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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers

Wheelie Breakers
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers

Release: 26th March 2009
System: Nintendo Wii
Price: 5980 Yen

Promos: Burning Skull Head, Skull Flame, Speed King☆Skull Flame

Speed King☆Skull Flame 「スピード・キング☆スカル・フレイム」
WIND/Undead - Effect/10/2600/2000
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 1 "Skull Flame" in your Graveyard. Once per turn, you can inflict 400 Damage x the number of "Burning Skull-Head" in your Graveyard to your opponent's Life Points. Also, when this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 "Skull Flame" from your Graveyard to your field.

Skull Flame 「スカル・フレイム」
FIRE/Undead - Effect/8/2600/2000
Once per turn, you can Special Summon 1 "Burning Skull-Head" from your hand. During a turn your activated this effect, you cannot perform your Battle Phase. Also, during your Draw Phase instead of conducting your Normal Draw, you can add 1 "Burning Skull-Head" from your Graveyard to your hand.

Burning Skull-Head 「バーニング・スカルヘッド」
FIRE/Undead - Effect/3/1000/800
When this card is successfully Special Summoned from the hand, inflict 1000 Damage to your opponent's Life Points. Also, by removing from play this face-up card you control, you can return 1 "Skull Flame" that is removed from play to your Graveyard.

Simon Parr (guest) - 2008/08/28 10:21


Now there making a racing game on moterbikes...I think its going a bit too far from yugioh now lol

joshua (guest) - 2008/10/26 07:13

if ya watch it its cool
dsd (guest) - 2008/08/28 15:47

umm.. If you haven't noticed by now dueling is done on bikes now in the show 50% of the time.
I think its awsome!
great idea dueling on bikes in the game too. Crap its on wii :S that's a tad expensive for me. But atleast tag force 3 is coming out in the tcg in November
I'm still waiting to see championship 09

Scorchgid (guest) - 2008/09/14 18:56

You people have games like halo, metal great solid and final fantasy 13
I want a game for once
D-man - 2008/11/15 01:30


Y-You think playing a card game on a motorbike is awesome? It's the only thing that reminds me that no Yu-Gi-Oh! season will be as good as the original, or in fact YGO TAS. Lets face it, it's a bit strange, the whole Yu-Gi-Oh! universe is strange in general, but card games on motorbikes? Whatever, just don't go saying its a good idea, its just weird. Adds in more spice yes, but weird. Moving on...

I'm glad the Wii is getting this, as that way the Xbox360 or PS3 (not PS2, thats just old now) can get a more, proper Yu-Gi-Oh! game. Graceful Charity increases your speed? Whats next Kuriboh can beat Blue eyes if he's fast enough thanks to the bike?
dragoonrox (guest) - 2009/05/28 13:52

I agree, it is totally cool. Oh, and by the way, the game is a bit screwed. Ever heard of a sonic duck destroying a Goyo Guardian?
Wolfgang DelaSangre (guest) - 2008/08/28 17:55

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen...

To Speed World!

mokona (guest) - 2008/08/28 18:07

ridding duel!!! ^0^'

dsd (guest) - 2008/08/28 20:33

i wonder what the promos are?
5D's cards?
HalfDemonInuyasha (guest) - 2008/08/28 22:11

The game itself was only really discovered pretty recently in terms of the photos...we probably won't know promos for quite a while.
Wolfgang DelaSangre (guest) - 2008/08/29 01:10

Hey, what a second...

Why are there regular Spells in hand? When Speed World is in play, you can't play a regular Spell Card without taking 2000 points of damage.

dds (guest) - 2008/10/26 07:15

depends on how much speed counters u have
Paradoxx (guest) - 2008/08/29 14:47

Must get this

I need this game. I don't just want it. I need it. It just does look that good. I need to get soemthing to let my ii play japanese games. I just hope so mechanic doesn't make it fail.

Sylar (guest) - 2008/08/29 19:21

Why? It's coming out for America.
Leon (guest) - 2008/10/01 21:12

Dude just homebrew your Wii simple as
Andy (guest) - 2008/08/30 02:22

Speed World

You can play normal spells when Speed World is activated, you just lose 2000 Life Points by doing it.

Sylar (guest) - 2008/08/30 04:20

It doesn't really make sense though to have basically your entire hand filled with useless spells. Unless he had a spell or trap that allowed him to play normal spells.
monkeyboy22 (guest) - 2008/08/30 04:31


i really hope it has wi-fi that would be sweet.

Wolfgang DelaSangre (guest) - 2008/08/30 05:11

I would TOTALLY pay for that!
Air Force - 2008/08/30 07:21


It looks like its a total racing game.
It says
"win the Race/(Duel?) by finishing first and you can use cards (I'm guessing attacking players and/or increase your speed counters)"

the effect of Graceful Charity is
"increase your speed conuter by 2"

So im guessing REAL duel components have been taken out?

I woudnt buy it if its like mariocart or a racing game for kids
unless the promos are nice

Wolfgang DelaSangre (guest) - 2008/08/30 15:30

Well, some racing components would be nice, but as long as it's got the Speed Duel system in there, which has the following rules, I'm good.

1) Both players must activate Speed World at the start of the duel. Speed World cannot be destroyed.

2) Starting from the second turn of the duel, both players receive a Speed Counter during every Standby Phase. The more Speed Counters you have, the faster your bike goes. Maximum Speed is measured at 12 Speed Counters.

3) If you take Battle Damage, you lose 1 Speed Counter for every 1000 points of damage. (This is not cumulative and so separate attacks will not be added together). Speed Counters are not reduced through effect damage.

4) If a Spell Card with that does not have "Speed Spell" in its name is activated, its controller takes 2000 points of damage.

Duels like this tend to rely more on strategy than whoever has the better opening hand, which is why I like them more than regular duels.
Kuinra Shisa (guest) - 2008/09/02 03:58


A Riding Duel game? o.o For Wii?!?! O.O

*Creams self*

Hmmm (guest) - 2008/09/03 03:43

Will there be

a Yugioh WC 2009 then, or is this going to take the place for that game?

yugioh king 1 (guest) - 2008/09/04 01:44

i think so becuse i heard that yugioh world champion 2009 was on the wii this for some reason but whats so bad about that i like that idea why do you do you even have a wii
That One Guy (guest) - 2008/09/14 05:18


Please don't tell me that thing about Graceful Charity increasing your Speed Counters by two is true.

Because we really needed another YuGiOh game that doesn't abide by the official rules, because Forbidden Memories, Duelists of the Roses, Dark Duel Stories, The Sacred Cards, and Reshef of Destruction wasn't enough.


roy (guest) - 2008/10/13 20:54


when is it coming?

Rated R Jack Atlus 428 (guest) - 2008/12/05 10:25


Why has Yusei Junk Warrior, Stardust Dragon and another Synchro Monster in his hand?
Looks like this won´t have the real rules. *sigh*

YuseiFudo (guest) - 2008/12/14 00:17

Graceful Chirity

It is going to be an Awesome game .... one things bother me on the second image , Wasnt graceful chirity banned? or they will allow traditional format at the end of the game?

realsetokaiba - 2008/12/24 13:21

i heard that it will release in april 09 2009

Monkey (guest) - 2008/12/26 15:48

This is from the number of cards i do not like at all.

The following content was provided by the publisher.

A new era has dawned and Yu-Gi-Oh! returns with a fast paced twist on card dueling. Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlus are the hottest new duelists in New Domino City and have taken dueling to the streets in a hot new motorsport called "Wheelie Breakers" that combines traditional card dueling with Duel Runnner racing. Players climb upon their Duel Runnner motorcycles and summon monsters from their decks to battle each other as they race the streets or track. Their monsters use unique attack powers to try and defeat other riders competing against you. By defeating a rider you steal his summoned monsters and add them to your deck. This is a no holds barred battle for track supremacy in a combination of wheel and deal!


* Racing game with the dueling elements, based on "Turbo Duel" in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's animated series on 4Kids network.
* Offering over 150 unique cards with attack powers specific to the video game
* Summon monsters during the race to try and take out your opponent using your monsters special powers and attack abilities
* Players can save their profile data and customized decks in the Wii remote allowing them to take their decks anywhere
* Compete in Story Mode and clear races to build your deck of cards and the monsters you can summon
* Pick up and play game utilizing all the key functionality of the Wii mote for the card dueling and the Nunchuk for the racing including weight shifting, acceleration, steering and recovery
* Includes 3 modes of play: Story Mode, Grand Prix Mode and Matchup Mode with up to 4 friends in racing and dueling split screen

miguel (guest) - 2009/01/14 19:42


no chingen que sea de play 3

Kaostheory - 2009/01/15 16:38

New Cards

I am so happy that the skull flames are coming out makes a zombie burn deck much more feasible and especially with speed kings simple summoning ability with a skull flame in grave. Now all they have to do is make skull flame's effect work for special summon fro graveyard too then we can easily kill opponent fast

RedArchfiend (guest) - 2009/01/15 19:10

I just like these promos! Much better than Stardust Accelerator but I am glad they realese Kiryu's cards and now Mokuro's.
I see they will have a lot of potential specially because they are Undeads, and they will give them boost with swarming and burning Life Points.Cool.Torrential Tribute the field,remove Skull Flame for Spped King , direct attack with 3000 than Damage for 3 Skull Heads-total 4400 Damage!

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/01/16 05:08


I agree, the Infernity monsters shouldn't even exist. As of now, it is hard to utilize the Infernitys properly, if at all.
These promos are win win:
1): Burning Skull Head and Speed King- Skull Flame have additional effects that, when combined with Skull Flame, can repeatedly swarm-burn the opponent.
anonymous (guest) - 2009/01/21 02:44

Finally they release a Yugioh game for the Wii. Up 'til now, I had to use the GamecubeYugioh game.


BH15 (guest) - 2009/01/22 15:20

wow, card games on motorbikes, and trucks and cars, isn't the world of 5Ds fascinating, I'd just get it for the promos

Akira (guest) - 2009/01/24 20:19

Art forthose cards-simply awesome!I like it.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2009/01/24 21:08


The art is definitely better than in the anime. Speed King- Skull Flames has 2600 ATK though compared to 3000 in the anime.
Akira (guest) - 2009/01/25 12:11

Art is better, yes.
But Speed king would be too powerful with 3000 ATK-it is too easy to summon.It is like Blue Eyes White Dragon without offering tributes.It is okay with 2600,it deals also big damage so no need for hight attacks.

Wysten - 2009/02/10 23:10

Problem is, we need reliable answers to all the Synchro summoning, the card as it is heavily themed and useless without Blazing Skull, which running them is a disadvantage in itself. :/ Plus changing the element and attack like that is a blow, was both really that nessary, A wind monster in a fire series? >_>;

Still, I thought of a pretty nice burn monarhc or Wicked Avater varient using these guys, should be fun. ^^
umineko (guest) - 2009/01/28 11:24

1st time card got star on his name ==a

Zero83 (guest) - 2009/01/29 09:10


Will this be selling in singapore?????

yubelhsbnd (guest) - 2009/02/08 04:17

Race Starts

This is so cool, i only hope they not screw it up by changing to much te original gameplay like in the games before WCT series

WarpKnight - 2009/02/11 01:25

Looks Awesome!

I'm totally buying this regardless. The promos are also too good to pass up, but I suppose I'll need to buy at least 2 more 'Flaming Skull Heads' to make full use.

anonymous (guest) - 2009/02/11 23:21

racing/dueling game?...

The-Strawhat (guest) - 2009/02/20 21:23

Only race

Thre are no duel in this game. the cards have new effects that does so your oppernent loses lp. thats what everyone else says.. Dont hope it's true.. Yugioh game without duels. It's like kethup without Tomato's..
- (guest) - 2009/07/20 18:31


geil freu mich schon darauf

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