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Starter Deck 2008

Starter Deck 2008
Release: 15th March 2008
Price: 1050 Yen (tax included)

1x Deck (43 Cards)
1x Rulebook
1x Playing Guide
1x Duel Field
  • Deck content teaches the different kinds card effects as simple as possible
  • In this deck a new rule element as well as a new monster category make their appearance (see below)
  • Include 15 new cards
Rule Changes:
Official Rule: New Experts Rule -> Master Rule
Tribute Summon -> Advance Summon
Tribut -> Release
Deck -> 40 - 60 Cards
Fusion Deck -> Extra Deck (limited to up to 15 cards)
Side Deck: 0 up to 15 cards possible
Details on Rule Updates + Synchro Summon Procedure

- New category: Synchro (frame color: white), placed in the Extra Deck
- New category: Tuner Requirement to Special Summon Synchro monster.
- When the total level of the appropriate Tuner monster and other monsters on your field matches the Synchro monster's level, it can be Special Summoned by sending the appropiate monster to the Graveyard.

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Josh Fox (guest) - 2007/12/07 21:03

Psycho Returner

This deck will be awesome when it comes out. I bet it'll have Izumes Psycho monsters and focus on destroying/disabaling trap cards.

Captain Sarcasm (guest) - 2008/01/12 14:59

No wai

Inotsume-san's cards are in Light Of Destruction
chaoskid324 (guest) - 2008/04/14 08:13


its going to be based on tuner and synchro monsters.
Boblet (guest) - 2007/12/08 04:15


Since Starter Deck 2007 was so much better than the rubbish original Starter Deck, I'm betting my cash on 2008 as well.

>>New rule element
Like Gemini monsters?

Haze (guest) - 2008/01/06 04:48


The "new monster catagory" would fit your example, rather new rule element.
Stardust Dragon sounds like a pretty nice card though.
Vengeance (guest) - 2008/01/04 22:19

Sweet, i'm gonna check this one out.

wolfchadren - 2008/01/30 23:28


It's weird and cool those Synchro Monsters. I wonder how much impact it will have and what for other Synchro's/Tutors come out. Problem is that it will cause some confusion among duelists how to play them so some Judges will get a tough time when they come out.

Kahun (guest) - 2008/01/31 07:14

Rule changes? This should be fun.

4evrdrk (guest) - 2008/02/01 04:34

are you on crack?!?!?!?

i'm sure for more experienced players, yeah, we'll have a ball with it, but returning players will go crazy with their already outdated-yet-still-good rulebooks trying to learn how to play again, and will have no clue how it will work, i'm actually freaking teaching 3 people how to play the game as is, and now i'm going to have to tell them that the rules they just learned are junk (unlike the new junk monsters o/c) and they essentially need to learn a new game. fun for experts everywhere except me...
Maxwell (guest) - 2008/01/31 10:00

No Fusion Deck

A max 15 card fusion deck? What other changes will there be to this new set? These new rules will seriously screw up the way the game is played. In larger tournaments.

ShoDan (guest) - 2008/01/31 14:03

Nooooo your wrong

The extra deck can only contain 15 cards, fusion deck as many as you want. I have 16 ehero fusions so they would pretty screw me if you where right. XD
Synjo (guest) - 2008/02/02 04:41

I'm sorry, but YOU are the one who's wrong, here

There is NO "Fusion Deck" after this; the Fusion Deck IS the Extra Deck, they aren't separate entities. So, Fusion Deck = Extra Deck, so it can ONLY have up to 15 Fusion AND/OR Synchro monsters in it at a time.
wolfchadren - 2008/02/02 22:01

To Early

It's to early to say who is right or wrong. Also these Rule Changes aren't completly confirmed on how it exactly will be. When it all comes closer more information will be released which makes things more clear.

And if you ask me i don't see why they are going to limit the Fusion Deck or even why they would combine it with the place for Synchro Monsters into 1 thing. It sounds almost as ridiculious as someone wondering if there will be a different tournament for those who don't like the Synchro Monsters. That want to play the old Yu-Gi-Oh how it is played now.

akhill (guest) - 2008/02/09 05:17

I agree

I think it's a good idea to wait until more
information is revealed. That being said, these
changes would make a massive difference to the
game... Only 15 fusions? Bye, Bye E-Heros!
JudaiFreak (guest) - 2008/02/21 21:43

Junk warrior

Hey Manjyome! I saw a video showing all your new tuners and Junk Warrior and stuff and I saw you had a bad pic quality of Junk Warrior ( AKA, him in the deck, soooo here!^^ enjoy

Hope I helped =P

xeonx - 2008/03/06 01:11

the end???

i guess the e-heros will finally come to an end unless they do some synchro e-heros but e-heros never would end so i guess the e-hero deck will finally come to an end,i mean 15 card fusion decks so many cards i mean 40-60 card decks bye bye e-heros.

setokaiba (guest) - 2008/04/24 22:33

where can i buy these japanese structure decks???

Me (guest) - 2008/04/28 18:06

All over

It truly will mean the end of e-heroes unless they make some kind of like e-hero'ish synchro it's messed up that all e-hero decks might be gone only 15 fusion(extra deck w/e its called).I mean most e-hero decks have like 16-20 fusion cards wich may mean that this big change in the rules could end the somewhat of a "rain" of e-heros in some tourny's.

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