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Yu-Gi-Oh! Memories of the Duel King - Duelist Kingdom Compilation

遊戯王OCG「決闘王の記憶 - 決闘者の王国編」
Yu-Gi-Oh! Memories of the Duel King - Duelist Kingdom Compilation

Release: 8th March 2014
Price: 2500 Yen (incl. taxes)

- 1 Preconstructed Deck (41 cards)
- 1 Deluxe Stockcase
- 1 Set Card Protector (55 sleeves)
- 2 Special Cards
- 1 15th Anniversary Commemoration Token
- Reissued Commemoration Card
- 1 Archive

- Item for the 15th Anniversary commemoration of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game.
- The preconstructed deck is full with cards used by Yugi Muto
- With the 15th Anniverary commemoration in mind, 15 different cards get a reprint as Ultra Rare.

15AY-JPA00 Electromagnetic Turtle 「超電磁タートル」
LIGHT/Machine - Effect/4/0/1800
You can activate this effect during your opponent's turn Battle Phase by removing this card in your Graveyard from play. End that Battle Phase. The effect of "Electromagnetic Turtle" can only be used once per duel.
15AY-JPA00 Electromagnetic Turtle

Reprinted cards:

15AY-JPA03 Dark Magician 「ブラック・マジシャン」[Ultra Rare] Original Artwork
15AY-JPA(??) Dark Magician Girl 「ブラック・マジシャン・ガール」 [Ultra Rare] Original Artwork
15AY-JPA17 Exodia the Forbidden One 「封印されしエクゾディア」
15AY-JPA(??) Left Foot of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の左足」
15AY-JPA(??) Left Arm of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の左腕」
15AY-JPA(??) Right Foot of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の右足」
15AY-JPA(??) Right Arm of the Forbidden One 「封印されし者の右腕」
15AY-JPA23 Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
15AY-JPA(??) Black Luster Soldier 「カオス・ソルジャー」
15AY-JPA(??) Black Luster Ritual 「カオスの儀式」
15AY-JPA(??) Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 「カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-」
15AY-JPA(??) Kuriboh 「クリボー」
15AY-JPA(??) Multiply 「増殖」
15AY-JPA(??) Detonate 「機雷化」
15AY-JPA(??) Makiu, the Magical Mist 「魔霧雨」
15AY-JPA(??) Brain Control 「洗脳-ブレインコントロール」
15AY-JPA(??) Catapult Turtle 「カタパルト・タートル」
15AY-JPA(??) Summoned Skull 「デーモンの召喚」
Overseas version will have 3 kind of decks, each with 2 special cards (1 of them always being "Osiris the Sky Dragon") and either "Electromagnetic Turtle", "Dark Renewal" or "Bond between Teacher and Student". Also, including a "Kingdom" collector card.

3 Deck compilations are:

Duelist Kingdom Compilation:
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 「カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-」
Exodia the Forbidden One 「封印されしエクゾディア」
Dark Magician 「ブラック・マジシャン」 Original Artwork
Dark Magician Girl 「ブラック・マジシャン・ガール」 Original Artwork

Special cards are:
Electromagnetic Turtle 「超電磁タートル」
Sky Dragon of Osiris 「オシリスの天空竜」

Battle City Compilation:
Buster Blader 「バスター・ブレイダー」
Magnet Warriors 「磁石の戦士」
Dark Magician 「ブラック・マジシャン」 Pandora Artwork
Dark Magician Girl 「ブラック・マジシャン・ガール」 LE5 Artwork

Special cards are:
Dark Renewal 「黒魔族復活の棺」
Sky Dragon of Osiris 「オシリスの天空竜」

Ceremonial Battle Compilation:
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction 「破壊竜ガンドラ」
Silent Magicians 「サイレント・マジシャン」
Dark Magician 「ブラック・マジシャン」 EX Box Artwork
Dark Magician Girl 「ブラック・マジシャン・ガール」 Structure Deck Artwork

Special cards are:
Bond between Teacher and Student 「師弟の絆」
Sky Dragon of Osiris 「オシリスの天空竜」
Limstella (guest) - 2014/01/17 16:34

I always wanted a preconstructed feck...

On a serious note though, does the way it is worded mean we'll be seeing this stateside?

Lentra - 2014/01/17 17:42

I'm not sure what wording might make you think that, but nothing has been announced for a TCG release on this product. Personally, I doubt the TCG sees this product in this form, however.
Frenzyhero (guest) - 2014/01/17 19:50

Yes, it says overseas will have it. They're never going to refer to China or Korea as overseas like that.
WolfgangDS (guest) - 2014/01/18 01:33

New cards!

I am super-excited about the three new cards we're getting, because they were all awesome in the anime, without being too powerful.

Anonymous (guest) - 2014/01/18 05:04

I'm excited as well for the three promos. I collect the character decks of each of the main heroes/leaders, so of course I will get the promos separately because it is a waste of money to get packs instead of cards that you are trying to get. I stopped buying packs from Stardust Overdrive onwards because I realized how pointless it was, even though I have been with the franchise since the beginning.
Was Finder (guest) - 2014/01/22 18:40

about Maget Warriors

Guys, which Maget Warriors R Comming out; is it the 1's Daichi Misawa played (plus/Minus monsters) or is it the reprints of yugi's Alpha, Beta, and Gemma.

Anonymous (guest) - 2014/01/22 19:54

The ones that Daichi Misawa used never came out in real life. So they can't be reprinted. Plus this is also about Yu-Gi-Oh DM not Yu-Gi-Oh GX so it will only be cards used by characters from DM.
Was Finder (guest) - 2014/01/23 03:29

RE: Anonymous (guest)

it is very possible it'll be the 1's that Daichi played because it doesn't say reprints on it + they're only 1's left that are Magnet Warriors that haven't been released unless Konami OCG/TCG comes out with new 1's or they use "Magnet" monsters that were played in Zexal.
Anonymous (guest) - 2014/01/24 04:37

Once more I'll say it. This is based off of Yu-Gi-Oh DM and specifically has cards that Yugi Muto has except for Dark Priest Exodia (he only had it for the first three episodes of DM before Insector Haga threw them off the ship and Jounochi was only able to find two of the five cards) and the Pandora version of Black Magician. They will not be the Sigma or Omega Magnet Warriors used by Daichi Misawa and the Magnet monsters used by the Fallguys were completely seperate Magnet cards which none were Magnet Warriors.

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