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Gold Series 2012

Release: 7th January 2012
Price: 300 Yen (incl. tax)

10 Packs per Box, 1 Pack contains 7 cards, of which 2 are Gold Rares (20 different cards in total, each available in Gold Rare and Common)

Morphing Jar #2「カオスポッド」

Jowgen the Spiritualist 「昇霊術師 ジョウゲン」

Lava Golem「溶岩魔神ラヴァ・ゴーレム」

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 「カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-」

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch「雷帝ザボルグ」

D.D. Crow 「D.D.クロウ」

Armageddon Knight 「終末の騎士」

Lonefire Blossom「ローンファイア・ブロッサム」

Stardust Dragon 「スターダスト・ドラゴン」

Mainspring Mine Zenmaine 「発条機雷ゼンマイン」
FIRE/Machine - Xyz - Effect/Rank 3/1500/2100
2x Level 3 Monster
If this card on the field would be destroyed, you can remove 1 of this card's Xyz Materials instead. Once during the End Phase of the turn you used this effect, select 1 card on the field and destroy it.
GS04-JP010 Mainspring Mine Zenmaine

Soul Release「魂の解放」

Creature Swap 「強制転移」

Necrovalley 「王家の眠る谷-ネクロバレー」

Enemy Controller「エネミーコントローラー」

Pot of Duality「強欲で謙虚な壺」

Gravity Bind「グラヴィティ・バインド−超重力の網−」

Destiny Board「ウィジャ盤」

Icarus Attack「ゴッドバードアタック」

Dimensional Prison 「次元幽閉」

Starlight Road 「スターライト・ロード」
Marodin (guest) - 2011/11/16 14:21


Well, at least for the crow and prison. Prices getting way to out of hand.
BLS... wonder if it'll be NR?

Roberto (guest) - 2011/11/17 16:40


You are talking OCG prices right?
anonymous (guest) - 2011/11/16 15:17


definitely a NR to achieve their profit maximizing goal

Shawn (guest) - 2011/11/16 16:21

Should not be a normal rare? It is like dark hole I guess? I don't really know just a guess.

pehpongpong (guest) - 2012/01/03 09:55

which part about this notice said anything about how many common rares there are?
RedEyesFan - 2011/11/16 23:53

you guys do realise that all the NRs are all not from normal boosters set.

Dimensional Prison may be a NR since its a game promo, but it got reprinted like hell in SDs...

in short,
one box will give you atmost 5 Chaos Soldier

me (guest) - 2011/11/17 01:37

looks like BLS isnt getting banned anytime soon :(

... (guest) - 2011/11/20 00:55

Actually, it seems like it will get banned soon.
However, as this is the OCG's Gold Series, they are not going to do the same stuff they did to the TCG...
ChaosRegenesis (guest) - 2011/12/04 03:37

You realize the TCG banlist is a copy paste of the OCG one, right? And they bse it off of the OCG affects of said cad, right? What happens hen a card is next to irrelevant? Bing, it doesn't get banned! BLS is going to be a long time contender in TCG as it sits on the backburner in the OCG. Only way it'll be banned is if someone can break it without prio in the OCG. FAT CHANCE.
Anonymous (guest) - 2011/12/12 14:05

Zenmaines and Duality?

Well... this is... different. Chances are BLS and Zenmaines are the NRs; which means Dualities for everyone?

Is this even confirmed?

The One (guest) - 2011/12/12 14:47


He is a tcg only, wtf?
GX-Kai (guest) - 2011/12/12 15:17


I guess they're getting Zenmaines sooner. Even the TCG can fast forward ORCS and SD22 to early 2012, why can't the OCG do the same?
foxfires (guest) - 2011/12/12 17:42


why does the tcg always need to be the cash cow to allow for a cheap ocg release?? If tour guide is also in here we tcg players are screwed because it will hit the list in march and our money will be vaporised

ade (guest) - 2011/12/12 19:07

who cares if it gets hit it should be hit its too easy too abuse.
OCG GUY FROM PHILIPPINES (guest) - 2011/12/12 19:14

im good..

You TCG PLAYERS always rely on tour guide/tengu and other TCG exclusive stuffs...while on the other hand..we OCG players are doing and thinking for a solution for every type of deck nonetheless were not relying for those promo cards just to win... ^__^ why are u guys like that? trolololol...

TKHM - 2011/12/12 19:58

I dunno man, maybe you're just jealous that Konami pulls out all the stops for the TCG by planting the most powerful cards? Allure of Darkness, Lonefire Blossom, Zenmaines, Tour Guide, Reborn Tengu, Infernity Barrier, Gravekeeper's Recruiter etc. have all trolled our meta long before the OCG had their respective release chance to join. Konami has long known what kinds of cards they would crank out over here for more profit, and I bet they can't wait to reveal what else they have up their sleeve.

Just be happy that you don't have to deal with the TCG meta. We HAVE to rely on (or at least consider and expect) these cards because they're just that powerful.

I just dare you to enter a tourney over here with your OCG deck, and get ran over by the overpowered shit we have. It's that hectic.
ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/12/12 20:56

Actually idk about the ocg needing to think more. We still have priority, meaning that we still have to worry about getting bombed out of nowhere. Also maxx c is mained in our decks, meaning that we have to read more than what's on the field before making strong pushes. Lastly the ocg probably will follow our meta once tour guide and tengu are released there, mainly because those cards are just too good to pass up.
NocturnoOcculto666 (guest) - 2011/12/12 21:26


Honestly, despite being a TCG player, I however, have more respect and admiration for the OCG, mainly because they don't focus on the prices, they focus on the game. In the TCG, it's not really about having fun as it used to be, it's more of a test to see how big your wallet is. I mean like what the hell is up with rescue rabbit being valued more than 100 dollars? rescue cat was more broken and yet it is a common. And now i will be honest, because of your ignorance about the ocg bringing their decks to tcg and gettig wrecked, is stupid. Apparently, most the TCG players lack originaltiy and have no creativity, so they have to kiss up to the OCG players and steal their build and play like their life depends on it. Yes, i am an TCG duelist, but i have observed many of the TCG players, but they only ones who would actually pay that much money for a piece of cardboard with glitter (tour guide), must be VERY consumed by the game. Thankfully, I'm not one of those, i play budget, but always look up to improving my deck and finding loop holes from the hard-to-make decks (gravekeepers, monarchs, machina gadgets, etc.) =)
GX-Kai (guest) - 2011/12/12 22:01


Yes you're right

You just got rocked, son. OCG players will beat the hell out of TCG players even with TGU / Tengu and all other broken stuffs we have here. OCG players know how to play, they even kill Inzecters / Agents with Blackwings, yet ppl in TCG cannot play BWs because it's not broken. No wonder the US representative for WC2011 only made it 1-7. 7 LOSSES = Embarassment. Too much relying on broken shit and you don't know what to do in the world-class scene.
Baboon (guest) - 2011/12/12 22:16

Yeah, no. The TCG exclusives are BEYOND powerful. It doesn't matter how 'skilled' you are when Tengu and Guide are involved; they're just that broken.
ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/12/12 23:50

@ GX-Kai What about the other wcq's where the u.s. has done fairly well? I was saying that over here we have to deal with our own challenges. We have to deal with broken cards and pretty much the thought of getting mowed down much easier, and the skill comes from being able to mitigate the chances of that, or being able to play around maxx c and whatnot. As for the last wcq even some of our players were saying that those that represented us were bad and would've done better if someone else had went.
kazuya666 (guest) - 2011/12/13 01:44

About TCG vs OCG player

Thx your god you arent living in my country. We use dual format here, some duelist use OCG format (as an official format, since we are included to the Asia Region that uses OCG, where TCG Ex arent allowed) and TCG format (since TCG cards is more popular here, of course, without OCG Ex)

When some certain shop organize an event with mixed Exclusives (TCG Ex also allowed besides OCG Exclusives as well), I attended that event, with my OCG deck. I didnt includes tengu or TGUs or other TCG Ex, for they arent being released (at Extra Pack) yet atm, but I manage to get 1st Place, beating all other player that think TCG Ex are powerful and must be played.

At another tournament, I was trying to add 3 tengus to my deck, and I c ame to conclusion that if tengus or even TGUs rent as good as ppl said. They can make U rely on its loop or combo, thus make ur deck easy to break.

At least that what I think. So, never underestimate OCG players, guys.
Zombie JFK (guest) - 2011/12/13 06:20

@ Nocturno

Wrong on one count. Rescue Cat was not more broken than Rabbit originally. If you will recall, the kitty was poop until Sabers and Darkstrike Fighter were released. Rabbit was released and immediately (relatively speaking) broken. It was designed to be broken. Cat just got broken by later releases. Hence why it was a common.
lol (guest) - 2011/12/13 07:37

This TCG vs OCG argument is dumb. They're different formats with different card pools. If OCG players think that TCG players rely so heavily on TCG exclusives, why do they immediately use them as soon as they get them? OCG players threw in 3 allures in their DAD decks. They threw in 3 Charge of the Light Brigade in their LS decks. They threw in lonefires into their plant decks. How much do you want to bet that when they get Tengu and Tour Guide, they'll throw them into their decks too?

And if you're using worlds, that's pretty dumb. Last year's worlds championship used OCG rules, no priority, no TCG cards. Basically, TCG players see it as a format they've never played in before. OCG players see it as their format except a few months ago before their latest set. If you can't see the advantage OCG players have in that scenario, then I can't help you. Even then, guys like Markou, Dario, Galo, and Andres Toro have won worlds, and guess what? They all play in the TCG.

This is not to mention that qualifying for Worlds out of the US or Euros is a huge crapshoot. There's more participants than the tournaments in the OCG, which are more provincial. That means there's a greater chance that Europe and the US's best players don't get to go to Worlds.

There's good players in both formats. Trying to argue that only OCG players "know how to play" is pretty stupid.

@kazuya666 I'm glad you win your locals. Congrats. When you win an event of significance against decks that run TCG exclusives when your deck doesn't run any, come back and brag. Then you'll have real reason to do so.
Dark Highlander (guest) - 2011/12/14 02:18


even a tier 3 deck can shine with tengu and tour guides ( and possibly tour bus ). it's a shame how a cool game became something like that. kaiba was wrong when he said that's a children's card game. here it's a silly card game just because of broken ass cards that cost your house, your car and even your @ss
fullmetal642 - 2011/12/12 19:26

Thank God Maybe the game state will finally stabilize, and both meta can get good cards when they are good not past their prime.

tsileud (guest) - 2011/12/12 23:36

Balance will be achieved

Only when both OCG - TCG have the same rules as for card plays (yes I'm talking about prio on Ignition effects) then they will be balanced, and as a TCG player that plays creative, because of how aggro is our meta, is true that a deck from OCG won't stand a chance against a Tengu synchro deck over here. Also the fact that the US representative did that bad at the WC only shows how messed up our play style is, since most people who win, get/have to rely on overpowered cards rather than actual skill that much that in the end, they don't know how to respond to different decks rather than tengu synchro/agents and now dark world. I can ssume that they wont even be able to side deck properly for OCG, but that also shows how in TCG most players get milked out of money if they want to win/top, is either get a 100+ $ piece of cardboard or plain cheat their opponents; yeah, is sad like that.
ywontuc - 2011/12/12 22:32

OCG lets people win. How the hell can random crap decks (Not saying ocg cheats like complete hell) win without something going on. Without tour guide I could never win a real tournament (In AMERICA). nuff said

guynamedjoe (guest) - 2011/12/12 22:51

Tengu/Tour Guide

We may see them here :D. Finally, konami might be able to do something about it.
ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/12/13 00:09

The ocg does not let people win. Even though I'm debating ocg vs tcg as well, there are some VERY good players on the ocg end, as there are good players here. Thing is the ocg does reward skill more seeing how they don't have to deal with the busted cards that we have atm. The ocg can play slower and more conservatively while we on the other hand..have to deal with tengu loops, or use them ourselves. =/
(guest) (guest) - 2011/12/13 00:49

Exactly the point, those that don't use tengu/ tour guides are at a disadvantage in the U.S. and those can't afford them simply can't play very well in the tournaments. BUT!! Let's all remember it's all konami's fault at making shit secret rare in the first place and inflating prices on stuff. If it wasn't for the uneven amount of people having broken cards the U.S., we would be a lot more skill orientated. Damn Konami for making Zenmaines, Tour Guide and Rescue Rabbit in Secret...
ywontuc - 2011/12/13 22:42

2012 tin has one super varient tcg exclusive monster :P
john (guest) - 2011/12/12 23:22

worlds tcg vs ocg

Hey here is something to go by,world champions are all ocg players right?That right there should shut all you guys up.Tcg players just copy ocg deck lists and then splash tengu tour guide into it and call it there own a tcg player and i love the tcg exclusives,but lets be real.ocg players wreck us every year at worlds

Vince (guest) - 2011/12/13 01:18

Thats be cause we rely heavily on our tcg exclusives in our decks, that when we get to worlds we cant use them. I remember our Australian nationals 2009, the winner was running lightsworns, but wasnt allowed to use charge of the light brigade at worlds because it wasnt released in the ocg yet. Your deck is what you make it. If people want to netdeck and waste (yes waste) money on tour guides and tengus and rescue rabbits that their perogative. But remember when konami took over from upper deck they said every duelist has a chance to have every card (not so much in those words, but with the eventual release of common mirror force in SD Marik, it shows). Im glad ocg are getting our cards earlier, instead of waiting for extra pack 5. It will finally allow a more even bridge between the ocg and tcg.
lol (guest) - 2011/12/13 07:42

Worlds have their own format. They take the current formats from both sides, remove OCG and TCG exclusives, and then usually apply OCG rules. Last year, there was no priority, even though that's how TCG players have played the whole time. There were also a few cards that have been ruled differently from how TCG players were used to in the past (e.g. necrovalley).

OCG players have an advantage at Worlds because the format is more closely resembling theirs. In general, TCG exclusives aside, the OCG is a set or two ahead of the TCG. When they roll back the OCG sets that the TCG players don't have access to, and they remove the TCG exclusives, it more closely resembles the OCG ~3 or so months before the World Chmampionships. A lot of TCG players have never played in a format like that before, so the OCG players tend to outstrip the TCG players in terms of playing experience in the World's format.

Finally, the world champions are not "all OCG players." There's been 4 TCG players that have won Worlds and 5 OCG players. That doesn't seem like a big imbalance to me.
King_Ghiodra (guest) - 2011/12/12 23:29

Face it the TCG will always be the Ken to the OCG's Ryu.

... (guest) - 2011/12/13 06:14

there's no point in reading further

you sir, win the comments for this post.
Dudewitbow (guest) - 2011/12/13 01:20

XYZ monsters

xyz look really nice as a gold rare, gold always compliments black

Bobby (guest) - 2011/12/13 02:19


Maybe Tou Guide will get on this set, and then it will finally be limited. Hmmm, well at least BLS wont be banned next format. Phew.

Bobby (guest) - 2011/12/13 02:20

I meant to say *Tour lol. My bad.
ShiroRyu - 2011/12/13 12:06

In August 2009, Reborn and Crush were banned after being in that year's Gold Series.
In August 2010, Brain Control went after being in that year's Gold Series.

Basically what I'm saying is that for a card to be in Gold Series doesn't determine that it won't be banned that year.
Fob4eva - 2011/12/13 13:25


U think d prison or pot might get limited?
Dark Highlander (guest) - 2011/12/14 02:35


why prison? why duality? didn't you seen the bls? prison can't go limited, it's far from broken and duality have a heavy cost for most decks
Fob4eva - 2011/12/13 02:48

TCG exclusive in OCG?

Dudewitbow (guest) - 2011/12/13 06:13


you know that zenmaines is an exclusive, there really isnt anything that can stop OCG from printing anything in this set because of the fact that zenmaines now breaks the TCG exclusive barrier outside of extra packs now
ShiroRyu - 2011/12/13 12:07

We've had OCG releases of TCG exclusives outside of Extra Packs before. This doesn't really change anything.
Fob4eva - 2011/12/13 13:16

Trololol, who else is tripping out that tengu and tour guide might be in the ocg soon? Like by 2012 march list, tengu and tour guides are going to get hit.
RedEyesFan - 2011/12/13 09:32

EVERYONE HAVING tons of Starlight Road!

....but without Stardust Dragon

tycoonajv (guest) - 2011/12/13 11:18

even without stardust the negate effect is still applicable...XD
RedEyesFan - 2011/12/13 14:30

and then Konami decide to errata the whole effect to need Stardust Dragon to be summoned.

Maximum trolling

EDIT: ok, screw you Konami, common Stardust Dragon is going overboard.
might as well make T.G. Hyper Librarian official
OCG GUY FROM PHILIPPINES (guest) - 2011/12/13 15:53

well...OCG really ROCKS compared to TCG reading ur comments there above..and i see that MOST TCG players do agree from my comment that OCG players are in tier 1 even though we don't have tour guides and tengus. why do we top? because we do not rely on over powered cards...we rely on our capability of thinking new ways to shock our opponent..we dont care if your deck is OTK or so powerful, we prefer consistency... Im from Philippines and I do believe we ROCK!! ~ Kaiba Boy

kazuya666 (guest) - 2011/12/14 02:31

Yeah, we rock!!! XD
PhpEstong (guest) - 2011/12/17 07:42

We rock!!!

now you're just embarrassing the Philippines...


> you do not have to make baseless generalizations (same goes to this whole thread)
> there is nothing wrong with using the best cards available (it's konami that releases products to both TCG and OCG) so don't blame the player-base from getting acclimated to their respective card pools nor you can make a point of being "capable of thinking new ways" you're just blowing our own trumpet saying those things...
> If you are indeed from the Philippines then fine, but you need not put it on your name to associate every Filipino with your personal opinion...
> no we do not electrocute our opponents here in the Philippines
> our tourneys here suck since promos aren't allowed in official tourneys, those who support this format are usually those who don't have money to buy them (yes, it more stable or balance but at the same time BORING)
> Filipinos topped OCG tourneys, TCG players top TCG tourneys (I don't see your point here...)
> bottom-line though is we Filipinos still ROCK nonetheless
Chuck Norris (guest) - 2011/12/14 04:39

When I see broken tcg exclusives, I see another year that America doesn't win worlds. That is all.

fan de yugioh - 2011/12/14 08:49

Truth be known.
ZXtheD (guest) - 2011/12/14 09:39

What about the rest of the tcg that uses these cards as well and have won worlds? So yeah the reason is not the exclusives.
RedEyesFan - 2011/12/14 12:16

i think America will win if they get rid of 4kids.

but because 4kids is still around, America aint winning Worlds.
Marodin (guest) - 2011/12/14 23:45


I think they should replace 4kids with 4chan then? That'd be... interesting.

On the side note: awesome GS04. Reactions I see so far are the rich players either sucking it up, or complaining their cards are now "worthless". While the "poor" players are bashing the "rich" players that they will now finally have the "money cards". As if we never expected these cards to be reprinted eventually.

Fob4eva - 2011/12/15 13:18

I am neither rich or poor. That's right, I'm in the middle. What I'm trying to say is that in the september 2009 format, I bought 2 judgment dragons for 100 canadian each. I just see no point of spending that much anymore when formats later, the price of judgment dragon went from 100 to 50 to 20 to 5. Soon I'll see tour guides go from 200 to 2 dollars. Not yet, but soon. I'll give like, 8 months?

Anyways, nice gold series the japanese have. 4 dollars for a pack, 2 gold rare in each pack. Better then the tcg gold series don't ya people think? We pay 25 for 3 gold rares and a bunch of common crap. We could literally get 12 gold rares by paying 25.
Leon (guest) - 2011/12/15 17:49


They aint waiting till the next Extra Pack to get our good shit.

iosmk (guest) - 2011/12/15 17:51

one of the best packs ever i guess.
and regarding tcg and ocg, for me, each of this region has their own power and weaknesses as well. me used to be an OCG playyer in Singapore, while im now living in TCG area, i can see that TCG and OCG has their own fun while playing yugioh. for my opinion, NO OFFENSE, but i dont think ppll should argue abt who being strongest ocg or tcg. firstly, when u start playing yugioh, what do u think? you want to win and become famous, or you want to have the fun and laugh with ur frens so that u can distress urself? i guess 90% of duelist at first want to have fun. So for me, just have fun playing yugioh, relax urself, and dont need to argue on this kind of small things. as long as we have fun,its enuf.


kazuya666 (guest) - 2011/12/16 02:01

no no no.

" used to be an OCG playyer in Singapore, while im now living in TCG area.."

no no no, you wrong. Literally, and officially, our country is included to the OCG area coverage.

Why? because we are Asians :D

You get your point right, though, we just want the fun here, not the war.
iosmk (guest) - 2011/12/16 05:34

thats true :v guess shld change my wordings.
"me used to be an OCG playyer in Singapore, while im now living in TCG area.."
me used to be an OCG playyer in Singapore, while i will be living in an area where most of the players use TCG cards as last time TCG was the official language :v.."
Sun Wong (guest) - 2011/12/15 20:43

I hope inside have Tour Guide...

Tour Guide's Fans (guest) - 2011/12/15 20:48

Tour Guide!!!!!!! Hope really have. OCG must have Tour Guide and not only TCG!!!!!
I think this pack will have many Chaos.......Shooting Quasar........ or Steelswarm Roach.....
Marodin (guest) - 2011/12/16 01:27

Don't think so

There appears to be a rumored "full list" going around already... standard Lightlord and Emperor (monarch) reprint. Pot and BLS are NOT the normal rares. And no more TCG exclusives would be in the set. I'm wondering if konami will release 9 other tcg exclusives somewhere else so they'd have space for another set in EXP5...

And in case anyone is dying for rumors, (this isn't confirmed)

01: Armageddon
02: Jowgen
03: Marauding Captain
04: BLS
05: Granmarg
06: Crow
07: Lumina
08: Dragonic Knight (NR) [wtf?]
09: stardust
10: zenmaine (NR)
11: book of taiyou
12: creature swap
13: necrovalley
14: smashing ground
15: pot
16: rftdd
17: raigeki break
18: secret barrel
19: d. prison
20: slr
Fob4eva - 2011/12/17 11:53

@ Tourguide Fans

You do know that japanese gold series is different from TCG regarding rarities right? Like the cards that they get in a pack could be either gold rare or normal. There's a Normal BLS AND Gold BLS.
Duelist_Kingdom_Champion - 2011/12/21 08:45

I would love to see...

The remainder of the OCG gold series to be filled out with TCG exclusives. Please for love of something fair and reasonable.. tourguide and Tengu. Reprint them so they can be abused and hit on the next list.. Or someone have the decency to see that the OCG is a game that EVERYONE is able to play.. not too many cards are outrageously priced..TCG markets are just flooded with nonsense money cards.. the best cards are the most expensive.. its rediculous. Look a pika-mons.. the most expensive card is like 10$ for current play.. arguable yes, first edition TCG wotc print cards can fetch upwards of 150$.. but that's 15 yr old cards..worth it if they're prestine. YGO, esp konami of America(and all TCG countries for that matter) needs to see that this game, intended for children between the ages of 6-14 is not being played that way.. no "kid" can afford a 1500$ deck.. why does japan have tourneys for kids? Because kids have the Ability and Means to aquire cards quite easily.. TCG sets 100 cards..5 of which usually go for 30+ day of a prelease.. OCG cards.. 80 card sets, diff/lower rarities.. which do you wana play? Andif the arguement wants to be made who has the better YGO card champ.. then KONAMI needs to print the SAME cards, SAME rarities worldwide!! Its the only way of making it fair! But that'll never happen.. will it? Money hungry company.. losing more and more players everyday.. Greed will only get you so far.. hope you all have a wonderful day after reading this!

Hi. (guest) - 2011/12/21 21:35

I am guess POD and Stardust are the NR?

mambang bro (guest) - 2011/12/23 00:37

lol. konami wanna suck all TCG players money out, then sell cheap to their dearest ocg players. :3

GX-Kai (guest) - 2011/12/27 15:47


I know that sometimes OCG rarities are lower than TCG, hence they made some cards way easier to find, thus it becomes cheaper. However, you guys overlooked the fact that OCG has:

1. No TINS. Means they don't have many reprints of some rare cards over there, and they even need to pull Revise Dragon, for example, from a pack because they don't have one. Before GS 2012's release, you can only find BLS - EotB from IOC, guess how rare and expensive it is, seeing almost all decks in this site main him?
2. Some staples are promo-only cards. Starlight Road, up until GS 2012's release, is only found as a ScR in the Yusei Duel Disk, which costs almost $100 bucks. We have it here as a RARE in DP10.
3. Extra Deck costs higher than TCG. Most of their Synchro / Exceed monsters are from the Duel Terminal, yet TCG has them reprinted in Hidden Arsenals. Lavalval Chain is around 7000~9000 Yen, which equals to 85 bucks. Not to mention other stuffs like Trishula, Brionac, Inverz Roach, Catastor, etc.
sikchen21 (guest) - 2011/12/27 09:42

The dude above is right

That IS the list!!! Which means that everyone will have countless of pot and countless of bls is they buy a box!!!
And dragonic knight? It's weird enough that he is in the list, and it's a NORMAL RARE!?

kazuya666 (guest) - 2011/12/28 05:03


Dragonic Knight being a NR is fine. That means we'll have less crap in a pack. CMIIW
pipi (guest) - 2011/12/29 08:59

That mean OCG Zenmaines price is gonna be around US60

on9 (guest) - 2011/12/31 09:25


GS04-JP001 《カオスポッド》
GS04-JP002 《昇霊術師 ジョウゲン》
GS04-JP003 《溶岩魔神ラヴァ・ゴーレム》
GS04-JP004 《カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-》 N-Rare
GS04-JP005 《雷帝ザボルグ》
GS04-JP006 《D.D.クロウ》
GS04-JP007 《終末の騎士》
GS04-JP008 《ローンファイア・ブロッサム》
GS04-JP009 《スターダスト・ドラゴン》
GS04-JP010 《発条機雷ゼンマイン》

GS04-JP011 《魂の解放》
GS04-JP012 《強制転移》
GS04-JP013 《王家の眠る谷-ネクロバレー》
GS04-JP014 《エネミー・コントローラー》
GS04-JP015 《強欲で謙虚な壺》 N-Rare

GS04-JP016 《グラヴィティ・バインド-超重力の網-》
GS04-JP017 《ウィジャ盤》
GS04-JP018 《ゴッドバードアタック》
GS04-JP019 《次元幽閉》
GS04-JP020 《スターライト・ロード》

RedEyesFan - 2012/01/01 02:05

Konami is the biggest troll ever...

PoD and BLS all NR....

and why in the world is Ouja Board in there?
heck, Gold Series 2012 looks more of a pack with Stalling cards.
Jota (guest) - 2012/01/01 01:03

This is the best Gold Series.. :D, I hope that in the TCG are same..
But, what are the Gold Rare?, other than Zenmaines..

ShiroRyu - 2012/01/01 02:04

You new to this?

Each and every OCG Gold Series has been different from the TCG's. Also, every card in the OCG Gold Series sets are both in common and in gold.
RedEyesFan - 2012/01/01 02:06

must be lead here by some jelly Pojo tards
Jota (guest) - 2012/01/01 18:56

ShiroRyu: Ok, I did not know that.
ShiroRyu - 2012/01/01 02:10

Some random stuff this series. I guess they're putting a Monarch in each Gold Series, so Zaborg makes sense. But Destiny Board? Less randomz than last year's though, so that's good. :p

Interesting how BLS and Duality are the normal rares, I was expecting Zenmaine since it's new to the OCG. Looking forward to getting a box or 2 of this though, hopefully I won't get too many Destiny Boards! xD And hopefully get a BLS. Not too fussed on the Duality but I guess it would be nice. At least I'll most likely get a Zenmaine, since it's not normal rare. Crossing my fingers on the BLS though, need it for my deck. :p

Fob4eva - 2012/01/01 10:53

No Tour Guide

I guess Tour Guide will get hit in September

ShiroRyu - 2012/01/01 13:35

Unless Japan get Tour Guide earlier than Extra Pack 5, they won't get her until around September 10-20th (after the September banlist). This means that, unless the TCG and OCG get a separate banlist (hasn't happened since back when Upper Deck was in charge of OP), it won't get hit until the March 2013 list.

Then again, we got Zenmaine early in a set usually filled with purely reprints, so it's possible they might include Tour Guide in a Duel Terminal or as a Jump promo. It's also possible they might make a separate list for TCG, considering we're currently using different rules on what you can activate as chain 1 in response to a summon (which realistically does alter the playability of some cards).
Fob4eva - 2012/01/01 22:42

Yea March. I forgot they have to play 1 whole format before getting hit, while stuff in TCG that was release during the format gets hit like during the next list.
GX-Kai (guest) - 2012/01/03 15:30

Icarus Attack?

Reprinting Icarus Attack? OMG I have high hopes that some Blackwings will fly out of the Limited List this March!! They reprinted BLS in GS4 and they did unban him! Of course, everything won't happen, but I still have high hopes :)

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