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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 (PSP)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 (PSP)
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 「遊戯王5D's TAGFORCE 5」

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 (PSP)

Release Date: 16th of September 2010
Price: 5,250 yen (inc. tax)
System: PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre: Competitive Card Game

- Uses the Official Card Game Master Rules.
- Features 21 characters from the anime series.

Yusei Fudo (normal + Poncho ver.), Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, Aki Izayoi (normal + Academia ver.), Lua (normal + Academia ver.), Luca (normal + Academia ver.), Carly Nagisa, Mikage Sagiri, Tetsu Ushio, Yeager, the mysterious D-Wheeler (a.k.a. Bruno), Sherry Leblanc, Kyosuke Kiryu (Crash Town ver.), Placido, Lucciano, Jose, and Fake Jack.

- Features 4,727 cards, including cards from Starstrike Blast, Duel Terminal 10 -Raid of the Inverz!!-, Structure Deck 19 -Dragunity Drive-, and Extra Pack Volume 3.
- Features as Game Original cards Sherry's Floral Knight Deck and Bruno's Tech Genus Deck.
- Also features as Game Original cards the "Machine Emperor" series as it was in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime series (in other words, with each "Machine Emperor" monster being composed of five separate cards Special Summoned by a "Core" monster).
- New cinematic summoning and attack sequences feature Saver Star Dragon, Saver Demon Dragon, Blackfeather Dragon, Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites, Shooting Star Dragon, Scar-Red Nova Dragon, Fleur de Chevalier, Tech Genus Blade Gunner MAXX-10000, Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity, Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity, and Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity.
- The game's loading screen features Black Rose Witch or Kuribon.
- Features a Data Install function which will eliminate loading times.

- Using the game's UMD Recognition feature with the past entries in the Tag Force series will unlock the following in-game:

Tag Force 4: Lua (Academia ver.) as an opponent, and the following cards: "Sin Stardust Dragon", "One Hundred-Eye Dragon" (Dark Synchro ver.), "Black Magician Girl" (alt. art), and "Cursed Prison".

Tag Force 3: Luca (Academia ver.) as an opponent, and the following cards: "Great God Soldier of Obelisk", "Sin Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", and "Miracle Contact".

Tag Force 2: Aki Izayoi (Academia ver.) as an opponent, and the following cards: "Winged God Dragon of Ra", "Power Wall", "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", and "Sin Red-Eyes Black Dragon".

Tag Force: Yusei Fudo (Poncho ver.) as an opponent, and the following cards: "Sky Dragon of Osiris", "Sin Truth Dragon", "Black Magician", and "Sabatiel, the Sage's Stone".

All of the above: The cards "Gatling Ogre" and "Berserker Soul".

Promo Cards:

Fleur Synchron 「フルール・シンクロン」
LIGHT/Machine - Tuner/2/400/200
If this card is used as a Synchro Material Monster for a Synchro Monster and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 Level 2 or lower monster from your hand.
Ultra Rare
TF05-JP001 Fleur Synchron

Fleur de Chevalier 「フルール・ド・シュヴァリエ」
WIND/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/8/2700/2300
"Fleur Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Activate when your opponent activates a Magic or Trap Card. Negate its activation and destroy it. This effect can only be activated once during each of your turns.
Ultra Rare
TF05-JP002 Fleur de Chevalier

Liberation 「自由解放」
Normal Trap Card
Activate when a monster you control is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard. Select 2 face-up monsters on the field and return them to their respective owners' Decks.
Ultra Rare
TF05-JP003 Liberation

Tag Force 5 - Game Original Cards

avainer (guest) - 2010/06/03 12:23


finally :D :D :D

tag force 4 is already boring for me, i need the new cards :D

dani Parberry (guest) - 2010/07/11 01:33

yugioh 5d tag force 5

this game battle placido,Jose and Lucciano with neos deck
Belgian Blue (guest) - 2010/06/03 12:33

yes, but the way things are shaping up this game will be missing a few key TCG exclusives like XX-Saber Darksoul and Boggart Knight and infernity Barrier, that are sort of rampant in our meta, so again, not a good game to test on.

Masquerade (guest) - 2010/06/07 15:08

if those exclusives were to come out in the 3rd Extra Pack, then it would be possible for them to be included in the game...hopefully, they will...
RedEyesFan - 2010/06/03 13:35

Machine Emperors

need to be in here.


moar concern about the promos.

Luciano (guest) - 2010/06/03 15:24

I'd love to see Machine Emperors in this game...even if a Machine Emperor Deck is quite difficult to use.... If I don't draw the core that summons all the pieces all i have in my hand are weak monsters (Attack, guard, carrier ecc...). Also, playing a Machine Emperor prevents you from playing any other monster since they take all the monsters zone.
Stardust (guest) - 2010/06/03 16:00

....not to mention how weak the Machine Emperors are.
If I recall correctly, they all are Machines, so......CyDra can go Fortress Dragon and ends them with a bang.
Luciano (guest) - 2010/06/03 15:05

no starstrike blast??

nooooo... no shooting star e scar red nova Dragon :,-(

Ringping (guest) - 2010/06/03 20:36

Read it again.

Cards up to AT LEAST Duelist Revolution. Read moar carefully bro D:
dont worry (guest) - 2010/09/13 22:10

Shooting star dragon and red nova dragon are in they also made a unique flash for accel synchron!
Akira (guest) - 2010/06/03 16:46

I think they will expand it to Starstrike Blast. They did same with Tag Force 4, expanding it with some cards from Stardust Overdrive.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/06/04 03:58


It would depend on when in 2010 that it's coming out. As said, it's known to at least be up through DREV, so seeing STBL in it isn't an impossibility. Heck, we could get all of STBL and merely a little of the next Set after, whatever it is.

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2010/06/04 05:16

So many possiblities for promos. I wonder what we'll get.

Perhaps those last 3 Infernities plus either Bullet and Cartridge or Infernity Burst. Or perhaps those Ogres from the villain that took up 6 weeks of Yugioh screen time. Lotten had exactly 4 Ogres. At some point I really want Michel's Hollow deck to come out but his strategy revolves around 6 new cards-not four. The 2 Concieled Knights and Herman's 2 traps could fit in here as well Syd's Wheels along with either his Plunder Decoy or Block Dugout. Max also has 4 cards, including his trump card: Ancestor Bird.

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2010/06/04 05:21

Almost forgot about the 4 cards from Garome's Loan deck.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/06/04 18:23

Considering it's Friday...

You do know that those 4 cards don't belong to Max at all, right? They belong to the Familiar of the Crimson Devil.
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2010/06/04 21:58

Yes of course I know that. However, Max is the one who played the deck. The familiar has his own completely different Yomi deck.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/06/05 14:16

Not "his own..."

Both are his, because they are one in the same Deck. Even the Butterflies were in Familiar's hand.
TheDarkAngelRocket - 2010/06/07 23:09


I don't think minor, one-episode characters are going to have any of their cards released as promos. It is true that we've had Mukuro Enjo and Ushio's cards released in past promos, but they weren't "minor" characters like Garome or Sid.
It's also too early to speculate on promos, because we are not sure when this game will come out. Not even a tenative date. It is true that the promos might end up as cards that have been seen in the anime, but it is also just as possible that these cards haven't appeared in anime yet.
At this point of time, I have to say Lotten's Ogre-themed cards are the only viable "anime" cards worth enough to be promos. Lotten has used them several times, and was a frequent antagonist during his arc.
grounder (guest) - 2010/06/04 17:38

This card is deadly

Tech Genus Blade Gunner MAXX-10000
1 Synchro Tuner Monster + 1 or more non-Tuner Synchro Monsters
This card can be Synchro Summoned during your opponent's turn. You can discard 1 card to the Graveyard to negate the activation of an opponent's Spell or Trap Card and destroy it. Once per turn, during your opponent's turn, you can remove from play this card. If this card is removed from play this way, it is returned to your side of the field during your opponent's End Phase. If this card is destroyed by battle and the monsters used in its Synchro Summon are in your Graveyard, you can Special Summon them.
(noted from wikia)

I hope they release this card here....

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/06/06 23:27


Game Original

And considering how Formula Synchron was changed around, they'll probably axe out the first bit and, instead, have Tech Genus - Wonder SCX-1000 (Bruno/Dark Glass' Synchro Tuner) say, "During your opponent's Main Phase, you can conduct a Synchro Summon using this face-up card you control as a Synchro Material Monster."
CF.Y (guest) - 2010/06/05 13:36

**** Yes!.

TF5 is here, and now I can use Lyna!, and Effect Veiler, screw the other useless (to my deck) cards, those few additions are all I need.......hope is has the Laval Monsters as well <3.

yubel666 (guest) - 2010/06/07 02:01

e heroes rise again!!!!!

great tornado and the other attribute heroes better be in here!!!! ill make LS BW and six sam look like malcolm X LOL
ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/06/07 13:18

If they were in EX2010...

why wouldn't they be in TF5?

And what does that even mean? Make them look like Malcolm X?
sinomfg (guest) - 2010/06/06 22:53

New scan

TheD (guest) - 2010/06/08 00:38

The Tech Genus

This cards are in the game, I know it. I have a weird feeling about it. I hope they are in the game. Like the effects, names and status?

Tech Genus Wonder Magician
LIGHT/Spellcaster - Synchro - Tuner/5/ATK 1900/DEF 1500
If this card is destroyed, draw 1 card. During your opponent's Main Phase, you can conduct a Synchro Summon by using this card as a Synchro Material Monster.

Tech Genus Blade Gunner
EARTH/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/10/ATK 3300/DEF 2200
1 Synchro Tuner + "Tech Genus Power Gladiator"
You can send 1 card from your hand to the Gaveyard to negate the activation and effect of your opponent's Spell or Trap Card and destroy it. When an opponent's monster declares an attack, you can remove this card from play, and negate the attack. During the End Phase, Special Summon this card remove from play by its effect. If this card is destroyed by battle, you can Special Summon the monsters used in the Synchro Summon of this card from your Graveyard.

Tech Genus Power Gladiator
EARTH/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/5/ATK 2300/DEF 1000
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
During battle between this card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent. If this card is destroyed, draw 1 card.

Ritchie (guest) - 2010/06/09 04:15

They need to come out with a Tag Force game that has riding duels in it. I was hoping we'd see that in Tag Force 4. I think it could be done better on PSP than the DS big time. But I can't wait for more developments on this game regardless!

Chris (guest) - 2010/07/21 03:34

They really should put turbo duels in it the title of the game is Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's come on Konami listening to the fans for once.
Luciano (guest) - 2010/06/10 22:08

If they don't put StarStrike Blast in this game or at least some of the cards (Shooting Star- Scar Red Nova - Formula Synchron ecc.) this game will be a huge disappointment to me.
In the anime they are talking for months about accel synchro and the "new power" of Yusei....They cannot stop at Duelist Revolution!! >:-(

shriek - 2010/06/10 22:26

well, no one said they would...
AeonThePhoenix (guest) - 2010/06/13 10:48

Considering the extra lines of programming whatever that'll be needed for letting us synchro with Synchro Tuners on the opponent's turn, it seems almost wasteful just doing that for the sake of 1 Accel Synchro monster. This is why I reckon the game will go up to Starstrike Blast if only partially complete, or include Yusei's Accel Synchro as a game original card.
dani Parberry (guest) - 2010/08/20 07:01

yugioh 5d tag force 5

hope i used light end dragon to battle placido with light deck.
walker (guest) - 2010/06/10 22:19


Finally i think they will include starstrike blast and the machine emperors but as for voices for the english version and turbo duels id doubt it :( but glad to see 5.

Dood! (guest) - 2010/06/25 13:03

but remember theres alrdy a trap card that lets you synchro summon in the battle phase so maibe they wont need to write new code for the accels. just hopefully
Luciano (guest) - 2010/06/12 22:19

I wish to see these characters in this game:
Rex Goodwin
Team Unicorn (Andore, Jean, Breo)
Infinity Trio
Kiryu(Kasslin) (Crash Town version)
What do you think? Is it possible? ...and maybe unlockables : Yugi, Jaden and Paradox

Walker (guest) - 2010/06/12 22:44

Rex Goodwin i dont think so unless one of either Jack yusei or Crows stories starts with that 3 on 1 duel they had. Bommer possible a part of Jacks story when he gets Scar Red Nova Dragon.Kiryu as part of Yuseis story with the whole crash town gangs and lotten.I think that its very likely that it will have WRGP characters since Yusei has Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites and he uses it agaisnt Team unicorn.And the whole WRGP is basically set up by the infinity trio and plus they are the main villian so they have to be in it or it would just be really akward.As for Jaden Yugi and Paradox very unlikely:( Pray that im wrong!
The D (guest) - 2010/06/13 04:43

Jaden, Yugi and Paradox

I speak for everyone when I say we all would love konami forever if they do put Jaden, Yugi and Paradox in this game. Right?

Walker (guest) - 2010/06/13 06:30

Hell Yeah!!
Luciano (guest) - 2010/06/17 15:47


Finally a good news...we'll have the three emperor of Yliaster and their machine emperors...(even tough they actually suck a bit :-P)

Now for me to be 100% happy they must put in this game Starstrike Blast and (why not :-P) the newest Duel Terminal: Raid of Inverz

Walker (guest) - 2010/06/18 20:26

Starstrike Blast is gonna be in Tag force 5 Scar Red Nova Dragon and Shooting Star Dragon!!!! Now the next thing they need to do is announce a release date.

Luciano (guest) - 2010/06/19 08:04

Release date...

Yeah.. but I fear that by the time that this game will be released Starstrike Blast will be already obsolete :-P
Dako_ehero (guest) - 2010/06/21 19:16

buen jueggo

en particular no me parece que tengan nada de malo los Tag Force, me gustaria que tengan mas atecion a los graficos y que haya mas mountruos con presentaciones aparte de los protagonistas (siempre me pregunte xq carajo neos, flame wingman y demas les fueron borradas sus presentaciones en el cuarto juego)...pero buen, con 4500 cartas no hay mucho en quejarse ;P

Ev The Nasty (guest) - 2010/06/27 20:31

Speak English

What the hell are you saying?
Luciano (guest) - 2010/06/29 13:51

Egyptian Gods: Ra

I guess that in this game we will have to say good-bye to the old mighty Ra and welcome it's new legalized version... So we will have 2/3 of the new Egyptian Gods...maybe in tag force 6 we'll see the new (and worst) Slifer/Osiris :-D

The D (guest) - 2010/06/30 07:42

Skiel is WIND and Grannel wil be EARTH as their names suggest (Skiel-Sky, Grannel-Ground), but "Wisel" was dictated as either EARTH or DARK in the anime, so since Grannel's the EARTH "Machine Emperor", "Wisel" must be DARK or possibly even LIGHT, but chances are its DARK.
An Onyx Mouse - 2010/07/08 19:58

Wisel was proven to be DARK from screenshots of the anime.

Given the theme of their parts, however, Wisel would've made more sense as EARTH and Grannel as WATER (its made up of a seahorse, shark, fish, and oyster for cryin' out loud!)
drk1 (guest) - 2010/07/09 15:16

mabye we will get both versions the old and new
ghost (guest) - 2010/07/01 23:09

release here is date of release in the north america

danierulynx - 2010/07/02 22:50

Because GameFAQs is a bastion of reliable release dates, =P
Luciano (guest) - 2010/07/03 13:30

Dark Synchros??

I wonder if tehy will leave Dark Synchro Monster in this game...Now most of them are normal Synchro, for example, One Hundred Eyes Dragon will be a regular Synchro...We will only have Dark Diviner and Frozen Fitzgerald...

ZodR (guest) - 2010/07/05 02:47


is Structure Deck 19: Dragunity Drive going to be in the game?? thanks.

The D (guest) - 2010/07/05 07:47

Its going to be wierd to see Placido duel with his sword.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/07/08 20:18


Wow, Sherry's cards as promos. Wonder what we'll get for the Strategy Guide Promo. Fleur Synchron improved to any Level 4 or lower rather than just Normals. Fleur De Chevalier, sadly, nerfed to only working during your turn and Liberation, of course, only working on 2 face=-up monsters rather than all since that's how the anime had them.

TheDarkAngelRocket (guest) - 2010/07/08 21:15

Re: HalfDemonInuYasha

Liberation is the only one of those promos that are "playable."
Fleur Synchron is useless since we have Quickdraw, and Fleur de Chevalier's effect only works once per turn.
OMGulator - 2010/07/08 22:54

Re: TheDarkAngelRocket

At least Fluer de Chevalier's another Quickdraw target though I do agree that we already have better ones.
blackwing_Master (guest) - 2010/07/09 03:08

black-winged dragon

They need to come out with a new version of Black-winged Dragon since it's too late for a Majestic or Assault Mode version. Does anyone thing that Yusei or Jack will use their Majestic cards again I mean come on, they wasted two tins on cards thjat need a level one tuner, their respective cards and another level one monster and they return to the owners extra deck during the end phase, that's a waste of time in my opinion. The Red Nova Dragon is good because my Cyberdark/Dragon deck could use it.

Luciano (guest) - 2010/07/09 12:16

Maybe they will release something like an accel synchro version of Black winged dragon...but i doubt it....Konami focuses it's attention on the two main protagonists: Yusei and Jack...

Also if the should release anything i wish it was something for Black Rose Dragon...a card way better than Black winged Dragon in my opinion
blackwing_master (guest) - 2010/08/04 07:51

black rose dragon

I admit Black Rose Dragon is a powerful card, even more so since I got tired of having so many plants that I couldn't use and created an Akiza deck, but they probably won't come out with a new version since it's been out so long without a different version but look at Yusei's fusion monster, synchro's have been out during the whole series and they just now created a synchro fusion monster. Has Black Garden came out yet? Finally, isn't there a new version of Blackwinged Dragon innthe opening credits because I saw something yellowish at the final picture where Shooting Star Dragon, Red Nova Dragon and a black dragon thet looks like a different form of BW Dragon are standing across from the MAchine Emperor's but it could be just me.
Luciano (guest) - 2010/07/10 21:23


Too much censorship on this site.... :-/

MasterSephiroth - 2010/07/13 10:06

Scion of the FLames (guest) - 2010/07/19 07:44

Is the reason why the Machine Emperors are on the list of Game Originals because this game will come out before the confirmed promo counterparts will?

danierulynx - 2010/07/19 19:18

The Machine Emperors are still in the list of Game Original cards for the same reason that the Dark Synchro version of One Hundred-Eye Dragon was still in the list of TF4's Game Original cards after the OCG's regular Synchro version of it was confirmed (which was before TF4 was released) - because the card's Game Original incarnation =/= its OCG incarnation. It's not like when a card's effect is just edited for its OCG release, in this case the two are pretty much entirely different cards (Dark Synchro mechanics vs. regular Synchro mechanics). The same is true for the Machine Emperors. The OCG Machine Emperors comprise of one card each and do not require a corresponding "Core" monster. The Game Original Machine Emperors, however, are as they are in the anime - composed of five base parts each and each requiring (essentially) their respective "Core" monsters. They're totally different from their OCG counterparts.

I had hoped that this was made clear when I specifically went out to elaborate suchly in the list of game details.
Chris (guest) - 2010/07/21 03:38

They need turbo duels in TF5 the game is based on Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's come on Konami listen to the fans for once.

Sjkman (guest) - 2010/07/21 21:54

Ya know turbo duels would be nice... but the only thing i really wish they would do is include all of the freaking X-sabers. I always use them and they did this in TF4. They didn't have gardestrike and now they wont have Boggart ( who kicks a$$) so idk the games awesome and all but they need to be consistent. ya know?
gtt (guest) - 2010/07/25 09:38

i hope they could put the new polar gods in the game

OMGulator - 2010/07/25 20:32

Fleur Synchron change

Tragic. :(

Dunno really. Frogs post-September 2010 might want to look at it but its very unlikely for this card to ever see play.

Zurce16 (guest) - 2010/07/26 08:57


Some Yugioh tagforce 5 gameplay that i recorded in comic con

Konoha_Hokage (guest) - 2010/07/26 19:24

So the cards unicorn cards are there :).Are the Malefic/Sin cards there that Paradox used.And no voice T-T .When it comes out you can hack the iso (if you have cfw) and add to the japan version of the game English TXT so you will have Japan voicec and English Cards :).Can someone tell me where can i watch or download the new yugioh movie?(thanks)
t52 (guest) - 2010/07/26 21:02

the video above if watched carefully has the card king of the beasts which is in extra pack 3

Luciano (guest) - 2010/07/27 15:03


The cover is really ugly...There is Yusei without the criminal mark on is face...and why there is Crow?? What about Jack and the other Signers?? Bah....

Blahr (guest) - 2010/08/03 21:52


What's wrong with Crow?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Luciano (guest) - 2010/08/05 10:00

nothing against Crow... but the cover should have been something like all the Signers on the left side of the cover while facing the Three Emperor of Yliaster... Something like this...
BLACKWING EMPIRE (guest) - 2010/08/06 07:06


yea crow is a signer last time i checked>_>
The D (guest) - 2010/08/06 05:14

My god Luciano I love that ideal, i can picture it now, that is so brillian. Bravo!

Luciano (guest) - 2010/08/08 12:13

if you like my ideas so much i've plenty of them ahahaha :-D
ZodR (guest) - 2010/08/10 17:41


No Polar Gods?? No Storm of Ragnarok??

Luciano (guest) - 2010/08/13 01:06


I don't know if I can post video here... If I can't I apologize in advance..

Anyway this is the opening of Tag Force 5:

From this opening we can learn that:
-there will not be any new character besides Infinity Trio, Sherry and Bruno.
-New animations for monsters will include:
Black-Winged Dragon.
Shooting Star Dragon.
Scar-Red Nova Dragon.
The 3 Machine Emperor's.
Savior Star Dragon.
Savior Daemon Dragon
Surging Dragon Knight - Dragonequites

Jack1024 (guest) - 2010/08/14 17:47

Game Titles

Hey guys if you look at wikepidias website the game title is in english but looking at it closely you'll see that the promotional cards are ape fight closed forest and roaring earth on the title
EwoktotheNinja (guest) - 2010/08/15 23:36

I don't see how you can deduce that there will be no new characters apart from the ones in seen in the opening I mean did the tag force 4 opening show all the characters.
NO so I reckon a few minor characters like team unicorn will be in the game.
Konoha_Hokage (guest) - 2010/09/03 10:27

Something new ?

Is there a possibilite that storm of ragnarok will be in the game?

xxasd (guest) - 2010/09/04 20:13

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/09/11 20:30


TF5 is coming out next month.

Storm of Ragnarok doesn't come out in the OCG until November.
erick (guest) - 2010/09/13 15:11

will have the Zephyr and the kochi in this game?

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/09/19 21:52


Both also aren't out until October while TF5 is already out.
Chris (guest) - 2010/09/14 05:48

Looks like this will be the same as Tag Force 4 with nothing new to do just walk around and duel. If Konami does develop Tag Force 6 & 7, they should make it a little more fun with cutscenes rather then have you walk around and duel characters. So boring.

No One Special (guest) - 2010/09/14 22:57

You think cutscenes are FUN?

...I am at a loss for words
Luciano (guest) - 2010/09/14 18:24


Just as I expected I'm disappointed from the charecters list... I was hoping to see so much more characters in this one....oh well....

andrew (guest) - 2010/10/27 00:24


Luciano (guest) - 2010/10/27 14:38

wow sure this reaction is over exaggereted...
Personally I was a bit disappointed seeing that all the dark signers were removed and that the only team from season 2 to appear in this game is team New World..
Many important character were left out like team Unicorn...they have battled team 5ds for 5-6 episodes and yet,instead of them, we have absolute useless characters like recolored version of Rua and Ruka and Mina Simington (that never dueled in the anime by the way).
With this being said I don't intend to talk trash about this game...
I'm just saying that if it would have included more characters from the anime it would have been BETTER. (I'm not saying that, as it is right now, this game is crap).

About the cards I agree with andrew...More cards means an inevitable delay on the release...meaning that if this game would have included Storm of Ragnarok it would have been delayed for months...and then we would complaining about Extreme Victory next...

In conclusion: let's CHILL OUT :-D

SinDemonDragon13 (guest) - 2011/06/29 23:29

Is Sin/ Malefic Paradox Dragon

in this game, too?

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