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Duelist Pack -Yuma 2 Gogogo & Dododo-

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duelist Pack -Yuma 2 Gogogo & Dododo- 「遊戯王OCG DUELISTPACK 遊馬編2 ゴゴゴ&ドドド-」

Release Date: September 2013
Price: 150 yen (inc. tax)

5 cards per pack, 15 packs per box

Features 30 cards:
- 2 Ultra Rare cards
- 4 Super Rare cards
- 7 Rare cards
- 17 Normal cards

Gogogo Golem - Golden Form 「ゴゴゴゴーレム-GF」
EARTH/Rock - Effect/4/?/1500
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Releasing 1 "Gogogo" Monster you control. The ATK of this card becomes the double of the Released Monster's ATK. Also, once per turn, you can activate this effect when the effect of an Effect Monster your opponent controls is activated. Lower the ATK of this card by 1500, and negate that effect.
DP14-JP005 Gogogo Golem - Golden Form

Dododo Witch 「ドドドウィッチ」
EARTH/Spellcaster - Effect/4/1200/1600
When this card is successfully Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 "Dododo" Monster other than a "Dododo Witch" from your hand in face-up Attack Position or face-down Defense Position.
DP14-JP009 Dododo Witch

Dododo Gasser 「ドドドガッサー」
EARTH/Demon - Effect/8/0/3000
While this Flip-Summoned card is face-up on the field, it gains 3500 ATK. Also, when this card is flipped face-up, you can activate this effect by selecting up to 2 face-up Monster on the field. Destroy the selected Monster.
Ultra Rare
DP14-JP010 Dododo Gasser

Toy-Knight 「トイナイト」
EARTH/Machine - Effect/4/200/1200
This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck. If your opponent controls more Monster than you, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. When this card is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 "Toy-Knight" from your hand.
DP14-JP011 Toy-Knight

Bakudan 「バク団」
EARTH/Beast - Effect/1/100/100
During your Main Phase, you can equip this monster from your hand or that you control to a face-up Xyz Monster your opponent controls as Equip Card. If the Monster equipped with this card by this effect, destroy that monster. Also, while this card is equipped as an Equip Card, during each of your opponent's Standby Phases remove 1 Xyz Material from the equipped Monster.
Normal Parallel Rare
DP14-JP012 Bakudan

Swordsman of Sealing Swords
LIGHT/Warrior - Effect/8/0/2400
Activate this effect when an opponent's Monster declares a direct attack. Special Summon this card from your hand. Furthermore, if this card DEF is higher than the ATK of that attacking Monster, destroy that attacking Monster. Also, an Xyz Summoned Monster that used this card on the field as Xyz Material gains the following effect:
● Once per turn, this card cannot be destroyed by battle.
DP14-JP013 Swordsman of Sealing Swords

Trouble Diver 「トラブル・ダイバー」
DARK/Warrior - Effect/4/1000/1000
If your opponent controls a Monster, and if the only Monster(s) you control are Level 4, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. You can only Special Summon 1 "Trouble Diver" this way per turn. Also, if this card is used as Xyz Material for an Xyz Summon, it must be for a Warrior-Type Xyz Monster.
DP14-JP014 Trouble Diver

Gogogo Amulet 「ゴゴゴ護符」
Continuous Magic Card
If you control 2 or more "Gogogo" Monster, Effect Damage you take becomes 0. Also, once per turn, you can activate this effect when an attack is declared and a "Gogogo" monster you control battles. That Monster you control is not destroyed by that battle.
DP14-JP026 Gogogo Amulet

Level Meister 「レベル・マイスター」
Normal Magic Card
Activate by sending 1 Monster from your hand to the Graveyard, and selecting up to 2 face-up Monster you control. Until the End Phase, the Levels of the selected Monster(s) become the same as the original Level of the monster sent to the Graveyard for the activation of this card.
DP14-JP025 Level Meister

Half Unbreak 「ハーフ・アンブレイク」
Normal Trap Card
Activate by selecting 1 Monster on the field. During this turn, the selected Monster is not destroyed by battle, and Battle Damage to you from battles involving that Monster is halved.
DP14-JP029 Half Unbreak

DP14-JP030 Blow of the Soul
Normal Trap Card
Activate if your Life Points are 4000 or less by paying half your Life Points when an attack is declared involving a Monster you control battling an opponent's Monster, and selecting 1 Monster you control. Until the End Phase, the selected Monster gains ATK equal to 4000 minus your current Life Points. You can only activate 1 "Blow of the Soul" per turn.
Normal Parallel Rare
DP14-JP030 Blow of the Soul


DP14-JP001 Gogogo Golem 「ゴゴゴゴーレム」
DP14-JP002 Gogogo Giant 「ゴゴゴジャイアント」 [Rare]
DP14-JP003 Gogogo Ghost 「ゴゴゴゴースト」
DP14-JP004 Gogogo Gigas 「ゴゴゴギガース」
DP14-JP006 Dododo-Warrior 「ドドドウォリアー」
DP14-JP007 Dododo Bot 「ドドドボット」
DP14-JP008 Dododo Buster 「ドドドバスター」
DP14-JP015 Zubaba Knight 「ズババナイト」
DP14-JP016 Zubaba Buster 「ズバババスター」
DP14-JP017 Card Car D 「カードカー・D」 [Super Rare]
DP14-JP018 Amarylease 「アマリリース」
DP14-JP019 No. 17, Revise Dragon 「No.17 リバイス・ドラゴン」 [Super Rare]
DP14-JP020 Reverb Djinn Maestroke 「交響魔人マエストローク」 [Rare]
DP14-JP021 Heroic Champion Excalibur 「H・C エクスカリバー」 [Super Rare]
DP14-JP022 Gauntlet Shooter 「ガントレット・シューター」
DP14-JP023 Xyz Gift 「エクシーズ・ギフト」
DP14-JP024 Strongest Shield 「最強の盾」
DP14-JP027 Battle Break「バトル・ブレイク」
DP14-JP028 Pinpoint Guard 「ピンポイント・ガード」
14SteeleA (guest) - 2013/06/06 21:33


The next duelist pack is coming and it's a Yuma pack! Do any of you have any idea how excited this makes me? Anyway, judging by the name, I'd say there's probably a new Gogogo or Dododo xyz monster or maybe this is where the V cards will be! Oh I don't, I just can't even imagine how awsome this will be especially when they tell us what's in it!

nani?! (guest) - 2013/06/06 22:00

I wish they release more Gagaga cards like Gagaga Academy Emergency Network or a Gagaga spell card that lets you add a Gagaga card from your deck to your hand. Please <3

(guest) (guest) - 2013/06/07 00:19


I hope we get, Gagaga Academy Emergency Network. Then I might start to consider using the deck.

Nynten (guest) - 2013/06/07 03:54

Sounds sweet

I always said it would only take a RotA for Gagagas to put them in the next level. This is it! Don't fail me now!

Gagaga Emergency Academy Network would be even better though.

ugh (guest) - 2013/06/07 05:13


Read the damn name of the pack. There are no gagaga's stop asking

Partisansoul (guest) - 2013/06/07 10:32

This set title make me think one thing

Yay ANOTHER Utopia re-print incoming!

AndWhyNot (guest) - 2013/06/08 15:37

Introducing extra secret rare in the tcg, and it's Utopia and only Utopia gets it :P
Happy (guest) - 2013/06/10 12:56

As of now, there are only 3 known cards from the Dododo & Gogogo series which haven't been released yet. They are,

・Dododo Gasser (appeared in Zexal ep107)
・Dododo Witch (appeared in Zexal ep107)
・Gogogo Gofu (appeared in Zexal ep084)

If the Gagaga series cards are also being released in this, then we have the following unreleased ones,

・Gagaga Academy Emergency Network (appeared in Zexal ch023)
・Gagaga X Gagaga (appeared in Zexal ep076)
・Gagagamirror (appeared in Zexal ep103)
・Gagagathunder (appeared in Zexal ep021,026)

Note that any of the recently revealed cards from the above may end up being released in "Shadow Specters" like 'Gagagatag'.

ZONE (guest) - 2013/06/12 03:54

The Gagagas are supported quite enough. Now it's other people's turn.
SMH (guest) - 2013/06/20 17:39

Can you read at all?

Look at one of the replies above, there will be no gagaga cards in this. It's called Gogogo & Dododo. It won't include Gagaga's,. Read!
Was Finder (guest) - 2013/06/25 19:06

my guess...

I agree with "ZONE (guest)" "gagaga"s have too much cards though I do hope they make "Gagaga Neos"; it is possible. Anyway, In this pack they might have the XYZ and/or Synchro version of "Dododo"s and "Gogogo"s. or cards like "Half Unbreak" or "Bonds of Rival" that Yuma uses in most of his duels.
Drewko (guest) - 2013/07/11 19:32

>Synchro in ZeXal-oriented pack.
Please go home Was Finder, you are drunk.

Was Finder (guest) - 2013/07/16 04:15

RE: Drewko (guest) [Sorry for late reply]

I said it's possible that there might be xyz and synchro versions of "gogogo"s and "dododo"s. I know this is a "zexal-oriented" pack but that doesn't meant they won't put synchros or fusion mosnter(s).
Drewko (guest) - 2013/08/10 11:04


Ok, you are drunk.
This is pack based on ZeXal Anime, and there is no synchros in ZeXal. This is XYZ era. There is no reason for synchros, so stop says stupid things.

Anonymous (guest) - 2013/09/06 02:20

You do realize that there are Synchro monsters in Judgment of the Light and Shadow Specters. Those are Zexal era packs so it isn't so off that there may be Synchros since Zexal is only a little bit into the future from 5ds. Also on the first episode Yuma said he didn't have any Xyz monsters yet. For all we know since a lot of the cards he uses from his father depict a purple hero and allies that could very well be Yuma's original ace card. Just like Yugi had Silent Magician LV8 as his ace for his original Deck. Another thing is Yuma never said he didn't have Synchros so that purple hero if it is made might be a Synchro monsters.
Z-ONE (guest) - 2013/09/18 17:21

Finally, Half Unbreak

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