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Duel Online Tournament 23 (19th August 2009)

Held on 19th August 2009
DarkSigner (guest) - 2009/08/22 17:09

Interesting, Chaos seems really really strong....Zombies make comeback too.

Jester Frost (guest) - 2009/08/22 18:41

3 RotA

Why is the Lightsworn guy running 3 Reinforcements?

guynamedjoe (guest) - 2009/08/22 19:46


it's charge of the light brigade.
breaker (guest) - 2009/08/22 21:05

fiend comedian

that's a nice tech i never thought of in the lightlord side deck. i'm going to try it x]

sisicat (guest) - 2009/08/23 01:34

fiend comedian

i think fiend comedian is generally sided in against mirror match since you will either be ahead in names for milling or you will have a larger graveyard than your opponent
asker (guest) - 2009/08/24 05:45

i wonder why lightsworns arent as good in OCG, in TCG lightsworns like top deck.
Fyga - 2009/08/27 21:12

At least in OCG Lightsworns have actually won tournaments, both big & small. In TCG, Lightsworns have never won anything worthwhile in Shonen Jump Championships, US Nationals, or Canadian Nationals. Regionals don't count as big b/c no one cares about the results.
anon (guest) - 2009/08/23 03:28

Not surprised

I knew in japan zombies would come back since mizuki was unlimited. even with charge the abuse of brionac is a mach better KO. Goblin zombie + plague spreader + mizuki = goyo and Brionac with no hand loss. Notice everything else is either to get that combo out or used directly from the hand to stall.

petqwe (guest) - 2009/08/23 04:48

Mezuki WAS limited and IS still limited
Mr.Archfreak (guest) - 2009/08/24 22:59

Mezuki is actually semi-limited
thatoneguy (guest) - 2009/08/23 05:54


how is the lightlord able to use reinforcements of light when the extra pack hasnt come out yet?

petqwe (guest) - 2009/08/23 07:48

That's DUEL ONLINE Tournament
Fyga - 2009/08/23 07:55

I don't know whether or not to believe this can be the new OCG meta (I said "can" not "will"), I mean we're getting a sneak-peek at it but is it believable?

Though I'm still happy I was one of the people who said LS will fail like before. These decks are just drafts & the unrefined first steps into the new format and yet they still stomped LS.

petqwe (guest) - 2009/08/23 09:08

Lightlord is good, but my experience is: too many spells = dead draws, too many monsters = not enough summoning spaces
We all have to find a balance to this ratio to make a really good tournament-winning Lightlord deck
LordLight (guest) - 2009/08/23 09:21

rise of LL/LS

the deck is quite sopisticated yet looks so easy to use, it doesn't matter on the ratio of Monsters:magic:trap, it's pretty much based on your luck,. This deck doesn't really revolve around the field but pretty much the graveyard, so basically if you can filter your grave you would be able to pull of a win easily
Hens (guest) - 2009/08/24 02:56

Zombie TCG

without brionac, i doubt the tcg version of zombie decks will have as much success...

Jing (guest) - 2009/08/24 03:10

Not Brionac

More like Catastor to completely own GBs and LS
fatty (guest) - 2009/08/24 06:28

when do we get catastor?
MasterSephiroth - 2009/08/24 10:02

Re: fatty

We've got already one, but it's not Tournament Legal. Its number is DTP1-EN031, it's from the American Duel Terminal Preview. It's espected, that we will could get some Duel Terminal Cards, hopefully Catastor and Brionac (I love this Desicive's so Anti-Lightsworn), next year, so 2010.

I personally love this Chaos-Diva and will play one, here in Switzerland. Love seeing their faces, if they see my 3 Tempest Magician and 2 Chaos-Sorcerer on my field, wut wut.
DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2009/08/29 16:14


Hey Jing, where do you life in Switzerland?
Because I'm Swiss too :D
Do you know the Kabooom in Zurich?
But how do you get 3 TM and 2 Chaos Sorcerers in one turn??
Chaos Sorcerer is easy, but 3 Tempest Magicans O.o
swordguy (guest) - 2009/08/24 20:42

here is the sad part!

IF Brionac is meta for the OCG then basically, he will be banned next ban list. For OCG that means by the time we get him (if we do at all) we will have maybe 2 or 3 months to play with him then the new ban list comes in march. If he comes out duel terminal then he will be about as hard to get as crush if not harder so 2 to 3 hundred bucks. Personally, I think if the zombie deck does not work for TCG without Brionac then it will not ever be TCG meta.

ORiGaMe (guest) - 2009/08/25 18:18

I agree with u.... Synchon Cat in OCG is meta and use Nature Synchron, Brionac and Catastor strongest monsters because ur effects.
In the TCG we do not have it, and Synchon Cat becomes meta deck, I see potential in Deck Undead, I'm with some new ideas for it.
Fyga - 2009/08/26 00:32

Actually ORiGaMe I think his last sentence confused you, because you're saying Synchro Cat took over the TCG meta without all the stronger OCG monsters, and you think TCG Zombies have potential to do the same. But what swordguy was saying was until we get Brionac, Undead does not have potential.

Although I agree with your new point. These Undead decks have an average of 6 Level 6 Synchros, even if TCG doesn't need 3 Doomkaisers or have Brio, that's some nice swarming/consistency.
ORiGaMe (guest) - 2009/08/26 02:38

Yes , I misunderstood, thanks for the correct me Fyga.

In my opinion with the Mezuki making unlimited Deck Zombie gain speed with the use of the Burial from a Different Dimension for Synchron and swaming/consistency.
I also think he should have used 3x DoomKaiser the deck due to overeating Deck Zombie in the tournament.
ORiGaMe (guest) - 2009/08/26 02:40

Ops!!1 ;(

..Mezuki making semi-limited....
Psyche (guest) - 2009/08/27 23:02

Doomkeiser Abuse

Although many frown at the idea of adding Zombie World to their Undead decks, it's extremely easy to abuse with Zombie Master and DoomKeiser Dragon.

I use a Zombie World undead deck with Kerbons and Psychic Commander. Using Book Of Life on a Kerbons, synchroing it with a Goblin Zombie for a Doomkeiser Drangon and then stealing any monster in your opponents graveyard, is plain naaaasty!

petqwe (guest) - 2009/08/29 04:35

If everybody did the same, then Zombie World becomes completely stupid
DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2009/08/29 16:12

Krebons doesn't work

You can't use Krebons for Doomkaiser, it needs Plaguespreader :s
DarkDragonphoenix (guest) - 2009/08/29 16:16


Kamionmagican and Musician King are actually Fusions, not Synchros, if would corrcect this... :D

shriek - 2009/08/29 16:20

ah, true. must have missed them when sorting the extra deck.

Fixed. Thanks!

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