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Public Tokuan Store Official Konami Tournament (20th June 2009)

Held on 20th June 2009

1st place
Player: 「」
Deck: Undead-Type Deck 「アンデット族デッキ」

23 Monster
1x Dark Armed Dragon 「ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン」
1x Chaos Sorcerer 「カオス・ソーサラー」
1x Envoy of Hades Gorz 「冥府の使者 ゴーズ」
1x Cyber Dragon 「サイバー・ドラゴン」
3x Darkness Gear - Gokuen 「邪神機-獄炎」
1x Breaker the Magical Warrior 「魔導戦士 ブレイカー」
1x Mezuki 「馬頭鬼」
2x Goblin Zombie 「ゴブリンゾンビ」
3x Zombie Master 「ゾンビ・マスター」
3x Pyramid Turtle 「ピラミッド・タートル」
1x Sangan 「クリッター」
1x Spirit Reaper 「魂を削る死霊」
3x Black Feather - Gale of the Hurricane 「BF-疾風のゲイル」
1x Zombie Carrier 「ゾンビキャリア」

14 Magic
1x Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
1x Mystical Space Typhoon 「サイクロン」
1x Brain Control 「洗脳‐ブレインコントロール」
1x Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
1x Card of Safe Return 「生還の宝札」
3x Book of Life 「生者の書-禁断の呪術-」
3x Creature Swap 「強制転移」
3x Book of Moon 「月の書」

1 Trap
3x Royal Decree 「王宮のお触れ」

Copied from
3x D.D. Crow 「D.D.クロウ」

3x Nobleman of Extermination 「撲滅の使徒」
3x Twister 「ツイスター」

1x Torrential Tribute 「激流葬」
1x Mirror Force 「Mirror Force 「聖なるバリア-ミラーフォース」-」
1x Crush Card Virus 「死のデッキ破壊ウイルス」
3x Bottomless Trap Hole 「奈落の落とし穴」

1x Red Daemon's Dragon 「レッド・デーモンズ・ドラゴン」
1x Gigantech Fighter 「ギガンテック・ファイター」
1x Mental Sphere Daemon 「メンタルスフィア・デーモン」
1x Dark End Dragon 「ダークエンド・ドラゴン」
1x Light-End Dragon 「ライトエンド・ドラゴン」
1x Stardust Dragon 「スターダスト・ドラゴン」
1x Dark Dive Bomber 「ダーク・ダイブ・ボンバー」
1x Black Feather - Armored Wing 「BF‐アーマード・ウイング」
1x Black Rose Dragon 「ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン」
1x Goyou Guardian 「ゴヨウ・ガーディアン」
1x Resurrected Demon King Ha Des 「蘇りし魔王 ハ・デス」
1x Death Kaiser Dragon 「デスカイザー・ドラゴン」
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary 「氷結界の龍 ブリューナク」
1x Ally Of Justice Catastor 「A・O・J カタストル」

1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 「キメラテック・フォートレス・ドラゴン」

2nd place
Player: 「TAKAHIRO」
Deck: Lightlord 「ライトロード」

30 Monster
1x Envoy of Hades Gorz 「冥府の使者 ゴーズ」
2x Judgement Dragoon 「裁きの龍」
2x Lightlord Angel Cherubim 「ライトロード・エンジェル ケルビム」
2x Lightlord Beast Wolf 「ライトロード・ビースト ウォルフ」
2x Lightlord Warrior Garos 「ライトRoad Warrior 「ロード・ウォリアー」 ガロス」
2x Lightlord Paladin Jean 「ライトロード・パラディン ジェイン」
2x Lightlord Magician Leila 「ライトロード・マジシャン ライラ」
3x Lightlord Summoner Luminous 「ライトロード・サモナー ルミナス」
2x Prophet of World Creation 「創世の預言者」
3x Honest 「オネスト」
1x Card Trooper 「カードガンナー」
3x Necro Gardna 「ネクロ・ガードナー」
1x Zombie Carrier 「ゾンビキャリア」
2x Lightlord Hunter Raikou 「ライトロード・ハンター ライコウ」
2x Black Shining G 「黒光りするG」

7 Magic
1x Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
1x Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
3x Solar Exchange 「ソーラー・エクスチェンジ」
2x Cold Wave 「大寒波」

5 Trap
1x Torrential Tribute 「激流葬」
1x Mirror Force 「聖なるバリア‐ミラーフォース‐」
1x Crush Card Virus 「死のデッキ破壊ウイルス」
2x Bottomless Trap Hole 「奈落の落とし穴」

Copied from
3x D.D. Crow 「D.D.クロウ」

3x Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror 「暗闇を吸い込むマジック・ミラー」
3x Malevolent Catastrophe 「邪神の大災害」
3x Royal Decree 「王宮のお触れ」
3x Mirror of Curse Words 「呪言の鏡」

1x Mist Wurm 「ミスト・ウォーム」
1x Red Daemon's Dragon 「レッド・デーモンズ・ドラゴン」
1x Gigantech Fighter 「ギガンテック・ファイター」
1x Mental Sphere Daemon 「メンタルスフィア・デーモン」
1x Dark End Dragon 「ダークエンド・ドラゴン」
1x Stardust Dragon 「スターダスト・ドラゴン」
2x Dark Dive Bomber 「ダーク・ダイブ・ボンバー」
1x Black Rose Dragon 「ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン」
1x Goyou Guardian 「ゴヨウ・ガーディアン」
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary 「氷結界の龍 ブリューナク」
1x Magical Android 「マジカル・アンドロイド」
1x Natural Beast 「ナチュル・ビースト」
1x Ally Of Justice Catastor 「A・O・J カタストル」

1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 「キメラテック・フォートレス・ドラゴン」
undead (guest) - 2009/06/23 20:55

why are undead topping and they are all the same deck!

OmegaBlack (guest) - 2009/06/23 22:20

why is zombies toping?? i thought zombies was dead ,unplayable after the format change O_O???
Fyga - 2009/06/23 23:22

By default they use cards other decks have to put effort into stopping & the format change helped free space up for stuff like Goku En, Gales, etc.

They lost speed for consistency & could take hits better now
OmegaBlack (guest) - 2009/06/24 03:00

Fyga r u a OCG player or TCG player?? im just asking

Higakugun (guest) - 2009/06/24 03:07

I have to agree with Fyga, the limiting of certain cards hav opened slots for more synchro summoning and defensive capabilities. Most often wen a zombies deck is backd against the corner the dech then starts to fail. But the openings creat new room for adding either Synchronization, Draw Power, Defensive rebounds, etc. based on the players best interest. So im not surprised its still up there from time to time.
curious george (guest) - 2009/06/25 03:38

im a tcg player and i dont get why this deck keep winning, it dont have draw power the synchros are slow (gale) i dont get it
Jaid (guest) - 2009/06/25 07:42

It wins because other deck in meta wait for game swings, and this takes advantage and gets around well. Good player too.
Fyga - 2009/06/25 12:10

@OmegaBlack: No probs in asking; real life is TCG, but once in a while I toy w/ one of my YVD accounts to play OCG online

@curious george: No draw power is true, but in this format they act like a toolbox deck so it's not needed if their cards are meant to last. Gales aren't fast to draw, but fast to use, since Zombies revive for Synchro materials easily. And never forget, Gale alone is a tank.
curious george (guest) - 2009/06/25 23:44

@Fyga: really?...i have a zombie deck that looks alot like this one...and against bf/bw and synchro cat is really hard, even ls is lil bit hard, maybe i should try this build lol! btw is not better psychs than gale, i mean 1 gale is ok but 3?
Fyga - 2009/06/26 07:00

@curious george: I can't/won't say I'm right =P just offering points, it's doing something right if it gets 1st more than once.
Psy vs. Gale is preference. Krebons in Zombies, he just sits there like some cheerleading pansy; only useful when Synching. Commander is both off/def, but he never stays a threat. Gale can take out any 2600 or less, or threaten to do so. He puts pressure on the opponent by himself, others don't do that alone. When've you ever been scared of 1 Kreb or Command sitting on the field w/ set S/T's? The S/T's scare you more, but w/ Gale, all might scare you. Zombies like that, playing aggro--you're not supposed to give your opp. a break; 3 means consistency.
Ponyo (guest) - 2009/07/10 23:44

Ressurrected Demon Hades

Why does he have the above card in his extra deck? how does it help him maybe im missing something?

Fyga - 2009/07/11 08:39

A trick-play ruling involving Ha Des (Ruler & Revived) is that any Effect monster destroyed & sent to the grave (or Removed from Play if D. Fissure/Macro are face-up; which yes affects DD Survivor & Scout Plane's effects) won't get any effects until it leaves & returns to the grave/removed w/o being destroyed under Ha Des' effect. Basically, you can think of them like Normal monsters.
i.e. Ha Des destroying Treeborn Frog means Frog won't get his effect ever, until he leaves the grave (to hand/deck/removed/whatever) & gets back to the grave w/o being destroyed while the same effect is there.

So, he lets all your Zombies stop Flip Effects & effects like Warrior Lady or Tomato/Turtle/etc., but he also stops Mezuki/Necro Gardna/Plaguespreader/Shining G/you get the idea; if you summon him at the right time he helps stop game-breaking cards.
Ponyo (guest) - 2009/07/12 07:50


How does doom kaiser help him tho? and can you elaborate on the trick-ruling regarding hades? a scenario maybe?

Fyga - 2009/07/12 08:21

Haha, sorry I'm about to write so much. You said elaborate =)

Kaiser's easier to explain, it's there just in case you need it. Whether it's Lightsworn running Plaguespreader or you're facing another Zombie DAD deck you can get 2 monsters w/ 1 (or another Synchro in Plague's example). I think it's there because Zombie DAD is very common in these tournaments.

& I call Hades a trick play ruling because it's not one everyone knows & it's also amazing when the situation comes up. Of course you should already know any Flip Effect monster or monsters that activates when sent to the grave by battle like Pyramid Turtle are negated, but there's more. Anything Hades or Zombies destroy while Hades is face-up loses its effect COMPLETELY, until it finds a way to leave and get sent back to the grave again without Hades' influence.

Scenario: you have a Hades & Zombie Master while your opponent has Mezuki & a set Necro Gardna (he's running Necro DAD). Zombie Master attacks the facedown Necro, then Hades attacks Mezuki. Your opponent wants to use Necro Garda to negate the attack but can't, because it was destroyed by a Zombie while Hades was face-up. Mezuki is destroyed. You end, your opponent starts his turn. He wants to use Mezuki to revive a Zombie in his graveyard but can't because he was destroyed by a Zombie while Hades was face-up.

That's how it goes with all Effect monsters destroyed while Hades is in effect, even D.D. Survivor or D.D. Scout Plane; even if they are destroyed & removed from play while Macro Cosmos is face-up, Hades doesn't care which pile they end up in and still negates them.

That's why he's worth playing if you want to be prepared. Mezuki, Necro Gardna, Black Shining G, Plaguespreader Zombie, Destiny Hero - Malicious, all Flip Effect monsters, and all "sent to the graveyard" monsters like Mystic Tomato or Goblin Zombie get wrecked. The ones I listed are seen a lot today

The only way the monsters get their effects back is if they leave the pile they were destroyed and sent to, and go back in a different way. Using the example above for a scenario, your opponent can't use Necro Gardna unless he removed it from the grave with an effect like Dark Armed Dragon's & sent it back using Burial from a Different Dimension.
Ponyo (guest) - 2009/07/12 15:42

That rule is official tho right? is it different for the tcg?

Fyga - 2009/07/12 21:07

For more info, check Dark Ruler Ha Des

Dark Ruler Ha Des has had that ruling for a years in both TCG & OCG, you can search a site like for the ruling.
Revived King Ha Des has the exact same effect but it says "Zombie" instead of "Fiend," so he has the exact same rulings applied.

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