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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 - Game Original Cards

The following is a list of all of the cards that thus far have been confirmed to be in the game as Game Original cards. Please note that as the game's release is still a while off yet this list is therefore currently incomplete, and so will be subject to changes between now and when the full list of Game Original cards has been 100% confirmed.

Also, as with past Game Original cards, the effects of these cards could quite possibly change from their anime counterparts, hence why no effects will be listed here unless their Tag Force 5 incarnations have been confirmed.

Currently a total of 34 new Game Original cards have been confirmed.

Holy Knight's Spear Carrier 「聖騎士の槍持ち」
LIGHT/Warrior - Effect/2/800/400
By Releasing this face-up card on the field, add 1 Equip Magic Card from your Deck to your hand.

Swift Horse of the Order of the Floral Knights 「花騎士団の駿馬」
WIND/Beast - Effect/3/400/800
When this card is Normal Summoned, you can add 1 "Holy Knight's Spear Carrier" or 1 "Polymerization" from your Deck to your hand.

Holy Knight's Shield Carrier 「聖騎士の盾持ち」
LIGHT/Warrior - Effect/4/800/1300
When this card is Normal Summoned, by removing from play 1 LIGHT Warrior-Type monster in your Graveyard, draw 1 card.

Centaurmina 「ケンタウルミナ」
LIGHT/Beast-Warrior - Fusion - Effect/6/2200/1600
"Holy Knight's Spear Carrier" + "Swift Horse of the Order of the Floral Knights"
Once per turn, when your opponent activates a Trap Card during your turn, you can negate its activation, then Set it.

Floral Shield 「フローラル・シールド」
Normal Trap Card
Negate the attack of 1 opposing monster, then draw 1 card.

Fleur Guard 「フルール・ガード」
Normal Trap Card
Activate by selecting 1 face-up Warrior-Type monster you control. It cannot be destroyed until the End Phase.

Chain Close 「チェーン・クローズ」
Normal Trap Card
Activate when a card(s) on the field is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. Your opponent cannot activate any Magic or Trap Cards until the End Phase. The effects of Magic, Trap, and Effect Monster Cards cannot be activated in response to this card's activation.

Tech Genus Striker WA-01 「TG ストライカー WA-01」

Tech Genus Werewolf BW-03 「TG ワーウルフ BW-03」

Tech Genus Cyber Magician SC-01 「TG サイバー・マジシャン SC-01」

Tech Genus Rush Rhino BE-04 「TG ラッシュ・ライノ BE-04」

Tech Genus Power Gladiator WAX-1000 「TG パワー・グラディエイター WAX-1000」

Tech Genus Wonder Magician (SCX-1000?) 「TG ワンダー・マジシャン (SCX-1000?)」

Tech Genus Blade Gunner MAXX-10000 「TG ブレード・ガンナー MAXX-10000」

Double Type Rescue 「ダブル・タイプ・レスキュー」
Normal Trap Card

Gatling Ogre 「ガトリング・オーガ」
FIRE/Demon - Effect/3/800/800

Wise Core 「ワイズ・コア」

Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity 「機皇帝ワイゼル∞」

Wisel Top 「ワイゼルT」

Wisel Attack 「ワイゼルA」

Wisel Guard 「ワイゼルG」

Wisel Carrier 「ワイゼルC」

Sky Core 「スカイ・コア」
WIND/Machine - Effect/1/0/0

Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity 「機皇帝スキエル∞」
WIND/Machine - Effect/1/0/0
This card gains ATK and DEF equal to the total ATK of all other face-up "Wisel", "Grannel", and "Skiel" monsters you control. Once per turn, you can treat a face-up Synchro Monster your opponent controls as an Equip Card and equip it to this card. (This card can only be equipped with 1 monster at a time this way.) [... ?]

Skiel Top 「スキエルT」
WIND/Machine - Effect/1/600/0
If there is not a face-up "Infinity" monster on the field, this card is destroyed.

Skiel Attack 「スキエルA」
WIND/Machine - Effect/1/1000/0
If there is not a face-up "Infinity" monster on the field, this card is destroyed.

Skiel Guard 「スキエルG」
WIND/Machine - Effect/1/200/300
If there is not a face-up "Infinity" monster on the field, this card is destroyed. [... ?]

Skiel Carrier 「スキエルC」
WIND/Machine - Effect/1/400/0
If there is not a face-up "Infinity" monster on the field, this card is destroyed.

(Grand?) Core 「(グランド?)・コア」

Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity 「機皇帝グランエル∞」

Grannel Top 「グランエルT」

Grannel Attack 「グランエルA」

Grannel Guard 「グランエルG」

Grannel Carrier 「グランエルC」
Ale (guest) - 2010/06/21 02:26

I'll hope they include ALL the anime original cards from Sherry and the other members of the tenor trio

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/06/21 05:53


Not like Sherry has THAT many others besides what's shown (and that matter).

Apprentice Knight (wouldn't matter)
Holy Knight's Shield Carrier
Holy Knight Joan
Floral Shield
Fleur Guard
For the Sake of a Dream
Chain Close

...not many being really anything special. Shield Carrier, Joan, and Liberation, but the others not so much.
Luciano (guest) - 2010/06/21 08:51


I wonder if they will put in the other upgrade parts for Skiel...
Also since Skiel is in this.. Wisel will surely be in too...I don't know about Grannel..since in the anime he isn't still appeared in a duel

Ale (guest) - 2010/06/22 02:09

Yeah, I think it too. Skiel and Wisel will be in this game, but i doubt about grannel, maybe I'm wrong, maybe when the game comes out (September maybe), maybe by that time we have seen the duel with jose, because still missing 3 months for the game (probably). And yes, I hope all the parts of Skiel and Wisel in the game, like the traps and magics from the anime

chi (guest) - 2010/08/23 15:21


what i dont get is why they bothered to release holy knight jeanne as a book promo yet every other card in her series as a game original. (seems kinda like dangling a carrot to me)

ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/09/28 23:11

Every other card but those 3 promos, right?

And since when did Game Original equal "never release?" This isn't GX and we've had cards there were once "tested" in TF games released.

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