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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 (PSP)

/* Updated by Danieru Lynx (23/09/09). */

- Added pics of all 52 Game Original cards.

「遊戯王5D's TAGFORCE 4」
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4

- Release Date: 17th of September 2009
- Price: 5250 yen (inc. tax)
- System: PlayStation Portable (PSP)
- Genre: Card Battle

- Uses the Official Card Game Master Rules.
- Features the main characters of 5D's.

Currently confirmed characters include Yusei Fudo (with marker + without marker), Jack Atlus, Aki Izayoi (normal + Duel Academia version), Rua, Ruka, Kyosuke Kiryu (Dark Signer + Team Satisfaction), Demak, Misty Lola (normal + Dark Signer), Carly Nagisa (normal + Dark Signer version), Demak, Rudger, Crow Hogan, Tetsu Ushio (normal + Dark Signer), Mikage Sagiri (normal + great), Rally, and 5C's members.
//'5C's members' are 5D's cosplayers that are usually featured in V-Jump to advertise new cards and Decks.
- Features 4,063 cards, including cards from Stardust Overdrive, Duel Terminal 6, and the Warriors' Strike Structure Deck.
- Features 52 more Game Original cards.
- Up to 200 Deck Recipes can be stored.
- Follows the story of the anime series closely.
- Features cinematic Summoning and attack sequences for Red Daemon's Dragon, Stardust Dragon, Earthbound God Ccapac Apu, and Earthbound God Cusillu.
- The game's loading screen features a random one of Carly's Fortune-Telling Witches.

- UMD recognition with Tag Force 3 unlocks Great God Soldier of Obelisk, Blue-Eyes White Dragon (YAP1 Ver.), Miracle Contact, and Cabrera Stone for use, and Kyosuke Kiryu (Team Satisfaction) as an opponent.

- UMD recognition with Tag Force 2 unlocks Sky Dragon of Osiris, Power Wall, Black Magician (YAP1 Ver.), Black Magician Girl (YAP1 Ver.), and Ashoka Pillar for use, and Aki Izayoi (Duel Academia version) as an opponent.

- UMD recognition with Tag Force unlocks Winged Dragon of Ra, Crystal Skull, Philosopher's Stone - Sabatiel, Red-Eyes Black Dragon (YAP1 Ver.),Jinzo (YAP1 Ver.) for use.

- UMD recognition with all previous Tag Force games unlocks Triangle - O for use.

- Click the following links to reach the corresponding pages:
Warm Worm 「ウォーム・ワーム」
FIRE/Insect - Effect/3/600/1400
If this card is destroyed, send the top 3 cards of your opponent's Deck to the Graveyard.
Ultra Rare

Worm Bait 「ワーム・ベイト」
Normal Magic Card
Activate only if you control a face-up Insect-Type monster. Special Summon 2 "Worm Tokens" (Insect-Type/EARTH/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0). During the turn in which this card is activated, you cannot Normal or Special Summon any Level 3 or 4 monsters.
Ultra Rare

Regret Reborn 「リグレット・リボーン」
Normal Trap Card
Activate when a monster you control is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard. Special Summon it in face-up Defense Position. It is destroyed during your End Phase.
Ultra Rare
FudoYusei (guest) - 2009/05/18 09:59

Wow !!

Wow , yugioh 5D's tag force 4 ... hope the promo cards and game will be great !!

dani (guest) - 2009/05/28 07:08


it is coming in english
Kaiser (guest) - 2009/05/18 17:40

cartas del anime al juego

seguramente como en los otros tag force saldran cartas ke unikas del juego, aqui les dejo la lista (los mas seguros son los dark tuner y synchro)
Dark Tuner Spider Cocoon
Dark Tuner Dark Ape
Dark Tuner Catastrogue
Dark Tuner Death Submarine
Dark Tuner Nightmare Hand
Dark Flat Top
Monkey King Zeman
Freezing Fitzgerald
Jet-Black Zumwald
One-Hundred Eye Dragon
Underground Arachne
Dark Spider
Spider Web Field (si es ke no sale en stardust overdrive)
Fighter's Ape
Magician's Ape

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/05/18 18:24


A Tag Force 4?! Good to see the 5D's characters in there, but seriously... What a big middle finger to all of those who bought the third one.

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/05/18 19:51

A middle finger to those who bought it early...

Not to those bought it recently when the prices dropped all the way down to LESS than 20?

Including shipping, mine was only 17 bucks (14 without).
alapharm - 2009/05/18 21:23

wonder if it will be released in the US this time....sure hope so
Chii (guest) - 2009/05/25 12:46

Middle finger?

How is it a middle finger? Would you prefer it if they just didnt make them?
By your logic, were the people who bought halo pissed off when halo 2 came out?
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/05/25 18:00

Did Halo 2 cost you 70% more than Halo 1?

Wasn't Halo 2 accessible to the general public and therefore IMMUNE to price-gouging? Wasn't Halo 2 released quite a good deal after Halo 1, so plenty of time

Also, next time you try to use the phrase "by your logic" just to sound smart, you might actually want to try and get the logic yourself, instead of pretending you did so whatever you say makes sense (and only you at that).

The situation with Sony's PSP design vs the new PSP-Go would have been "by my logic" and many already don't like that situation at all. Big middle finger there.

A sequel is not even the issue. Sony's decisions are. Both would be huge middle fingers to the people that imported Tag Force 3 because they had to pay fees and price-gouges from E-bay asses or import stores to get it only to have it recently drop in price because of EX2009 (the better sell). Though, the price drop is a footnote, the price to get those games almost a year later is the point. Combine that with any likely future decisions:

-- If the game comes here, it will be at NORMAL price, that's a middle finger. That one is unavoidable and still the preferred outcome, but the money is still gone.

-- If the game doesn't come here, but goes to Europe like before, it will just be a repeat situation and this time there might not be a EX2010 in time to make the price go down (not that EX2009 was on time).
dani (guest) - 2009/06/15 03:10

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4

i am going to a girl in the game
Soul (guest) - 2009/05/19 06:58


dani (guest) - 2009/07/07 00:43

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D´s Tag Force 4

my tag partner in the game is yusei
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/05/21 20:31

Actually... I hope they fix the memory issue from TF3.

Since this will have more cards and more functionality, they need to stop screwing around with memory. That slowdown from TF3 is horrible. Animations, music, effects, interactions, even selecting things with the cursor are all slowed down during your opponent's turns in that game and when it keeps happening EVERY SINGLE duel, it's very wearing.

Altyrell (guest) - 2009/05/23 17:41

My thoughts

I think that the storyline will be similar to Stardust Accelerator but go further in the storyline and include the Dark Signers....

Jovi (guest) - 2009/05/23 18:27

All we need is....

...release date.

You Say (guest) - 2009/05/24 08:53


I read somewhere that will be released at the end of 2009
dani (guest) - 2009/05/29 02:34

yugioh 5d tag force 4

went it is coming out US
AG duelist -- Lincer (guest) - 2009/05/24 17:11

Remote webcam duel!

hey to all duelist, i would like to meet ppl from everywhere and face each other in a webcam duel against my ancient gear deck and an novice endymion deck, pls add me

dani (guest) - 2009/06/15 03:13

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4

who is my tag parter
dani (guest) - 2009/06/15 03:21

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4

i going to used my gaia knight deck battle yusei
dingo (guest) - 2009/08/15 23:08

online playing

have you heard of the program YVD(yugioh virtual dueling), it'd prolly be alot easier than trying to find players via webcam
Kaiser (guest) - 2009/06/10 02:30

Lista de Personajes

les dejo la lista de los posibles personajes
Lista 1
Fudo Yusei
Jack Atlas
Aki Izayoi
Lista 2
Rally Dawnson
Bolt Tanner
Tenzen Yanagi
Mukuro Enjo
Tetsu Ushio
Rex Goodwin
Rudger Goodwin
Kyosuke Kiryu
Carly Nagisa
Misty Lola

Fossil Fusion (guest) - 2009/06/11 23:34


I like that list. And to the anime only cards I guess they might add the Masked Knights for Rhadsborg.

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/06/17 12:13

Wow. A bit late in the game but wow. Wasn't expecting that. But then that just leaves the Freezing cards by that first guy that dueled Yusei. Good god, they planned this year's cards perfectly. I kinda wish they had planned it like this for the first season. Maybe then we'd be getting Himuro, Yanagi, The insect guy, The profiler, and the psychology professor, oh and De'Lancebow. We're still missing them buy man, This comes out and it just means they are in perfect sinc this season and that theres really no telling what to expect (outside of DarkSynchro/Tuner).

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/06/17 12:19

This means Shield Worm will obviously be guide book promo (the last card of this set).

Leaving Dick Pitt(love that name XD) and his Blizzard Lizard, Ice Mirror, and Drain Strike. Now where could those be released. Hmmm. . . Probably another Wii game. FYI-We are still missing Skull Base from the Skull Flame set.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/06/17 15:02

Tag Force 4

As expected, Tag Force 4 releases promo cards that have been seen once in the anime. Shield Worm is expected to be the guide book card.

Ra1d (guest) - 2009/07/09 04:57

Wi-Fi ?

Is there a chance they will add Wi-Fi dueling to PSP ?

I mean of all the consoles there is only wi-fi support on a ds <_<

And why did they stop releasing computer games...

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/07/10 17:29

Dark Synchro Mechanic in Tag Force 4- This Means this is Never Going to Become OCG

Oh fuck yeah, it seems the Dark Synchro mechanic is among the many rejected cards that will be placed in a Tag Force game.
And then it will never, ever be used again...

Zero (guest) - 2009/07/11 01:22

Don't be so quick

Don't be so quick to talk remember the Clear Monsters and Arcana Force monsters were in here as "Original Cards" so we may get them
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/07/11 02:15

I won't be acting like Dark Synchros will come OR will never come.

I always felt Tag Force was intended partially as a testing ground for questionable cards. To see if they could be released and what changes should be made prior.

If they turn out to be as horribly mean as in the anime, don't expect them anytime soon without some changes. Strong emphasis on the "anytime soon" part.
SynjoDeonecros - 2009/08/30 01:59

Well, technically, they've already screwed that up with the release of Hundred-Eyes Dragon, Underground Arachne, and Ape King Zeeman as normal Synchros, so I guess the whole Dark Synchro mechanic IS going to stay in the games.
philosopherzero (guest) - 2009/07/13 19:16

Dark synchros=awesome!

Yes! We get Dark Synchros! the DS guys can't pull that one over us!

Sonic2036 - 2009/07/24 19:28

I think the story line would be based on just the second plot of season 1 "Dark signer plot"

I think the story line would be based on just the second plot of season 1 "Dark signer plot" , maybe you will get to be Jack's Secretary or Carly's Reporter Friend or Aki's Friend (..) Like the tag forces series (friend of the main characters) but this is just a possibility and maybe you can be a friend with crow too but this is just my opinion and a big possibility. oh and I can't wait to see good win uses an Earthbound Wiraqosha structure o.o , hopefully he teaches us about how we can use wiraquosha very well (Maybe black wings may work with qosha but na , good win doesn't use bws).

Oh by the way , they should have changed Frozen Fitzgerald's type to aqua maybe it can be used for water otks or the dark signer may use a water otk deck. that would be awesome if they didn't make it deamon >_>

Well , I might buy this game when I get a PSP One day. :)

yugifan (guest) - 2009/07/29 04:43

psp recognition with tf1

if you get slifer by using the psp recognition with tf2 and obelisk with tf3 then does that mean that you can get the winged dragon of ra using psp recognition thingy with tf1 cause if so then i'm in luck

Jawsisra (guest) - 2009/08/10 13:14

I think the UMD with 2 means that this year Japan will be geting Slifer as a legal Card means next year they should get Ra noticed nothing is say about TF1 at all so I do not think you can get cards from it just from 2 and 3
dan.c (guest) - 2009/08/12 23:04

This one better be different

tag force 3 was not out in the us so i hope this one comes out in the us it looks so cool

DarkSigner (guest) - 2009/08/17 18:57

Cool! Cards up to Stardust Overdrive FTW!

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/08/18 21:14

Outdated, wrong or confused?

It's a strange mix of outdated info with wrong info with possibly wrong info.

So how much truth could it be the English version is out in November... ASSUMING OF COURSE this isn't confusing old incorrect information about the Japanese version for information on the English?

Wolfgang DelaSangre (guest) - 2009/08/30 19:44

Dark Tuners

I knew that Dark Synchros were a subcategory of Synchro monsters (like Flip Effects are subcategories of Effects), but this game has confirmed what I had suspected for a long time: That Dark Tuners are a subcategory of Tuner monsters.

I mean, that line of text on Catastrogue, the one that says you cannot use it to Synchro Summon anything except a Dark Synchro Monster? Yeah, if Dark Tuners really WERE different from Tuners and couldn't be used for a regular Synchro, then that line of text would be completely unnecessary. And Konami doesn't do unnecessary text in modern-day Yu-Gi-Oh!

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/09/05 01:16

Anyone see these yet? (the commerical and partially ripped opening)


Partially ripped early version of opening:

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2009/09/13 04:17


Nooooooo, my Masked Knights are Game Originals!! =(

While that doesn't 100% count them out for real life release, it does GREATLY decrease their chances...I was hoping they'd be in SD17 before with a burn aspect...oh well...I can always hope...

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/09/15 10:36

You're not more upset about...

say Tuning?

The perfect Lightlord Synchro card?

As the burn specialist around the forum, you'd think I was more upset and yet I'm almost unaffected by this and yet you care more.

I would count anything out in Tag Force if they go through the trouble of repairing their mechanics for real life play, just like Clear Vice Dragon was still released with a lot of the TF text intact. I still have my hope for Scab-Scar Knight and Plasma Warrior Eltom as they are in Tag Force 3.

BTW-- At least you can use them in Duel Trancer most likely since it will have the same cards as this and that means using them online against people... for the first time in Tag Force history (which is funny since it's not a Tag Force game to our knowledge).
Chaosmage - 2009/09/18 06:21


I waited since midnight on 09/17/09 when the game finally came out. Except I download it but it won't run on my psp i'm currenlty running 5.50 GEN-A firmware. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!! I'm really looking to playing this game

mohamed billo (guest) - 2009/09/19 20:08

the game wont work on hacked psp until the new custom firmware 6.00 is released
I have 5.00 m33-6 but it didnt work and I also tried it on 3.71 m33 and had the same
Duo Maxwell (guest) - 2009/09/30 12:05

Game Decrypter is my only hint for you. Google it if you really want to play and don't mind the effort.
SynjoDeonecros - 2009/09/22 18:17

Wow, I have a lot of mixed feelings about the game-only cards:

1. The Dark Synchro Summons look rather cool, though I really hate how all of the characters do the same pose when they perform a normal or Dark Synchro Summon. I really don't like that.

2. Revolution - Trick Battle is broken, period. I mean, I would love to have it out, as a replacement to some of the more expensive stall cards in my tiger deck, but even I can see that it's broken. It + Final Attack Orders + Spirit Barrier + Imperial Custom = sucks to be the opponent. Throw in a Skill Drain, and you've got yourself a battle lock that the opponent would really hate to go up against in a weenie rush deck. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets limited in the game-only ban list, when it comes out.

3. Closer Forest being the complete reverse of its Anime effect was rather surprising (instead of all generic monsters you control gaining ATK for each Beast in your graveyard, all Beast monsters you control gaining ATK for each generic monster in your graveyard), but the prevention of another Field Spell activating is new.

4. Assault Blasthound was a pleasant surprise. Now if only they had made Infernal Blasthound a real or game-only card, THEN we'd be talking.

5. They removed the Ape's ability to be treated as another Type. BOO! What's Konami got against giving monsters more than one Type? They do it all the time with a monster's Attribute, so why not Type?

6. How, exactly, are the rulings for Wire Tap going to work? I mean, there are ways of taking out the face-up Trap Card sent to your deck, by its effect, without drawing it, and if I read the effect correctly, you NEED to draw it in order to use any copies of it. So, does that mean, if I accidentally add it to my hand with A Cat of Ill Omen with Necrovalley out or something, I've fucked up, and now I can't use any copy of it in my deck for the rest of the duel?

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2009/09/22 20:51


Yeah, a majority of the stuff was kept the same as the anime.

Others ended up being tweaked and made to work like they were SHOWN how they worked in the anime. (Like One Hundred-Eye Dragon...again...Tuning and whatnot.)

Others were tweaked because of...well...dunno, lol.

In terms of anime-relation:

Ice Mirror = same
Assault (Gun)dog = same
Ashoka Pillar = same
Unacceptable Results = same
Fortune Teller Witch x5 = same
Zeman = same (for everything minus Dark Synchro-related stuff)
Grand Ushi Oni = same

Good Fortune - Miracle Stone = Fortune Teller Witch's can't attack the turn they're Special Summoned rather than the turn Miracle Stone is activated.

Revolution - Trick Battle = same overall
Cabrera Stone = same
Wiretap = same overall

Closed Forest = ATK + Graveyard swapped (all your monsters gaining ATK for each Beast; now each Beast gains ATK for each monster) + Field Magic Card restriction.

Gate Defender = much more than the anime.

Advanced Fortune Loan = Includes the Deck, but prohibits Normal Summoning next turn.

Pitch-Black Zumwald = Lost its effect for changing the opponent's monster's ATK to match its own. (Thus, one-sided "suicide".). Otherwise, the same.

Altar to the Bound God = same
Central Shield = same
Cursed Prison = same
Synchro Spirits = same
Synchro Back = same
Crystal Skull = same
Dark Wave = same
Dark Matter = changed to 2 tokens rather than 2 DARK monsters
Dark Tuner - Chaosrogue = same
Dark Tuner - Catastrogue = lost its battle immunity
Dark Tuner - Spider Cocoon = same

Dark Tuner - Nightmare Hand = Includes Special Summon and only Level 2 monsters

Underground Arachne = same (for everything minus Dark Synchro stuff)
Chariot Pile = dumped to 300 damage + opponent can't stop it.
Discord Counter = same
Tuning = as said, changed to "Synchron" Tuners.
Triangle - O = same
Frozen Fitzgerald = same
Fighter's Ape = 1 less Level, 100 less ATK gain and not treated as a Warrior.
Final Countdown = +1000 more damage for 5 cards. (I had 5000 for 5 cards.)

Blizzard Lizard = 800 damage rather than 300 and when it dies in battle instead of iin general.

Break Draw = same
Pain to Power = same
Uproarous Earth = 500 ATK/DEF lost instead of 300.

Magician's Ape = Can't be Special Summoned, only take face-up Defense Position monsters, and that monster can't change its position and not treated as a Spellcaster.

Masked Knight LV3/LV5/LV7 = same

One Hundred-Eye Dragon = Changed to only Infernity monsters for its effect gain and kept its search to any card.

Defender's Mind = a lot better. Changes all your monsters to face-up Defense and doubles all their DEF (but can't change them to attack). And can only control 1.

Power Converter = Only works during your turn, but you don't need to ditch it and only gains half the ATK of the equipped monster.
SynjoDeonecros - 2009/09/23 03:26

Wow, is the artwork for the monsters DULL! Generic stances with generic backgrounds. The card art for the previous game-only monsters were more lively and interesting, than these.

Speaking of, are the game-only cards from the previous Tag Force games in here? Also, how many of the TCG-only cards are in here? I'm pretty sure that the Ancient Sanctuary TCG promos aren't in there, but what about the others?
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/09/23 12:12

The only cards that get new art are ones that didn't show in the anime.

Seeing as I have TF3 and I had TF2, care to give an example of one of these more "lively" cards from the previous (and of course, GX era) Tag Force games?

Alchemic Kettle Chaos Distill?
Amazoness Arena?
Amphibian Angel - Frog-hael where it's just a picture of that ugly fat frog with wings?
Arcana Force VIII - THE STRENGTH where it's just a stained-glass picture with almost no depth?
Daemon Matador?
BES Assault Core has the same pose as every other BES monster.
All of the Fossil Fusion monsters are the same with the same pose and stance of toward the side and not doing anything.
Dark Archetype is the same as the anime.
How is Dark Psycho Eye lively? It is UGLY, if ugly automatically counts as "interesting."
Dizzy Tiger is just a fat shit drunk scratching himself as if that was funny. Not lively or interesting.
Efforescent Knight has the same pose as all the other Fossil Fusions.

My point is, thank god Art is subjective and not the point of the card.

At least in this game, the game original cards can afford to have the same art as the anime (as they should) since they don't need to showboat to offset the bad cards you don't want to or have to use this time. Post-Flaming Eternity - Pre-Phantom Darkness sucked and all we wanted were the now Game Original cards that we'll hardly ever get, and their art isn't good or bad, it's just there, but we still want them for the cards more. Not so now in a game where the rest of the cards are picking up the slack and thus the Game-Originals don't have to be so overwhelming.
SynjoDeonecros - 2009/09/24 00:30

Shinobi, are you really going to argue with me on every opinion I gave, regardless of where I'm posting it up, on?

You're forgetting one key thing: the game was spawned from a VISUAL MEDIUM, specifically the anime and manga. The real card game and most of the video games don't have a way of showing us what the cards do, visually, outside of the card art, so the card art itself has to show us that. Pick out most any card in the game, and you can tell from the card art what the Monster would look like and/or what the card itself is capable of. From the artwork itself, you can visualize how it would play out as an actual monster or effect. There's usually SOME indication of what the card is capable of, or a trait attributed to that card, to give it a personality, as it should be; would you, frankly, want to play a card if the artwork was boring and bland, regardless of its effect? If there was a card, out there, with an effect that said "When you play this card from your hand, you win the duel", yet the card art was just a black dot on a white background, would you be interested in playing it? I doubt it; the card art is just as important to how a card is received as its stats or effect is.

Let's take a look at the cards you mentioned:

Chaos Distill you can't really make very "lively", but it's STILL slightly more interesting to look at, because you can clearly see in the card art that it's being used, thanks to the jets of steam coming off of it. Without the steam, it would just be a lame-ass kettle, nothing to write home about; with the steam, though, you can tell that it's doing SOMETHING, and that gives you a good idea of how its effect might work if the card really did summon a big-ass kettle to your field.

Amazoness Arena is a lot less bland than you might think; the close-up on the spiky steel cage certainly looks intimidating, and the Amazoness inside is in a pose that clearly shows that she's ready for a fight to the death. The background, while a little weird, has an interesting effect going on with the occasional ghostly skull-face poking out from the green mist. Granted, the clashing art styles between the background and the rest of the card art is a bit jarring, but it's in no way boring.

Amphibian Angel, while a bigass frog, has a pose that is subtlety interesting; the position of the wings and his right front leg suggest a feel of authority to it, like it's telling you "this is the king Frog, and you don't want to fuck with it", which matches perfectly with its effect. It's a subtle effect, to be sure, but it does match its effect, as it should.

Arcana Force VIII is a stained-glass picture. That, in and of itself is an interesting art choice; it's something that hasn't really been done in the card game, thus far. And don't tell me that the card art sucks because of the style; the card art for The Transmigration Prophecy and Transmigration Break is a strikingly different art style from the rest of the card game, and I don't hear anyone saying THEY suck.

As for the monster itself, it's got a few things going for it: first, it's a close-up shot, which is fairly unique among anime-only cards. While it's nice to see what the full monster looks like, sometimes it's just more dramatic to go for a tighter visual on the monster. Second of all, the monster is hunkered down, staring straight at you, like it's getting ready to fight and is challenging you to come at it. It's a rather intimidating pose, and the close-up shot just adds to that intimidation. The stained glass look actually emphasizes that point, making it look almost like a heiroglyph on the wall of an ancient civilization's temple, giving it a bit of a mystical feel to it.

BES ARMORED Core (as it's properly called) may have the same general pose as the other BES monsters (as a vehicle, you can't really do much about that), there's still some sense of action in it; the glowing core and especially the two Option spheres forming an electrical ring around the ship clearly show it's gearing up for battle, even if there's no other sense of movement to it. The moon behind it is also well-designed, adding to the sense that it's in space and is going into a heated space battle.

Archfiend Matador I have to agree has little if anything going for it; the background is stock, and the pose is the same "crouch menacingly" pose that you see in card art (especially FIend card art) for years. The yellow glow isn't exactly inspired, either. Still, it's got something; the pose isn't merely a squat, but a kneeling on one knee, which hints that it's not just doing it to be threatening, but it's about ready to spring for an attack. The hole in his chest being open and the skull within screaming also give the sense that it's not just being scary, but about to attack. Again, it's subtle, perhaps a little too subtle to make the otherwise genericness of the art itself look good, but it's got more movement than you give it credit for.

The Fossil Fusions are another monster type that I have trouble disagreeing with you on; the background is horribly stock, and Skullking's pose could be ripped off from Infernal Gainer - just swap the upturned hand with a sword held at rest. In that case, the monster design has to carry the art, and it's so badass that we can forgive them the generic pose. Skullgios, though, has movement to carry it; you say it's a generic "stand to the side" pose that doesn't have it do anything, but look again; doesn't that remind you of anything? Doesn't that look like the kind of pose a dinosaur museum would put a T-Rex skeleton in, in a display where they try to mimic a fight between it and another dinosaur, like a Stegosaur or something? If so, that's your movement; the pose makes it look like it's stalking its food, turning to try and keep up with a fast-moving dinosaur that keeps darting out of the way to try and shake it. Yeah, I know it sounds lame, when I explain it, but seriously, you can't do much in the way of poses with the body structure of a dinosaur, especially one modeled off of a freaking T-Rex, so a more generic "hunting" pose is better than a generic "standing around doing nothing" pose.

Dark Archetype my be the same anime artwork, but LOOK AT IT: It is close-up, in your face, with one arm outstretched like it's about ready to crush you underfoot. The slime underneath it just adds to the visual, as you don't knwo if those are its entrails or its MOUTH, either of which is horrifying, as-is, and the pose makes it feel like, after it's crushed you, it's going to drag you underneath it for something, maybe to feed on your dead carcass? This is an excellent example of an active, moving, interesting piece of card artwork, especially one that tries to incorporate the player into it; compare it to something like Rampaging Rhynos (coming straight at you with intent on slicing your head off), or Trident Dragion (three dragon heads breathing fire at you with intent on serving your charred corpse with ketchup) - those kinds of card art gives a sense that you are a part of the game, which is a really good thing to have, considering the premise of the game itself.

Dark Psycho Eye is less stock than you might think; sure, it copies the pose given for Phantom Skyblaster, but the whipping tentacles on its back certainly look like they're about ready to strike. Other than that, the monster design is what really carries the art, given the blandness of the background, but it's such a weirdly wonderfully-designed monster, it doesn't matter.

Dizzy Tiger is one of those card art that expresses the trait of the monster instead of the monster's effect; yes, it IS a fat, drunk tiger scratching himself, but THAT'S THE POINT - we're SUPPOSED to believe that the tiger is drunk, as per its name, which the card art pulls off rather nicely. The monster's pose - the hand in his pants, the way he grips the bottle, that don't-give-a-damn grin - all clearly show that he's hit the bottle once too often, but the effect is punctuated by two things in the background: first, the bubbles that reflect the monster off of them, making it feel like we're looking at him through a beer bottle, through the carbonation. Second, the faint afterimages around the monster, which gives evidence that he's not merely stanting there, tipsy, he's SWAYING there, tipsy, like he's about to fall over. That, or it's supposed to represent the blurred vision that you get when drunk; in that case, the implication is that we're just as drunk as he is.

As for Weathering Soldier...that, I can't defend, honestly. It's boring, stock, and the design isn't even that good.

It's clear that you aren't an artist, or have any artistic skill, because otherwise you wouldn't have been so bitchy about them. How are the card art between Flaming Eternity and Phantom Darkness stupid? I can point out a LOT of cards before and after that stretch of sets that are boring and idiotic (Just what the hell IS Jinzo doing there, standing bolt upright, anyway? And look, Yubel copied his pose to the same effect! Wow, Max Warrior looks bored standing there at attention, doesn't he? And a deck in the darkness! Oooh, that's thrilling! *rolls eyes). There are plenty of cards in that time period you mentioned that had lively, interesting, and action-packed art to them. I really hate to learn what your definition for "interesting" is, honestly, especially if you're saying that the game originals had to make up the difference. Maybe you're critiquing the card EFFECTS instead of the card ART?

By contrast, let's look at the card art for the monsters in this game:

Blizzard Lizard: About the only exciting monster card art out of the entire thing. Like most of the other Game Original monsters, it has stock and uninteresting backgrounds, but the pose of the monster is what really sells it; it looks like it's been cornered, and is ready to jump out at you in retaliation. The pose isn't static; it feels like motion in potential, which is what this kind of pose should feel like.

Catastrogue: Yes, float there doing nothing but hold your arm up to chest-level like you're inviting us in to something. If he was doing something in addition to that, or if the background gave any indication to what he was inviting us in to, this might not be that bad of a pose, but as-is, he's just saying "Hi, I'm going to sit like this for no reason whatsoever, inviting you to nothing. Booga booga booga!". Lame.

Frozen Fitzgerald: Another stock pose only saved by the streams of frozen wind indicating that he's attacking something off-panel. Not that surprising, as the monster ITSELF didn't do much of anything in the anime, but still, take away the wind, and you've just got a humanoid lump of ice floating in an acid-tripped void. Yippe.

Assault Dog: Seriously, how stock is this? Generic background, completely static standing pose (he doesn't even have any paws up in the air to indicate potential movement, he's standing completely rigid like a statue), and the monster design is rather ridiculous, itself. While I'm glad they have the card in the game, Hell Gundog would've been better, all around - better design, better effect, and better card art (at least the angle and the barking muzzle shows more action than this card).

Chaosrogue: So...he's walking towards us. Slowly, leisurely walking towards us. Not making any threatening or creepy movements while he's walking towards us. Ooh, shiny light in his belly. Wow, how dull. And this is supposed to be a Fiend?

Zumwalt: Yet ANOTHER "float in the void while staying absolutely still" image. Bah! DO SOMETHING WITH THAT STAFF, ZUMWALT! Hit someone upside the head with it, shove it up your incorporeal ass, I don't care, just as long as it's not hanging off your side in your limp hand like you don't care you're overcompensating for something!

Fortune-Telling Witches: These are okay; again, the background is stock, but they have a lot more movement to their poses than most of the rest of the new Game Originals in this game. You can tell that they're flittering around, like an annoying Navi-style fairy, wanting to bless you with whatever fortune they can give. It's cutesy, but it's more interesting than rigor mortis IN SPACE!!!

Magician's Ape: Okay, this is better than Zumwalt, but not by much; at least he's actually doing something with his staff than letting it hang out. But what IS he doing with that staff, anyway? Other than his outstretched arm, he is, AGAIN, standing PERFECTLY STILL, not even changing his expression to something other than DULL SURPRISE! while he turns his rod into a night light. The glowy effect around the staff's head is horrible, too; it looks like a lazy photoshop job. Where's the ball of corrupting lightning that these things are supposed to spew out? Where's the waves of time distortion? Why does the monkey have a cape? Who knows, and frankly, at this point, who the hell cares? The card art certainly isn't giving us a reason to answer either of those questions.

Fighter's Ape: Fire ape on fire. Well, the background certainly is a bit more detailed than the others (if you squint you can barely make out a forest being roasted), and the ape certainly looks like he's about ready to pummel someone's face in, offscreen, but again, the pose is just stock enough that the potential ape-on-monster action isn't convincing. It actually looks more like he's posing for a photoshoot, or someone using him to draw an action scene, instead of BEING in an action scene. It just doesn't sell the image, very well.

Dark Ape: Ugh, not only does the monster look like something Salvador Dali would spit up if he went into balloon animals instead of painting, but the pose is just as stock and uninteresting as the rest of the crap on here. Y'know what the pose reminds me of? Those Japanese cat statues that welcome you with a waving paw when you enter a store. I almost feel like, if you push down on the monster's outstretched arm, the entire top half of his body will rock back and forth like those "drinking birds" you find in antique shops, or bobbleheads. I don't want to be reminded of bobbleheads or drinking birds when I play a card, thank you very much.

Ape King Zeeman: Again, stock "standing rigor mortis" pose that gives no life to the monster whatsoever, bland background...but what really annoys me about this card art? The black blob with a face beside him. Just what the fuck IS that thing, anyway? Dr. Insano, Jr? The remnants of the Evil Semen Stain of Doom from GX season 2? The soul of the artist who did these horrible pictures? What? And why does it push poor Zeeman to one side of the artwork? Without it, there's a whole 50% of the panel that could be used, and with it, only a THIRD of that empty space is actually being utilized. Plus, with the darkly neon colors that made it up, your focus immediately snaps to IT instead of Zeeman. That is horrible, HORRIBLE art design, right there, people. Adding other elements or even monsters to a monster's artwork isn't always a bad thing, but it is when it steals the spotlight from the monster whose card artwork it's cameoing in.

Great Ushi-Oni: Oh, for the love of decking End of Anubis, ENOUGH WITH THE STATIC POSES! I don't CARE if the energy splashes makes it look like the monster's being summoned in its own card artwork, arms down, back straight, face stoic, does NOT an interesting monster artwork make. How bored ARE these monsters, anyway? They look like they're posing for their mugshot at the local police department.

Gate Defender: Okay, so it's a stone head, so you can barely do a thing with it, but at least the Gate Blocker monsters look like they're actually BLOCKING something; even their background makes it clear that they're either spiderwebbing the empty space around them, or REALITY ITSELF IS CRACKING UNDER THE PRESSURE OF THE MONSTER BEING PUSHED BACK INTO IT. Here, it's just a stone head, looking straight at you. it's not even that interesting of a stone head, honestly.

Spider Cocoon: This artwork is horrible, not just because it's yet ANOTHER stock "standing perfectly still" pose, but also because YOU CAN BARELY SEE A DAMN THING. The bright lines in the background blend in so well with the monster, that it's hard to tell them apart. All I see is a black pearl and a semblance of a few random legs, and that's it; the rest is blinded from my view by those annoying bright lines. Was there an editor for this game, and if so, how the hell didn't he catch this?

Underground Arachne: It's the same fucking pose as Spider Cocoon! Why is it the same pose as Spider Cocoon?! It's a goddamn female Mummy Returns CGI Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! It should have a cool pose! Take a cue from Insect Queen, or Millennium Scorpion, or something! Kyonshi spider woman wax statue is not the way to go with this monster!

Nightmare Hand: Are the people who make these card artwork so afraid of doing anything other than stock standing statue poses? Do they not have the fucking talent to know about foreshortening, or dynamic poses, or movement? Why the crappy "let's splash in as many Photoshop filter effects as possible" backgrounds? Are you seriously telling me that this is the extent of the creativity of monster artwork at Konami's Yugioh video game division? Bullshit. If Kazuki Takahashi were dead, he'd be spinning in his grave, by now.

Hundred-Eyes Dragon: Take all my comments about Archfiend Matador, and remove the part where I pointed out the subtle indicators that it was gearing for an attack instead of merely crouching. And, again, it's a full-body shot. I could make this card art look better; zoom in closer on its upper body, darken the colors so it looks like it's in shadow, brighten up the eyes so it looks like it's getting ready for a Gandora-like attack, and give it a similar pose to the dragon in the artwork of the card Overwhelm. There, THAT is a kickass artwork for this card.

Masked Knights: You want to talk about cards having the same exact poses? Here's a perfect example: All. Three. Levels. Of this card have the EXACT SAME POSE, with NO variation WHATSOEVER, and surprise surprise, IT'S THE SAME CRAPPY "STAND IN ONE SPACE WITH ARMS AT YOUR SIDE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING" POSE AS THE OTHER MONSTERS! This is a KNIGHT, people! At least with Skullking, his pose clearly showed he was a warrior. These monsters look like MANNEQUINS. Not even the monster designs can save them, as they're so bland with such a basic color scheme, you can barely make out any of the details on them. How is this at ALL better than ANY of the cards you complained about from between Flaming Eternity and Phantom Darkness?

Precious Treasures: Again, like Gate Defender, there's hardly anything you can do to make these cards look good, seeing as they're inanimate objects, so I can cut them some slack on this. Still, a little better background for them would've spiced things up; why not have the background detail where they were found? Or HOW they were found? I dunno, couldn't have hurt.

What I find bizarre is that it's always the MONSTERS that get the crappy card art; except for maybe the equip cards and Triangle - O, the Spell and Trap cards have awesome artwork; they're interesting, have good detail to them, have a real sense of action and purpose to them, and aren't gaudy with the colors. Take Uproarious Earth, for example; it has Fighter Ape in shadow on top of a craggy mountain howling at a blood-red moon. That kicks ass; the pose for Fighter Ape is perfect (and should've been used for the artwork on the monster proper, instead of what we did get), the setting is moody and atmospheric, and you can make out the details just fine. Final Countdown is also a really good example; the flashing lights and visibly shaking hand clearly emphasize the sense of urgency depicted in the card art, and perfectly illustrates the sense of urgency your opponent would feel if you're getting to your fifth card for its effect. These are the kinds of artwork I expect in the game; lively, vivid, moody, are interesting, not boring, bland, dull, and stock like the monsters are.

I honestly don't know what the hell you're talking about when you're saying card art has no purpose in this game, or that all the card art in those sets were crap. it really sounds like you aren't critiquing the art, at all, but just bitching because...what? Maybe you're under the impression that, since I hate the artwork of the monsters, that means I hate the cards THEMSELVES, and am thus a stupid idiot for even making such a comment, hence why your complaint seemed more focus on trying to say that the card art isn't the point in anything, so long as they kick ass from a gaming standpoint. I never ONCE said that I hated the cards for their effect; they're better cards from a technical standpoint than some of the other crap they have in the anime. All I'm saying is that I hate how boring, unoriginal, and stock the artwork is. I used to own the first two games, myself, and my mate owns all three, and I can tell you right now that the monster card art for THOSE game-only cards were a lot more interesting than these ones are; at the very least, there was more variety to the poses of the monsters than standing straight up, arms at their side, being absolutely still, like most of these monsters are. And, if I remember correctly, we didn't get the first Tag Force game until after Power of the Duelist came out, meaning we already had at least three sets after Flaming Eternity to compare the cards to, and Tag Force 2 was the LAST game in the series that fell into the timespan that you mentioned. How could you say that they had to "dress up" the game originals to make them look better than the existing cards? Are you really talking from an artistic point of view, or from the point of view of "I hate everything involving GX"? News flash for you; the game-original cards ARE from GX; we didn't get any game originals from another series until TF3 with Berserker Soul, and if I remember correctly, not only would those cards be in demand REGARDLESS if they came out in a TF game or not, but for the most part, they were patentedly WORSE than the ones in this game, technically speaking; what's the point of Alchemic Kettle when we already have Macrocosmos and Dimensional Fissure? Were the Maiden in Love cards really necessary? What was the point of the Arcana Lord cards if Arcana Force EX was able to be summoned WITHOUT them? Frankly, even though they had better card art than this game's originals, they were also a lot more pointless than this game's originals, too.

Again, this game evolved from a VISUAL medium, so the card art DOES have a purpose; it catches the eye, make the card a bit more appealing to look at (why do you think the holofoil affects the ARTWORK instead of the CARD EFFECT?), and let's you imagine from what's depicted in it how the card would look like if used in the anime or manga itself. If it had absolutely no point, as you say it does, then why even bother having the artwork, at all?
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2009/09/24 23:34


Well, similar to how I'm told about card names (or changes in the TCG), despite how the artwork is, it does not, will not, and never did change how the card itself is meant to work by its effect. If the card itself has a decent effect that I can use in a Deck(s) regardless of its name/artwork, then I'll be using it as will other people, depending on the effect.

If there was a card with a "When you play this card from your hand, you win the Duel" effect and its artwork was merely just a small black dot with a plain white background, I can guarantee that people would play it A LOT simply because of its effect over its name or artwork. After all, many cards throughout the game have been used a lot, yet their names/artwork haven't exactly been the best. Same on the flip side; some cards could have awesome artwork, yet hardly ever be used, if at all.

Of course, how good/bad a cards' name/artwork is is also based on personal opinion.
SynjoDeonecros - 2009/09/24 23:52

And yet, the name changes are among the first things that duelists complain about, when a card is released. Funny, that; why would they complain if the names weren't important to them? True, there ARE card effects that affect a monster or other card depending on their name, and sometimes a bad name would mean some errata to the card, but Konami is getting better at avoiding having to do such erratas. In that case, you're right; arguing over the card name IS rather pointless, from a technical perspective, but duelists keep on doing it. That seems to indicate to me that aesthetics IS important to duelists; maybe not as important as card stats or effect, but more important than Shinobi gives it credit for.

In a similar manner, I've heard of people complaining about how a card artwork is censored, like all of the hoopla about Takahashi's refusal to censor the Anniversary Edition of Dark Magician Girl prevented it from coming to the states. if such things really weren't important to duelists, then why all the fuss?

Again, I'm not saying that the cards aren't good from a technical standpoint - they're certainly better than most of the other game originals we got in this series - but from an artistic standpoint, they were just lazy and could've done a lot better.
alapharm - 2009/09/22 18:52

is there any word if this will be released in the US? sure hope so...ebay prices are ~$65.00...

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/09/23 12:19

What about Bommer?

I can understand Godwin not being in this just yet (and it would be nice to have his cards and the cards from Absolute Powerforce and DP09 in this so that duel would work, but we can't jump that gun).

That said, what about Bommer? He's a Dark Signer, he has a Jibakushin that should be in the game (because that was a released card from the last set) and his Reactors would be in game. Yet, his Navy based Dark Signer stuff isn't even included in the Game-Original Cards and surely Bommer himself has to be in game, right? He is?

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2009/09/23 20:42


Unfortunately, last I heard from Danieru, and strangely enough, he's NOT in it at all o_O;;
Rudger Godwin (guest) - 2009/09/27 07:31


why the fuck is Mikage in this but no Rex Godwin-DS or D-Bommer? i want Chacu Challhua and Wiraqoucha Rasca!!!

SynjoDeonecros - 2009/10/03 05:18

Anyone on here who has played the game, has it been improved from the previous games in the series? How are the loading times? What about the AI? Is it more even in difficulty, or not?

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