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Card & Card Store Toyo Tournament (17th March)

Held on 17th March 2013

1st place
Player: Holy Time Master 「聖刻マスター」
Deck: Incarnate Dragon 「征竜」

30 Monster
2x Burner, the Fire-Incarnate Dragon 「炎征竜-バーナー」
2x Lightning, the Wind-Incarnate Dragon 「風征竜-ライトニング」
1x Exploder Dragon 「ボマー・ドラゴン」
2x Eclipse Wyvern 「エクリプス・ワイバーン」
2x Stream, the Water-Incarnate Dragon 「水征竜-ストリーム」
2x Reactan, the Earth-Incarnate Dragon 「地征竜-リアクタン」
3x Blaster, the Blaze-Incarnate Dragon 「焔征竜-ブラスター」
3x Redox, the Rock-Incarnate Dragon 「巌征竜-レドックス」
3x Tidal, the Waterfall-Incarnate Dragon 「瀑征竜-タイダル」
1x Envoy of Hades Gorz 「冥府の使者ゴーズ」
3x Tempest, the Storm-Incarnate Dragon 「嵐征竜-テンペスト」
1x Light and Darkness Dragon 「光と闇の竜」
1x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon 「レッドアイズ・ダークネスメタルドラゴン」
1x Guard of Fembell 「ガード・オブ・フレムベル」
3x Effect Veiler 「エフェクト・ヴェーラー」

11 Magic
1x Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
1x Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
3x Treasured Sword of the Seven Stars 「七星の宝刀」
3x Gold Sarcophagus 「封印の黄金櫃」
3x D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation 「D・D・R」

1 Trap
1x Return from the Different Dimension 「異次元からの帰還」

2x Droll & Lock Bird 「ドロール&ロックバード」
3x Increasing G 「増殖するG」
3x Lightlord Hunter Raikou 「ライトロード・ハンター ライコウ」

3x Mystical Space Typhoon 「サイクロン」

1x The Transmigration Prophecy 「転生の予言」
3x Eradicator Epidemic Virus 「闇のデッキ破壊ウイルス」

1x Arms Aid 「アームズ・エイド」
1x Black Rose Dragon 「ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン」
1x Crimson Blader 「クリムゾン・ブレーダー」
1x Scrap Dragon 「スクラップ・ドラゴン」
1x Stardust Dragon 「スターダスト・ドラゴン」
1x Flashing Karat Dragon, Stardust 「閃珖竜 スターダスト」
1x Red Daemon's Dragon 「レッド・デーモンズ・ドラゴン」

1x Gagaga Gunman 「ガガガガンマン」
3x Phantom Beast Plane, Drago-Sack 「幻獣機ドラゴサック」
1x Gaia Dragoon, the Swift Thunder Knight 「迅雷の騎士ガイアドラグーン」
2x No. 11, Big Eye 「No.11 ビッグ・アイ」
1x Mermail - Gaio-Abyss 「水精鱗-ガイオアビス」
guest (guest) - 2013/03/17 22:01

tier 0

ZZ (guest) - 2013/03/17 22:24


Deck that can be countered so easily by so many side cards isnt even near to T). Nowadays only Spellbooks can pretend to be called T0, but even they dont have TeleDAD's power, especailly due to a little lack of consistency.
tuquoque (guest) - 2013/03/18 06:21

zz wrong

countered so easily? by what exactly, verz? some crappy side deck traps?

you want to talk about a deck that's countered easily? prophecy doesn't stand a chance against the deck with EEV so easily accessed & high priestess being level 7. other decks can run EEV too, & all will be siding at least Droll & Anti Spell Fragrance; card that brutally counter prophecy.
verz fall to everything but incarnate and don't even win most of those games given blaster/exploder/access to symphony.

then there's fire fists, who are simply too slow & small.

incarnate dragons only have the mirror and verz to fear.
incarnate>verz>prophecy>fire fist
ZZhasnocluewhathe'stalkingabout (guest) - 2013/03/18 06:42

Have you actually seen this thing used?

lol this deck beats spellbooks like 75%+ of the time; verz is it's problematic match-up, it's not tier 0 but it's no where near bad and THAT easily sided against.
^guy above^ (guest) - 2013/03/18 06:49

Atleast tuquoque understands my logic mostly.

He's mostly right lol.
Tsuna - 2013/03/18 07:23

Both sides are right

ZZ isnt completely wrong. You prevent the deck from banishing, you cut it off from its best means of creating advantage. Considering Soul Drain is already a semi common side deck. Not to call this particular wiki suggestion good, but Mind Drain + Soul Drain effectively shuts the deck down and leaves it very few outs available.

That being said, the deck is ridiculous in what it can get away with and it will win many of its games because of being able to throw down heaps of giant monsters in a pinch without a care for what decent gameplay looks like.
3rd post same topic o.o (guest) - 2013/03/18 08:16

guy above this guy^

well yeah but the chances of you opening to shut them down an the chances of this deck opening so broke it won't matter in a few turns is ridiculous lol :\
ZZ (guest) - 2013/03/18 15:04

Really, you dont remember what TeleDad was, if you call this deck T0.

Lol, Imperial Iron Wall, Soul Drain, GOZEN - more than enough to stop it.
Raphael (guest) - 2013/03/18 17:14


And obviously everyone can afford to side 9 cards against a single match-up? People will side 2~5 cards and even then you have MST, Black Rose, Scrap Dragon, Wingbeat of a Giant Dragon, Heavy and Blaster.
ZZ (guest) - 2013/03/18 19:04

Lol, you really dont have better arguments?

NOW, I side Gozens and Soul Drains, despite the fact that we dont have dragons... Yo know why? Cause they arent good only against single match-up. I gave you only the cards that are useful against more decks than only Incarnates, cards that are in many sides and are enough.

If you wont to synchro into BRD or Scrap, yuo have to FIRST avoid Gozen or IIW.
tuquoque (guest) - 2013/03/20 00:58

zz dont have arguments, jus bad side traps

sure slow your deck down with traps and hope they last against 3 mst, heavy storm, blaster, ladd/eev+fusilier.
some ppl even side decrees or trap eaters(easy starform anyone?)

all the side traps you mention, except gozen, all fall to the chibis fetching a drago-sac for removal.
so your best argument, is run traps that only solve half the problem while slowing down yourself down?
sp112kurt (guest) - 2013/03/21 05:14

forgotten deck

Though it also isn't very much spotted in tournaments now days, hieratics can stand against these guys too. for one thing is they both spit out GIANT dragons that can pop and destroy just about anything on the field that isn't protecting itself, they can both hit high level XYZ monsters with incredible abilities, and it takes them 1 turn to go off. hieratics, though not directly, are getting a lot of support from all these generic XYZ like Drago-sac and constellar ptolemy M7 (M7 being good cause it helps replay red eyes darkness metal dragon in the turn its summoned). Thought they don't make the deck tier 1 or anything, it provides a good match to incarnate dragons.
Taheezie (guest) - 2013/03/18 15:32


they're so fucking unstoppable...

I knew this would happen when the first little dragon came out...

??? (guest) - 2013/03/21 00:57


No sided royal decree? -_-

Slacker (guest) - 2013/03/21 07:47

I have beaten this deck with Madolche your goal is to keep them shuffling back into the deck take a few shots and pray cause they can out pace alot of decks just make sure you play the control game early

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