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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6 (PSP)

「遊戯王5D's TAGFORCE 6」
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6

Release Date: September 2011
Price: unknown
System: PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre: Competitive Card Game

- Uses the Official Card Game Master Rules.
- Features approximately 5000 cards - up to the latest set Photon Shockwave.
- Features an astounding number of 42 anime characters. As for now, confirmed characters are Aporia, Jean, Andore, Breo, Harald, Dragan, Brave, Taro, Yoshizu, Jinbei, Rex Godwin (Dark Signer), Kyosuke Kiryu (Team Satisfaction & Dark Signer), Carly (Normal & Dark Signer), Bommer (Dark Signer), Misty Lola (Normal & Dark Signer), Ushio Tetsuo, Sagiri Mikage, Placido, Lucciano, Jose, Jaeger, Bruno (Normal & Antinomy), Sherry LeBlanc (Infinite Knight), and Z-ONE
- New cards confirmed: Neos Spiral Force, Black Spiral Force, Bond Between Teacher and Student, Black Twin Burst, Soul-Binding Gate, Joining-Hands Majin, Sleeping Giant Thud, Two-Fold Ripple, Polar Star Wicked Dragon Jormungand and Polar Star Wicked Wolf Fenrir
Effects of all new Anime-Original Cards (as far as known)
- New animations. As for now, confirmed new animations are included for Shooting Quasar Dragon, Sephiron, the Ultimate Time Lord, Meklord Astro Mekanikle, and Life Stream Dragon.
- New Tournament Element introduced
- Data-Install Option
- Loading Animation: Tech Genus - Wonder Magician

Rewards for UMD-Recognition with Tag Force 5 : Bommer (Dark Signer) as an opponent, 10.000 DP and the following cards: 3 copies of "Gattling Ogre", "Neos Spiral Force", "Jinzo" (alt. art), and 1 copy of "Black-Feather Dragon".

Rewards for UMD-Recognition with Tag Force 4: Kyosuke Kiryu (Dark Signer) as an opponent, 10.000 DP and the following cards: 3 copies of "Cursed Prison", "Black Spiral Force", "Dark Magician Girl" (alt. art), and 1 copy of each "Power Tool Dragon" and "Ancient Fairy Dragon".

Rewards for UMD-Recognition with Tag Force 3: Kyosuke Kiryu (Team Satisfaction) as an opponent, 10.000 DP and the following cards: 3 copies of "Miracle Contact", "Obelisk the Tormentor" (alt. vers.), "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" (alt. art), and 1 copy of "Black Rose Dragon".

Rewards for UMD-Recognition with Tag Force 2: Misty Lola (Dark Signer) as an opponent, 10.000 DP and the following cards: 3 copies of "Power Wall", "Winged Dragon of Ra" (alt. vers.), "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" (alt. art), and 1 copy of "Red Daemon's Dragon".

Rewards for UMD-Recognition with Tag Force 1: Carly Nagisa (Dark Signer) as an opponent, 10.000 DP and the following cards: 3 copies of "Philosopher's Stone Sabatiel", "Osiris the Sky Dragon", "Dark Magician" (alt. art), and 1 copy of "Stardust Dragon".

Rewards for UMD-Recognition with all version listed above: "Berserker Soul", "Bond Between Teacher and Student", and "Black Twin Burst"

- Feature utilizing existing Tag Force 5 Data: Inheriting Player's Name and Deck Recipes, 2000 DP x Player's Duelist Level as Bonus, right from the start 1 copy of each card 9 copies in Tag Force 5 had been obtained before.

Promo Cards (all Ultra Rare):

Sonic Warrior 「ソニック・ウォリアー」
WIND/Warrior - Effect/2/1000/0
When this card is sent to the Graveyard, face-up Level 2 or lower Monsters you control gain 500 ATK.
TF06-JP001 Sonic Warrior

Influence Dragon 「インフルーエンス・ドラゴン」
WIND/Dragon - Tuner/3/300/900
Once per turn, you can activate this effect by selecting 1 face-up Monster you control. The selected Monster is treated as Dragon-Type until the End Phase.
TF06-JP002 Influence Dragon

Crimson Blader 「クリムゾン・ブレーダー」
FIRE/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/8/2800/2600
Tuner + 1 or more Non-Tuner Monster
When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, during your opponent's next turn, your opponent cannot Normal Summon or Special Summon a Level 5 or higher monster.
TF06-JP003 Crimson Blader
Jacbob (guest) - 2011/06/10 21:03


Finally! I'm glad they did another 5D's Tag Force game before moving on to ZEXAL.
So, we've got Aporia, Jean and Taro.
I'm guessing we'll have Teams Unicorn, Taiyou and Ragnarok, and Z-one.

Supremeking (guest) - 2011/06/10 21:05


Amazing that i write this as ur writing urs ^^
Supremeking (guest) - 2011/06/10 21:04

Still 5d's based.

Guess each series gets 3 tagforces. Although I expected to have been based off of Zexal. Guess it followed same pattern as 3 showing old characters but with the new cards in it.

TheDarkAngelRocket - 2011/06/10 22:09

Re: SupremeKing

GX Tag Force 3 was released in September of 2008, five months after GX ended.

Keep in mind that each of these games are developed many months in advance.
Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2011/06/10 21:32

promos . . .

While there really could be anyone's guess, and some wishing more of the Temporal Machine Gods (after all 4 new TMGs means only 5 would be left for release) I'm actually interested in Tayo's 3 major cards since Taro's actually mentioned as a new featured character. Thudd, Holding Hands Majin, and Scrum Force.

DuskCrow (guest) - 2011/06/10 22:03

mmmm, maybe the last jack synchro and resonators?, or cards used by bruno no-relased, or cards used by taro (no please xD), or the cards used by yusei vs zone D:
ShiroRyu - 2011/06/11 02:38

More TMG's as possible, but I don't see this to be likely (they're more likely to be JUMP or LE promos).

I'm thinking Team Taiyou's major cards seem possible, or, more likely, some of Jack's new cards from the final episode. There's Mirror + Synclone Resonators, Influence Dragon, and Crimson Blader, which makes up the 3 promos + the guide promo.

Who knows, maybe we'll see Ecole de Zone, some TMG (probably Razion or Sandaion, or a TM Priestess but with a better effect), and Cosmic Blazar Dragon.
Shadecutter (guest) - 2011/06/11 03:14

good guesses but these are more realistic

lets see stuff possibly for release: Gatling ogre and its successors,hidden knight hook and dooms ray,jester queen and the new jester support,and crimson blader are the cards that will probably have good chances of being released. No taiyou cards or temporal machine gods, taiyou being that the will need to change thud's effect completly or power up its effect but keep the summoning condition and no TMG because like the machine emperors,they're not gong to release every card, they will release the major ones similiar to how they made each machine emperor into one card. I predict crimson blader, gatling ogre, jester queen. Hidden knight for the guide promo. These are the good and decent cards that will probably make it cause since 5ds was so sucessful they'll make their last 5ds game with some good promo who will have effects hardly touched or impoved a bit

Shadecutter (guest) - 2011/06/11 03:18

no cosmic blazar

i don't think cosmic blazar will be released as the anime never showcased it. Even though i want this to happen it will probably not happen.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/06/11 03:40


Crimson Blader is definitely a possibility given it's the last new Synchro Jack ever used, was used in THE final Duel against Yusei, and it also happens to be the only one he's used that hasn't been released yet.

TheD (guest) - 2011/06/11 05:01

I knew konami was going to release a Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6. I did research on the Tag Force Series and one is released every year around September or November thats how I knew.They didnt make this Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Tag Force 6 because their putting the last Season in a game before moving on to making games for the next series like Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3. Ifthey decide to make a next Tag Froce it will be Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Tag Force 7 once again release around September or November.
Shiki (guest) - 2011/06/11 06:17

Will there be Xyz and the Dark World SD in this game?

TheD (guest) - 2011/06/11 06:44

Yes they will!
TheDarkAngelRocket - 2011/06/11 15:20

Re: Shiki

Everything up to Photon Shockwave and the latest Dark World Structure deck will be in this game.
hello (guest) - 2011/06/11 08:51

Xyz Monster

i understand that this is still in 5d's series, but are they going to include cards up to Generation Force/Photon Shockwave, and add Xyz monsters? or what?

dwapprox (guest) - 2011/06/11 09:10

Most likely yes...

...since GX Tag Force 3 has Synchro monsters.
I hope Mono Synchron is there, since we can spam Formula Synchron easily xD
Supremeking (guest) - 2011/06/11 09:42


Wait would this mean the US wont get tagforce 6 like we didnt get 3?

Scion of the Flames (guest) - 2011/06/11 12:02

The US is only like half way through 5Ds season 2. Maybe not even half way. I haven't even heard of an air date for the ZeXal dub or if 4Kids will dub it and taint it like they do everything.
Cin (guest) - 2011/06/11 13:34

4Kids lost the rights for YGO remember Scion, so that'll never happen until the creators make a new dub deal. I hope the USA get it.
Funkdat (guest) - 2011/08/05 00:17

Is coming to US

I've seen in confired on about 7 different website that Tag Force 6 will be released in the US in Oct and EU in Nov. I know I can't wait.
Wolfgang DelaSangre - 2011/06/11 20:09

Not that surprising

Zexal's all of 10 episodes along as of the Monday after the writing of this post, and we still don't know the identities of any major villains. And on the flipside, the Tag Force games have yet to feature any major characters from the WRGP arc, including Aporia, Jean, Taro, and even Z-One (whom I'm hoping is in this game as well). So it's not surprising they did a third 5D's game instead of doing Zexal.

On the game itself: I hope we get to see several of the anime cards that weren't released, such as Sleeping Giant Thud, the Hidden Knights, and Z-One's Temporal Machine Deities. I'm looking forward to the return of the 5-Piece Meklord Emperors and the Dark Synchros.

Scheath666 (guest) - 2011/06/11 21:16

USA should be able to get it, as for TF 3 it was in USA too who said it wasn't released in USA? i see them in shop before :/ TF6 will be released wether or not the show have follow up to the season exactly.
Dreg (guest) - 2011/06/11 23:43

TF 3? nope

TF 3 was not released here Scheath666 you saw the euro import
whiterat79 (guest) - 2011/06/12 01:05

Promo Cards

I'd like the promo cards to be the cards that Antinomy used again Yusei. TG Blade Gear Zombie, TG Drill Fish, and Battle Stun Sonic.

Ultimate Machine God (guest) - 2011/06/12 01:54


I think one of the cards might be Jack's newest synchro he used against Yusei toward the end of the series.

... (guest) - 2011/06/12 06:00

I hoping for...

some of Yusei or Jacks cards, So my picks would be either...

Starbright Dragon, Blue Expense Falcon, and Mono Synchron


Crimson Blader, Red Nova, and Infulence Dragon

Shadecutter (guest) - 2011/06/12 07:32

i agree

but this is more likely starbright,crimson blader and gatling ogre. hidden knight hook will still be the guide promo
Dreg (guest) - 2011/06/13 02:19

Not a card

Red Nova is a character not a card. I am hoping for Crimson Blader though. On a side note Blazar is even less likely than Red Nova. I'd rather see a few of jacks 4 and under dragons instead.
Stardust (guest) - 2011/06/13 14:06

my guess

Crimson Blader, Blue Expense Falcon, and Starbright Dragon.


Synclone Resonator, Chain Resonator, and Mirror Resonator :D
TheD (guest) - 2011/06/13 03:01

Red Nova is also a card on the anime

Stardust (guest) - 2011/06/13 14:02

are you sure you don't mean Jack's Scar-Red Nova Dragon?
Because I'm very sure Red Nova himself doesn't have a card version.....
Stardust (guest) - 2011/06/13 14:20

eh sorry, nevermind, I forgot about that Red Nova fairy.
shooting (guest) - 2011/06/15 04:43

shooting quasar is a more reasonabl e card to be released
... (guest) - 2011/06/15 04:54


Shooting Quasar's already been released...
roldec (guest) - 2011/06/18 18:30

Zone in game?

Will Zone be in this game?

Peter (guest) - 2011/06/19 21:55

Will zone be in the game?

I am not 100% however it would make sense for Zone to be included because the storyline will be based on the final section of yugioh 5d's and secondly if you did not have Zone which character would you have the Temporal Machine Gods put into their deck. After all Zone is the final villain and to not have him in would not make sense.
Macbob (guest) - 2011/06/27 01:41

I think they won't ban even more the egiptian gods like they did in TF5 by not leting "The Winged Dragon of Ra" to special summon

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/06/27 05:43


Uhh...what? lol
Peter (guest) - 2011/07/09 09:05

Number of cards

I wish they would reveal at least the number of cards there will be within this game my guess is probably between 5000 and 5500 cards introduced probably up to whichever packs are released in November which is probably when tag force 6 will hit Europe.
Aimlessly Starring (guest) - 2011/07/12 18:21

Dear Konami

Please don't make Junk Doppel more powerful than it already is.

For those who don't get it, here's what could happen:

Debris Dragon, special summon Influence Dragon, drop Doppel from hand, synchro Influence with Doppel for Hyper Librarian, then you can either sync the Debris with token or go off on Formulas if you have the set up.

HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/07/12 21:56


As said on other places...

Sonic Warrior - Nice. It's also better than the anime version (needed to be used as a Synchro Material Monster and only raised by 400 ATK). Now it doesn't care how it goes to the Graveyard and gives them 500 ATK. Even better for Junk Warrior-based stuff.

Influence Dragon - Glad it came out, but wish it wasn't tweaked (anime simply let you treat all non-Tuners used alongside it as Dragon-Type monsters). Not like it matters TOO much as we only got 2 Synchros that require Dragon-Type non-Tuners (Explode Wing Dragon and Trident Dragion) and both only require 1 minimum, so the effect should be able to work...still, if it kept the anime version, you could at least use it with multiple monsters if need be. Oh well, mix it up with Delta Fly and such, lol.

Crimson Blader - Still strong, but balanced overall without having to make its Synchro Material Monsters more restrictive.

Traded off on both aspects in that now it doesn't care what you destroy by battle (anime required it to destroy Synchros), but lowered the other half in that it merely prevents your opponent from Normal or Special Summoning Level 5+ monsters (anime prevented any Summoning).

While that is definitely a strong effect and also can prevent your opponent from being able to bring out (naturally) stronger monsters to kill Crimson Blader or something, it also doesn't completely lock your opponent out and there's plenty of Level 4 or lowers that could get rid of Crimson Blader with their effects, whether ATK increasing or just removal of some kind.

Now to wait and see what the Guide promo will be. Probably a 2nd Yusei card, lol.

EDIT: Also nice to see Neos Spiral Force. Will be nice to see the other movie-original cards too among other things.

john (guest) - 2011/07/13 04:28

dark signer bommer and goodwin should have been in tag force 4

Dark signers Bommer and Goodwin..why werent they in Tag force 4? TF4 was based off the dark signer arc so it would have made sense.

Sun Dragon Inti (guest) - 2011/07/14 00:21


I've been waiting for them to make Bommer and Goodwin and opponents!

Even though I'm not sure as to how it will work since this game will take place from the WRGP forward.

Peter (guest) - 2011/07/14 13:09

Loving the new tag force

As always there are new cards coming out this is beneficial as typically new archetypes are introduced in the game before being released in the UK therefore I am able to learn about their abilities before official release. Also usually the game will be released in November for the UK and in terms of the card packs these will also be up to and including November so prepare for xyz monsters, the most powerful ending synchros from yugioh 5ds and much much more.
Peter (guest) - 2011/07/16 18:13

Up to photon shockwave

This is not good the latest information says that the total number of cards will approximate just over 5000 cards and up to and including photon shockwave. I thought that the card packs would go up to whatever is released in November.
Manjyome Thunder - 2011/07/16 22:27

Not really surprising at all. Just take a look at Tag Force 5, which went up to Starstrike Blast - and that set was released in last year's July. Respectively, Photon Shockwave was released that month now, as well.
HalfDemonInuyasha - 2011/07/17 20:46


You also can't forget that this stuff is planned ahead of time. It's not developed in conjunction with actual releases as they come out.
Jinzo (guest) - 2011/07/16 18:40

Movie Characters??

Nice to see they are featuring Neos Spiral force as a anime card hopefully they feature Dark Spiral Force as another anime card. And hopefully on top of that I hope they have Yugi, Jaden, and Paradox as duelist in this game.

Peter (guest) - 2011/07/21 13:28

Japanese release date

According to yugioh wikia the proposed release date for the tag force 6 game for psp is September 22nd. This would make sense as all of the previous tag force games have been released within September for Japan.
Erog (guest) - 2011/07/22 05:51

I wonder if they appear Shooting Quasar Dragon

Funkdat (guest) - 2011/07/29 10:36

Extra Pack Vol 4

I really hope this includes Extra Pack Vol 4, though since it getting released right before the game, I seriously doubt it will. Really sucks not having cards like Barrier, Darksoul, Scrap Archfiend, and so on. I've been wanting to make a proper Infernity deck in a video game for so long. I almost wish they had waited a month or two so they would be added, assuming we even get a US release. Guess I'll just have to wait for the Zexal game coming out for the 3DS.

Exodus Death (guest) - 2011/07/31 03:44


From what i heard Extra Pack 4 will be in the game. But don't quote me on that lol
Funkdat (guest) - 2011/07/31 04:31

Link it

Where on earth did you hear that? The Wiki, scans, youtube, and every gaming site has nothing on Extra Pack 4 or even a hint at any of the card from it. I hope you are right, but I need to see some kinda proof before I beleve they would include cards that are being released after Photon Shockwave when the everything says cards "up to" Photon Shockwave. Not after.
Funkdat (guest) - 2011/08/11 04:21

So gald you were right!

The Wiki was just updated to day that Tag Force 6 will include Extra Pack 4. This is huge news as tons of TCG only decks will not be playable on a console.
qwert (guest) - 2011/09/08 10:44


it kind of sux to know that they always do not use the latest banlist... what to do since it is in production before any new banlist is known.

crow91 (guest) - 2011/09/17 01:11

atem is in:)

Funkdat (guest) - 2011/09/30 23:37

Eur Nov 24th

The wiki has been updated to say there will be a Eur release on Nov 24th. Looks like we will have a english option if this is true.

admir (guest) - 2011/10/17 04:08

Eur Nov 24th

its fake man they took it down
admir (guest) - 2011/10/17 04:06


alright im very pissed that there is no set date for the us release date version of tag force 6 and i have look everywhere does anyone else no if it will be releasing in the us or eu i bought eu even tho it wasnt sold in the us they have started to show dubbed episode of zexal in the us i saw episode one last weekend and they r not done with the 5d's saga yet wtf

Peter (guest) - 2011/10/30 20:32


If you are hoping for a release date I would not hold my breath about it in fact if I was you I would asume after the last day of November if no date of release has been confirmed to consider it as they did not bother to make an english version. Also these companies do this stunts as a means of trying to increase the waiting time for the game in an attempt to boost sales so this is likely to be what they are currently doing and at this rate if they make one for America and Europe they will probably be on release at the same time.
peter (guest) - 2011/12/01 18:44


this is the 1st of December now is the time to give up on thinking that tag force 6 will be released in English oh well I suppose we have to wait another year in order to see xyz monsters and hopefully they will not for the umd recognition have tag force 6 to gain more cards as that would be unfair on anyone who has outside of Japan been unable to obtain a copy.
Dickinson (Guest) (guest) - 2011/12/28 04:17


Its coming out sometime in January Folkes long live Yu-Gi-Oh! xD always wanted to say that
Nicujj (guest) - 2012/10/09 15:09

It's october 2012 and it hasn't been released an us/eu version yet, so...
Vagossssssssss (guest) - 2013/02/27 16:29


2013 and we still can't have it :(

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