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Structure Deck 25 - Thundering Descent of the Blue-Eyed Dragon

Structure Deck 25 - Thundering Descent of the Blue-Eyed Dragon

Release: 15th June 2013
Price: 1050 Yen (incl. tax)

- 41 Cards (number of new cards unknown)
- Rulebook
- Playing Guide
- Duel Field

- Deck revolves around "Blue Eyes White Dragon".
- Cards are increased to 41 (2 Ultra Rare, 2 Super Rare).
- Also includes many reprints.

Blue-Eyed Maiden 「青き眼の乙女」
LIGHT/Spellcaster - Tuner/1/0/0
You can activate this effect when this card is selected as attack target. Negate that attack, and change this card's Battle Position. Afterwards, you can select and Special Summon 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your hand, Deck or Graveyard. Also, you can activate this effect when this face-up card on the field becomes the target of a card effect. Select and Special Summon 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your hand, Deck or Graveyard. You can only use 1 effect of "Blue-Eyed Maiden" per turn.
SD25-JP005 Blue-Eyed Maiden

Guard of the Storm Dragon 「暴風竜の防人」
LIGHT/Dragon - Tuner/1/500/200
During your Main Phase, you can equip this Monster that you control or in your hand to a Dragon-Type Normal Monster you control as Equip Card. While this card is equipped to a Monster as Equip Card, when the equipped Monster attacks a Denfese Position Monster, and its ATK exceeds that Monster's DEF, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points. Also, if the equipped Monster would be destroyed, you can destroy this card instead.
SD25-JP006 Guard of the Storm Dragon

Dragon's Mausoleum 「竜の霊廟」
Normal Magic Card
Send 1 Dragon-Type Monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. If that Monster sent to the Graveyard was a Dragon-Type Normal Monster, you can send 1 more Dragon-Type Monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. The effect of "Dragon's Mausoleum" can only be activated once per turn.
SD25-JP020 Dragon's Mausoleum

Thunderous Roar of the Silver Dragon 「銀龍の轟咆」
Quick-Play Magic Card
Select 1 Dragon-Type Normal Monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon it. Only 1 "Thunderous Roar of the Silver Dragon" can be activated per turn.
SD25-JP021 Thunderous Roar of the Silver Dragon

Castle of Dragon Souls「竜魂の城」
Continuous Trap Card
Once per turn, you can activate this effect by removing from play 1 Dragon-Type Monster in your Graveyard, and selecting 1 Monster you control. The selected Monster gains 700 ATK until the End Phase. Also, when this face-up card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 of your removed from play Dragon-Type Monster. You can control only 1 face-up "Castle of Dragon Souls" at the same time.
SD25-JP034 Castle of Dragon Souls

Blue-Eyes Silver Dragon 「蒼眼の銀龍」
LIGHT/Dragon - Synchro - Effect/9/2500/3000
Tuner + 1 or more Non-Tuner Normal Monster
Activate this effect when this card is successfully Special Summoned. Until the End of the next turn, Dragon-Type Monster you control cannot become the target of or destroyed by card effects. Also, once per turn, you can activate this effect during your Standby Phase. Select 1 Normal Monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon it.
Ultra Rare
SD25-JP040 Blue-Eyes Silver Dragon


SD25-JP001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 「青眼の白龍」 Tablet Version [Ultra Rare]
SD25-JP002 Rabidragon 「ラビードラゴン」
SD25-JP003 Alexandrite Dragon 「アレキサンドライドラゴン」
SD25-JP004 Guard of Fembell 「ガード・オブ・フレムベル」
SD25-JP007 Darkstorm Dragon 「ダークストーム・ドラゴン」
SD25-JP008 Genesis Dragon 「創世竜」
SD25-JP009 Mirage Dragon 「ミラージュ・ドラゴン」
SD25-JP010 Divine Dragon Apocalypse 「神竜 アポカリプス」
SD25-JP011 Hard Armed Dragon 「ハードアームドラゴン」
SD25-JP012 The White Stone of Legend 「伝説の白石」
SD25-JP013 Kaibaman 「正義の味方 カイバーマン」
SD25-JP014 Herald of Creation 「創世の預言者」
SD25-JP015 Kaiser Seahorse 「カイザー・シーホース」
SD25-JP016 Honest 「オネスト」
SD25-JP017 Shining Angel 「シャインエンジェル」x2
SD25-JP018 Maxx C 「増殖するG」
SD25-JP019 Level Eater 「レベル・スティーラー」
SD25-JP022 Burst Stream of Destruction 「滅びの爆裂疾風弾」
SD25-JP023 Dragon Canyon 「竜の渓谷」
SD25-JP024 Terraforming 「テラ・フォーミング」
SD25-JP025 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon 「巨竜の羽ばたき」
SD25-JP026 Trade In 「トレード・イン」
SD25-JP027 Cards of Consonance 「調和の宝札」
SD25-JP028 White Elephant's Gift 「馬の骨の対価」
SD25-JP029 Symbols of Duty 「戦線復活の代償」
SD25-JP030 One for One 「ワン・フォー・ワン」
SD25-JP031 Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
SD25-JP032 Soul Exchange 「クロス・ソウル」
SD25-JP033 Enemy Controller 「エネミーコントローラー」
SD25-JP035 Daemon's Chain 「デモンズ・チェーン」
SD25-JP036 Kunai with Chain 「鎖付きブーメラン」
SD25-JP037 Damage Condenser 「ダメージ・コンデンサー」
SD25-JP038 Call of the Haunted 「リビングデッドの呼び声」
SD25-JP039 Ruler's Penetrating Gaze 「王者の看破」
guynamedjoe - 2013/02/23 00:23


8 December 2012? Structure Deck 24?

mcjazzman32 (guest) - 2013/02/23 00:38


Please tell me this means they also plan on giving the Black Magician real support as well???? First Harpies and now this? Seems like destiny!

Danielucho (guest) - 2013/02/23 00:45

I hope you are right!

I would really like to se a Dark Magician/Prophecy deck :3
Aimlessly Starring (guest) - 2013/02/23 00:47

Please don't let it be a ritual deck, please actually make BEWD playable

(That, and make REBD more playable too)

(Or give us a Harpy Structure)

dragon master of the tcg - 2013/02/23 00:51

i hope to god they make a metal darkness version of blue eyes that would be awesome, and thank god its not another meta deck its about time the game got back to its roots

jaymes (guest) - 2013/04/27 23:07


That wouldn't make sense, there's no blue-eyes darkness dragon or blue-eyes metal dragon, so it wouldn't make sense to make a darkness metal blue-eyes.
Akai (guest) - 2013/02/23 00:59


Oh hey, just what we need.. MORE Dragon decks. Jesus.. is it too much to ask for them to support other types through Structure Decks. Types that actually like need the support like Beast-types, Rocks, Thunders, shit why not make a Toon structure deck. Legit so sick of all the dragon bullshit.

QuiteU (guest) - 2013/02/23 05:06

Wah. You have thunder Sea horse for thunders i.e. a double searcher. Dragons have always been a deck since the beginning of the game and are the greatest type. Take your bad types and leave sir.
Jetstream (guest) - 2013/02/23 05:49


Yes, those types are bad. And guess why they are bad? Because they lacked supports. If they have the same level of supports as Dragon, they won't be "bad types".

Or maybe you're afraid your precious Dragons are going to be beaten by "bad types" once they get proper supports? ;)
Akai (guest) - 2013/02/23 09:54


Uh.. And thats a valid-point how? Beast-types have existed since the beginning of the game, just as Rock-types, Thunder-types and Dragon-types have, and every other type other than Psychic-type has. And cool, so thunder-types have a searcher. Okay, talk to me when Beast-types or ANY freaking type get their own version of Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, a boss-monster that can easily bring out other boss monsters from hand or graveyard for NO cost. Thats just icing on the cake, considering the massive amount of dragon-support they have received over the years such as Lightpulsar, Five-Headed, Dragon's Mirror, Dragon Ravine. The list legitimately goes on and on.

Bad-types? Ight. Yeah, I specialize in Beast-types, which is ironically one of the most influential toolbox-typings in the entire game. If you played a meta deck through various formats, at some point, you owed your success to a Beast-type. Ryko, Darksoul, Test Tiger, Sapphire Pegasus, Flamvell Firedog, Rush Rhino, Super Nimble Mega-Hamster, Giant Rat, X-Saber Airbellum, Rescue Rabbit, HELL Rescue Cat legitimately owned his very own-format. Rocks had great anti-meta techs like Fossil-Dyna, Morphing Jar, Jujitsu Master. Thunder-types have amazing stun cards like Thunder King Rai-Oh, Wattgiraffe, and devastating OTKs like Batteryman.

There are no "bad-types" in Yugioh. There are just A LOT of under-supported types, which is what I was driving at. I dont hate on Blue Eyes, hell I used to run the deck back when White Stone was released. I just dont see why we constantly keep getting Dragon Structure-Decks when there are so many monster-types that lack decent support or boss-monsters. Just a little diversity is all. Hell Psychics would have been cool, Zombies, or even Reptiles. I just cant believe I'm the only one disappointed at ANOTHER dragon deck.
Rex - 2013/03/08 17:30


I agree with you:

I like Blue Eyes but i want more card to the other types.
We have lot of archtype that only have 3-4 card only. (Iron chain,Venom,Skull servant, ect) And also lot of type that dosen't have good support.
Ryus (guest) - 2013/04/11 22:30

Not really

Pyros say! Hello we have been forgotten by those suckas, Cosmo Blazer was supposed to bring generical fire support, not a fanatical group of cultists based on animals.

And PYROrex should have been a Pyro, not a fire breathing dino
guest (guest) - 2013/04/12 03:24


It would be great to see some toon support. If they made the cards from the manga for them they would be cool.
Guest (guest) - 2013/05/03 12:24

I know I'm still waiting on toon ancient gear golem
mikeR1590 - 2013/06/19 03:58

ya beasts

A good beast deck would be awesome and have it come with xyz and synchro monster
mikeR1590 - 2013/06/19 03:58

ya beasts

A good beast deck would be awesome and have it come with xyz and synchro monster
Squeezel (guest) - 2013/02/23 01:00

The real name of the structure deck

They should have name it :
Structure deck 25 : Bellow of the Blue-Eyed Dragons
Deck revolves around the greatest card in the history

Crimson Samurai (guest) - 2013/02/23 01:35

I wounder what that 1 extra card is? It probably either Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon or a new Xyz monster

dragon master (guest) - 2013/02/23 01:52

since this deck is centered around the blue-eyes, most likely we'll get 3 blue-eyes white dragon, blue-eyes ultimate dragon, blue-eyes shining dragon, the white stone of legend and kaibaman. and probably, we'll get a new blue-eyes monster that blows all the others out of the water.

mcjazzman32 (guest) - 2013/02/23 02:01


Remove one Blue Eyes White Dragon to special summon this monster. Win.
Braedonb (guest) - 2013/02/23 03:31

Blue Summoning Knight
2 Level 4 monsters
Face-up "Blue-Eye" cards cannot be targeted by the effects of your opponent's cards (even if this card is facedown). Once per turn, you can detach one XYZ material from this card to summon one "Blue-Eyes" card from your hand or graveyard. Once per turn, you can attach one face-up "Blue-Eyes" card to this monster as an XYZ material. This card gains 500 attack for every "Blue-Eyes" XYZ material attached to it. When this card is destroyed or banished by an opponent's card, special summon one "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your grave.
Sneak2k (guest) - 2013/02/23 14:10


I personally hope they will add dragorado in this structure. Since it did not win the last Shonen Jump Survey.
h8 (guest) - 2013/02/25 05:38

@ Braedonb

if its face up then it wouldn't be face down. and if its face down then it cant be proven that its a blue eyes jusaiyen
Setosama - 2013/02/23 02:00


I seriously doubt these cards'll work like the ones I made but HOT DAMN!!!!! I THINK I JUST PISSED MY PANTS!!! WANT WANT WANT WANT!!!!!

Dragon Duelist (guest) - 2013/02/23 02:34


Here it will come, the powerful: Blue-Eyes Shining Metal Dragon!!! I bet it. This will be the future.

awe (guest) - 2013/02/23 06:26


reprint for trade in pls

ZONE (guest) - 2013/02/23 07:28

What the eff just happened?! (burns down a children hospital)

Ivan (guest) - 2013/02/23 08:03

Bellow of the Blue-Eyed Dragon effect banish one blue eye from your graveyard special this card from your hand ..v.v.v you can only control one Bellow of the Blue-Eyed Dragon on the field lol

Spike Borthers Maximus (guest) - 2013/02/23 12:05


They aren't the greatest type at all, they are trash, they can't do shit without REDMD and a new structure deck every year, even types like fish and beast are better (ever heard about fish synchro or pure beast/Baboon back to 2008 ?) and they don't even need a crapload of structure for that.

Tachikaze rules :D (guest) - 2013/02/23 14:36

people are overreacting but...

Plant and Zombie as a pure Type are better too but they've 2 cards every 3 years, it suck :x

Dragon ? Outside the whole chaos crap last year, dragon was never a big thread, disaster is a big joke and Hieratic without the stupid Gustav Max/Gustkraken loop isn't big deal.

But that doesn't mean we need a 5th SD for the love of the Lord -__-
Somebody?! (guest) - 2013/02/23 14:42

Could I be hating Konami any more at this point?

Seriously. We just got Kingremlin and I actually thought for a moment that it would herald something great; but holy **** no, just the same old dragon **** I've had to put up with for the entire past year. Sorry, but I couldn't care less about your precious blue-eyes dwagin, I want Pyros, Thunders, Reptiles, Rocks, etc. Also thanks guys for giving that somethingU guy what-for, saved me some time.

I despise dragons.

minato (guest) - 2013/02/23 15:59


i always tried to make a competitive blue yees deck, i love this in deed
im imaginating that will bring a magic card like onslaught of the fire king but maybe using blue eyes ultimate, like you can activate only one bellow of the blue eyed dragons per turn/duel, special summon a blue-eyes ultimate dragon from your extra deck (This is not considered as Fusion Summon) at the end phase destroy ultimate dragon and take damage equal to its atk points
if you control no cards you can activate this card, pay half of your life points special summon 3 blue eyes white dragons from your deck, graveyard, hand but they can't attack this turn you cant summon or set card the turn this card its activated

something like that or a blue eyes shining metal dragon xD

Raijin (guest) - 2013/02/24 09:47

somewhat conflicted

While I`m somewhat annoyed by the dragon type-whoring, if they have to do it (and oh do they have their dragon fetish made out) I prefer it like this.

Less dragons that would eat core set space, a structure that can be safely ignored by a lot of players (forcing them to put decent reprint cards in it to sell it to more than dragon players) and will be loved by others.

And honestly, even if I`m tired of dragons by now, good old Blue Eyes White Dragon deserves its freaking structure deck, especially with the legacy support lately. It should have had one years ago when people weren`t fed up with dragons, but since it didn`t I`m actually cool with it happening now.
herroen (guest) - 2013/02/24 13:34

Dragons again?

Not dragons again pls.
There are too many dragons.

Miles Per Hour (guest) - 2013/02/25 16:51

Re: Herroen (Guest)

this is "Bellow of the Blue-Eyed" which relates to "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". They'll most likely make 1 for "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" since there rival dragons like "stardust dragon" and "Red Daemon Dragon". They still make more dragons. It's not that bad having too many dragons since Konomi will limit and/or Ban some of the Dragons. I know 1 thing "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" is going to be Forbidden in the future Banning Cycle".
bewd. (guest) - 2013/02/24 22:49

haters gonna hate.

Awesome. Yall whinny bitches.

Hand of the Judgment (guest) - 2013/02/25 12:06


I can't wait to roflstomp moar dwagon with my Prophecy on roid :)
Lightning Plover (guest) - 2013/02/26 13:28

Even if

Even if Prophecy/spellcaster doesn't need more support, I really hope that the next Structure is going to focus on the Dark Magician and not the Red Eyes B. Dragon -__-

He is much more important, even more than BEWD and he doesn't even have as mush as upgrade or support than Blue Eyes, this is annoying. I mean, this is the goddamn ace of the main character of the main series.

At this point, everything is better than a 6th dragon SD, so, we can live without more Red eyes's upgrade...
Somebody?! (guest) - 2013/02/27 12:06

lol ffs

We DON'T need another Dragon deck, we DON'T need a Dark Magician deck either. Dragons, casters, and warriors can all go and **** themselves, why don't they, whilst we should be getting support for types that are much more thematically appealing as a whole, like Rock, Thunder, Aqua, Reptile, stuff like that. Also; what about the undersupported semi-types or whatever you call them that have loads of potential, why should they be shafted in favour of more worse-looking reptiles and people with wands/swords that, quite honestly, when you look at themes like Ritual, Toon, Gemini, and Union; should not be favoured. This, combined with the fact that the Incarnate Dragons > WIND apparently, shows that it's not really that Konami hates WIND but that they love Dragons. On the other hand...this could also be happening because Konami are losing sales. I mean, if they weren't, they wouldn't be making a desperate plea to the fans of the older series (lol) to buy their new products...(moreso, it appears Zexal has become more about pantyshots than dueling in a last-ditch attempt to get people to watch it.)

...this game's really gone down the pan, hasn't it?
Truxton (guest) - 2013/02/25 03:56

All I want is to be able to use Blue eyes shining dragon competitively...T_T

Remember when the action figure came out from the first movie? Well so would my opponents when I smack it all over their field.

Zoidberg (guest) - 2013/02/25 19:15


Blue eyes shining sucks in every way and people are naive if they think that this structure is going to support Blue eyes.

It's going to be a random dragon (how original) or light support with the words "Blue eyes" in the name, nothing more.
LordOfDragons (guest) - 2013/02/25 05:50


I only run dragons, and my combo of Blue eyes and Red eyes is the coolest deck I have seen, aesthetically. Unfortunately Red eyes and Blue eyes don't mix very well. Chaos dragons are helping me to put it together, and Hieratic dragon of Tefnuit is very helpful, but consistency has always been an issue. This structure deck will do the trick or my name is not the LordofDragons.

Rex - 2013/03/08 17:19

"my combo"

You mean a "Combo" that you see on the internet.
Dragon is type that every player can use easily. (Most of the dragon card)
They do not need tactics or strategy.
R (guest) - 2013/02/26 05:01

Blue-Eyed Dragons

I'm really looking forward to this. I would like a Rank 1 Xyz and a Level 1 Dragon which summons a Level 1 Dragon from the deck when it's normal summoned. Either that or a Level 9 synchro so we can make use of the Rank 9 Xyz which are almost impossible to summon in a competitive deck.

NotAnotherDragonDeck (guest) - 2013/02/26 08:21

I am really, really, really tired of the Dragons. I'm sorry.

There are so many under-supported types, and a few archtypes (Phantom Beasts and Toons, for example), just begging for a chance to shine. But, lolnope, MORE DRAGONS! YAY? ._.

Well, Blue-Eyes better finally get the Shonen Jump Magazine promo art reprint it deserves. If not, I hope KDE does the much needed favor of giving the game to people who would know what the game and its players need, like UDE for example.

Stupid dragons....

Spike Bro (guest) - 2013/02/26 13:42

Screw you Konami -__-

Do you kow what is really annoying ? Not only they freakin skipped the WIND deck but they made this bloody structure instead :x

I don't give a damn if the timing wasn't good for a WIND structure, Konami could make a Thunder SD and support it with the next Set. But nooo, a vanilla monster is better, right ? What a lame excuse, the only thing I see is the fifth structure deck for the most unworthy Type of this card game.

Hehe guess what ? I can predict the next bunch SD :

- Blue eyes
- Red eyes
- Something about the random elemental/suppressor/whatever dragon from LTGY. It makes sense, Konami always starts a new cycle with a dragon structure deck, just after the LIGHT and DARK.
NotAnotherDragonDeck (guest) - 2013/03/01 07:32

Made a Meme for this.

As depressing as it is to be spammed with more dragons, might as well have a laugh from it if it helps. Here ya go:
That guy (guest) - 2013/03/05 00:28

To be fair, they didn't make an Earth structure deck either. And while I can agree that dragons in general have way too much, I like to think of this more as a method of revivinga theme from the very start of the game that was never given much of a chance.
Crimson Samurai (guest) - 2013/04/12 03:13

re:that guy

That guy (guest) - 2013/04/12 11:38

re:Crimson samurai

I know that they have made an Earth Structure deck before. But When I said they didn't I was follwing up on Spike Bro's comment about how they "skipped" the wind structure deck, even though there have been wind ones in the past. The point is, since they made new Water and Fire decks to correspond to Abyss Rising and Cosmo Blazer, people were expecting them to make new Wind and Earth decks, even though they never did.
magic (guest) - 2013/03/04 23:05

Dark Magician

if they do make a new dark magician structure, they should introduce the version of him that has not been introduced in the U.S.. namely the arkana version.

The 16 Spades (guest) - 2013/03/08 19:27

It'll be similar to the fire king deck, two ultras with 41 cards definitely means one ultra will be an extra deck card, the other being new support as well as the two supers giving more support and considering the only two new spells in the fire king deck made it very playable and "top-deck-able", I would say these very few additions to the Blue-Eyes will make it at least fairly playable. Also, I would assume Blue-Eyes would just be reprinted in the deck as a common, just as Sacred Phoenix was in the Fire King deck.
YGO Fan (guest) - 2013/03/11 15:30

go cry Dragon Haters!!

Blue-eyes and red-eyes are 2 legendary cards, which need new support to be competitive again!!!
And you say wind needs more support? look at the current meta! The new Harpie cards speeded up wind decks so much, that they don't have any real competition anymore. Don't know why you are hating dragons, but before the Chaos Dragon decks, Dragons got only weak support and where always beaten by nearly every archtype. The cause is, that they only getting good big monsters, but their little ones (4 Stars or less) nearly doesn't excist. Finally there is one archetype of dragons (Elemental Dragons), which can be competitive with only using dragons (Except XYZ Monsters). Now blue-eyes and red-eyes deserves to be competitive again. I know SD1 Dragons Roar was a deck build around the red-eyes, but to be honest, this deck could never compete with tournament decks.
But I agree with you, that it would be nice, if reptiles, beasts, rocks, pyro and Dinosaurs (no archtypes) gettin more support.

Red-eyes Black dragon fan (guest) - 2013/05/23 13:02

I totally agree!!

I couldn't say it better!!!
The next structures should be red-eyes and then dark magician!
I mean, blue-eyes, red-eyes and the dark magician are "THEEE LEGENDS". No other card ever was so famous like one of this 3. They deserve all together to be finally competitive.
Eon Drache (guest) - 2013/03/17 06:02

Only reason for the dragon hate is...

Most boss monsters in each theme is a dragon-type. Most people aren't sick of "Dragons" but more so them being splashed as the strong arm of the deck. Competitively, there have only been 2 competitive "Full" Dragon decks to ever see meta game. Chaos Dragons and Hopeless Dragons. Outside of that, dragons have very little good support out right now. The annoyance comes from stuff like:

Judgement Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, Stardust Dragon, Chaos Emperor Dragon. None of them have actually been featured in a full dragon deck except for 2. However, meta games are consistently fluctuating because of some dragon or another.

Cryo (guest) - 2013/03/17 18:02

It's not the only reason,

5 structure deck doesn't really help and :

There is no insect, beast, thunder, psychic, etc,... structure deck, people are still waiting for the second dinosaur and rock SD as well and most of all, dragons never needed so much.

They had REDMD and now the 4 Elemental b1tches, before that, they had a crapload of synchro, fusion and now xyz, Horus, Prime Material Dragon, Totem Dragon, Queen Dragun Djinn, Divine Dragon Apocralyph, LaDD, Cards of Consonance,... I don't care if they don't help dragon specifically or if it's not good enough for some hypocrites or morons (I'm not talking about you or somebody here), it's still fucking dragon and it's the most supported Type in this game and guess what ? Konami gives them even more and more and more support.

There is not even a single fish synchro and fish can spam the hell out of synchro, what a mess :/
Eon Drache (guest) - 2013/04/02 05:56

Dragons most supported?

No, if you actually look at it, Dragons are the 5th most supported. Warriors being the most supported type, followed by Machines, Fiends, and Spellcasters. If you want to go by support that doesn't even help the archtype or isn't good. Those 4 are a bit more supported than Dragons.
TKing6488 - 2013/07/02 09:02


Fiends are not more supported than dragons. They're getting a huge chunk of support because they only support cards fiends have gotten since IoC was Dark World (both in Elemental Energy and a deck). Dragons have gotten Hieratics, Choas Dragons, Dragon Rulers, and soon to be this.
Ingo (guest) - 2013/03/29 17:29

If you guys take a step back and think for a moment. Do you really think Konami will make all the structure decks you are talking about ? I don't think Konami is going to take your opinions and use them to make a new structure deck. Just saying, do you guys really believe they are going to make a thunder or a fish synchro structure deck?

Joey (guest) - 2013/04/12 11:44

In any case it would have been nice if they did make structure decks for the monster types that never really mattered. Give people a little more variety than different types of dragon or warrior decks.
x_wing (guest) - 2013/04/04 04:06

My hopes for this deck

I only have 3 hopes for this new structure deck:
1.- That the artwork for the blue-eyes is from starter deck kaiba
2.- That there at least 3 new support cards
3.- That is released in america and no japan only

Crimson Samurai (guest) - 2013/04/12 03:08


It is gonna be released in Japan. It shows the released date on it.
Devotion1000 (guest) - 2013/04/08 13:21

I personally would love to see the old monsters played again so dark magician. blue eyes white dragon. red eyes black dragon. harpies. bugs. dinos can get a boost. A boost to fairies machines and psychics would be awesome. And to make more playable the fortune ladies.

KarakuriSoldierMdl216 - 2013/04/10 00:23

Prepare your butt-holes for Blue Eyed Silver Dragon

john capote (guest) - 2013/04/11 07:33

yeah now hieratics have big ass monster u cant get off the field unless destroyed by battle.i wanted red eyes darkness back at 2 and now i got a mini version for my hieratics that i can make with any lv 6 normal and a birdman..Thank you konami,this guy loves ya

Takeo (guest) - 2013/04/12 08:46

For all those haters:

Please, it's like an anniversary for the structures and YuGiOh itself. Don't judge them, because they don't want to push Prophecy's even more, ord "have forgotten" the other types. It's rather an good old memory, we should all enjoy. I would gladly accept critism, and I would unsterstand why... but really? It's a fucking anniversay. It isn't exactly a love for dragons, it's just the only archtype which doesn't overpowers a meta deck. Warriors would have been nice, but warriors weren't that famous as the blue-eyes. Please, stop bitching, and sorry for my english.

CaptainLawless (guest) - 2013/04/13 20:32

Silver Dragon

Starform and Silver are definitely making it so Dragons can push without fear, makes me happy but worried; mostly because of e-drags. Thankfully this might not see any e-drag play, and making blue-eyes more viable is always fun.
What we really desperately need though is a Plant structure. Why haven't we seen it yet? I've been waiting for one almost 6 years now.
Dragon, Zombie, Fire, Water, Warrior, Spellcaster, Rock, Winged Beast, Dinosaur, Machine, Dragon 2, Monarch, Zombie 2, Spellcaster 2, Warrior 2 / gemini, machine 2, Dragunity, Fairy / agent, darkworld, dragon 3, Six Sam, Sea Serpent, Fire 2, Dragon 4. Why no good plants? Hell, why not embrace Psychic either?

Hunknow (guest) - 2013/04/15 16:35

Ubber Tuner

Blue-Eyed Maiden
1 Star/LIGHT/Spellcaster-Type - Effect, Tuner
When this card is targeted for an attack: Negate that attack and change this card's battle position, then, Special Summon 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your hand, Deck or Graveyard. When this card is targeted by a card effect: You can Special Summon 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard. You can only {use? activate?} effect of "Blue-Eyes Maiden" once per turn.

CammyCoolPants (guest) - 2013/04/17 02:52


That has got to be the most overpowered tuner to ever be thought up. I know its not a real card but if it was that would be banned so quickly people wouldn't even have time to buy the deck.

P.S. And to all the people angry at Konami please as a dragon type duelist accept my sincere sympathy towards your disappointment about the new deck but understand that this deck isn't about making dragons more powerfull its a way to celebrate one of the most iconic cards this game has ever had and chances are that they will make their less supported cards have their own time in the spotlight someday and if they don't keep posting about it until it does happen but please if you do, post it to konami or on a page/thread devoted to that cause not on a page about dragons
B (guest) - 2013/04/17 13:33

It's real buddy..
Dude? (guest) - 2013/04/18 02:14


Cammy, that's a real card, why else would he spend his time posting the card and it's effect if it was fake
CammyCoolPants (guest) - 2013/04/18 05:49

NO WAY !!??

I stand corrected Blue-Eyed Maiden is a real card I can't believe it though its just such a powerful card have Konami gone mad, with her summoning BEWD will be way to easy she makes the white stone of legend and kaibaman almost pointless at the very least she'll make people think twice about attacking you such a cool card but I just know it will be banned very soon
Geotaku21 (guest) - 2013/04/18 08:37

On the bright side of things, this structure deck won't be out for a long time and meta will probably be different by then and maiden won't look as OP as we think of it now. I will abuse it either way >:D
ronelm2000 (guest) - 2013/04/18 07:36


SD25-JP018 Maxx C 「増殖するG」
SD25-JP026 Trade In 「トレード・イン」
SD25-JP027 Cards of Consonance 「調和の宝札」
SD25-JP031 Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
SD25-JP035 Daemon's Chain 「デモンズ・チェーン」

Damnit, that's more than enough reason to buy the Deck. O.o Don't underestimate a Maxx "C" reprint in OCG. That stuff's expensive there / here.

. (guest) - 2013/05/10 00:31

Increasing G all day!
drzero7 (guest) - 2013/04/20 17:48

Blue-Eyes Maiden should have looked like that Kaiba GF in the anime in the past-egypt arc. Anyway, at least it's not a Dragon. It would have been so broken if she was. (She's already dope.) Too bad it only works when it's targeted for an attack, not when u declare an attack as well. U pretty much have to activate an effect that'll target this card, or wait and sit on it for the foe to attack it. (But i'll be faster if you do something to target it with effect.)

Geotaku21 (guest) - 2013/04/21 10:12

When i first saw the art I immediately thought its was Kisara. It looks a lot like her but I guess Konami took away her slave clothes for some "maiden" ones. I like the artwork either way.
Joey (guest) - 2013/04/21 10:42

Well, when you consider the huge benefit you gain from her effect, it's pretty reasonable that it's a little difficult to activate. All in all I still think it's an excellent card.
juggaloduelist888 (guest) - 2013/06/19 05:42

equip it with wonder wand its still targeting it
ferumaru (guest) - 2013/05/10 11:14

More Normal Dragon-types

I'm expecting there more Normal Dragon type monsters (Luster Dragon, Alexandrite Dragon, REBD) in this structure deck based on those Spell and Trap supports...

ShoDan (guest) - 2013/05/10 18:44

The maiden is not broken

The maiden is pretty good, but it wont be banned as somepeople are saying. Its to slow for tournaments and if you look at the other structure deck monsters. Master hyprerion attacks the girls, then uses eff to kill the summond blue eues. Grapha discard, kill maiden and blue eues comes. Summon a dark world monster, return, grapha on field. with field 3000 and suicide for free. Fire structure deck boss doesnt target, and blowes up all. Maiden is awesome for my blue eues decks. But its not like Incarnate dragons, or tourguide or rescue rabbit OP. its just a good card.

mad (guest) - 2013/05/11 15:15

Ahahaha, Dragon's Mausoleum? Fuck you Konami, now Elemental Dragons have 4 Foolish Burial, they don't even have to use Dragon Ravine with the risk of being a dead card anymore.

Spike Bro (guest) - 2013/05/12 16:02

This structure deck sucks ass

Just like I said earlier, Blue-eyes was nothing more but a lame excuse for MORE dragon support. Maiden is the only thing really related to Blue-eyes.

Let's hope the next structure isn't related to Red-eyes :x

BARDOCK (guest) - 2013/05/14 18:42


New card. Rekindle for Normal dragon type monsters in this pack.
Allisters (guest) - 2013/05/15 18:33

1 more

Vanguard of the dragon confirmed in pack.
[o] (guest) - 2013/05/17 15:14


Lol, lets sum up - card that summons BEWD from anywhere, when targeted by anything (including attaack adn cards targeting in grave, like CotH), mini - future fusion/painful choice for dragons and Monster Reborn for BEWD at 3 whichc is Quick-Play! Haha, next part of the destroying ygo will be "Quck Play spell card - special summon 1 (here's the name of the broken), from your deck, hand or graveyard."

Wott (guest) - 2013/05/18 18:58

I hope you're not trying to say you're butthurt because BEWD is getting crazy support.
The Haymaker (guest) - 2013/06/01 18:18

Yea, Really???

Even with the given new cards, I was a little disappointed. Guard of the Storm Dragon is a total waste, and Maiden will almost always have to be triggered by your own Lance, Safe Zone, etc. Silver Dragon is pretty good, and so is Mausoleum, but still don't make too good. Bellow is decent as a Quick-Play, otherwise Call of the Haunted would just be better. Overall, I was really hoping to spam Giantrainer haha.
mikeR1590 - 2013/06/18 12:16

next deck

I hope they do a good wind deck next time it is about time for a new one they might just do Harpies again level 8 Harpie lady card

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