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(Un-)Official Japanese Tournaments - March

Updated on 4th April

29th March
2nd Kyushu National Qualification Tournament
k-'s-X 1st Unofficial Tournament
Dark Dragon King Organization Non-Official Tournament
Dark Dragon King Junior Cup
2nd Shikoku National Qualification Tournament new2

28th March
Fireball Kitakyushu Store Tournament

26th March
WonderGOO Costa Yukuhashi Store Tournament

24th March
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

22th March
Public Tokuan Store Tournament
Smile Inter-Store Official Konami Tournament
Torekadow Nakagawa Store Official Konami Tournament
Kantou National Qualification Tournament new2
1st Kinkon-Kan Derby (2nd Kantou National Qualification Tournament) new2

21th March
Haneman Tournament
Smile Sasebo-Store Tournament

20th March
Smile Sasebo-Store Tournament

16th March
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

15th March
Public Tokuan Store Tournament
3rd Yamaguchi Championship

11th March
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

10th March
Chiba Store Tournament

3rd March
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

1st March
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament
Public Tokuan Store Tournament

28th February
Geo'09 Grand Prix - 1st Hokkaido National Qualification Tournament new2
SerodD (guest) - 2009/03/02 21:38

black feather

hey can you add what's missing in the black feather deck please ?

Gouki (guest) - 2009/03/03 13:13

I assume 2 Allure and 2 Jet-Black Whirlwind
random (guest) - 2009/03/03 00:41

That Anti-Meta Zombie should not have won with Trap Eater in the meta.

J4B0i - 2009/03/03 01:14


noobs didnt side it
Diehard_Guy - 2009/03/03 14:26


How Chimeratech Fortress Dragon can help in a BF Deck?
Something that is ever more weird is........Chimeratech Fortress Dragon with NO Cyber Dragon!

Omega (guest) - 2009/03/03 15:46

4 missing most likely involves 1 allure and 3 Black Hurricane (the continous magic), since his strategy is obviously OTK involving Ultimate Offering and Mystic Plasma Zone.

Chimeratech Fortress Dragon allows players to sacrifice other players' monster for the special summon requirement, so people used it early on as a kind of monster removal. I'm not sure if that serves a purpose anymore, but it's only 1 card in the extra deck.
SerodD (guest) - 2009/03/03 23:10

It can't be allure that is missing firts allure is already limited at 2 and second he already has 2 allures on side so I supose maybe the 4 cards missing are 2 black whirlwind and 2 dark eruption ( they're good do recover qal'at).

statistics with stata 10 (guest) - 2012/09/15 08:24

statistics with stata 10

Very interesting and useful discussion for me. I think this is a common problem for all parents so don't worry about it. Thanks guys for such a great comments, have a good luck.
statistics with stata 10
Ruby (guest) - 2009/03/04 19:25

What The ?!

did any one noticed taht he doesn't run Book Of Life, M. Reborn or CoSR. Also 3 Honest for 3 Raioh.What a Mess!!!

Omega (guest) - 2009/03/05 00:13

That deck is a control deck that uses Undead Synergy, using every card undead related for the sake of theme is completely retarded, no offense.
Fyga - 2009/03/05 02:56

(Adding to Omega & Akira)

He main decks Royal Oppression. He has a total of 3 revival cards, why would he need the 1 Limited CoSR? It's literally titled "Light Undead" by the user. And also, he DOES main deck Monster Reborn.

Are we reading the same list or were you so itching for an opportunity to flaunt some of your "skills" that you forgot your "skills" during the thought process?
Belgian Blue (guest) - 2009/03/05 20:01

He has a total of 9 monsters for a drawn honest (2 paladins, 2 Goku-en, 3 Raiou and his other 2 honest), That's half his deck, I'd say that's pretty good. The monsters in general are better than those in a regular city deck.

I like how Japanese players don't shy away from contradiction. I mean sure, reaper doesn't work with drain out, but when you are losing it'll save your life and its easy to bring back. Sure oppression can keep your from synchro summoning or using reborn, but with two oppressions its nice to be able to set up a big field until you get one. And Goku-en may have drawbacks, if there is any deck that can keep one out its this one. But a poor opening play of course.

This deck has more punch than the city decks its modeled after. I put it together to see how it works and it plays quite well. Its very anti-meta, but unlike city decks it holds its own against other decks as well. I did immediately replace the saku's with dimensional prisons though.
Akira (guest) - 2009/03/04 19:34

That deck is not regular undead deck,it is different strategy.
It is light undead, it focuses on swarming with LIGHT Undeads and beatdown opponent with Honest.ALso it has Zombie carrier for Synchroing.

Akira (guest) - 2009/03/04 19:36

Also it uses Raioh and many traps to lockdown opponent and counter the metagame
while providing Undead beatsticks to beatdwon opponent.

Akira (guest) - 2009/03/05 16:36

I was just referring to a strategy of Light undead, nothing else.
It is deck different than regular Undead of course so it has different strategy.usi9ng Light monsters with Undead swarming to beatdown with Honest and stop meta with traps and Raioh.I don't flaunt nor other does, just telling what is about the deck.

Wow (guest) - 2009/03/16 00:02

The 1st March LS Deck

How the hell did that win? Like seriously.

TopoChico (guest) - 2009/03/17 05:03

What is english name and effect of Koalakko?

what is the effect of this card?

Arkana (guest) - 2009/03/17 12:01

The english name is Sea Koala, it reduces once a turn the ATK of a monater to 0 if you control another beast-type monster.
Subcon86 (guest) - 2009/03/30 18:31

Haneman Tournament

The winner of the tournament has 2x Charge of the Light Brigade listed in their main deck, but I thought that Charge was a TCG Exclusive thus it couldn't be played in OCG. Is that some sort of mistake, or is there some rule that I don't know?

streetb (guest) - 2009/03/30 19:57

depending on the store, they will allow any official konami card regardless of exclusivity.
OmegaBlack (guest) - 2009/03/31 03:28

How come ???

How come OCG players don't play Solemn Judgment im TCG players do is that they don't have any room 4 it???

OmegaBlack (guest) - 2009/03/31 03:38

i still got some questions??

how the OCG Meta Different from TCG Meta the top Decks in TCG r LS(lightsworn),GB n PCM while OCG is Rescue Cat Synchro, LS n BW (Black Wing) In TCG players play with Solemn Judgment while OCG players don't how come can some1 explain 2 me the different s between the TCG Meta n OCG Meta im a TCG player i just want 2 know the Differents between the 2 ????

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