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Duel Disk -Yusei Version-

Duel Disk -Yusei Version- 「デュエルディスク遊星ver」

Release Date: 26th September 2009
Price: 4,000 yen (including tax)

- Duel Disk
- 2 promotional cards (both Duel Terminal compatible):

Vice Dragon 「バイス・ドラゴン」

Shield Wing 「シールド・ウィング」

A Deluxe Set is also available which instead comes packaged with the following content:

Release Date: 21st November 2009
Price: Unknown

1x Pack Card Protectors Blue
1x Absolute Powerforce Booster
3x Stardust Overdrive Booster
3x Ancient Prophecy Booster
3x DP09 Yusei 2 Booster

Promo Cards:

Junk Collector 「ジャンク・コレクター」
LIGHT/Warrior - Effect/5/1000/2200
Activate by removing from play this face-up card you control and 1 Normal Trap Card in your Graveyard. This card's effect becomes the effect of the Normal Trap Card removed from play for this effect's activation. This effect can be activated during your opponent's turn.
Ultra Rare
Junk Collector

Backup Warrior 「バックアップ・ウォリアー」
EARTH/Warrior - Effect/5/2100/0
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned if the only monster you control are 2 Defense Position monster. You cannot Synchro Summon during the turn you Special Summoned this card.
Ultra Rare
Backup Warrior

Miracle's Afterglow 「奇跡の残照」
Normal Trap Card
Activate by selecting 1 monster that was destroyed by battle and sent to your Graveyard during this turn. Special Summon the selected monster from your Graveyard.
Ultra Rare
Miracle's Afterglow

Starlight Road 「スターライト・ロード」
Normal Trap Card
Activate only when an effect was activated that destroys 2 or more cards you control. Negate that effect and destroy that card. Afterwards, you can Special Summon 1 "Stardust Dragon" from your Extra Deck.
Ultra Rare
Starlight Road
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/03/25 02:32

Huh? Wait a minute here...

... isn't Yusei's Disk just still the original Duel Disk engineered with the ability to hybrid with his D-Wheel (sort of a symbol of his status as a poor young man doing what he can with what he has using only his brain)?

I could understand Jack's Duel Disk because it is different or most of the Dark Signers, but I doubt Konami going to give us a life-sized D-Wheel to go with this, otherwise, it should look like the original DM, but not as badly made and has 5D's Promos, right?

Wolfgang DelaSangre - 2009/03/25 04:00

Yusei's Disk is basically a recolored Battle City Disk.

But if they made Jack's Duel Disk... I would buy that in a heartbeat if I had money.
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/03/25 04:25

Its not even that, it's seriously even the same gunmetal gray color as the originals.

It's the same Disk. Without the D-Wheel, the only reason to get this is the promos an the hope that it isn't as badly made.
NightRoseKnight (guest) - 2009/04/10 20:31

If They Made...

Aki or Ruka's Duel Disk It Would be even cooler. We girl duelist tend to get over looked,Asuka(alexis) had so few cards released.
mark (guest) - 2009/09/26 18:55


its basicaly a battle city duel disk with a wrist dealer
dexantares (guest) - 2009/03/25 05:04

I think there's a few minor cosmetic differences between Yusei's disc and the original. Just enough for Mattel to yank the cash cow's teats just a little harder.

El RiCK (guest) - 2009/03/25 16:18


This could be better than the last ones.

Original Duel Disk and Oricalcos: Just for cards whitout sleeves, mini deck and mini graveyard slots.

Academy Duel Disk: Cards now fit whit sleeves, but still to little deck and graveyard slots.

Hooooope this one is better in that aspect... but my dream is...


Someday, I know, Kaiba will exist!

Kaiba Live (guest) - 2009/03/26 07:30

Duel Disk

I've been working on programs like that for years.. I'm not saying I'm anywhere close, but I'm definitely not at square one..
kai (guest) - 2011/08/11 19:43


georgegtx (guest) - 2011/12/18 01:23

king of gmaes

hey dude i like your idea my friends like to call me cyber cause i like to invent things and make homade duel disks that are really good and resoursful p.s you should send that idea to konami or mattel and they might make a duel disk one day that might be the same
Emma Blue Eyes (guest) - 2009/03/27 10:39

That's cool.^^ If If it uses the card sleeves Ill buy it! I have the orig. and i cant use it because i have card sleeves! Its so annoying...

DMK (guest) - 2010/06/12 17:42


you should sell the original and buy a new one the old are goin for 100 bucks used
Yueryuu (guest) - 2009/03/27 19:53

No compression gimmick?

Yusei's Duel Disk never had any sort of compression gimmick, so unless the board is detachable from the (hopefully more comfortable) wristband then you're putting it on and taking it off repeatedly if you want to go from A to B without taking someone's eye out? 0.o

I just hope not having a clunky gimmick will make them focus on the functionality, then they might have actual players buying them instead of kids. They need to not have the exposed underside and add a more flexible LP Counter. Add in the the rest of the useful features that the "Fight Disk for Card Games" had, like more space and they're set. If they made the Disk just a bit larger they could have S/Ts slot in from the inner side, instead of having some plastic frame bending your cards to hold them in on the outer edge, but that's probably not going to change.

What a sight to behold a professionally made product would be, over a plastic toy...

ryuuoumiller (guest) - 2009/05/16 09:46

If you look carefully at the pictures, you’ll see that the clips that hold the cards are different from the old ones. And if you look even closer, you can see that each field zone has a little button. On the picture with the box in the b/g (, you can see that several of the clips are flipped straight up so that they’re perpendicular to the disk. So I connected the dots. Hit the button and your card pops up. Which is great, if you’re 5 years old. The only good I see coming from that is that they’ll have to cover the bottom of the disk if they’re going to have the flipping mechanism underneath.

The reason I think the Japanese one might be different is because I remember 4Kids and Upper Deck making a deal with Playmates to make a new duel disk that was labeled as “Yusei’s duel disk that holds and flips cards” (http://www.upperdeck-international.c...ouncementID=10)

And this deal seems to be pretty much Europe-only. And we all know how Konami feels about Playmates's new distributor, Upper Deck. So with any luck, Japan will stick with whoever made the Academy Disk (Mattel?) and they will have learned their mistakes from the previous duel disks. But as long as it holds card sleeves, I’ll be happy. I can bring along a calculator for my LP, and I can keep cards that won’t fit in the Graveyard in my pocket, but you can’t get around the “no card sleeves” thing. And by looking at it, the Playmates Europe-exclusive one won’t be card sleeve friendly.

So if Japan’s is different, being in America where we apparently don’t get anything, I’ll have to import one of the versions. The Japanese version will have to screw up really bad to be worse than this one. Maybe, just maybe, Konami will import an English release of their duel disk to the US, but I don’t know how 4Kids would feel about that, having made that deal with Upper Deck. I’m not too hopeful. =(

I could be wrong about the card flipping thing, I just looked at it and that's what it seemed like it did. They did say that it would flip cards, after all. I really doubt that they meant from facedown defense to faceup attack.

The thing that's really irritating me is that there's no new news on this besides that one store page with two different pictures! Gahhh...I love the duel disks and I TOTALLY missed out on the Academy Disk (not gonna buy it for $230, thank you very much). But as much as they need to come out with a new disk, they had better not backtrack in the progress they were making. Going from one that held card sleeves to one that not only doesn't hold card sleeves but also flings (Yusei Wrist Dealer, check it out - ) and flips your cards is unacceptable. I need some good news about this...
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2009/06/11 15:42

Maybe gets a new Disk in Ssn 3. Otherwise I can see why they only investing 2 promos in this thing. Bet it's a synchro and a new "warrior" Synchro monster. He's got 4 already if you don't count the effect monster Max Warrior.

Nathan (guest) - 2009/07/01 05:28

2 Promos

Wow the Yusei Duel Disk looks cool actually. I would prefer the Jack Atlas Wheel of Fortune Disk but this one is cool too I might actually buy it.

And as for the promos I bet its gonna be an Ultra Rare Vice Dragon and Ultra Rare Shield Wing I mean people have already seen Vice Dragon by accidently getting it in a Special Edition Raging Battle Box and it says DDY-EN001 which most likely stands for Duel Disk Yusei which if that is the case I would buy a bunch of these duel disks because I can definitly use alot of Shield Wings and Vice Dragons.
Kotori - 2009/07/16 15:23


I thought Yusei's Duel Disk gonna have new cards? Although is just Vice Dragon and Shield Wing, some ppl might nid it..But i do not think is tht worth it to buy especially those ppl who gt their cards from the Jump Fiesta...

ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/07/17 01:40

And who exactly would that be?


You make it sound like everyone on earth got those two cards.

This reprint is extremely necessary even if it is the 3rd time already, because the first two were impossibly exclusive. This is possibly the last chance for a while and the only one that English players have a good shot at (unless you think you're going to get the Vice Dragon out of the Raging Battle boxes so easily). Let alone this could be the first shot at English Shield Wing.
Kotori - 2009/07/17 09:25

Clear Shinobi's misunderstanding

I apologised if I offended you, but I did say ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO GO FOR THE JUMP FIESTA may not need to buy it..Because this duel disk is 4000 yen and ppl may hav difficulty buyin it as the Yen Exchange Rate is quite high especially during the economic crisis, NOT BECAUSE I THINK EVERY1 GT IT (or thts wad you think bout my comment).

And my comments did not target TCG players, because I knew that this product will be available in US and helped them hav tis one chance of gettin Vice Dragon and Shield Wing, so please dun add additional comment bout TCG ppl cause this is the OCG section and I m targetin mostly OCG players. I will say my opinion and comments bout TCG once it is announce in the Shriek TCG News.

I am understanding bout ppl in the OCG and TCG community..So please do not state negative things bout my comment or any other, I did not want to pick up a debate here. Hope u get what I meant clearly bout my 1st comment as you had misunderstandings wif it. (:

**kk, is worth it, since Shriek updated tht is Duel-Terminal compatible, at least the card more valuable and more worthy of buyin. The Duel Disk maybe cn be used for cosplay :o
ShinobiPhoenix - 2009/07/18 21:45

No, I think now you're stating things you should have said

and would like to pretend you did or that someone should have psychically pulled it out (even if you likely just backpedaling anyway).

The misunderstanding was very much from you.

You know as well as I do no one was going to glean any ideal about economy or buying because neither of us were actually talking about that (however you might try to make it look that way). I specifically was talking about sole availability. In of itself that's funny because doing this would drive the prices DOWN for getting Shield Wing and Vice Dragon and make buying them easier anyway. No one buys Duel Disk for the Duel Disk, they buy them for the cards. A seller would just separate those out like normal and sell them. So having another reprint is actually more economically sounding because there's a higher stock and accessibility and therefore less rarity to have any motivation of driving the price up or you lose business to more reasonable seller.

Jump Festa buying, if that is how you roll, it's no one fault but your own to buy them at those prices just like anyone else. People have to buy this stuff before they sell it and they are in the business of making money to maintain themselves. If a easier availability becomes present, that's the time to strike for both parties (seller and buyer). Yes, we will have to curb off some of the price of the Duel Disk itself that he is less likely to sell on to the cards, but that's the business he is in and he knew that going in.

That's not even talking about the TCG versions, which (while the cards themselves will be more expensive then their OCG counterparts by unfortunate nature), will still at least have a premiere release at more mass than they were for their OCG premieres and therefore it will be easier to spread it to those who want the card in English (not to mention, OCGers can STILL just buy the English ones as well, which only DOUBLE their ability to purchase).

Yet, none of that even touches on the Duel Terminal factor, because it's only relevant to OCGers (for now). If they are printed in English with that feature intact, I will be pleasantly surprised (it won't do us any good for now, but it will be surprising).
The D (guest) - 2009/07/27 02:01

They already made Yusei's Duel Disk in America. This a toy, but it can still be used from actual Duels.

RedEyesFan - 2009/07/27 12:37


calling that a duel disk is totally bull shit!
The D (guest) - 2009/07/29 23:24

Why you say that. The only problem with it is the Monster Card Zone, but it is still usable for Setting and Summoning monsters.

Hikari no Ryuuou (guest) - 2009/08/08 07:27

Let's all just forget about the Yusei Wrist Dealer, ok?

Anyway the Japanese release date is now official, as per the official Yu-Gi-Oh site:

EwokNinja (guest) - 2009/08/19 00:39

Well I might it since my battle city one is broken lol

RedEyesFan - 2009/08/19 15:30

i can imagine that.

*press the button tons of times, making the wings smack at each other countless of times. one day, as they smash to each other, they flew away.

pretty much a nut cracker in disguise.
billy4001 - 2009/09/01 23:02

Vice dragon

the english vice dragon accidentally released in raging battles se had the code ddy1 could that stand for duel disk yusei 1????

Huck (guest) - 2009/09/16 08:52


Those 4 promos are interesting.

Can't wait for a kid to enjoy the new disk, and WANT THOSE SLEEVES.

Kotori - 2009/09/16 11:22

Hmm 2 versions?

The Deluxe Version have some decent promos I seriously like, especially Afterglow of a Miracle and Starlight Road.

I just want to know how to get it Deluxe Version since there are 2 versions..Hmmm
aussieman000 (guest) - 2009/09/16 11:38

Starlight Road...

Is fucking amazing.

Hopefully the effect doesn't get changed.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/09/16 21:18


They all keep the same effects as in the anime. But overall some ugh cards...

Carlos (guest) - 2009/09/21 05:31


Does anyone know if it will be released on september 26th?

Luemas9 (guest) - 2010/05/24 05:49

On the Matter of This Duel Disk as Comapred to Previous Ones

Please note that the previous duel disk replicas were made be MATTEL, an American company specializing in children's toys, and by no means were ever intended to be used for practical playing.

This duel disk, however, has been designed and released by KONAMI, who also happens to design and distribute the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG cards (which are translated and reproduced in other countries by Upper Deck as TCG). Therefore we can infer that since Konami makes both the cards and this duel disk, it will be designed for practical play (thus, not bending one's cards, allowing for sleeves, proper life point counting, etc). On the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia is a picture, and you can clearly see that Mattel’s childish design has been completely reworked.

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