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Famikon-kun 2 Store Tournament (6th November)

Held on 6th November 2011
Participants: 40

1st place
Player: Mishra 「ミシュラ」
Deck: Rabbit Gladial-Beast 「兎剣闘獣」

20 Monster
3x Gladial-Beast Andal 「剣闘獣アンダル」
3x Sabersaurus 「セイバーザウルス」
1x Gladial-Beast Murmillo 「剣闘獣ムルミロ」
1x Gladial-Beast Retiari 「剣闘獣レティアリィ」
3x Test Tiger 「スレイブタイガー」
2x Gladial-Beast Equite 「剣闘獣エクイテ」
1x Gladial-Beast Darius 「剣闘獣ダリウス」
1x Gladial-Beast Bestorourii 「剣闘獣ベストロウリィ」
2x Gladial-Beast Laquer 「剣闘獣ラクエル」
3x Rescue Rabbit 「レスキューラビット」

6 Magic
1x Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
1x Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
1x Dark Hole 「ブラック・ホール」
2x Mystical Space Typhoon 「サイクロン」
1x Book of Moon 「月の書」

14 Trap
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 「強制脱出装置」
1x Torrential Tribute 「激流葬」
3x Dimensional Prison 「次元幽閉」
1x Mirror Force 「聖なるバリア-ミラーフォース-」
2x Bottomless Trap Hole 「奈落の落とし穴」
1x Call of the Haunted 「リビングデッドの呼び声」
2x Solemn Warning 「神の警告」
1x Solemn Judgment 「神の宣告」
1x Gladial-Beast Chariot 「剣闘獣の戦車」
1x Magic Drain 「マジック・ドレイン」

1x D.D. Crow 「D.D.クロウ」
2x Snowman Eater 「スノーマンイーター」
2x Cyber Dragon 「サイバー・ドラゴン」
1x Envoy of Hades Gorz 「冥府の使者ゴーズ」
2x Effect Veiler 「エフェクト・ヴェーラー」

1x Mystical Space Typhoon 「サイクロン」

1x Compulsory Evacuation Device 「強制脱出装置」
1x Dust Tornado 「砂塵の大竜巻」
1x Trap Dustshoot 「ダスト・シュート」
1x Chain Disappearance 「連鎖除外」
1x Gladial-Beast Chariot 「剣闘獣の戦車」
1x Black Horn of Heaven 「昇天の黒角笛」

2x Gladial-Beast Gyzarus 「剣闘獣ガイザレス」
1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 「キメラテック・フォートレス・ドラゴン」
1x Gladial-Beast Heraklinos 「剣闘獣ヘラクレイノス」

1x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Boundary 「氷結界の龍 トリシューラ」

1x Gemknight Parl 「ジェムナイト・パール」
1x Empty Space Sea Serpent Levaiel 「虚空海竜リヴァイエール」
1x No. 17, Revise Dragon 「No.17 リバイス・ドラゴン」
1x No. 30, Acid Golem of Destruction 「No.30 破滅のアシッド・ゴーレム」
1x Eviritua Merrowgeist 「イビリチュア・メロウガイスト」
1x Inverz Roach 「インヴェルズ・ローチ」
1x Evolkaiser Lagia 「エヴォルカイザー・ラギア」
1x Daigusta Emeral 「ダイガスタ・エメラル」
1x No. 16, Ruler of Color - Shock Ruler 「No.16 色の支配者ショック・ルーラー」
1x No. 39, Aspiring King Hope 「No.39 希望皇ホープ」
Chazm (guest) - 2011/11/27 04:01


rabbit GB. whats next, rabbit sabers? rabbit agents? maybe even rabbit rabbit, the deck so boss it needs 2 rabbits in the name... seriously, rabbit is gay.

Marodin (guest) - 2011/11/27 04:20


It's just a rabbit, why so worked up? And while your comment seemed sarcastic, I'll reply to it anyways. Sabers wouldn't need rabbit till they get a Rank 4 they can actually use, and agents already have venus so there's no need for rabbit?

You're either raging over too many losses from rabbit decks, or is a TCG player who can't afford the rabbits (i know it's tough they bumped it up to a secret).
R (guest) - 2011/11/27 05:27

Rabbit is soooo gay

Seriously, it's f--king broken, and just look at its artwork, only fags play that card, and on top of that they summon Lagia in 1st turn and set 2 solemn warning and solemn judgment, what's the point of playing if you're going to negate everything and won't let the other player play? Next turn: Tour Guide for Leviair, bring back Rabbit and another Lagia, that's ridiculous, even gayer than the format with 3 Shi En, 3 Smoke Signal, and 3 Gateway. And yeah, I'm mad because card is ridiculous and I don't care about its price because I would never play a card with such gay artwork and overpowered effect at practically no cost. But you can get rid of this little fag with King Tiger Wanghu or Deck Devastation Virus, though it's a little hard to beat these decks it's not impossible.
Belgian Blue (guest) - 2011/11/27 08:47

B*tchers will complain ...

Can't be summoned from deck, banish for cost,only gets normal monsters, of the SAME name ... This thing is nerfed as hell. If it wasn't for laggia this thing wouldn't even see play at all. So why all the hate for the bunny ? All those normal monsters also create a serious weakpoint for the deck. They aren't going to run rabbit in random decks, since you need to splash at least 6 normal monsters to make it work, and even then it runs out of steam, GB being the notable exception because going gyza or essedari will shuffle your targets back. This deck in no way compares to sams even without triple gateway, and that's coming from a former samurai duelist. I also honestly don't see why anyone would complain about bunnies when the whole TCG format has the format divided in tour guide decks (money players) and non-tour guide decks (people who don't have 400 bucks for three cards), with a top 32 distribution at the last YCS of 29 TGU decks and only 3 non-TGU decks.
tsog (guest) - 2011/11/28 00:37

Agree with Belgian

Rabbit is good but no where near the awesomeness that is TGU.
People complain because rabbit is so hyped up. Like DW was before it fell flat at its first YCS.
Fob4eva - 2011/11/28 22:53

I think...

The problem is normal monster. Every Normal Monster should be limited, that would solve our problem.

Ok now lets be realistic. This card would definitely be limited next format , or Semi. Shit like this should never had been invented. Like ffs, they already messed up with rescue cat and now konami intentionally made a duplicate of rescue cat with a similar effect. What's next? Rescue Dog?
Akai (guest) - 2011/11/27 09:31


Please. Negation effects have been a core-piece of the game for quite some time before Rabbit, Shi-En and even Solemn Warning. Stardust Dragon, Infernity Barrier, Naturia (everything), and even before 5D's with War Chariots, Seven Tools of the Bandit, Destiny-Hero Plasma. Basically, most Decks nowadays NEED some sort of methods of Negation, else your opponent is going to play all over you. Its like playing a Fighting-Game without blocking. Your going to get hit, a lot. This Deck in general isn't even that broken. Maining Effect Veilers, Maxx - "C", Solemns in general. This Deck won't be able to do nothing. Not to mention Side-Decking for, like you said, King Tiger Wanghu and cards like Dark Trap Hole and Skill Drain? That Bunny isn't going to do jack brah. Oh yeah, and about saying that the artwork is something of faggotry, kindly go and fuck yourself. I loved using Rescue Cat in my Beast Decks before it was ever hit, none the less before even Airbellum made it's debut, and when it was banned (annoyingly a few weeks just after it's Super was released), I was definitely butt-hurt. And now we got this cute, little guy to take his place? Thats whats up.

KingGB (guest) - 2011/11/28 08:49


Since I heard about rabbit I knew Gladiator Beast would benefit the most. This build is a little strange with the saber's, but first turn laggia would allow the gladiator engine to begin its pluses soon after, but situational late game or multiply draws in first hand! as for rabbit and all the complains it isn't broken it has so many restrictions its more hurtful to decks than it seems. In my opinion gladiators work best with this card because Andal can go back into the deck, but in the OCG this guy won without essadarii imagine if he had him in the extra deck(im just saying)?
RoseFleur (guest) - 2011/12/04 15:38

I think Reborn Tengu and Tour guide from underworld more gay than rabbit...
your TCG player only know money
not like us OCG player only know skill

i'm pity of you

eh (guest) - 2011/12/10 07:10

Stfu. TCG players only know money? Oh, please, what does that have to do with anything? And while you're at it, how bout you learn some proper English "i'm pity of you" LOL. Skilled players only from OCG? HAHHAHAA shut the fuck up dude.

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