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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 - Reverse of Arcadia (NDS)

World Championship 2010
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 - Reverse of Arcadia 「遊戯王5D's WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2010 - Reverse of Arcadia」
World Championship 2010

Release Date: 18th of February 2010
Price: 5,250 yen (inc. tax)
System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Card Battle

- The official software for the 2010 world tournament.
- Features at least 3,499 cards (whether or not this includes Speed Spells for Riding Duels is currently unknown).
- Features a Story Mode like that of the previous game where you can explore the world of 5D's.
- Features the handheld debut of Divine.

Promotional Cards:

Samurai Sword Baron 「サムライソード・バロン」
EARTH/Warrior - Effect/4/1600/1200
Once per turn, activate by selecting 1 Defense Position monster your opponent controls. Change it to face-up Attack Position.
Ultra Rare
WC10-JP001 Samurai Sword Baron

Hell Security 「ヘル・セキュリティ」
DARK/Demon - Tuner/1/100/600
When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, Special Summon 1 Level 1 Demon-Type monster from your Deck.
Ultra Rare
WC10-JP002 Hell Security

Hell Twin Cop 「ヘル・ツイン・コップ」
DARK/Demon - Synchro - Effect/5/2200/1800
1 Demon-Type Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
When this card destroys an opposing monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, this card gains 800 ATK until the end of the Battle Phase, and it can attack once again in a row.
Ultra Rare
WC10-JP003 Hell Twin Cop

J4B0i - 2009/10/30 01:09

This game will be horrid because they will exclude most of the good cards(not including TCG exclusives), and yes of course the AI is horrid; horrid because they use Heavy Storm on 1 face-up '"A" Cell Breeding Machine', or Brain Control a monster then return it during the End Phase. =\

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/11/02 18:41

They exclude most of the good cards?

A: since when? That hasn't really been the case since EX2007.

B: What are you calling good cards? That's pretty subjective and disingenuous to say. I love when people lie about Tag Force having more cards to people who actually have PLAYED Tag Force games. That is most certainly a case of numbers fluffing (who actually want to use Queen's Bodyguard or Mushroom Man #2).

C: Did you actually play EX2009 or at least look at the card list? What was missing from it that was SO important to keep spreading that very lazy lie because that game was pretty stuffed within the memory constraints and had pretty much everything one ACTUALLY was going to play with.
MasterSephiroth - 2009/11/02 21:04

The Agent of Creation - Venus

...and Mystical Shine Ball were missing :'(. Without these, I can't build a Arcana Force XII - The World Third Turn Deck. :'(...

Lol, you're right ShinobiPhoenix, the most cards were included in these decks, almost every card.

J4B0i is right too, cause of the KI. Following Situation proofs it. I play Toon Deck. My opponent plays Six Samurai deck. My Opponent starts, he plays 3 cards face down, plays one Six Samurai Monster. He plays card destruction and ends the turn. I play Mystical Space Typhoon on his middle card. It's Back to the Walls. He chains it and pays Life Points until he has only 100 left and Summons 1 Six Samurai Monster. I Summon Toon Cannon Soldier, offer him and win. But it's something in the middle, sometimes they play good, sometimes horrible.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/11/03 10:40

And Tag Force doesn't do that?

A: Venus was only missing due to trying to fix that HORRIBLE glitch.

B: Did anyone ACTUALLY want to care about Venus before EXCEPT for that glitch in EX2006? No. There's plenty of other Angels and other cards that duplicate that effect anyway.

The situation with many cards is no different from how it would be Tag Force or old games. The AI is meant to with its original set of "responses" to situations.

Your situation in particular doesn't prove anything. How does that prove the computer is stupid? You having Toon Cannon Soldier is arbitrary. If anything, lucky. Someone could have just done that in real life and the same result could have happened and it could have not. The computer was just trying not to have its card wasted and have a build up a defense to prepare from any coming attacks. You having Cannon Soldier conveniently proves zero. People are a little too willing in this country to justify anything to claim "superiority" of some kind to anything. So again, how does your situation prove his point in any sort of logical matter?

If you had said, the opponent was playing a Toon Deck and you attack and they play Malevolent Catastrophe when they have Toon World and 3 Toon Monsters, that would be stupid.

There's plenty of things far more stupid that and humans make the same "mistakes."
MasterSephiroth - 2009/11/03 21:20

Re: ShinobiPhoenix

I have to say, I didn't know about that EX2006 glitch. Now I understand, why it's not in there, however, I'm missing it.

But there's something I want to tell. Yes, it's a weird situation and yes my opponent tried only to not lose his card. I know it seems to be a very high request, but why not making a better KI. I know there were over 3000 cards with stats, effects and rulings, but it's possible.
garcardo (guest) - 2010/03/29 04:01

My Complaints

YES they are missing a lot of good cards. My ever so much fun archfiends are gone, so why the heck is pandamonium in the game. They removed the inaba white rabbit which is a GREAT card. I dont know if you have noticed but they dont have a few of the fusion matirial monsters for like three fusion monsters. The screwed up The Winged Dragon of Ra's BEAUTIFUL effect. they finally have Guardian Eatos bu EVERY OTHER, EVERY OTHER, EVERY FRIGGIN OTHER guardian card is gone gone gone. They dont have those three normal monsters that were needed for trap that destroyed every card your opponent controls. PLUS THEY REMOVED THE ONE AND ONLY DOKURORIDER, you may not remomber him but hes the only zombie ritual monster. SO as you see they have removed a few good cards, you may not think so but some of us do. As for the AI my only problem with it is the tag partners as well as what tag partners you can get. Plus i think its so dumb to give nearly every single person you face. Those are my complaints. I have more but I cant see where they would matter.
TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/10/30 02:28

World Championship 2010

I expect that this game will go up to Absolute Powerforce (and as far as TCG exclusives go, up to Extra Pack Vol. 2)
We can also expect that this game will follow the Dark Signer arc, since the 2009 game went up to the Fortune Cup arc.
I can't wait for this game. Hopefully the promos are better than last year's.

d (guest) - 2009/12/18 01:50


Volroc (guest) - 2009/12/20 14:02

ooo fun ^_^

the promos where awesome last year, i lvoe the infernity series ^_^

but i hav to agree, this game will suck!


1- archfiends nope they wont be there

2-monster of the awesome monsters from the original, gone

3- alot of fairy support of easily on, adios!

4- guardians& their equip cards, out the window.

5-crappy AI, they always run the same limited cards, its predictable.

6-the graphics blur everytime you move, so ya, thats gonna suck.

7- tons of awesome cards from every series are just tossed aside cuz no one uses them in tournament play, i get bored usin the same lame ass shit lik dark armed dragon,& lightsworns.

Proof? heres your proof go play stardust accelerator& unlock every card, theres your bloody proof ^_^
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/10/30 02:42

I only wish the promos would just wrap up some of the unprinted stuff from the Dark Signer arc. Either some of the last Synchros(the one from bomber, fitzgerald, and Zumwalt) or perhaps just filling in the cards for the ape guy. He was a true Dark Signer but so far has only one card out and he didn't even have that many cards to begin with.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/10/30 03:25

Re: Scion of the Flames

If they are really planning to re-release the Dark Synchros as actual Synchros, the three promos could be: Freezing Fitzgerald, Jet-Black Zumwalt, and Dark Flat Top.
Outside those monsters, what else is there? Demak's apes?
Boumashi (guest) - 2009/10/30 06:14

All i want is a good Al since it has been pretty dumb in most of their games!!

Yuginshin (guest) - 2009/10/31 02:21

Don't expect AI even nearly on the level of a real competitive opponent as that is impossible to Program without 5D's Technology.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/10/31 13:13

The AI isn't good on the PC games...

Why would you think it would be good on ANY portable?

The problem has always been not just the cards, but all those rulings and interactions the AI has to account for that has to be put into the memory.

TF game are no better, but I think they COULD be better if they make a Tag Force game DOWNLOAD-Only, like games off Steam. Then you wouldn't have it so much of limit of UMDs to deal with and you could put more memory into it. Same can be said of DSi, as you could download the game into the DSi's memory to an SD card or something.

I would go for that, something that releases the memory restraints. If Konami combined the best parts of EX games with the best parts of TF games (which is really just the graphics and ability to search by text), it truly would be the must have game.

I honestly don't expect to see the game we deserve until we get to DS2 and PSP2.
garcardo (guest) - 2010/03/29 04:07


I dont know why graphics matter. Personally i dont care about the graphics cause all it does is slow down the games. Personally so long as your can see the cards ok and the whole thing works throw out the graphics and add more cards.
RedEyesFan - 2009/10/31 01:26

can we kill Divine in this game?

HalfDemonInuyasha (guest) - 2009/10/31 03:22


Yeah, and get the anime scene of him getting eaten if you beat him specifically by hitting (directly) with Earthbound God - Ccacayhua.
honkydeleon (guest) - 2009/10/31 16:03

Debut of Divine?

haven't played Tag Force 4 yet... so Divine isn't in Tag Force 4?

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/10/31 17:26

Reverse of Arcadia

No, he was not. But this isn't a PSP game; it's a Nintendo DS game. Technically this is the debut for all the characters featured in the Dark Signer arc.

The title is very interesting; Reversal of Arcadia. Perhaps the Arcadia Movement will play a much bigger role in this game than they did in the anime?
GladialMaster7 (guest) - 2009/11/01 20:43


Most likely you will become a psychic duelist working for the Arcadia movement and will slowly evolve your character as you find deep dark secrets divine has been hiding.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/11/05 13:19

To GladialMaster7

So I guess for all the time the link has been posted (right below your post even), you still haven't looked?

It says it right on the site, but I guess no one translated it for you were you normally look.

I'll paste what it said as posted on DMC and other places:

Console: Nintendo DS
Genre: Battle Card Game
Release Date: Unknown / Price: Unknown

The Latest Nintendo DS Game for "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's".
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 Reverse of Arcadia
It introduces new noteworthy elements!

You are a hero who is very restrained to the Psychic Duelist Group "Arcadia Movement" for the story's basis. This is how you start! As well, the plans of your leader, Divine, are central to the story!?

The "Earthbound Immortals" who plagued Yusei in the animated cartoon of 5D's make their first appearance! How do you confront the Earthbound Immortals who wield such great offensive might and effects!?
**picture of Jibakushin Aslla Piscu in full animation is shown**

The D-Wheel in the Racing Game is powered-up! Now with the ability to Jump through the course, as well the ability to strike deals to get rid of race courses will be important!

Introducing characters who make their first debut in the World Championship Series. How are they related to the story??

Carly Nagisa
A Scoop-chasing Female Reporter who uses the "Fortune Fairy" Deck.

Despite being a former friend of Jack and Yusei, he became a Dark Signer to obtain incredible power!

The leader of the "Arcadia Movement" who holds the key to the game's story this time
kasey (guest) - 2009/11/06 23:55

debut of divine/sayer

what is debut of divine/sayer i dont get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/11/02 18:25

Oh lookie, linkie

Divine is his infamous "Rape You" smile face.

And Aslla Piscu gets an animation, nice.

kasey (guest) - 2009/11/05 23:55

new game

that is so kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/11/08 18:06

Re: ShinobiPhoenix

In regards to Aslla Piscu, it's not necessarily the best animation. However, it IS a DS game so...
Godzilla Big - 2009/11/09 05:27


Let us just hope and pray that this game's stroyline is better. I gave up on 09's story once i found out your character is a clone of 5 billion others


ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/12/03 16:52

The character isn't a clone.

He's an engineered human life. More like a homunculus.

And how is being a false Signer a bad storyline? You make it sound like any of the previous games had anything better. All the GX based games only made you a "new student" who was essentially just Judai-2. Otherwise, you had NO story at all. Not even backstory. The DM games were even worse in that you were just some random duelist in the city who ends up friendly to the main characters and NOTHING else.

At least this guy has a story AT ALL. I guess you think you could write something better.
Yuli (guest) - 2009/11/09 10:56

Up to Booster? Up to Structure Decks?

Im expecting that this game will be up to Absolute powerforce booster and also Gold Series 2010

Cool (guest) - 2009/11/10 13:21


thi game is going to be better than tag force 4 :DDDD
Tsukasa (guest) - 2009/11/11 12:33

I'm Really Excited About This game..

Tabris (guest) - 2009/11/12 01:58


Sooo...... Divine appeared on the Anime...and got killed...... so, I'm suspecting that.. in this game...we can kill him aswell :D, wonder if this game allows you to become a Dark Signer... or at least beat the ever loving crap out of the steroid-filled Rex Godwin...

Blackbird (guest) - 2009/11/21 20:57

If we aren't able to kill Divine...

Then i hope that we are able to watch him get eaten by the Giant Geico Gecko lol, i loved that scene in the anime
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/12/03 16:56

Feb 18th?!! damn

This is 18th and The Shining Darkness is the 20th. So any chance of having that set in this game is slim now. They SHOULD be nice and put it in anyway at least SOME of the cards from it. It's so close to 608's release.

TF4 goes to Stardust, so we know this will go at leats to ABPF, but that's only one set more. We had that last time with 09 only goes one set more than TF3. It should go two to make it a better selling point.

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/12/04 21:02


DS遊戯王ファイブディーズ ワールドチャンピオンシップ2010 リバースオブアルカディア(OCGカー ド3枚同梱)

遊戯王ファイブディーズ ワールドチャンピオンシップ2010 リバースオブアルカディア 商 品紹介

収録カード3499枚以上! 最新のデュエル環境を提供!



DS Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 Reverse of Arcadia
February 18th, 2010 for the Nintendo DS
3 Promotional Cards usable for the official card game included

The Official World Championship Software for 2010
It'll be used at the World Championship, so win your country/region's Nationals, and aim to become the best in the world!

The latest cards released in the Official Card Game are included.
A total of 3499+ cards are included to gather, allowing you to play in the latest Dueling Environment.

Experience the animated cartoon series' story.
The story will unfold in the Netherworld that appears in The Satellite during the Animated series.

Riding Duels have evolved from their appearance in the previous game
Now, you're able to use Speed World 2, so you can enjoy "Riding Duels" just like in the animated cartoon.

ALordZynix (guest) - 2009/12/08 15:21

I hope they put Ka-2 Des Scissors and Needle Burrower in this game, they wheren't in 2009 and I like to use them =(
renders (guest) - 2009/12/15 18:19

i freaking love angels

i hope at least this one is gonna have archlord zerato,mazerra deville,warrior of zera and the other 2 agents besides saturn and mars

kate (guest) - 2009/12/21 03:17

hope please be good

i really hope that this one will be better cause the other one had a tribble story line maybe the dark signers will be better:):):):):):):)
Kevin (guest) - 2009/12/22 17:41


I really hope Harpie Queen and Hysteric Party are in this...they're never in anything. :(

sirbj (guest) - 2009/12/26 17:01

Harpie queen and Hysteric party were in WC09...there is no reason it shouldnt be in here...
Kotori - 2009/12/26 13:52

RE: Promos

I was quite surprised to see that Ushio's new cards were used as promos for this game, although Hellway Patrol will be a better fitted card for this series instead of Samurai Sword Baron. I am glad that the effect of Hell Twin Cop Jaw & Kick were left unchanged, although the summoning conditions have tweak a bit, is a usual change we all see in the current sets.

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/12/26 15:48

Hellway Patrol...

Is far and above most likely to be the Guide Promo.
SynjoDeonecros - 2009/12/27 04:29

Agreed. They'll likely nerf the monster-summoning effect, but I can definitely see them having Hellway Patrol as the Guide promo. Too bad Chaosrider Gustaph isn't a Fiend-Type; I could see a biker-themed deck being built around them, Hell Twin Cop, Diskblade Rider, and Dokurorider.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/12/26 15:50

Hell Security options

- Monster Eye
- Kuriboh (but must get into hand)
- Battle Fader (ditto)
- Chaos Necromancer
- Goblin King
- Second Goblin
- Black Portan
- Grave Squirmer
- Dark Mimic LV1
- Demonic Roar God Rulie
- Demonic Roar God Topy
- Masked Chopper
- Mad Reloader
- Ritual Raven
- Infernity Mirage
- Infernity Reloader

- Dark Sprocketer
- Supay
- Infernity Revenger

Limited variety, but options nonetheless. Grave Squirmer can make one regret attacking again and protect you for a turn. Goblin King or Chaos Necromancer can be nasty if timed well. The rest is iffy, except for the Infernity in their correct deck.

TheDarkAngelRocket (guest) - 2009/12/27 03:16

World Championship 2010 Promos

Morally disappointed about the updated Shining Darkness information (Yusei's monsters), I'm glad that the promos for this game are good.
I find it odd that Ushio cards (from Season III no less) are the promo cards bundled for a game that focuses on the Arcadia Movement and Dark Signers.

Hell Security- Since One for One is Limited, the potential for this card went down somewhat. This card's searchability (Level 1 Demon-Type [Fiend in TCG]) is restrictive, but you can Special Summon multiple copies of this card to shave off your opponent's attacks.

Samurai Sword Baron- 1600 ATK is below-average for a Level 4 monster. Its effect is the opposite of Jutte Fighter's; switching Defense Position monsters to Attack Position. in this case, it would be better to switch into Defense Position with such low ATK power. Warrior gives it an advantage in terms of support cards, but this card is still farfetched compared to others.

Hell Twin Cop- Level 5 Synchro Monster that requires a Demon-Type Tuner (it's not much of a problem considering how numerous they are). 2200 ATK is average for a Level 5, although its effect can bring it up to 3000 ATK alone. It can attack twice during the Battle Phase (albeit first time is 2200 ATK).

I'm guessing Hellway Patrol is the guide book card?

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/12/27 10:29

3499 cards?

Let's see that makes this game . . . 610 more cards than last year.
about 400 cards from main set(including gold series) and 120 from DT, plus promos would probably be around 550. That leaves room for around 60 cards to either be cards that were missing last year(like archfiends etc.) and Speed spells. I REALLY hope speed spells don't take as much of the new space as they did last year.

But that's just a rough guess.

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/12/28 10:54


Last year's game had the first four DTs so the most we can get this year is upto the october one. I think the one in January is out of question so that means new DT cards will total 90. Making the total outside of the previously existing cards missing from last year(that could be out this year) to be about 520-530. That's about 80-90 cards left open.

There were 82 Speed Spells introduced last year, covering most of the basic spell needs for riding duels. They can't possibly have nearly that many this year can they(new ones I mean)? Certainly I wouldn't expect to see more than 30 new ones if even that. That guess would mean about 50-60 previously missing cards would be included in this game.
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/12/28 11:12

Wish I could just edit my first post.

Alright so when I said (gold series) I meant Extra Pack. I don't know why I said the gold series. anyway, on that note of the Extra pack cards being included in the set total, it shouldn't be 400, it should be 360. if I reduce the total guess accordingly, that gives the total number- 480-490. I'm going to round that total to 500 as it seems like there was a lot of promos this year and 30 just seems to small a number of what will probably be in here. So 40 for promos, as well as the 15 cards from 2 Structures and 1 starter. That seems about right.

So when it gets down to it, it still means theres about 515 cards before missing and Speed Spells. That's 95 cards left to ponder.
Kuriboh (guest) - 2010/01/20 11:34

Speed Spells

When Stardust Accelerator was announced, the amount of cards was 2800, which was the amount of cards excluding Speed Spells and traps connected with Speed World. Right now, I think that 3499 is the amount of cards without Speed Spells, both included in previous game and in Reverse of Arcadia, so I would say we will get about 150-200 older cards in it (depends if cards from DT08 will be included or not).
kate (guest) - 2010/02/03 23:03


ok i dont get it what date is it for the usa cause i dont know if it is this weekend the 6 or the 23 can someone tell me please=)
garcardo (guest) - 2010/03/29 04:31

Okay ive read the same things in all these comments over and over so i point some things out.
1. If your complaining about graphics then how about your dont look for them in a HAND HELD game, why cause thats not really what your get them for.

2. They are missing cards, quite a few infact, if your think they arnt then your one of those ppl who only care about the massive win decks like lightsword and 6 samurai. Now i agree they are good but really i like some difficult decks like my Archfinds Guardians and Spirits. Plus so many others. Instead they added things like and oricalcos monster with out the seal of oricalcos anyone else say usless. The to oricinal chithonian monsters are gone that warrior and what not.

3. Im not saying its super important, but they screwed up the wing dragon of ras effect MASSIVLY. They keep downsizing the amount of cards in the fusion syncro deck so the elemental heros are severly limited. Plus I remeber in an older game when your beat it or got all the cards you could rmove the forbbiden list entirly so you could use more then one of them, so hey i could have then have used things like the two envoy monsters YAY.

4. AIs not vastly important when you can choose difficulty settings. Besides i like to face my recipies and since that nerly imposible till you nerly beat the game who cares.

5. For you turbo dulist fans. I dont think it should even exist. It removes tons and tons of good cards, as well as killing game saver cards like pot of greed.

6. Finally going real word. I find the forbidden list and a few limited cards to be dumb. Whoever decided to make the cyber dragon a limited card is an idiot cause its hard enough to keep cyber proto alive. Had to be said. Seriously i love the game cause for 30 bucks I get 3500 cards so for those who find the game to be truly lacking then why not get every card in real life and see how easy and cheap that turns out to be for you. Oh and for your graphics nuts out there why not try to build something like the shows that make the monsters actually battle cause it just seems you wont stop complaining till that happens.

Yogari (guest) - 2010/04/12 01:21

I agree with garcardo, I have a lot of cards of my own, and its cost me a lot of money, I am planning on getting the game, because I havent played any of the other 5D's or TF games.
The last one i played was the one where you get to be "New Student" and wander around the DA island. (The one for GBA)

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