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Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's OCG Starter Deck 2010

「遊戯王ファイブディーズ OCG スターターデッキ 2010」
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's OCG Starter Deck 2010

Release: 20th March 2010
Price: 1050 Yen

1x Rulebook
1x Playing Guide
1x Duel Field

1x Deck (43 Cards)

- Optimized for beginners to simply learn and experience the different types of card effects
- While a condition is also the experience of Synchro Summons, the deck is shaped in the image of main character Yusei Fudo's deck.
- Starting with Yusei's latest Synchro Monster, a total of 5 brand new cards are included!
- Including cards that work together with the latest anime expansions.
- Includes many reprints to utilize the new cards right from the start.


TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/11/30 12:58

Starter Deck 2010

ANOTHER Yusei Synchro Monster... Exactly what will it be this time?

EvilAzn - 2009/11/30 13:18


Why not a Jack one for once?? Yusei is gonna end up with a gazillion cards, far out...

yugioh fan (guest) - 2009/11/30 16:44

Right, enough with Yusei cards in those decks!

Why not Jack for one time? Yusei has already a Duelist pack but also all the starter decks are focusing on him.

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/11/30 18:24

That's like asking why not Kaiba instead of Yugi...

or Manjoume instead of Judai.

That sort of thing obviously stopped even before GX, let alone 5D's.

And how did the last two decks focus on Yusei? Having a few of Yusei's cards makes it a Yusei deck? 5D's Starter 2008 had 5 of his cards and the rest was random. Starter 2009 had 7, but 4 were reprints from the previous Starter and the others were one-shots from the anime. Road monsters. Not really a Yusei focus so much as having a few of his cards.

Starter 2007 had some of Judai's cards, no one complained it was his deck, because it wasn't.
pharaohyami5000 (guest) - 2009/11/30 18:50

No more Junk Warrior

This new starter better not have Junk Warrior again. The 2nd Starter Deck completely decimated the 1st with that Junk Warrior reprint. Another different LV 5 Synchro monster would be nicer than making a Starter Deck with Junk Warrior added in again.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/11/30 21:10


All of the Synchros released in these Starter Decks were Warriors. We're bound for a JW reprint and/or XX Saber. Hopefully they reprint Quick Synchron since it is the centerpiece behind any Synchron Deck (and we're bound for some Synchro Warriors in here).
Mr. Q (guest) - 2009/11/30 22:32

New Yusei Synchro?

Stardust Upgrade, WATER Warrior, or Something else entirely? Now taking all bets, I also have Video Poker!

HalfDemonInuyasha (guest) - 2009/11/30 23:04


Obviously something used in an upcoming episode since his "latest" Synchro right now was Drill Warrior which is ABPF and all his other stuff was released too...

5 brand new cards is nice though...


Earthquake Giant
Change Synchron


Tuning (despite being in TF4)
Half Shut
Battle Waltz
Synchro Gift
Assassin's Strike
Double Cyclone


Counterattack Beacon
Harmonia Mirror
Meteor Stream
Wasteland Tornado
Synchro Spirits
Card Defense
Cosmic Blast
Revolution - Trick Battle
Jump Guard
Synchro Destructor
Synchro Blast
Cross Line Counter
Fragment of Hope
Realize Defense
Iron Resolve
Synchro Halo
Revival Ticket
Desperate Treasure
Synchro Striker Unit
War God's Staff
Burst Synchro Summon
Isolated Protector
Shooting Star
Stardust Flash
Riding Rush
Joint Future
Synchro Baton
Shock Reborn
Meteor Wave
Synchro Material
Tuner's Bomb
Synchro Out
Deceive Synchro
Wave Force
Panic Wave
Synchro Overlimit

....jeez, enough Trap Cards, Yusei? XP

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/11/30 23:49

What it should be... is the Nitro Warrior evolution!

the Starter Deck 2010
should have the next NITRO Synchro
so Nitro Synchron would have some OTHER FUCKING USE

If we got Junk Archer, we have to at least get "Nitro Gunner" if for no other reason then the fact Nitro Synchron makes it VERY clear the effects works for a "Nitro" Synchro monster, which means they were at least planning to give us more than one.

Forrenz - 2009/12/01 03:15

Me too! :)

I really want another "Nitro" Synchro too. It'd just make using [Nitro Synchron] more worthwhile, because it'd have a bit more versatility.
I'm kinda betting on it using [Change Synchron] or maybe even [Hyper Synchron], since that would increase [Quick Synchron]'s versatility too.
YAHA (guest) - 2009/12/01 07:11

IF Reprint Starlight road it will be a buy 3 deck

Kotori - 2009/12/01 07:47


I will expect a new WATER attribute, cause mainly Yusei had not used a WATER attribute synchro monster. Wish it could be better than Road Warrior, I cn't say Road Warrior is really bad, but he is a decent and balanced Synchro monster.

I think Junk Warrior will be reprinted AGAIN in this deck as it is one of Yusei's signature card and it can be easily Synchro Summoned using Junk Synchron, making it easy for new duelists to use it.

But overall, I think Yusei Deck is getting better and better, although he really need to cut down on the Trap Usage ==".

HalfDemonInuyasha (guest) - 2009/12/01 18:45


Well, blame that on how he's in A LOT more Riding Duels than Ground Duels and even in those Ground Duels, he rarely uses any Magic least any brand new ones since most of the others he did use were released. (Fighting Spirits, Domino, etc.) x_x;
Kotori - 2009/12/02 08:38

My thoughts

I was just wondering any riding duelists will use Royal Decree in a Riding Duel, it can be troublesome to only use Speed Spells to your duel strategy. But I doubt it will happen, cause MOST Speed Spells instead play a supportive role and utilizing Speed World 2 while Trap Cards will turn tides around.

Yes, lots of Yusei's cards are released, but those unreleased Trap Cards (which are somehow broken) tend to stay in the Anime, and each of these cards make only 1 appearance.
HalfDemonInuyasha (guest) - 2009/12/02 17:50


That's what I was talking to about with a friend once; why no one ever used Royal Decree or Jinzo / Android Psycho Lord / etc. The closest we had was Trap Stun, which is just a 1-turn Royal Decree. Also, using them alongside Prime Material Dragon with regular Magic Cards to GAIN 2000 LP for every Magic Card you use, lol.

And not ALL the Traps I listed are broken. Some are definitely good. Some are pretty balanced, but some aren't THAT great (in general or compared to other cards, including...

Meteor Stream
Jump Guard (got Waboku)
Synchro Blast
Cross Line Counter (considering the requirements)
Realize Defense
Iron Resolve
Synchro Striker Unit
War God's Staff
Shooting Star
Meteor Wave (Strike Shot works on any monster and increases by 700 with trample)

...but they'll probably suffer the same syndrome as Yugi and Judai did with a bunch of their anime cards not coming out anyway. At least not for a long time...
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/12/03 07:36

I don't think Yusei's ground deck has as many trap cards as his riding deck.
Omega (guest) - 2009/12/04 01:32

Starter 2010

I'm predicting Quick Synchron, Level Eater, the obligatory Junk Synchron, the obligatory Junk Warrior, or Junk Archer instead. Please give us Archer. I'm hoping for Tuningware and Armory Arm too. Too bad Yusei didn't use Plaguespeader or Dandylion, if you know what I mean.

CrazypersonLOL. (guest) - 2009/12/04 08:45

I would want another char deck.

I am not wanting another Yusie Deck. I would want Aki or Jack or Luna. I am a big fan of Aki and she is being neglected. Sure Yusie is the main char but the show wouldnt be here with out Aki Jack Luna or Crow. But its kinda hard to have a Crow deck since he uses Blackwing.
But Aki would be cool.
Also where are the Plant Structure decks. I love the Plants and they want come out with a plant structure deck. That is wrong. But oh well.
Also Where is Black Rose Dragon/Burst Mode, Power Tool Dragon/Burst Mode, And Ancient Fairy Dragon/Burst Mode? Drives me crazy.

Tama (guest) - 2010/02/11 08:58

junk destroyer

think if you use scapegot for synchro summon Junk Destroyer :)

ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/02/11 13:25

You would be short a level.

Junk + Scapegoat is 7, not 8.

It works for bringing out Archer, not Destroyer. And only a few cards give tokens with higher levels than 1.

HOWEVER... Quick Synchron + Scapegoat = 3 cards destroyed. It's not 4, but it's almost and it's easy as hell.
RedEyesFan - 2010/02/11 11:33

i think ppl will rather summon Stardust Dragon than summoning this card.

max. 4.....

might as well summon Black Rose for a nuke.

ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/02/11 13:47

You seem to be missing the point.

I'd rather CHOOSE up to 4 cards to be destroyed than recklessly blow up the field including my own stuff.

BRD is all or none, Junk Destroyer lets me choose which one's and up to how many. Choice is always better.

Also they are different levels anyway, so you go with the choice you are given in that case, unless you're choosing to run Junk Synchron or Quick Synchron, you won't have Junk Destroyer as an option anyway and you won't always have the option of a 7 and 8 when deciding a Synchro.
TheDarkAngelRocket - 2010/02/11 12:47

Junk Destroyer

ANOTHER Junk Synchron Synchro monster.
At least this one is better than the others though.

gozeta (guest) - 2010/02/11 15:09


I love junk destroyer.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/02/11 16:56

Someone put it a very nice way. Junk Destroyer = Synchron Kaiseris

Both can potentially hit 2 cards easy, 4 cards max and 3 with Quick.

ClearMetalVoltar - 2010/02/11 17:29


its nice to see another junk snchro. now lets hope for moar junk monsters for a junk themed deck!!!

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/02/11 21:21


In addition to its effect, it would also allow for use with Synchro Strike for up to 2500 ATK (Junk Synchron + 4 non-Tuners x 500) for a possible direct attack with a 5100 ATK Junk Destroyer. Add in possibly other cards like Skull Invitation to do up to 1200 extra damage for up to 4 cards (preferably your opponent's) destroyed and stuff like that and you could do a potential OTK or close to it. Heck, add in another 1000 from 2 Volcanic Buckshot (combined to Level 4) or something, lol. 7300 damage there. Situational, yes, but still something fun to try out for me.

An Onyx Mouse - 2010/02/14 23:34

If they're gonna keep throwing Synchron-based Synchros at us like this...'d be nice if Tuning were printed in this.

For those who don't know:
Normal Spell Card

Add 1 "Synchron" monster to your hand from your Deck. Send a number of cards equal to its level from the top of your Deck to the Graveyard.

ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/02/16 12:17

Is it just me...

or does Junk Destroyer look like a four armed Mazinkaiser homage?

Mazinkaiser with maybe something else crossed in... not Getter Robo, but something else.

Rex (guest) - 2010/02/16 16:33


You Right XD its look like Mazinkaizer.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/02/22 21:42

I got it...

with the new clearer picture, it's Mazinkaiser crossed with Gunbuster. Totally Gunbuster.
Killey (guest) - 2010/02/23 02:22


Junk synchron+Tuningware+machine duplication/IRS+desynchro=profit

Seriously, while tuningware otk is pretty much dead this little combo easily gives you +3 cards to your hand and -3 to your opponent. Even more if you use desynchro and they've over committed.

Jun (guest) - 2010/03/07 09:54

Hey that's it~!

I'm using a Quickdraw Turbo deck by the way and your idea just rock! I got tons of super rare "Desynchro" from TDGS since long ago. Finally they have their uses~!
Jun (guest) - 2010/03/10 13:28

New Cards~

Hey, the new cards aren't half bad at all, especially synchron explorer. But I think 2 of it is enough, or else it'd become a dead card in hand if you didn't have any synchron tuner at all in the graveyard... Just hope more useful spells and traps will come out in the deck~!

ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/03/10 21:28

Ok, with the anime's look

I now decide it looks like a cross of Mazinkaiser, Gunbuster and Tekkaman Blade (actually more like Tekkaman Evil) with a dash Megaman robotmaster for flavor.


Junk Warrior is 5
Junk Gardna is 6
Junk Archer is 7
Junk Destroyer is 8

There couldn't POSSIBLY be any more Junk Synchros coming. Can we start getting Nitro Synchros now? At this rate, poor Turbo Synchros will never come.

Fred (guest) - 2010/03/11 04:16

The only useful "Junk" card left that Konami need to release from the anime after Junk Gardna is:

'Junk Spirits' (TRAP)
Activate when a "Junk" monster is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard. During this turn's End Phase, Special Summon that monster to your side of field.

Come on Konami, give us more Junk.

ShinobiPhoenix - 2010/03/11 07:00

But that card comes in 3 other flavors already.

Most famously, Time Machine.

We already have another version of that which is Yusei's card.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/03/11 07:18


Only thing that immediately comes to mind with Rapid Warrior is ATK-increasing cards for a finisher or OTK.

Synchron Explorer is basically like a reversal for Junk Synchron in getting out Junk Warrior. Hell, they work on eachother, lol. Also useful alongside Junk Destroyer since it also needs Junk Synchron. Junk Archer could make some use too when you add in another Level 2 monster. It's also great for Quick Synchron re-usage since its latter 2 effects are conditions and not effects, thus they won't get negated by Synchron Explorer, so you could still get out Nitro Warrior too and such.

Half Shut is ok. Another card that can be used as a finisher if your opponent's LP is low enough. Could also be used alongside Swordmaster in a Warrior-based Deck or some damage with multiple attackers (especially ones like Tyrant Dragon or Helios Trios Megistos that only can attack again if there are still monsters to attack after their first attack or ones that can only hit monsters like Rose Tentacles, with Ivy Shackles or DNA Surgery in play, or Chimeratech Over Dragon). On the flip side, it can be used for slight protection to keep a weaker, but important monster on the field. While not as surprising as Hedge Guard would be (field as opposed to hand), it could be handy in a pinch.

Big Tornado of the Wastelands got a lot more than what we saw in the anime. Destroy any 1 face-up m/t ala Twister, but a slight reversal on Dust Tornado in that it let's your opponent Set a m/t from their hand rather than you. Though the wording is a little confusing in terms of its last effect. When referring to "this Set card", is it talking about the card that could be Set by your opponent via Tornado's effect? Or does it mean Tornado itself while Set ala Dark Coffin, Statue of the Wicked, Hero Medal, etc. I am presently assuming the latter.

OMGulator - 2010/03/11 13:36

about the "Big Tornado" confusion

It is currently worded as "when THIS set card is destroyed,". If it was worded as "when THAT set card is destroyed,", it would mean the card set by the controller of the destroyed face-up Spell/Trap card.

So from what I've seen, if the face-down Big Tornado is destroyed, it will get its 2nd effect. This also means that it can possibly be abused with Magical Hats. :D
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2010/03/12 17:22

Iron Resolve, Synchro Halo, and Realize Defense are now Yusei's only cards from episode 41 that haven't come out yet. Of course that leaves Tuning and Battle Waltz as his only unreleased Spell cards from season 1 left. And From the episodes 40-41 duel both Aki's Closed Plant Gate and Des Petal Countdown have also yet to come out. Aki has like 13 or 14 traps that have yet to come out jeesh. She just needs to be the Crow of Duelist Revolution and get 4 traps like he did in Shining Darkness.

Raymondon - 2010/03/14 13:22


So, its not unexpected that Junk synchron and Junk warrior will be here.

How about Junk archer? Is konami nice enough to make it common here?

Jun (guest) - 2010/03/14 15:03

It's less likely...

Heck... I would be damn happy if they give tuningware... But so far there's no sign of Konami making Duelist Pack Exclusives into Decks... So let's just wait for the full list to be out ==
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2010/03/15 23:58

The Deck Count lists 43 cards. That means theres probably 3 Synchros in this set. We only know of one of them right now. Junk Warrior I wouldn't be surprised.
An Onyx Mouse - 2010/03/23 22:59

Minor error I noticed on the cardlist.

Synchron Explorer isn't limited to searching out "Synchron" Tuner monsters; the kana for "Tuner" isn't anywhere in its effect text. It can get any "Synchron" monster, including a 2nd copy of itself.

Just wanted to let ya know.

shriek - 2010/03/23 23:09

ah, true. fixed it.

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