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Avalon Card Shop Tournament (23th May)

Held on 23th May 2010

1st place
Player: 「」
Deck: Perfect Toon 「パーフェクト・トゥーン」

19 Monster
3x Archangel Christia 「大天使クリスティア」
3x Perfect Declarer 「神光の宣告者」
3x Sonic Bird 「ソニックバード」
3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands 「マンジュ・ゴッド」
3x Happy Lover 「ハッピー・ラヴァー」
3x Cloudian - Smoke Ball 「雲魔物-スモークボール」
1x Toon Alligator 「トゥーン・アリゲーター」

22 Magic
3x Preparations for the Ritual 「儀式の準備」
3x Dark Factory of Mass Production 「闇の量産工場」
2x Salvage 「サルベージ」
3x Toon Table of Contents 「トゥーンのもくじ」
1x Giant Trunade 「ハリケーン」
2x Book of Moon 「月の書」
3x Hand Severing 「手札断殺」
1x Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
1x Advanced Ritual Art 「高等儀式術」
3x Upstart Goblin 「成金ゴブリン」

0 Trap

1x Black Tyranno 「暗黒恐獣」

1x Level Limit - Area B 「レベル制限B地区」
3x Wave-Motion Cannon 「波動キャノン」
1x Jurassic World 「ジュラシックワールド」
1x The Mausoleum of the Deceased Emperor 「死皇帝の陵墓」

2x Bottomless Trap Hole 「奈落の落とし穴」
1x Mirror Force 「聖なるバリア-ミラーフォース-」
1x Torrential Tribute 「激流葬」
1x Solemn Judgment 「神の宣告」
1x Divine Warning 「神の警告」
2x Royal Decree 「王宮のお触れ」

1x Black Rose Dragon 「ブラックローズドラゴン」
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary 「氷結界の龍ブリューナク」
1x Goyo Guardian 「ゴヨウガーディアン」
1x Mentalsphere Daemon 「メンタルスフィアデーモン」
1x Dark End Dragon 「ダークエンドドラゴン」
1x Ally of Justice Catastor 「AOJカタストル」
1x Stardust Dragon 「スターダストドラゴン」

1x Elemental Hero Gaia 「E・HERO ガイア」
1x Elemental Hero Absolute Zero 「E・HERO アブソルートZero」
1x Elemental Hero The Shining 「E・HERO The シャイニング」
1x Elemental Hero Great Tornado 「E・HERO Great TORNADO」
1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 「キメラテック・フォートレス・ドラゴン」
1x Super-Fused Demonic Beast - Raptenos 「超合魔獣ラプテノス」
1x Gladial-Beast Kaiseris 「剣闘獣ガイザレス」
1x Gladial-Beast Heraklinos 「剣闘獣ヘラクレイノス」
Ship (guest) - 2010/05/23 18:46


Please, Wtf ?

ag (guest) - 2010/05/24 04:16

why u always think meta deck wins, other deck still have chances to win too
Guest (guest) - 2010/05/23 18:52

Main cards are declarer and christia

With lots of draw cards, circulate your deck very quickly.

Summon Declarer, control your grave with salvage and dark factory, and special summon christia.

Then take your advantage with salvage and dark factory.

Block everything with decalrer and special summon by christia, and beat with christia and win the game

DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2010/05/23 19:00





Take it, man! I give you my mighty Ritual in ya face XD

I can't imagine the faces of thee who lose against this XDDDDD

Nice Deck, btw...

bannified (guest) - 2010/05/23 19:16


he made this deck after a deck that appeared in the YCS which apparently didnt top 32 but had a deck feature.
its called Happy Fairies, cuz it had mokey and other vanilla monsters PLUS declarer.
i like how he didnt actually netdeck.
and i like how he uses salvage to have more fairies in hand. xD
loving it.

Eijiken (guest) - 2010/05/23 22:12

This deck isn't new...

it's actually been around since before that YCS and its called Angel Ceremony. It got 6th in the Yamaguchi Championship like a month or so ago. Only difference is, that build ran senju, manju and sonic bird. and relinquished. no toon aligator obv.

Although the random toon aligator is hilarious. Grats to the player on this one.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/05/24 17:04

Why is it random?

He has Toon Table of Contents, he has Dark Factory of Mass Production and he has Advance Ritual Art.

He went for the Normal Toon so he could get all 3 of those in use with it.

Personally, I'd like to exchange a few things out for Dark Valkryia, trick being I lose an option or two for Advanced Ritual Art but gain some Angels to feed Perfect Declarer (because it is Normal in the GY) as well as some power beat options and M/T destruction.
Wolfgang DelaSangre (guest) - 2010/05/23 21:11

I laughed.

I laughed very hard. This thing is hilariously evil.

Jeff Jones (guest) - 2010/05/24 03:12

lol 41

he ran 41 cards and 3 upstarts lol fucking awful

Squiddoo (guest) - 2010/05/24 05:27


Toon Alligator!?!??!
ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/05/24 17:05


He has Toon Table of Contents, he has Dark Factory of Mass Production and he has Advance Ritual Art.

He picked the NORMAL TOON monster to get all 3 of those as options.
jm (guest) - 2010/08/19 07:04

the player ran 41 cards to make sure he/she does not get the toon alligator, its a 15 percent chance of getting 1 in a 40 card deck. Obviously, there is a reason for a 41 card deck.
Me (guest) - 2010/05/24 07:03

A freaking awesome deck, it was a nice thinking to run the Toon engine!!

I run the classical Angel Ceremony deck!!

BxG411 (guest) - 2010/05/24 07:09


never saw a deck like this and yet this is friggin' awesome
just didn't know what a black tyranno doing there

Outsider (guest) - 2010/05/24 10:02

Bird of Doom, Mercant Creator, Dark Knight and even many X-Saber play a lot of set monster preparation, and often few to no traps. A Black Tyrano is a real pain to add in this calculation. Plus it's a card that will force the opponent to set even if only to block his effect, leaving your cards however subject to the opponent's mercy.
However... i think his job is to confuse the opponent here, more than to actualy use him.
Strong Boy (guest) - 2010/05/24 12:36

Great I love this! ^^

Cool, I love to see non-meta deck win games also, eventhough I play Black Feather (The deck people said is boring to see because this deck always go to the top 1 list). I feel like building 1 ritual deck already WOO HOOO!

Xehanort - 2010/05/24 14:19

I have now playtested this deck and it's really one of those "skill" decks. Everything you do on your turn must turn all around perfect (before you have Declarer and Christia on the field that is).

But when you get those on the field (hopefully on the first turn), it's almost GG then. Toons are not needed per ce but maybe that's for the 'n'giggles factor.

CaptainNemo (guest) - 2010/05/24 15:08

Hi Level Variant

Sweet deck

I made one similar, but with Wingweaver and Gyakutenno Megami, with Summoner's Art and Dark Factory
Happy to see Declarer winning

TKHM - 2010/05/24 19:32

Ingenuity at its best.

Zildjian (guest) - 2010/05/26 17:28


that alligator rocks ... and happy lover..a far bro of herald this is too much. ey you go for looking hap lovers and normal fairys..

Xehanort - 2010/05/27 13:30

My current version

I have now played with this deck for 50-100 matches:


3x Perfect Declarer
3x Archangel Christia
3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
3x Sonic Bird
3x Happy Lover
3x Cloudian - Smoke Ball
1x Toon Alligator


3x Preparations for the Ritual
3x Hand Severing
3x Dark Factory of Mass Production
3x Upstart Goblin
2x Toon Table of Contents
2x Salvage
2x Pot of Avarice
1x Giant Trunade
1x Heavy Storm
1x Burden of the Mighty
1x Advanced Ritual Art

Pretty consistent, but still needs some fine tuning. And to some people: Upstart Goblin is amazing in this deck, since it might draw you a Christia if your missing one or a Fairy or a card that bounces Fairies form the grave to hand. You pretty much won if you have Declarer, Christia on the field and 3+ Fairies in hand. Dark Valkyria would be very bad for the deck, since the whole point of the deck is to get the lock on turn one, so a Valkyria would be 100% a dead card in hand.
guest (guest) - 2010/06/02 00:31


are you guys retarded? the build is meh but the deck is definenately one the top decks.. topped ycs, jeff jones just won a +200 regional with it.

toon? (guest) - 2010/06/15 15:11

so what's the point of the toon engine?

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