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Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Starter Deck 2014

「遊戯王OCG スターターデッキ2014」
Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Starter Deck 2014

Release: 21st March 2014
Price: 1260 Yen (incl. tax)

1 Preconstructed Deck (40 cards in total, 14 new cards)
1 Starter Deck Power-Up Pack (5 cards per pack; 8 cards in total, 1 new card that is included in each pack)
1 Rule book
1 Starter guide
1 Duel Field
Download Code for 3DS "OCG Teaching Software"

- 9th Starter Deck for beginners.
- Easy-to-understand cards allow to start dueling right away.
- The Power-Up Pack can be used by beginners to try out deck construction.
- Includes a download code for the 3DS "OCG Teaching Software" for easy learning of the rules.
- Rule Book is divided in three parts for beginners, intermediate and advanced players
- Includes new as well as many useful cards.

Pendulum Summon

- There is a 'Pendulum Zone' on each side of the field, a blue on the left and a red on the right. (The two Pendulum Zones are between the Extra Deck and Field Magic Card and the Deck and Graveyard respectively.)
- Pendulum Monster are depicted with a blue and red 'Scale' and numbers on the sides.
- You can activate it like a Magic Card by placing it face-up in the Pendulum Zone, and if you do it is treated as Magic Card afterwards (it can be destroyed by cards that destroys Magic Cards, like Mystical Space Typhoon).
- If a Pendulum Monster would be sent from the field to the Graveyard, it is added to the Extra Deck face-up instead.
- Once per turn, when you have a Pendulum Monster in each Pendulum Zone, you can Special Summon as many Monster as you like from your hand with a Level between the numerical value of the Pendulum Monster's Scales in the Pendelum Zone. Or you can Special Summon any number of Pendulum Monsters added to the Extra Deck with a Level between the numerical value of the Pendulum Monster's Scales.

ST14-JP009 Astromancy Magician 「星読みの魔術師」
DARK/Spellcaster - Pendulum/5/1200/2400
①: Once per turn, you can activate this effect when exactly 1 Pendulum Monster is returned to your hand by your opponent's card effect. Special Summon 1 Monster with the same name from your hand.
Pendulum Effect:
Blue 1 / Red 1
①: If a Pendulum Monster you control battles, your opponent cannot activate Magic Cards until the end of the Damage Step. ②: If there isn't another "Magician" or "Odd-Eyes" Card in your Pendulum Zone, this card's Pendulum Scale becomes 4.
ST14-JP009 Astromancy Magician

ST14-JP010 Chronomancy Magician 「時読みの魔術師」
DARK/Spellcaster - Pendulum/3/1200/600
①: While this card is in a Monster Card Zone, once per turn, cards in your Pendulum Zone cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects.
Pendulum Effect:
Blue 8 / Red 8
You can activate this card if you control no Monster. ①: If a Pendulum Monster you control battles, your opponent cannot activate Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. ②: If there isn't another "Magician" or "Odd-Eyes" Card in your Pendulum Zone, this card's Pendulum Scale becomes 4.
ST14-JP010 Chronomancy Magician

ST14-JP011 Wicked Holy Dragon - Etherweapon 「魔装聖龍 イーサルウェポン」
LIGHT/Dragon - Effect/6/2300/1600
You can use the effect of "Wicked Holy Dragon - Etherweapon" only once per turn. ①: When this card is successfully Pendulum Summoned, you can activate this effect by targeting 1 card on the field. Return that card to its owner's hand.
ST14-JP011 Wicked Holy Dragon - Etherweapon

ST14-JP012 Wicked Soldier Vandra 「魔装戦士 ヴァンドラ」
WIND/Warrior - Effect/5/2000/800
①: This card can attack directly. ②: If this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can activate this effect by targeting 1 Dragon-Type, Warrior-Type or Spellcaster-Type Normal Monster in your Graveyard. Add that Monster to your hand.
ST14-JP012 Wicked Soldier Vandra

Wicked Soldier Arnis 「魔装戦士 アルニス」
FIRE/Warrior - Effect/4/1700/1200
①: Activate this effect when this card is destroyed by an attacking opponent's Monster and sent to the Graveyard. Special Summon 1 Spellcaster-Type Monster with 1500 ATK in face-up Attack Position from your Deck.
ST14-JP013 Wicked Soldier Arnis

ST14-JP014 Wicked Soldier Terriger 「魔装戦士 テライガー」
EARTH/Warrior - Effect/4/1800/1200
①: You can activate this effect when this card is successfully Normal Summoned. Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Normal Monster from your hand in Defense Position.
ST14-JP014 Wicked Soldier Terriger

ST14-JP016 Yellow Dragon Summoner 「黄龍の召喚士」
LIGHT/Spellcaster - Effect/4/1000/1000
The effect of "Yellow Dragon Summoner" can only be used once per turn. ①: You can activate this effect by Releasing 1 Monster you control, and targeting 1 Monster on the field. Return that Monster to its owner's hand.
ST14-JP016 Yellow Dragon Summoner

ST14-JP017 Azure Dragon Summoner 「青竜の召喚士」
WIND/Spellcaster - Effect/4/1500/600
①: You can activate this effect if this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard. Add 1 Dragon-Type, Warrior-Type or Spellcaster-Type Normal Monster from your Deck to your hand.
ST14-JP017 Azure Dragon Summoner

ST14-JP018 Vermilion Bird Summoner 「朱雀の召喚士」
FIRE/Spellcaster -Effect/4/1600/1300
①: You can activate this effect when this card is destroyed by an opponent's attacking monster and sent to the Graveyard. Special Summon 1 Warrior-Type Monster with 1500 ATK or less from your Deck in Attack Position.
ST14-JP018 Vermilion Bird Summoner

ST14-JP019 White Tiger Summoner 「白虎の召喚士」
EARTH/Spellcaster - Effect/3/1000/1700
①: You can activate this effect when this card is successfully Normal Summoned. Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Normal Monster from your hand. ②: While this card is in a Monster Card Zone, Monster you control gain 100 ATK and DEF.
ST14-JP019 White Tiger Summoner

ST14-JP020 Black Tortoise Summoner 「玄武の召喚士」
WATER/Spellcaster - Effect/3/400/1500
①: If this card is flipped face-up, activate by targeing 1 Monster your opponent controls. Destroy that Monster
ST14-JP020 Black Tortoise Summoner

Supply Unit 「補給部隊」
Continuous Magic Card
①: Once per turn, you can activate this effect if a Monster you control is destroyed by battle or effect. Draw 1 card.
ST14-JP022 Supply Unit

Wicked Soldier Hydrotus 「魔装戦士 ハイドロータス」
WATER/Warrior - Flip/3/1400/(???)
①: If this card is flipped face-up, activate this effect by targeting 1 Magic or Trap Card your opponent controls. Destroy that card.
ST14-JP015 Wicked Soldier Hydrotus

Evil-Crushing Magic Wall 「破邪の魔法壁」
Field Magic Card
①: Monster you control gain 300 ATK while its your turn, and gain 300 DEF while its your opponent's turn.
ST14-JP021 Evil-Crushing Magic Wall


ST14-JP001 Eleciter-Dragon 「エレキテルドラゴン」
ST14-JP002 Sapphire-Dragon 「サファイアドラゴン」
ST14-JP003 Hound Dragon 「ハウンド・ドラゴン」
ST14-JP004 Millennium Shield 「千年の盾」
ST14-JP005 Dark Blade 「闇魔界の戦士 ダークソード」
ST14-JP006 Warrior Dai Grepher 「戦士ダイ・グレファー」
ST14-JP007 Chamberlain of the Six Samurai 「六武衆の侍従」
ST14-JP008 Mystical Elf 「ホーリー・エルフ」
ST14-JP023 Lightning Vortex 「ライトニング・ボルテックス」
ST14-JP024 Cyclone 「サイクロン」
ST14-JP025 Big Vanity Silhouette 「虚栄巨影」
ST14-JP026 Daemon's Axe 「デーモンの斧」
ST14-JP027 Lucky Iron Axe 「幸運の鉄斧」
ST14-JP028 Monster Reincarnation 「死者転生」
ST14-JP029 Dark Factory of Mass Production 「闇の量産工場」
ST14-JP030 Poison of the Old Man 「ご隠居の猛毒薬」
ST14-JP031 Trap Hole 「落とし穴」
ST14-JP032 Sakuretsu Armor 「炸裂装甲」
ST14-JP033 Raigeki Break 「サンダー・ブレイク」
ST14-JP034 Dust Tornado 「砂塵の大竜巻」
ST14-JP035 Spell of Shadows 「闇の呪縛」
ST14-JP036 A Hero Emerges 「ヒーロー見参」
ST14-JP037 Soul Resurrection 「蘇りし魂」
ST14-JP038 Jar of Greed 「強欲な瓶」
ST14-JP039 Magic Jammer 「マジック・ジャマー」
ST14-JP040 Seven Tools of the Bandit 「盗賊の七つ道具」

Power-Up Pack

ST14-JPA01 Odd-Eyes Dragon 「オッドアイズ・ドラゴン」 []
DARK/Dragon - Effect/7/2500/2000
①: Activate if this card destroys an opponent's Monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard. Inflict Damage to your opponent equal to half the original ATK of the destroyed Monster.
Ultra Rare
ST14-JPA01 Odd-Eyes Dragon

ST14-JPA02 Des Volstgalph 「デス・ヴォルストガルフ」
ST14-JPA03 Kuraz the Light Monarch 「光帝クライス」
ST14-JPA04 Injection Fairy Lily 「お注射天使リリー」
ST14-JPA05 Reinforcements 「増援」
ST14-JPA06 Dark Hole 「ブラック・ホール」
ST14-JPA07 Mirror Force 「聖なるバリア-ミラーフォース-」
ST14-JPA08 Call of the Haunted 「リビングデッドの呼び声」
Anonymous (guest) - 2013/12/11 19:20

So ends Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal. So begins Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V. Of course I will get the cards from here that belong to Yuya Sakaki. Once more, another main hero/leader character deck for me to collect.

Was Finder (guest) - 2013/12/12 18:35

RE: Anonymous (guest)

I think this is a continuation of zexal anime becuase they still haven't showed all the "Numbers" and/or their Chaos version.
Anonymous (guest) - 2013/12/12 22:15

They don't need to show all the Numbers in the anime or manga. They still made Numbers cards such as No. 18, No. 36, No. 49, No. 57, No. 74, No. 85, and No. 87 which did not appear whatsoever. They did the same thing with Elemental Hero Nova Master. It did not appear in the manga for GX, but it still came out in real life. Also, there won't be Chaos versions for all the Numbers, just the ones that play a major role in events that befall the characters. Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL is ending next March to continue the theme that began when GX ended. Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V is starting next April and every series starting with 5D's has had up to three Starter Decks. If you have seen the picture of Yuya, you will see two monsters behind him. I think that the black one will be the main card for this deck. The white one may be the main card for the next green booster pack coming up, if they both belong to Yuya that is.
Was Finder (guest) - 2014/01/14 16:10

RE: Anonymous (guest)

if ARC-V isn't Zexal continuation, then they missed couple of stories. like Asteral getting all his memorie and going back to his world or time zone, Barian Emperors, etc.
Anonymous (guest) - 2014/01/16 23:17

Astral pretty much has all his memories back except for the location of the Numeron Code. Some of the Numbers don't even contain his memories like the Legendary Numbers. He will go back to the Astral World after his duel with Yuma at the end of ZEXAL. The Barian Emperor's true memories have been shown little by little just before they die. There have been hints that Yuma is not even human. He could very well be the Numeron Code in a human form to hide itself until the right moment. Trust me they will not leave anything unanswered as they never have.
Crimson Samurai (guest) - 2014/01/18 08:02

Pendulum Summon

It's gonna be interesting on what the new Pendulum Summon means.

Arc-Fury (guest) - 2014/01/19 19:21

Could be cool!

I'm excited about this. I'm wondering if it might be a double-sided card type of thing. Magic the Gathering and Duel Masters both have double sided cards. I think it could be cool if yugioh did something like that. We'll see.
Z-ONE (guest) - 2014/02/18 01:07

Info on Pendulum Summon

My head hurts

Vartio (guest) - 2014/02/18 01:52

As I understand it...

>Each Pendulum monster has a value. IE: 1 and 8 in these situations.

>When you have 2 pendulum monsters in the zones, you can special summon any monsters you want from your hand between the two listed levels. (This is Pendulum Special summoning?)

>The monsters put into the pendulum zones are treated as Spell cards (go to the graveyard at the end of the turn?) and have special effects for while they're in the pendulum zones.

>There are Pendulum monsters you can pendulum special summon out of the extra deck.
Z-ONE (guest) - 2014/02/18 06:54

I thank you for the abridged instructions and making much more sense but still ow, my head, ow!
IvanV (guest) - 2014/02/18 01:49

now u can easy to pendulum summon and use the monster effect... and with that u can easy to xyz summon with it.. the game is moving too quick...

Joey (guest) - 2014/02/18 11:43

What the f#*k

Between adding new zones to the field, and giving monsters "scale" numbers, I feel like they might as well have stopped Yu-gi-oh! and just made a new card game out of this.

Purchase these cards (guest) - 2014/02/18 19:48

New good cards

DARK TRAP HOLE, these card will prevent massive pendulum spamming.

zak (guest) - 2014/02/22 19:23

nice one

LOL dude thats a good suggestion, forgot about this card, plus it was short print, next vanity emptiness.
godless (guest) - 2014/03/04 23:59

spell cancellor
ScionoftheFlames (guest) - 2014/02/18 22:05

Pendulum Summon

Jeezus! No wonder they needed new Teaching Software for this deck. Pendulum Summon is definitely something I'm going to need to see demonstrated before I even pick up a card. So Pendulum monsters come from your regular deck but can be thrown into your extra deck when it is destroyed? So it NEVER goes to the Graveyard? But it can still be Banished?

shichibukai - 2014/02/19 04:20

what's with the number?

1: and 2: in wicked soldier vandra? is konami just putting numbers on the card text so people will know how many effect/ability a monster has? or that number 1: and 2: has something to do on pendulum summoning?

originalpsyn (guest) - 2014/02/19 10:02


My guess would be that it's to indicate how many seperate effects the Monster (maybe spells/traps too?) has so it's not such a chore for new players to come to terms with what's activating where and when.
shichibukai - 2014/02/19 10:36

just as i thought so it means that the older monsters will also have these numbers when they get a reprint...
Miguel (guest) - 2014/02/27 17:40

It will cause an abuse with gadgets and its effects... i see future bans for the colored trio of machines :(

Miguel (guest) - 2014/03/04 23:38

Ohh, i now see, pendulum summon its only Once per turn... gadgets are saved :p
ywontuc - 2014/03/20 17:29

This deck list matches a lot with the 2006 wc begging deck. :/

WolfgangDS (guest) - 2014/03/23 07:12

I have only two questions

First: Do the Pendulum Monsters remain in the Pendulum Zones after you perform a Pendulum Summon?

Second: If a Pendulum Zone is already occupied, can I replace that card with a new Pendulum Monster like with Field Spells?

Also, captcha said, "weeed". Ha.

Johnny Smoot (guest) - 2014/03/24 02:45

no odd eyes

Looking at the deck list and doing a little research on these new cards there are odd eyes they have the same stats but one of them are the new kind of cards the two in the card say they work with that card but it isn't in the deck I thank it should be
Its the main card of the new dueless from the upcoming show they put number:39 it the first deck that had xyz monsters in them

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