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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Trancer (Wii)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Trancer 「遊戯王5D's DUEL TRANCER」

Release Date: 24th March 2011
Price: 8379 Yen
System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Card Battle

- Features over 4,500 cards - up to the latest set Starstrike Blast.
- Wi-Fi allows for play against others in the world.

Fighter's Ape 「ファイターズ・エイプ」
DARK/Beast-Type - Effect/4/1900/1200
If this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, this card gains 300 ATK. If this card didn't attack during your turn, the total number of ATK gained by this effect is returned to 0 during the End Phase of that turn.
YDT1-JP001 Fighter's Ape

Closer Forest 「クローザー・フォレスト」
Field Magic Card
Face-up Beast-Type monster you control gain 100 ATK for each monster in your Graveyard. While this card is on the field, Field Magic Cards cannot be activated. During the turn this card is destroyed, Field Magic Cards cannot be activated.
YDT1-JP002 Closer Forest

Roaring Earth 「吠え猛る大地」
Continuous Trap Card
When a Beast-Type Monster you control attacks a Defense Position monster, and its ATK exceeds the attacked monster's DEF, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points. When you inflict Battle Damage through this effect, 1 face-up monster your opponent controls loses 500 ATK and DEF.
YDT1-JP003 Roaring Earth
TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/08/10 01:51

Duel Trancer

Agh, not another 5D's Wii game.
Hopefully this isn't a game in the likeness of Wheelie Breakers...

Wolfgang DelaSangre (guest) - 2009/08/10 02:59

I hope this one has actual dueling in it

The last 5D's game for the Wii was little more than a glorified Mario Kart.

Since we've got card scanner technology on the Duel Terminals, why not use that to build Wii Duel Disks? Konami and Nintendo would make a fortune.

RiverShock - 2009/08/10 18:01

Because using the same technology would render the Duel Terminals themselves obsolete, and without the coding, recognition is near-impossible and cheating would be insanely easy.
Wolfgang DelaSangre (guest) - 2009/08/10 18:25

Well, I dunno

The Duel Terminals can still be used to obtain cards, but I still think Wii disks would be a good idea. I mean, the Disks could simply scan the card and send the image to the game, which would then recognize it from their. The Disk wouldn't have to recognize the card, it would just have to get the image.

As for cheating, yeah, it would be possible to do... at home. But if they did this, they'd also start holding official tournaments, and cheating would be a little less possible there.
Wolfgang DelaSangre (guest) - 2009/08/11 02:31

Just thought of a way to combat cheating with a Wii-Disk


A webcam for the Wii! At the very least, it would prevent cheating on Wi-Fi games. I imagine it would take some pretty epic coding to make it work for the game itself.
Yueryuu (guest) - 2009/08/13 21:01


As if online Wii games aren't choppy enough already playing cross-continent. If you added webcams with enough detail to monitor cheating from the recommended distance to use a Wiimote, the servers would have a fit faster than you can say, "Ike."

It might not be an action game, but I'm not in the habit of Dueling at a speed of one turn per hour.
dani Parberry (guest) - 2010/08/31 21:10

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer

im going a female in the game. with fairy deck
Blackwingggys (guest) - 2010/09/21 03:40


this would be ok but there is a chance that the person could simply hack it
as for the tech we dont have the ability to make a fast server to reach cross continent with scanning/webcam/voice i mean i'd like the ability to play a blackwing or infernity deck from a kid in japan XD
Cameron (guest) - 2010/10/15 02:33

It's not cost efficient

That would require konami to put millions into condensing the technology and then finding a way to mass produce it in the cheapest way possible. Why would any company want to spend millions on a single card game? Don't get me wrong, I think It'd be amazing if they could do it but I just don't see how they'd be able to make it cheap enough to actually profit from it.
Fossil Fusion (guest) - 2009/08/10 18:42


Promos might be the Apes imo. I like the idea of a Duel Disk remote thing.

Hikari no Ryuuou (guest) - 2009/08/10 19:56

Nobody should get their hopes up for an actual true-to-the-rules dueling game. Those have never been seen outside of handhelds. It's going to have some kind of twist, I just hope it's a good one that can keep people interested.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/08/10 20:00

Re: Hikari no Ryuuou

It could very well be monsters battling each other (without duelists or cards) for all we know.
Acidonia (guest) - 2009/08/10 23:45

They was Yugioh Gx tagforce evolution on Ps2 so thats not techicaly true.
Blah. (guest) - 2009/08/11 18:08

Re: Tagforce

While it stays true to the actual TCG, they have some anime-only cards in the game.
SupremeKingJudai - 2009/08/11 19:20

Microfone ?

a disk and a webcam why not a microfone?

Zero-kun (guest) - 2009/08/12 16:04

@ SupremeKingJudai:

They'd see little point in releasing ANOTHER microphone: Remember, Wiispeak is a microphone that's already out for the Wii.
Wolfgang DelaSangre (guest) - 2009/08/13 12:04

Well, in that case...

They'd only have to release the Disk and the Wii-Cam. I'd buy 'em. That is, if I could get the Wii-Disk in a Jack Atlas style.
Rewind (guest) - 2009/08/13 18:24

New web cam and duel disk for the game

That would be awsome.
SupremeKingJudai - 2009/08/12 18:11

really. i didn't know

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/08/18 19:56

Duel Trancer

Over 3900 cards included? You're serious! This will probably be a Wii version of the DS portable games because I can't see this game as anything else.

RiverShock - 2009/08/26 02:02

I bet despite the fact it has so many cards, not all cards that exist IRL will be included. There might only be something like 3500 TCG cards and another few hundred OCGs, but I bet they'll include a lot of anime cards rather than include a complete collection of real ones... Which is a shame. Just once, I'd like a game that contains all cards that exist at the point of its creation.
Nesyaj (guest) - 2009/09/06 18:02

As long as they contain sets up to the present day I'll be satisfied, i hear this game is a true dueling game, unlike the former Wheelie Breakers, I heard that game wasn't too bad though...
TheD (guest) - 2009/08/29 21:16

I understand what you're say RiverShock. If Konami is going to release a game it should contain all cards ever made and all card in the anime from Sun Shower-Yugioh, Dragonroid-Yugioh GX to Centaurumina-Yugioh 5D's. I mean ever last card.

TheD (guest) - 2009/09/03 14:44

What if the promos are Crystal Skull, Ahoka Pillar, Cabrera Stone and Triangle - O as the book promo.
Nesyaj (guest) - 2009/09/06 18:04

4 promos? they never put 4 in a game before, not that ive heard of, they always included 3. And every time ive never seen the cards related to each other.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2009/09/19 05:26


Means 3 in the game + 1 Strategy Guide Promo.
TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/09/19 06:43

Duel Transer

So in the end the cards ended up being Demak's cards.

Magician's Ape: The effect in the anime is somewhat the same but nurfed. For one, it does not have two Types like in the anime nor can it be Special Summoned. It can only control Defense Position monsters with its effect, which cannot switch its battle position during the turn. So yeah...

SynjoDeonecros - 2009/09/19 15:33

Actually, it looks like they're fake, which is a shame. I really wanted Closer Forest, too...
TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/09/19 23:30

Re: SynjoDeonecros

Yeah I just only noticed that they were taken down.
Still it is likely that Demak's cards will be in this set. Always those minor characters who ended up getting their cards in the promos.
ZTehRockzorz (guest) - 2009/11/08 07:24

Putting both Speed Spells and Dark Synchros in...

Hey, does anyone besides me think they might put both Speed Spells and Dark Synchros in this game? I found it pretty irritating that Speed Spells were on WC2009 and Dark Synchros ended up on Tag Force. Hopefully they'll combine the two.

The other thing I'm hoping for is the ability to scan non-Duel Terminal Cards.

the best man (guest) - 2009/11/14 21:49

u suck

you know you people suck on here-- Just kidding-- u guys are awsome nice ideas

When does the english version of duel transer come out???

HEY!!! anyone noes when does the duel transer for english versions come out?? I AM DYING TO PLAY IT NOW!!!! IT SEEMS FRIGHTING FUN!!!

Johnass (guest) - 2010/02/04 00:53

When will be released¿¿¿

Scion of the Games (guest) - 2010/03/12 06:36

Looking up Wii's release list, it say this will be released some time during their 1st quarter in 2010. 1st Quarter is from October to December.
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2010/03/12 06:57

Forget that last explanation. For some reason I was looking at a list of US fiscal year quarters. Actually March(this month) would be the last month of Q1-if Nintendo begins it's Q1 in January at least.
person (guest) - 2010/03/27 17:47

the duel disk could plug in like a nunchuck
Ringping (guest) - 2010/07/22 16:12


It's still alive? o_o I thought this became vaporware, but I'm glad to see I was wrong about that.

Cashman_11 (guest) - 2010/07/22 22:10

The Accessory

The Accessory has been confirmed to be a Card Scanner able to scan cards so you can use them in the game. It says there are over 5000 cards it can scan, meaning it can likely scan any card, not just Duel Terminal.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/07/23 03:31


w00t. I guess it's to be a little expected with the Beast stuff coming out in Boosters.

Zurce16 (guest) - 2010/07/26 08:56


here is a video of the gameplay
check it out
its from comic con

J4B0i - 2010/09/20 19:31

That field spell is amazing. Fighter's Ape also dropped a LV! LV4 Beast-Type Beatstick. Just amazing. Roaring Earth ain't all that good.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2010/09/21 03:38


Roaring Earth is actually pretty good.

Gives ALL your Beasts trample first of all (making it a Dragon's Rage for Beasts), which, when coupled with things like Closer Forest, Wild Nature's Release, Berserking, Beast Riser, etc, means you'll be doing quite a bit of damage, regardless of the opposing monster's battle position. And whenever you do trample, another one of your opponent's monsters becomes 500 ATK/DEF weaker for another one of your Beasts to hit for even more damage.
SynjoDeonecros (guest) - 2010/09/23 23:03

Can someone confirm this for me? Supposedly, the Duel Scanner can't scan cards from tournaments, Sneak Previews, magazine promos, Special Editions, tokens, or Holographic Rares. That seems really, really limiting, to me, and cuts out important cards like Beast King Barbaros and the like from the lineup. Please tell me this isn't true.

yu-gi-oh fan!!! (guest) - 2010/11/09 19:52


sorry but that is very true because konami doesnt want people to use cards that are to difficult to defeat

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