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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duelist Pack - Yusei 2

//* Updated by Danieru Lynx (17/10/09). *//

- Last Rare added, which renders this list complete!

Duelist Pack -Yusei 2 - 「遊戯王ファイブディーズOCG デュエリストパック -遊星編2-」

Release: 17th October 2009
Price: 150 Yen per Pack
15 Packs per Box
5 cards per Pack + Strategy Guide

- Includes cards used by Yusei Fudo
- Includes new cards

Rarity list:

Ultra Rare Cards

DP09-JP013 Gauntlet Warrior
DP09-JP016 Junk Archer

Super Rare Cards (4)

DP09-JP001 Stardust Dragon/Buster
DP09-JP014 Eccentric Boy
DP09-JP029 Forced Termination
DP09-JP030 Tuner's Barrier

Rare Cards (7)

DP09-JP002 Road Synchron
DP09-JP003 Turret Warrior
DP09-JP006 Rockstone Warrior
DP09-JP009 Max Warrior
DP09-JP015 Road Warrior
DP09-JP018 One for One
DP09-JP026 Skill Successor

Stardust Dragon/Buster 「スターダスト・ドラゴン/バスター」
Super Rare

Road Synchron 「ロード・シンクロン」

Turret Warrior 「ターレット・ウォリアー」

Debris Dragon 「デブリ・ドラゴン」

Hyper Synchron 「ハイパー・シンクロン」

Rockstone Warrior 「ロックストーン・ウォリアー」

Level Warrior 「レベル・ウォリアー」

Saver Dragon 「救世竜 セイヴァー・ドラゴン」

Max Warrior 「マックス・ウォリアー」

Quick Synchron 「クイック・シンクロン」

Level Stealer 「レベル・スティーラー」

Zero Gardna 「ゼロ・ガードナー」

Gauntlet Warrior 「ガントレット・ウォリアー」
Activate by Releasing this card. All face-up Warrior-Type monster you control gain 500 ATK and DEF until the end of the next Damage Step they battle. This effect can also be activated during your opponent's turn.
Ultra Rare

Eccentric Boy 「エキセントリック・ボーイ」
WIND/Spellcaster - Tuner/3/800/200
If this card is used as Synchro Material, the other Synchro Material monster must be 1 monster from your hand. A Synchro monster summoned with this card as Synchro Material cannot activate its effect(s) and has them negated, and when it is removed from the field, it is removed from play.
Super Rare

Road Warrior 「ロード・ウォリアー」

Junk Archer 「ジャンク・アーチャー」
EARTH/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/7/2300/2000
"Junk Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn, activate by selecting 1 monster your opponent controls. Remove it from play. It is returned to your opponent's side of the field in the same battle position during the End Phase of this turn.
Ultra Rare

Prevent Star 「プリベント・スター」

One for One 「ワン・フォー・ワン」

Restraint Release Wave 「拘束解放波」

Silver Wings 「白銀の翼」

Advance Draw 「アドバンスドロー」

Buster Mode 「バスター・モード」

Spirit Force 「スピリット・フォース」

Lost Star Descent 「ロスト・スター・ディセント」

Miracle Locus 「奇跡の軌跡」

Skill Successor 「スキル・サクセサー」

Truth Reinforce 「トゥルース・リインフォース」

Slip Summon 「スリップ・サモン」

Forced Termination 「強制終了」
Continuous Trap Card
By sending 1 other card you control to the Graveyard, end the Battle Phase of this turn. This effect can only be activated during the Battle Phase.
Super Rare

Tuner's Barrier 「チューナーズ バリア」
Normal Trap Card
Activate by selecting 1 face-up Tuner you control. Until the End Phase of the next turn, it cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects.
Super Rare
Kotori - 2009/06/22 09:54

Duelist Pack - Yusei 2

Hmmm..Another Yusei Pack..there goes my hope for a Crow Pack ):

But still, maybe there will be rare Turret Warrior and hope tis pack got Quick Synchron and the new Synchro monster, Junk Archer.

blah (guest) - 2009/06/22 10:07

might be

junk archer might be a confirm
DarkAngelRocket (guest) - 2009/06/22 17:46

Duelist Pack- Yusei 2

Do not fret- they released the Judai 2 Pack along with the Edo Pack and the Hell Kaiser Ryo Pack.
Of course, if they were to mention other character packs, they probably would have done so at this moment. So, yeah, just another Yusei pack, no Crow pack, no Jack pack (not like he has any good monsters anyway), no Aki pack.
Scion of the Flame (guest) - 2009/06/22 11:24

I noticed it said "new cards" not "5 New cards. Odd.

I was at least expecting a Jack Atlas pack accompanying this. Or perhaps Lua. They are the only two with enough of their decks released to be able to have a pack. Lua just barely has enough of his deck. Then again, they've released freakin billion Morphtronics/Deformers monsters and support that he has yet to even use in the show.

DarkSigner (guest) - 2009/06/22 12:31

Well, Jack and Aki may get their cards in boosters so they don't need Duelist Packs if those cards get released. Interesting is that we see New cards instead of ,,5 new cards,, .So we may get more than 5, similar as happened with Johan/Judai 3 DPs.Junk Archer will probably be here, from Spells we may get Battle Waltz ( since it is not confirmed for SOVR, unfortunately) .Also reprints of Road Synchron/Warrior.

Anonymous (guest) - 2009/06/22 12:55

Savior Star Dragon super rare rarity FTW!
Crow (guest) - 2009/06/22 16:37

No Crow DP :s

Sh*t! Another Yusei DP *angry*
I was hoping for Crow DP (because his cards are tournament level...)

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/06/22 20:33

But does he even have enough cards released already to fill a 30 card pack?
Crow (guest) - 2009/06/22 21:12

I think he has... + the 5 new cards... :)
Rex (guest) - 2009/06/22 21:16

Why No crow pack

Becaus his not a main character. (only a secundary main)

we got Duelist pack 1 and 2 frist right? (Judai 1 - Manjyome)

The main characther and hes rival.

So if we got a new duelist pack (except yusei pack) we got a jack pack first...
Then crow or aki and a other yusei XD
Ben Tisdall (guest) - 2009/07/24 15:48

Crow tin

I saw in an official magazine that crow will have a tin coming out some time this year or next year, but it is still waiting to be confirmed >_<
lecter (guest) - 2009/06/22 23:18

ups canera


Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/06/23 07:10

Crow has about 24 cards. If they were going to choose another duelist they'd choose with around 35-40 cards at least. They don't want you being able to collect ALL the character's cards in one place. That's not very strategic at all. Why you think the DP has only 30 cards instead of 40(enough for a deck).

RedEyesFan - 2009/06/23 07:14


u know why the DP only have 30 and not 40?

one of those Strategy Guide is a cardlist,
and making it into 40 will make the names on the card list unreadable.

i wonder if SDD/Buster is in here.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/06/23 19:28

Not that it hasn't been said but...

Here's to hoping DP10 and 11 are Jack Atlus and Crow.

Not that there isn't still stuff I want from Yusei. I'm dying to get Quick Synchron.

Reprcator (guest) - 2009/06/25 02:57

too bad there sin't any crow or jack packs. i was still thinking that the next duelist pack released will be jack since it was judai then manjoume. if the only reason that there isn't any of those pack is because there aren't enough cards to make the booster, then why cant they make some new cards that haven't been released on show and show them later?

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/06/26 07:26

Konami doesn't think about catering to the desires of the fans. They think about how best to get you to go out and by all their stuff. They don't want you to be able to get it all in one place.

P.S. Jack has about enough cards. So does Lua. Aki should have enough cards by next year.
HalfDemonInuyasha (guest) - 2009/07/17 22:47


Well, the main concern for Crow is that ALL of his monsters have been made and are/will be released, so he'd have to use some brand new stuff to fill up a monster slot(s) for at least a cover monster. Magic and Trap Cards don't seem to be too huge a problem though.

Same with Rua; would need new monsters, but has enough Magic and Trap Cards to fill up those slots.

Aki has (just) enough though; Black Rose Witch and Rose Fairy for monsters, Closed Plant Gate and Shining Rebirth for Magic, and Rose Flame, Curse of Rose, Cursed Ivy, Synchro Back, Dimensional Return, Death Petal Countdown, Phantom Destruction, Rose Blizzard, Ground Capture, and Reflect Nature for Traps.

And they can't just make up stuff to fill in slots that just so happen to work with the character. Duelist Packs are pretty much ALL cards used by that character in the anime at one point.
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/07/19 11:21

Aki's got currently 39 cards in her deck + 1 Synchro monster. I'm always game for seeing her duel. There's not really been a duel yet of hers that I haven't found interesting. It's clear her deck runs a mainly "rose" archtypal theme (she's got alot a cards with rose in the name) but with Phoenixian and Ivy running second stream I'm really curious what other seeds she's snuck into that lil' black garden of hers.

I'm a bit frustrated with Rua. He's got monsters IRL that he hasn't even played yet in anime! We could have used that space for cards that actually existed in anime. . .

Crow's dueling again next week. . .
TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/07/16 17:07

Duelist Pack Yusei 2

Junk Archer and Forced Termination yes! FTW

Zero (guest) - 2009/07/20 22:10


I knew we were gonna get Junk Archer but forceful stop yes those 2 are awesome

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/07/21 02:02

[why is my Captcha word 'rots'?]
Any ideas as to the other new cards-presumably 3- might be?

Since These 2 are from his last ssn2 battle, others from there would be:
Riding Rush
Joint Future
Synchro Baton

But considering all 3 are traps I suspect one might be spell card from his duel against Rudger:
Battle Waltz

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/07/21 02:08


Althou it could be more like:
Junk Archer
Half Shut
Riding Rush[insert any other Yusei trap here]
Forced Termination

And Battle Waltz could be left for 607 set along with Harmony's Treasure and Variety Out. Since those are all of Yusei's spells altogether that haven't been printed.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/07/22 18:49

And with the text confirmed...

... let the spamming of Forced Termination and Black Ptera in stall decks BEGIN.. as well as the whining of people about stall YET AGAIN which will lead to Termination's restriction just on principle (though DD Borderline did escape that, so who knows).

SynjoDeonecros (guest) - 2009/07/23 01:44

D.D. Borderline might have escaped the list, but the card that clinched its use - The Transmigration Prophecy - didn't.
DarkSigner (guest) - 2009/08/14 21:36

It looks like this is gonna be amazing pack! XD
Can anyone tell me the effects of Gauntlet Warrior and Eccentric Boy? I heard their pics are in V-Jump.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/08/15 00:34

Yusei Duelist Pack 2

They're giving Yusei Eccentric Boy in this pack? WTF?
Thought that was Sly's signature card- ah well, we knew he won't last...

Gauntlet Warrior is an Ultra Rare... Wonder what his effect will be? And what is the fifth of the new cards?

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2009/08/15 20:02


I could see them both being the same as the anime;

Gauntlet Warrior
By Tributing this card, increase the ATK and DEF strength of all face-up Warrior-Type monsters you control by 500 points until the end of the Damage Step of their next battle.

Eccentric Boy (Tuner)
When this card is used as a Synchro Material Monster, the other Synchro Material Monster must be 1 monster from your hand. The Synchro Summoned monster that uses this card as a Synchro Material Monster cannot activate its effect(s) and when it is removed from the field, it is removed from play.

...after all, Junk Archer and Forced Termination were too. As for the 5th card, I wouldn't be surprised if it's yet another Trap Card...unless, by some miracle, we get Tuning without being nerfed, lol.
Forrenz - 2009/08/16 02:53


'Eccentric Boy' isn't even Yusei's card; It is Sly's...
RiverShock - 2009/08/16 08:16

Duelist Packs tend to be able to contain any card that's been in someone's posession. Remember, Jaden 3 and Jesse had cards they used while not really themselves, especially Jesse. Yusei 1 also had Turbo Booster. ;p
Chewydog - 2009/08/17 05:45

2 cards up next

forced termination(BAN) or limited
junk archer gives us a new chance to ban another card and a major blow to the synchrons again

DarkSigner (guest) - 2009/08/17 19:13

Lol why would be Forced Termination and Junk Archer would be Limited/Banned?
Those are completely balanced! :D

Chewydog - 2009/08/18 03:49


the reason for limiting/banning would be:

forced termintation kill the battle phase and could be used for stalling as well as exodia stall. this card could even stop the entire duel if exodias in the deck with in it and would have exodia win after about 20 turns or so

junk archer remove a monster from play and could posibly level the field with 2 out and could create an OTK synchro deck and would probly make it to regionals win then get drop for it effect and deck status

thats why .

sincerly Yubel
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2009/08/19 04:00


Forced Termination's only evil use is with Black Ptera. Otherwise, you keep removing your field for stalling the Battle Phase and you won't have infinite cards to keep using it with besides Black Ptera.

And trying to use Exodia as an excuse? Nowhere NEAR good enough.

You also seem to completely forget the fact that it's still a Continuous Trap Card. Even with stuff like Customs of the Imperial Court, it's STILL quite easy to remove from the field or you could simply use Trap Stun, Royal Decree, or Seal of Crushing Evil to negate its effect. Heck, even try using Jinzo again and whatnot.

The chances of it lasting several, much less 20 turns is EXTREMELY small.

And Junk Archer...nothing about it is worth restricting/banning it...

1.) It specifically requires Junk Synchron.

Unless effects are obviously very broken (which Archer is NOT), are used in very broken ways (which Archer can't that we know of besides basic removal), and/or are very easy to get out, then chances of such things being restricted or forbidden are small.

Otherwise, I'm sure something like Poisonous Snake Lord - Venominaga would've been banned LONG ago; extremely easy to get out, cannot be targeted, unaffected by ALL card effects, capable of easily being 4000+ ATK upon hitting the field, AND an instant win for simply doing Battle Damage 3 times. Not to mention the only methods of really getting rid of it are never really used (Lava Golem, Volcanic Queen, Fiend Comedian, etc) and chances of it dying in battle are extremely slim (and it'll revive itself anyway). So you either win from its effect or just by hitting the opponent that turn.

2.) You'll always be stuck with either a Level 3 or Level 5 (Quick Synchon) for the Levels all the time. No way around them, so you'll have to fix Decks to work most likely. Chances of getting 2 or even 3 out easily without a Deck being geared towards getting specifically Junk Archer out are small.

3.) The effect is only once per turn, so unless you DO get out 2+ in 1 turn (which will most likely waste resources), you're only removing 1 monster that turn. Chances are that Archer will die on the opponent's turn.

4.) The opponent gets back that monster at the end of the turn. (So the opponent could use Forced Termination, Threatening Roar, etc and the effect will be for naught.)

5.) It still only has 2300 ATK itself just like Junk Warrior. At least Junk Warrior could easily get over 6000 ATK with its own effect with 1 pretty easy combo.

...there are much easier/faster/more devastating/liberal/etc Synchro-based OTKs out there than Junk Archer (like, I dunno, DARK DIVE BOMBER which itself got banned).

It's really just a slight variation on Chaos Sorcerer (removes any of the opponent's monsters and not just face-up and it can still attack, but the opponent gets back that monster and it requires more work to get out) and that got bumped to 2. Won't be surprised if it becomes unrestricted next list since hardly anyone has REALLY been using it.
Anonymous (guest) - 2009/08/18 13:27

Reprint of Stardust Dragon?

Wow they are going to reprint another copy of stardust? ..

RedEyesFan - 2009/08/18 15:23

that will be madness,

but letz check about the main characters:
Yugi-cards that have multiple alt. art
Judai-infinite amount of HEROs
Yusei-probably having his main card in multiple rarity?(HGR,UtR,UR,SR,R)?
TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/08/18 17:09

Stardust Dragon

I'll lmao if Stardust happens to be reprinted in this set, but it makes sense. At least two of the main strategies this pack covers includes Stardust: Buster and Savior. Hopefully it is.
And yes, Gauntlet Warrior and Eccentric Boy keep the same effects as in the anime.

DarkSigner (guest) - 2009/08/18 21:50

Will e.g Stardust Dragon be able to activate it's effect when it is summoned with effect of Eccentric Boy?

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/08/18 23:51

Re: DarkSigner

Nope, the effect of Eccentric Boy negates the effect(s) of any Synchro Monster that was Synchro Summoned with this card.
Even if Stardust Dragon is destroyed, it is removed from play instead of being sent to the Graveyard.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2009/08/19 21:22


It's basically, at least from wording, like if you Special Summon a LV monster with Level Tuning/"Modulation". Any Ignition or Trigger Effects of the Synchro Summoned monster could not be activated (willingly or mandatory) and any Continuous Effects one may have will also be negated.
SynjoDeonecros - 2009/08/21 19:16

I see Eccentric Boy being the new Vayu/X-Saber Airbellum; it's got the same perks as Vayu, but is easier to use and can bring out a wider variety of Synchros than Vayu can. Plus, the monster brought out with it is considered properly Synchro Summoned, unlike Vayu. Plus, it would be impossible for the opponent to anticipate what monster you're summoning out with it, as the opponent won't know what monsters are in your hand that you can use it with until it's time for the summoning. Just imagine this scenario: you're down to your last 100 LP, the opponent has ended his turn with a bevvy of monsters ready to nail you next round. You only have Eccentric Boy in your hand. You draw, get a level 2, 3, 4 or 5 monster in your hand, slap down Eccentric Boy, use his effect, and BAM! Instant Goyo Guardian, Brionac, Light End Dragon, etc. True, its effects will be negated, but as long as you can keep the opponent at bay for a turn, you can remove it from play temporarily or flip it face-down to reset it and bring it back to full health. It's the perfect Synchro Surprise card.

Akira (guest) - 2009/08/22 17:12

Well, yes this is nice Synchro Surpirse card but doesn't it say 1 OTHER MONSTER? Then you can use ONLY 1 monster form your hand.

SynjoDeonecros - 2009/08/23 00:04

And exactly how many Synchro monsters out there that people play in tournaments NEED more than 1 non-Tuner monster to bring out? Isn't that why Synchro builds are so popular in tournaments, nowadays? Because the most popular Synchro monsters played nowadays don't NEED more than 1 Tuner and 1 Non-Tuner monster to bring out? Isn't that why Rescue Cat Tuner such a major Synchro Build variation? Because most of the popular Synchros out there are level 5 or 6, and 1 Rescue Cat can bring out all the Synchro Materials you need to bring them out?

What's so great about Eccentric Boy, is that not only can you use it to Synchro Summon a monster when it's the only monster on the field and you can't use Rescue Cat or something, but because it's a level 3 monster and takes the non-Tuner monster from your hand, you can get out ANY Synchro Monster you want from level 5 to level 8 automatically. Why? Because right now, level 2 and 3 Beasts are in everyone's deck for easy Synchro with Rescue Cat and Summon Priest, which are both level 4, and people are STILL using Cyber Dragon/Vice Dragon/The Tricky for an easy level 5 summon, meaning all you need to do is slip Eccentric Boy into ANY Synchro deck currently being played, and bam! They have all the tools they need to bring otu nearly ANY of their existing Synchro monsters with him as a back up to Rescue Cat or Emergency Teleport or Plagespreader Zombie Return; the only Synchro monsters you CAN'T bring out with it are the ones that need a specific Tuner monster, but considering most of the Synchros used in tournaments nowadays don't have that restriction, that's not a problem. Don't you see? Synchro decks DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE AT ALL with the advent of this card; in fact, I daresay that they've become even MORE ludicrously powerful because of this, because you can splash it in virtually ANY tournament Synchro deck, and it won't change the flow of it one iota.

I see this card being hit and hit hard by the next restriction list when it comes out, maybe even getting an emergency restriction put on it, for how far and above crazy they make Synchro builds. Trust me on this, I know what I'm talking about, here; I made a similar claim when DAD was limited, saying it won't change its use in tournament decks at all, despite people decrying it as the end of DAD-Synchro, and look who turned out to be correct.
DarkSigner (guest) - 2009/08/23 21:33

To DarkAngelRocket, HalfDemonlyasha and Synjo Decroneos

Thank you guys for explanations! :D Your point is taken!
So Stardust's negating effect WON'T activate becuase of Eccentric Boy's effect? I thought it would be Cost vs. Effect thing, but it's okay.
We have yet to see how much this little Boy will impact the metagame.
It is really a fun card, and opens up lot of combos just as amazing Synchro Surprise as you said, and to easy Synchroing.
Altough really I wouldn't like this card follows steps of Gale, Carrier and Rescue Cat.
Good thing they added ''this card can only be used as Synchro Material Monster of Synchro that lists Synchron Monster'' to Quick Synchron becuase it would be really abusable.
This card is really balanced (unlike Rescue Cat's summonings) and at same time really promisable and I don't see too much reasons to hit it, at least to put it on Limited list with other abusable Tuners.
I admit, this Boy has lot of potential and sure thing is that will be used.
And Gauntlet Warrior? 500 boost for 2 turns seems nice. maybe in Six Samurai+Unity of Family Decks?

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2009/08/27 04:33


Despite POTENTIAL use, as mentioned, Eccentric Boy is actually quite balanced overall.

1.) It basically restricts Synchro Summoning to 2 monsters; itself + 1 non-Tuner. As said, though, a lot of Synchro Monsters, unless forced to, tend to do that anyway unless it requires a specific Tuner.

2.) However, the big downside that GREATLY balances such easy Synchro Summoning is, as the effect says, prevention of ANY effect use; Ignition, Trigger, or Continuous, so even if you COULD pay the cost to do something, you can't try to activate it regardless. Similar to why you can't even attempt to Special Summon while monsters like Vanity Devil, Jowgen, Pachycephalo, etc are face-up on the field, even if they themselves would be Tributed/sent to the Graveyard/removed from play anyway by the time the resulting monster would hit the field.

Sure, it's easy to say you can flip it face-down, remove it from the field temporarily, etc, but considering your opponent will already know by then what the Synchro is, it's not that huge a "surprise" factor anymore aside from the initial Synchro Summon. As said, we'll need to wait and see after the DP actually comes out, but I don't really see it as something you can/should just mindlessly throw into Decks that can Synchro Summon somehow.

However, one big Decktype it really helps are those that utilize "/Buster" monsters. Quickly Synchro Summon the monster, then Tribute it for Buster Mode and get the /Buster form out from the Deck and STILL be able to Special Summon that Synchro back when the /Buster is destroyed. So Stardust Dragon/Buster and others have another huge supporter there. This would make the Effect-prevention downside meaningless.

Gauntlet Warrior will definitely see use in some Decks. Easily searchable at 400 ATK (Reinforcement of the Army, Giant Rat, Warrior Lady of the Wasteland, Damage Condenser, etc), easily Special Summonable (Call of the Haunted, Limit Reverse, Gigantech Fighter, etc), doesn't need to go to any specific location to work (just make sure you can Tribute. Then again, Mask of Restrict and King Mist aren't exactly used), 500 ATK can sometimes usually be enough to turn the tide of strength, can be used during your opponent's turn so it can make them a little more cautious to attack unless they're guaranteed to win despite the ATK gain, and can be used during the Damage Step (sadly, not damage calculation unless they make a ruling).

Of course, there's other small bits like removal fodder for The Rock Spirit or Gigantes and whatnot, lol.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/09/17 10:20

Eccentric Boy also combos well with Synchro Change

Why? Because if you're going to bother using Book of Moon or something anyway, you can use Synchro Change to get out those Synchros that had more notorious conditions.

For example: One-Hundred Eyes Dragon.

Synchro Change will circumvent the conditions and Book of Moon or an RFG card like Matter Transporter (as the "Changed" Synchro won't be under the effect of Eccentric Boy) will be all you need to get your fully powered Synchro back.

Yes, Synchro Change actually has a use.

Kotori - 2009/10/16 09:56

DP09 Checklist

The last unknown rarity is DP09-JP018 One For One [Rare]

naviassasin (guest) - 2009/10/16 17:40

Final Unknown Rare

Dear Shriek,

The final unknown rare is One for One

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