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Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament (6th September 2009)

Held on 6th September 2009

1st place
Player: Rai-Mei Collector 「ライミー@RAI-MEI無限回収はじめました!!」
Deck: Py-Ca-Undead v2 「ピカンデ改!」

18 Monster
1x Darkness Gear - Gokuen 「邪神機-獄炎」
1x God Beastking Barbaros 「神獣王バルバロス」
3x Raiou 「ライオウ」
3x Pyramid Turtle 「ピラミッド・タートル」
3x Honest 「オネスト」
2x Mezuki 「馬頭鬼」
1x Black Knight of Dark Dragon 「闇竜の黒騎士」
1x Sangan 「クリッター」
1x Spirit Reaper 「魂を削る死霊」
1x Zombie Carrier 「ゾンビキャリア」
1x Morphing Jar 「メタモルポット」
1x Goblin Zombie 「ゴブリンゾンビ」

9 Magic
1x Mystical Space Typhoon 「サイクロン」
1x Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
1x Creature Swap 「強制転移」
3x Lightning Vortex 「ライトニング・ボルテックス」
1x Nobleman of Crossout 「抹殺の使徒」
2x Book of Moon 「月の書」

15 Trap
1x Solemn Judgment 「神の宣告」
1x Torrential Tribute 「激流葬」
1x Mirror Force 「聖なるバリア-ミラーフォース」
1x Trap Dustshoot 「ダストシュート」
1x Call of the Haunted 「リビングデッドの呼び声」
2x Bottomless Trap Hole 「奈落の落とし穴」
2x Royal Oppression 「王宮の弾圧」
2x Magic Drain 「マジック・ドレイン」
3x Skill Drain 「スキルドレイン」
1x Trap Stun 「トラップスタン」

Copied from
2x Wicked Emperor Gaius 「邪帝ガイウス」
1x Envoy of Hades Gorz 「冥府の使者ゴーズ」
1x Cyber Dragon 「サイバードラゴン」
1x Zombie Master 「ゾンビ・マスター」
1x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 「霊滅術師カイクウ」

1x Brain Control 「洗脳-ブレインコントロール」
1x Book of Life 「生者の書-禁断の呪術-」

2x Dimensional Prison 「次元幽閉」
2x Xing Zhen Hu 「心鎮壷」
1x Seven Tools of the Bandit 「盗賊の七つ道具」
1x Ceasefire 「停戦協定」

1x Ally Of Justice Catastor 「A・O・J カタストル」
1x Goyou Guardian 「ゴヨウ・ガーディアン」
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary 「氷結界の龍 ブリューナク」
1x Black Rose Dragon 「ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン」
1x Magical Android 「マジカルアンドロイド」
1x Death Kaiser Dragon 「デスカイザー・ドラゴン」
2x Resurrected Demon King Ha Des 「蘇りし魔王 ハ・デス」
1x Black Feather - Armored Wing 「BF-アーマード・ウィング」
1x Stardust Dragon 「スターダスト・ドラゴン」
1x Gigantech Fighter 「ギガンテック・ファイター」
1x Dark End Dragon 「ダークエンド・ドラゴン」
1x Ally Of Justice Decisive Arms 「A・O・J ディサイシブ・アームズ」

1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 「キメラテック・フォートレス・ドラゴン」
Fyga - 2009/09/08 03:47

Wow, Light Zombies finally make their first comeback to shriek since March 1st (that was really the last time Light Undead topped a tournament).
I've always loved the idea of 3 Honests in Zombies, shame TCG still can't use it well enough.

ORiGaMe (guest) - 2009/09/08 14:16

I like tradicional Undead Deck

I never will undestand Twinlight Decks, i dont like idea of use Raio-oh and Honest in zombie deck.
Fyga - 2009/09/08 20:09

It's Light Undead + Skill Drain Zombies, so it's heavily anti-meta/meta-beat. And it's OCG, so Zombies are most of the meta.

Rai-Oh/Honest don't care about Skill Drain, Black Knight is for other Undead decks & beatstick w/ Honest, 3 Vortex are great since the format is slower than the last, & all the big guys like Gokuen/Barbaros/Honest-Lights help Royal Oppression so you can win w/o Synchros.
Onemorning (guest) - 2009/09/09 08:33

I can't believe

there is no room for a Chaos Soccerer
MasterSephiroth - 2009/09/09 14:37

Hey Shriek

I have a question about your "name" (yes, I know, it's the wrong place for, but I didn't know were else):
I have played Yugioh Stardust Accelerator and fighted against the Dark Armed Dragon, and every time, he's at the turn, he says "Shriek". Is this accidentally or were did you have taken the name "shriek" from?^^...Sry about this question, but I'm interested in that.

About the Deck, I think, that in Japan, Zombie will be Tier 1. Cause they have Ally of Justice against Lightsworn. What I think is interesting is, that unlike they've said before the list, players do play Solemn Judgment, even that they could play it only once.

shriek - 2009/09/09 17:55

my nick isn't related to YGO at all. so it just happens to be the same.

as for how i got my nick, search for "Shreeve" and you might find out ;P
MasterSephiroth - 2009/09/09 18:42

Ok, is it right, that your name is from Batman Beyond. Walter Shreeve is a Villian and is a supertalented sound engineer. Then he got his suit, and with this he became Shriek.^^

(By the way, shriek looks very cool^^)

(My nickname is another villain, for me the best villain ever...hihihi^^)
?? (guest) - 2009/09/10 09:14

no gorz
no socorerer
no dad
no allures

marshmallows - 2009/09/11 19:20

its not a dark deck!!!
its light
?? (guest) - 2009/09/13 02:28

gorz doesn't need its own deck. it wins games on its own
sorcerer is good and the deck runs light and dark
dad is good
allures add speed to the deck. doesnt need a lot of darks for it to be effective

also the deck has 43 cards. wtf
aussieman000 (guest) - 2009/09/14 00:43


Notice that he's sided?

Also, he's a dead draw for the most part in Light Undead, with your protection, Skill Drain and Oppression blocking up the field.
Xehanort - 2009/09/26 12:33

DAD would be bad for this deck, since it runs with Skill Drains and Royal Oppressions and really, do you want to remove your ZOMBIES from the graveyard? Same goes for Sorcerer. Allure might be an okay card to add but really isn't worthwhile.

Neo the Magic Swordman (guest) - 2009/09/28 04:47

Some important points !

*Call of the Haunted is slow I understand , for zombies you just need Book of life or Mezukis , but what about to bring back your Synchro Monsters , the most important of them Goyo that is limited , Brionac or Stardust that is a little hard to summon.

* Is the first time that I see some zombie players running Cyber Dragon , they are doing for bring easy Black Rose or tribute it for Caius right ? (nice idea ^_<)

*What about run Card trooper , good points : with 1900 atk for efect ,is fastest than Ryko , put your zombies and dark monster in the graveyard , you speed up your deck and if it is destroyed can give you the choice of draw a card .Bad points : low atk in opponent turn , the only idea that I don't like of milling is the probability of drop cards that you gonna need like Dark Armed Dragon

* I heard that some players for the shonen jump tournament of US are running Sky Scourge Norleras for the Phantom of Chaos Combo , the strategie of this is have Mezuki with zombies in the graveyard ( I'm triying Il Blud because it give you that oportunity of swarn the field or bring Stardust) then atk and put the oponent in hand and field trouble .

* Run 3 Burial of Diferent Dimension is a little slow if you don't have mezuki in the graveyard yet , I know that help like a 2 Book of Life and give the choice of put plaguespreader zombie (the tuner one) or other dark monster the was removed for Allure of Darkness , even more destruction power for Dark Armed Dragon , In that case I'll try 1 or 2 .

Well those were some of my point of view , I hope your coments and answer , see ya..
Zombie Synchro DAD rocks !!

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