""""""""

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/10/14 18:58


Looks nothing like Zeta Gundam...looks more like a green tinted Gundam Double X sort of.
skyphertheslydragon (guest) - 2010/10/17 20:52

The link for Starlight Road shows Double Cyclone.

Anyway, still can't wait for these packs in the tcg. I just hope they aren't butchered like the third set of GX Duelist Packs. Duelist Packs Jaden 3 and Jessie both only had 25 cards in them, due to the promotional releases of some of those cards at the time.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2010/10/17 21:33

Re: skyphertheslydragon

The only cards in these packs being released as special promos right now are Dragoequites and Black-Winged (Black Feather) Dragon.

Savior Star was also released as a special promo last year.
skyphertheslydragon (guest) - 2010/10/18 17:12

The current promos are draco-equiste and black-winged (black-feathered) dragon. But Drill Warrior is the current SE promo for Duelist Revolution. Additionally Blackwing Gale, Armor Master, and Armed Wing were in Gold Series 2010 in the TCG too.

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