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Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Starter Deck 2012

「遊戯王OCG スターターデッキ2012」
Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG - Starter Deck 2012

Release: 17th March 2012
Price: 1050 Yen (incl. tax)

1x Rulebook
1x Playing Guide
1x Duel Field

1 Deck (45 cards total, ?? new)

- Optimized for beginners to simply learn and experience the different types of card effects, including the latest game element, Xyz Summons.
- Includes outstanding cards from the anime as well as new Xyz Monster.
- Including cards that work together with the latest anime expansions.

Alexandridragon 「アレキサンドライドラゴン」
Normal Monster
ST12-JP001 Alexandridragon

ST12-JP002 Spirit of the Harp 「ハープの精」
ST12-JP003 Frostosaurus 「フロストザウルス」
ST12-JP004 Zubaba Knight 「ズババナイト」
ST12-JP005 Ganbara Knight 「ガンバラナイト」
ST12-JP006 Gogogo-Golem 「ゴゴゴゴーレム」
ST12-JP007 Gogogo-Giant 「ゴゴゴジャイアント」
ST12-JP008 Goblindbergh 「ゴブリンドバーグ」
ST12-JP009 Feedback Warrior 「ハウリング・ウォリアー」
ST12-JP010 Shine Knight 「シャインナイト」
ST12-JP011 Cyber Dragon 「サイバー・ドラゴン」
ST12-JP012 Trident Warrior 「トライデント・ウォリアー」
ST12-JP013 Chiron the Mage 「賢者ケイローン」
ST12-JP014 Marauding Captain 「切り込み隊長」
ST12-JP015 Mysterious Guard 「聖なる守り手」
ST12-JP016 Sangan 「クリッター」
ST12-JP017 Giant Rat 「巨大ネズミ」 x2
ST12-JP018 Shining Angel 「シャインエンジェル」 x2
ST12-JP019 Blustering Winds 「破天荒な風」
ST12-JP020 Big Vanity Silhouette 「虚栄巨影」
ST12-JP021 Xyz Energy 「エクシーズエナジー」
ST12-JP022 Star Changer 「スター・チェンジャー」
ST12-JP023 Swords of Revealing Light 「光の護封剣」
ST12-JP024 Mystical Space Typhoon 「サイクロン」
ST12-JP025 Fissure 「地割れ」
ST12-JP026 Lucky Iron Axe 「幸運の鉄斧」
ST12-JP027 Reinforcement of the Army 「増援」
ST12-JP028 The A. Forces 「連合軍」
ST12-JP029 Regretful Complaint 「痛恨の訴え」
ST12-JP030 Xyz Effect 「エクシーズエフェクト」
ST12-JP031 Raigeki Break 「サンダー・ブレイク」
ST12-JP032 Trap Hole 「落とし穴」
ST12-JP033 Dust Tornado 「砂塵の大竜巻」
ST12-JP034 Magic Cylinder 「魔法の筒」
ST12-JP035 Draining Shield 「ドレインシールド」
ST12-JP036 Call of the Haunted 「リビングデッドの呼び声」
ST12-JP037 Limit Reverse 「リミット・リバース」
ST12-JP038 Seven Tools of the Bandit 「盗賊の七つ道具」
ST12-JP039 No. 39, Aspiring Emperor Hope 「No.39 希望皇ホープ」 Ultra Rare

String Djinn Muzumuzu Rhythm 「弦魔人ムズムズリズム」
WIND/Demon - Xyz - Effect/Rank 3/1500/1000
2x Level 3 Monster
When a "Djinn" Xyz Monster you control attacks an opponent's monster, you can activate this effect during the Damage Step by removing 1 Xyz Material from this card. Double the ATK of the attacking monster until the End Phase. The Effect of "String Djinn Muzumuzu Rhythm can only be activated once per turn.
ST12-JP040 String Djinn Muzumuzu Rhythm

Drum Djinn Tem Tem Tempo 「太鼓魔人テンテンテンポ」
EARTH/Demon - Xyz - Effect/Rank 3/1700/1000
2x Level 3 Monster
Once per turn, you can activate this effect by removing 1 Xyz Material from this card, and selecting 1 Xyz Monster your opponent controls. Remove 1 Xyz Material from the selected Xyz Monster, and all "Djinn" Xyz Monster you control gain 500 ATK. This effect can be activated during your opponent's turn.
ST12-JP041 Drum Djinn Tem Tem Tempo

Pipe Djinn Melo Melo Melody 「管魔人メロメロメロディ」
LIGHT/Demon - Xyz - Effect/Rank 3/1400/1600
2x Level 3 Monster
Once per turn, you can activate this effect by removing 1 Xyz Material from this card, and selecting 1 "Djinn" Xyz Monster you control. During this turn, the selected monster can attack twice during the Battle Phase.
ST12-JP042 Pipe Djinn Melo Melo Melody

Reverb Djinn Maestroke 「交響魔人マエストローク」
DARK/Demon - Xyz - Effect/Rank 4/1800/2300
2x Level 4 Monster
Once per turn, you can remove 1 Xyz Material from this card, and select 1 face-up Attack Position Monster your opponent controls. Change the selected monster to face-down Defense Position. Also while this card is face-up on the field, if a "Djinn" Xyz Monster you control would be destroyed, you can remove 1 Xyz Material from that Monster instead.
ST12-JP043 Reverb Djinn Maestroke
Shadow Duelist (guest) - 2011/12/05 21:46

What could it be?

Could it be support for cool archetypes such as Blackwing, Infernity or Gladiator beast ? xD

Dudewitbow (guest) - 2011/12/06 00:43


the likelihood that an xyz deck would support an anime based synchro archetypes and a contact fusion archetype is extremely slim
fan de yugioh - 2011/12/06 01:03

45 = 5 Xyz?


RedEyesFan - 2011/12/06 01:48

- Optimized for beginners to simply learn and experience the different types of card effects, including the latest game element, Xyz Summons

>Messenger of Beginning unban

and Gold Series 2012

will people even bother... unless theres a Xyz reborn in it

Phaetion (guest) - 2011/12/06 03:36


...that crushes my dream of the Preconstructed deck in the duelist box being the starter deck. Oh well. Regardless though, 45 cards is huge. 5 new xyz's? I'd be in heaven. Here's to me hoping that the following make it in:

MST (2's better than 1)
Half Counter
Level Warrior

These 3 have the potential to be in a starter deck because of their potential. Either way, I'll still get it when it comes to my turf. Another deck for my collection.

Ukun (guest) - 2011/12/06 08:52

5 Xyz's?

It's probably a given for a common Utopia in here.

.... (guest) - 2012/01/18 09:02


From the information i have on hand utopia is still ultra rare while the 2 fiends xyz are super.
Which probably makes the 2 new xyz commons.
Yano88 (guest) - 2011/12/06 14:37


Those xyz monster will be some random numbers from the anime I guess.

Right now we have Numbers 15, 25 (soon), 32 and 50 still unreleased.

I don't think that they will all be released in Galactic Overload.

Drewko (guest) - 2011/12/06 19:42

No.50 would be manga promo or anything like this...
Donnell AKA D-Nasty TEAM ARCLIGHT (guest) - 2012/01/17 04:45


BEST Starter deck EVER!
Muzu Muzu Rizumu
Ten Ten Tempo!!!

WHERE IS Melo Melo Melody?!?!

Phaetion (guest) - 2012/01/17 05:35


...were you sarcastic?

I was a little let down by the new exceeds, primarily because they require the opponent to have an exceed on the field, thus making them situational. I hope they improve it from the anime effect. Go^3 Golem is worth running (forget Giant; WAY too situational; like Gottom's Emergency call was in 2009).

I'm grateful, however, for the Hope reprint. Overall, I hope Konami breaks the new exceeds and make them better than the anime effect without them being too broken *cough*Tour Guide*cough*
Expresso (guest) - 2012/01/19 12:55


I want them too =3=..
Phaetion (guest) - 2012/01/19 16:40


The thing about the new exceeds though is that their effects require the opponent to have one on the field, thus making them situational (Plus their horrid attack to start out with makes me cringe further. Yes, their effects boost their attack, but, again, situational).
Fob4eva - 2012/01/17 05:37

Rescue Rabbit

If they're supporting XYZ, they might as well reprint rescue rabbit.

Mazerkist - 2012/01/17 23:33


It's probably too soon for a Rescue Rabbit reprint. Even if this does by some chance get a reprinted Rescue Rabbit, most likely it would be removed from this Starter Deck in the TCG and made a promo in one of the 2012 Collectors Tins.
Phaetion (guest) - 2012/01/20 05:19

String Djinn Effect

Ok, that effect made me feel a little better. Too bad it's situational, but the cool part that you can use it on itself. I'd sooner be bringing this out than the drum guy.

Oh, and so no one gets the wrong idea about my previous comments regarding the new exceeds, I see it from the perspective of actually USING the starter deck as opposed to a regular deck. I make use of all the starter decks since 2008 (even combine them), so I see them through that lens as opposed to a regular player's lens (in this case). Maybe the Drum guy has its uses, but I'd still sooner be bringing out String Djinn (unless circumstances say otherwise).

Donnell aka D-Nasty TEAM ARCHLIGHT (guest) - 2012/01/20 23:21

im serious....

No sarcasm, scrub! I'm serious.
Tour guide food FTW!!! These xyz's are the future once tour guide goes to 2 if not march format definetly after nats.
This deck is amazing already.
Phaetion (guest) - 2012/01/21 00:01


True, there is the case of opponents constantly bringing out exceeds, but perhaps I might have overlooked something. Do note that I'm not a competitive player (evidence being my previous post above). True, Tour Guide does work with them (but how will you know they'll get axed? It could dodge it like Envoy did back ~2005).

I'm not complaining about String; I'm concerned about the Drum Guy only. He does have its uses, but I'd only bring him out if an opponent has an exceed, so that I can take advantage of his effect and (indirectly) protect himself.
anonymously (guest) - 2012/01/30 10:05


KONAMI already have Djinn Archtype around Ritual Monster. will this card get name change?

Donnell AKA D-Nasty TEAM ARCLIGHT (guest) - 2012/02/01 00:00



Phaetion (guest) - 2012/02/01 03:41

Th Djinn Exceeds...

They work together, which is cool. Now I just need to think of a way to spam them out like crazy (besides Marauding Captain).

FF (guest) - 2012/02/06 06:57

Could TGU be in this pack?

Judging from the amount of level 3 XYZs could this be the pack which finally introduces TGU to the OCG? I'm of the thinking that it could well be because so far they've only announced one level three, Zubaba Knight, with this amount of level 3 XYZs it would be an ideal card to make people buy the pack.

Phaetion (guest) - 2012/02/18 16:25


Alexandrite Dragon? A Djinn that can make attacking easier? I think i found heaven. Let's just hope that the rest of the deck is good too (I'd love to see MST at least).

will (guest) - 2012/09/01 09:16


I still think that synchronized are the beat cuz their abilities are not limited by overlay units xyz monster are useless when their used up. That alexandrite dragon is awesome
Kaizoku Senshi - 2012/02/20 16:49

When they told me that hope would be in this pack i was already buying it.

With the new Djinn Exceeds, i think i'll get 3

Phaetion (guest) - 2012/03/13 02:51

I do believe...

...that this Starter Deck is REALLY good.

So many useful cards, and all in 1 package too. I have to say this fully justifies me getting one now (and, there's only 3 cards left to reveal; let's just hope they're even more ground-breaking).

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