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Satsuki Bookstore Tournament (23th January 2010)

Held on 23th January 2010

1st place
Player: Hazuki-kun 「葉月君」
Deck: 「」

19 Monster
3x Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 「ホルスの黒炎竜 LV6」
2x Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 「ホルスの黒炎竜 LV8」
1x Morphing Jar 「メタモルポット」
1x Dandelion 「ダンディライオン」
3x Gravekeeper's Spy 「墓守の偵察者」
1x Gravekeeper's Guard 「墓守の番兵」
1x Sangan 「クリッター」
1x Spirit Reaper 「魂を削る死霊」
2x Material Dragon 「マテリアルドラゴン」
2x D.D. Warrior Lady 「異次元の女戦士」
1x Marshmallon 「マシュマロン」
1x Cyber Dragon 「サイバー・ドラゴン」

18 Magic
2x Gold Sarcophagus 「封印の黄金櫃」
3x Burden of the Mighty 「強者の苦痛」
1x Swords of Revealing Light 「光の護封剣」
2x Soul Exchange 「クロス・ソウル」
3x Enemy Controller 「エネミーコントローラー」
1x Lightning Vortex 「ライトニング・ボルテックス」
1x Giant Trunade 「ハリケーン」
1x Mystical Space Typhoon 「サイクロン」
1x Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
1x Level Up! 「レベルアップ!」
1x Pot of Avarice 「貪欲な壺」
1x Brain Control 「洗脳-ブレインコントロール」

3 Trap
3x Royal Decree 「王宮のお触れ」
dingo (guest) - 2010/01/24 14:18

awesome lol

JackBauer (guest) - 2010/01/24 17:27


This deck looks like it would piss off the opponent badly. Fun stuff =P.

Mirrorseal (guest) - 2010/01/24 19:04

i never thought horus will swing back in this format lol.

dragoon123 - 2010/01/24 21:16


no trap nor spells, realy cool you know! i would like to battle this deck xd. furthermore, i like to see the horus cragons in it xd. i will try my horus back again lol.
Omega (guest) - 2010/01/25 05:49

I'm not really sold on how this can win a tournament unless they ban all the current tier 1 and tier 2 decks from entering.

YGO right now primarily relies on monster effects, which no card in this deck effectively stops.

Grats to him for winning but I really don't think any "meta" deck participated in this tournament if this deck won.

petqwe (guest) - 2010/01/25 10:33

GB: A Test Tiger would have killed Horus
Lightlord: Honest punch.

Well, Horus is not bad, but I definitely prefer Natural Beast to Horus
LGQ (guest) - 2010/01/25 15:41

no denial that this is a good deck. But I really don't see how this could top. Its a solid build and could do its job pretty decent, but thats it. Not to mention with so many monsters that could single-hand take down Horus

STA DUST SURASHU BUSTAAA - 2010/01/25 18:22

This is true but

the deck is maining 3 enemy controllers, which is enough control for monsters such as ground mole and light types that use honest. And yes, a test tiger would fuck up horus badly, but the again he mains 3 royal decrees that cripple the major part of a gald deck, the trap cards.

Not saying this deck has perfect defense for everything, but im sure the person who built those understood how to take care with the current meta that he was facing locally.
gottcha (guest) - 2010/02/09 18:55

Forbidden Chalice

How about Forbidden Chalice to negate JD, Tiger...
Tabata (guest) - 2010/01/25 21:00

It can beat tiers 1!!!

Because horus kills lightlords mill engine (charge and solar) and because everybody mains just 1ryko so is hard to get rid of horus...and blackwings relay in black whirlwind a little...well is hard to beat blackwings wpith this but the deck can kick lightlords ass for sure.

Tabata (guest) - 2010/01/26 06:36

horus doesnt negate charge dumb***
petqwe (guest) - 2010/01/26 11:26

Stop being stupid. Summon, end, mill.
Charge, negation of it still results into a 3-card mill.

Judgment Dragon, pay 1000, byebye Horus
taimaizhu (guest) - 2010/01/26 08:05

Brionac...kills da deck thot

Eleina (guest) - 2010/01/26 09:00

3 econs?

for what? and LS will own this deck in speed

dragoon123 - 2010/01/26 11:01

ok let me see

so every one is again talking about the fact that a deck cannot win unless it is a deck that every one uses like bw, ls, gb or even skill-plants. wel, horus doesnot negate the dump of charge but it will cancel its abilities never the less. the drcrees in this deck will kill gb for 8 of the 10 times. he could use oppression to stop tests effect by negating the special summon. ok, honest is a prob, but its not that your oponent would allways have honest any way so... i am a big fan of ls, but it is not inpossible to kill it so... now bw, ok wirlwind is negated, book, mind, and brain folows the set-up of this deck, meaning that they are of no use against this deck. the only prob is to stop the bw-swarms and to cancel gale, and here is opression again, taking cair of that xd. allso siding a trap hole or 2 will not kill this deck so, bw can be stoped well, exept for vaju, who is not effected by opression :s. it is therefor a good deck and so no reason to tell any one that it will not work becous it is not a monkey see, monkey do deck. i mean, why allsays use a deck that every one plays, ok lets face it, we have no other choises if we would like to win a tournament or 2. but, i play ygo for 7 years now, have 25 decks and have been winning or ending up in the top for many years now, my point, it was not allways with a meta deck. i have won a lot with my d-end dragoon deck only becouse of the 2 discord i run in it xd. its draw power is so fast that i can allways summon dragoon in the first or seccond turn so... and, who still plays dragoon-end decks? do you, or do you know any one in the tounaments who do? my best decks are ls, bw, d-zombie, d-end, glads, burn, samurai, dragon just to call some of them. and, it could happen that the oponent has a bad hand and a not-meta deck could actualy take the victory away xp.

i am leading a ygo-team with over 76 members, and a lot of those members doesnot run meta decks but still ends up high in local tournaments, so if they are ok with that, i just let them be xd.

so, my final word, do not judg the deck, judg the user of it.

Werv (guest) - 2010/01/26 11:06


Brionac/Synchros will just get tributet with soul exchange/enemy controller.
LS relly on spells. Ryko will fall to prime material dragon.
Gladis will have problems with royal decree.

I would really like to see the sidedeck
... (guest) - 2010/01/27 22:37

@ Eleina

Take your thumb outta ass. dragoon123 is speaking a lot of sense. You look at this deck, without having a single fucking idea on how to play it, and immediately you say OMG LS WLD PWN THIS DECK LULZ BRB GONNA GO NETDECK.

To that I say, Fuck. You. And die.
petqwe (guest) - 2010/01/26 11:31

I just have a look at a Drain-beat deck. Then I discovered that except a 1st turn Macro Cosmos or D. Fissure, the deck is one dead duck in front of Horus + Decree

ShoDan (guest) - 2010/01/26 13:06

Just saying

I love seeing other decks then blackwings of lightsworns top tournaments. I have blackwings and glads and sworns but still i like to go with exodia to tournaments. Its more fun that way.

But what the people here are saying is that the metagame of today relys on effect monsters. There not hating on the deck its almost inpossible that it wins. Lightsworns have JD, ryko, honest, celestia, PL zombie in the grave, for field whipes, mist wurm and brionac. Brionac may get killed the next turn by soul/enemy. But if he is summond he use priority and discard a necro and bye horus. Blackwings only need blizzard to get brionac. Or just one moonlight or gale or just sirocco with more attack. Its a fun deck and i hope that more people use different decks in tourmanents. But this one is just not ready for todays metagame. Wich revolves around effect monsters.

dragoon123 - 2010/01/26 20:42


you are right about the meta being using effects but you can use counters traps to stop that, and do not forget prime and stardust, if he used one i mean xd. i allso did not mean to insault any one, i am a meta gamer my self, but it is just that some times people go to think that you cannot win without such a deck: this dudes deck prover otherwise xp. and, exodia, hahaha i have one my self, it is fun seeing the face of the oponent when you lay down the 5 cards :p. but to be honest with you all, i will never go to a tournament with a non-meta, did it ones and i was cruched to dust :s, something usaly never hapens so drastic like back that one time. i was using a stall-zombie deck but my staling did kill me in the end, no cards powerfull, not even close to kill jd and fucking gbs xd. i do agree with you about the meta and stuff, but still, people chould judg the duelist and not allways the deck. you could give a starter a ls or bw deck, they will not win as mutch as the ls player would have. btw, i love ls, it is my best deck i have by far so, well maybe exept ... no, just my best xd. just a yuestion for you all:
what is your best or favorite deck? just to compair my opinion with yours.

Omega (guest) - 2010/01/27 09:54

Dear god, if you're going to try to refute people, can't you at least make sure most of your spelling and grammar is coherent so we can actually respect you as an intellectual, and not a random teenager going "OMGWTFZOR MANZ SO1337!!!!!11ELEVENTY"

I don't really think anyone hates the deck. But most of us are pointing out that Horus plus decree is nowhere near as deadly as it would have been like 5 years ago, where magic and traps were much more powerful than monster effects. Even back then, Horus decks weren't even tier 2 due to its inconsistency and lack of speed.

This is why it justifies our (or at least mine) guess that there are decks banned at this tournament, which allowed this deck to win. The player argument is usually really stupid, because you're assuming people playing metagame decks (assuming they show up in this tournament) are all novices that can't play their decks. And that is just a really absurd assumption.

dragoon123 - 2010/01/27 17:00


first things first

this is so old you know, people who think they know it all, thinking they are such intelectual persons, but i have a newsflash for you, you are far from being intelectual here. let me tell you why sins you donot seem to get it: do you read well, or donyou just see the things you like and go on talking shit like you did before? well, if that is so, let me help you out. i am as good as blind you disrespectful piece of shit, so try to get it in ylur mind from now on ok? i am even lucky to write things down you know, and you are right about the fact involving spelling words, but then again, pour you, cannot even have a normal talk without being a total fucher now can you? and, sins reading is not easy for you, i mensioned the fact of my team, so it is not so hard to get it now is it, i was just wondering what decks others like to use, so what is your point actualy, dude i realy pitty monsters like you, thinking they are so great and all, but actualy they are just trying to get along with them selves. for your info mr know it all, i am 20 and studying psychollgy or how ylu spell it down, oh i am so sorry now, maybe i did it again, ah such a big deal it is now, is it not? seriously, becouse you do not get what i am talking did understand me well otherwise you would not have commented on it, so your point was again??

now to go on with the real people on this site

i was just wondering becouse i have a lot of decks and actualy like them all, lol. but just for fun so... but sins some of you make such a deal about it, i will remove the comment maybe? well, no xd, why should i actualy... you think this deck would get stronger with some monster effect counters in it, i do never the less, would make it more of a challenge for ls or even, any deck. still i admire the duelist for trying and winning with this deck xp.

my final word

respect is something you earn, not what you will get just in return.

Omega (guest) - 2010/01/27 18:00

I'm not calling you stupid here, since that is apparently what you are freaking out over with your walls of text. What I said is that if you want people to take you seriously, and to actually think you have put some thoughts into what you say, you would at least read over what you have typed to see if people can understand, and respect it, even if they disagree with the idea.

Now, read over what you have written, and think if that is the case.

I don't think i know it all, but I do think I know your flipping out here is completely unnecessary. Perhaps you were trying to be funny with a fake emorage. In that case you got me.

Omega (guest) - 2010/01/27 18:02

Continuing from above. I didn't even talk shit about the deck. All I said was the fact that the deck itself does not nearly counter half as many things as it would have 5 years ago, and even back then it was a mediocre deck at best. If that count as talking shit then I don't know what to say.

You don't seem to know how to argue or even communicate with people because you seem to believe that people who hold opposing ideas as you do have something personal against you. This is just simply isn't the case most of the time and this is just pretty sad.
dragoon123 - 2010/01/27 19:43

you do not get it do you

its not what you say, but the way you say it. btw, i am not even close to flipping out dude, just telling you some things, do you actualy know what youre talking about yourself? i did get all of the conversations here, so... btw, you started with big talk, not me so in the first place, try to read your one texts a bit more next time. i am kn own at a lot of sites now, and whenever i have something realy inportant to talk about, i will watch my spelling though xd, but sins i am not realy about to talk about what my attentions are, this is out of the question. i talk english as if it was nothing and have never had any probs with it, but writing for some one who is cabable of seeing 2 percent... ever kn own a person who did it? so, try to think before you spit your words out, and consider the fact that there could be reasons for peoples behavior. so, or you try to bring your words a bit more frindly or plz, keep them for yourself. i am not even flipping, you do not even get close of making me angry but stop commenting about things that have nothing to do with ygo, so, and one thing: you do get the things I say so... i just do not allways check the things i write down becouse my pc is flipping even when i retry a action on the net or whatever, a real human could get that easely, and not try to make a deal out of something like spelling or so. now, let us try this ones more, in a human way ok? nice, so to comment on the deck. people are right to say it cannot win against ls, play that me self, but still, it can have a chanse of meking it to the top 8 becouse of the spell and traps negations. btw, ls, bw, glads, they still use magic and trap cards so... it is possible to negate effects of monsters with other cards, plasma is a good one or angel 07. it is cool of the duelist to try horus again, it has been a mega strong deck some years ago, so to say it cannot become so ones more, well we have to weight for the abpf, maybe it will provide some old decks with new forces to work with, like monarch. they can start using battle fader so... ls will still kill it, but mainly thnks to honest, not jd. jd can be stoped just opression and it is no jd for the ls-user xp. stil, the list of 01-03 may actualy make other decks strong again, who should know, so lets just weight before judging a deck, however: horus can still be a pain if you dont watch the duel closely, so maybe this deck was using an anti-meta way of winning, dont know so... never mind it, just like the deck xd.

the reason english is a prob when it comes down to spelling is my pc is not programed in that language xd.

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